Lottie Dukas at Marinos party 1935

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Lottie Dukas at Marinos party 1935 - 8I0E OFFICl Ave. DIAL 7W the in the told loan...
8I0E OFFICl Ave. DIAL 7W the in the told loan was to the of re RCP This in but as the tresi- the sug- last as for check-up of A. Fa-hey move-. set for be Mc-Lane, S. G. of 2 21 Williams Resumes Duties as Secretary George Powell Williams of Price street, named last Tuesday as full time secretary of Kingston Business Men's Association, resumed his duties today. Announcement of the appointment was made late yesterday yesterday afternoon. Mr. Williams, an active worker and for many years an officer in the Association, will maintain offices offices at room 215 in the Kingston Corners building. While the association did not meet regular during tlje summer months, a membership ' campaign was conducted and unofficial report report place the new members at upward upward of fifty. Succeeding Benton H. Whipple as secretary, when the Association decided decided to employ a full time secretary, secretary, Mr. Williams will have charge of planning for fall and winter activities. activities. He will start at once to make plans for a celebration upon completion of the Market street improvement. Appointment of Mr. Williams as the new secretary will be celebrated at a meeting within the next two weeks. Kingston Coaol Co, Atvarded Contract Kington Coal Company, which has been idle since May 29 and which has not yet made plans for resuming resuming operations, was last night awarded the contract for furnishing Kingston School District with coal for the 1935-36 1935-36 1935-36 school term. Bids were as follows: $3.65 per ton for No. 1 buckwheat. $7 for chestnut, and $5.25 for pea. Ira A. Carle was awarded the contract contract for hauling coal and removing ashes. His bid was 25 cents a ton for coal and four cents a can for ashes. Loyalty Day In co-operation co-operation co-operation with a nationwide nationwide movement, Loyalty Day will be observed next Sunday in Kingston M. E. Church. Rally Day will be observed in the Sunday School. Girl Scouts to Meet Girl Scout Troop 55 will meet tonight at 7 o'clock at Rutter avenue school. Mrs. Chester Griffin is the captain. To Hold Card Party Miss Margaret O'Brien is chairman chairman for the third of the weekly card parties to be held Wednesday night, by the ladies of St. Ignatius Church. The party will be held in Bergan Hall starting at 8:15. In addition to prizes at each table, door prizes will be awarded. Named members of the committee to assist Miss O Brien are: Mrs. Frank Guffney, Mrs. John McGuire, Mj-8. Mj-8. Mj-8. Thomas Murphy, Mrs. Edmund Nauss. Mrs. uyrll uoinns, Mrs. Martin Bednarick, Mrs. Charles LaBarr. Mrs.Lawrence Lambert, Mrs. Philip Boyer, Mrs. Hugh Cunningham, Mrs. James Brennan, Mrs. Harry Flanagan. Mrs, C. Joseph Kehl. Mrs. Ed ward Berryman, Mrs. Ueorge Zula, Mrs. James Jones, Mrs. Thomas Gill, Mrs. William Jordan, Mrs. Walter Alerter, Mrs. George Carr, Mrs. Robert Finnerty, Mrs. Rich ard Nyland, Mrs. Frank Williams, Mrs, Charles Buck, Miss Anna Lindsay, Margaret Connolly, "Myrtle Boyle, Elizabeth Evers. Misses Marguerite Ford, Mar garet Gallagher, Helen Nealon, Margaret Ford. Jane Lambert, Helen Newell, Dorothy Blockber-ger, Blockber-ger, Blockber-ger, Marlon Fahey, Nell Ferry, Jean Law, Kathryn Moran, Mary Loftus, Winifred Murphy. Hospital-Board Hospital-Board Hospital-Board Women's executive board of Nesbitt Memorial Hospital will meet in special session Friday morn ing, October 4, at 10 at the Nurse s Home. Mrs. Allison B. Miller, the president, urged all members to attend as the year's work will be planned. M. E. Church Kingston Methodist " Church, Wednesday, October 2. All-day All-day All-day meeting of Ladies' societies: 11 a. m. W. F. M. S. Mr. Clemens will speak; 12 noon, luncheon, Mrs. B. Vercoe. chairman; 1:30 p. m.. Ladies Aid Society. Mrs. Mildred Barber of Forty Fort, cornetlst, guest soloist; 2:30 p. m., W. H. M. S. Planning of year s program. Meeting Tonight Catholic Council of St. Ignatius church will meet tonight in Bergan hall after devotion to the Little Flower. Edwardsville PLACE TRAFFIC LIGHT ON NARROWS HIGHWAY ADD EDWARDSVILLE In an effort to reduce traffic accidents accidents on the Narrows Road connecting connecting Plymouth and Kingston, Edwardsville Borough started today to place a iraffie light at Northampton Northampton street. Chief of Police Robert Davis said this afternoon that the light will be placed in operation in a day or two. Brief Mention Ruth Hazel, 7, daughter of Russell Russell Hazel, of Church street, Is recovering recovering at her home from injuries received Friday night on Short street when she was struck and knocked unconscious by an automobile. automobile. The driver of the machine took the little girl to a physician for treatment. Officers of the recently organized S. T. w. Club of Pugh street are: James Mackinson, president; Julian sallnsky, vice president; Anthony Moran, secretary, and WaRer Sheerin, treasurer. William Wanko, of Allentown, is the guest of his brother, Peter Wanko, Wanko, of Grove street. t Miss Annie Rooney, of Short street, is visiting relatives at Allen-town. Allen-town. Allen-town. To Hold Wiener Roast A wiener roast will be held by the Dramatic Club of Welsh Pres byterian Church on Thursday evening, evening, October 3, at the home of Paul Thomas, 30 Vine street. Tendered Party Mr. and Mrs. John Marino of Short street recently entertained in honor of their son, Louis, on his tenth birthday anniversary. Those present: Thelma Lewis, Marian Lewis, Sonny Lewis, Jane Roberts, Mary Roberts, Mary Rose, Paul Mc-Groarty, Mc-Groarty, Mc-Groarty, Con McGroarty, Julia Duda, Thomas Duda, Robert Blaks-lee. Blaks-lee. Blaks-lee. Buddy Blakslee, Ann Marie Sobers, Steven Perialu. rnHo Kotch, Frank Kotch, Caroline Williams, Williams, Mildred , Legosh.. George Marlnos, Lottie Kastelan, Louis Richards, John Uarlck, Dorothy Jane Shone, Mr. and Mrs. John Marlnos and Grace Louise Davis. GRAND THEATRE "CHIWA IEAS" With Im Harlow, Clark Oablei also Comtfly and Sound Jtews. Pay Dy For Teachers Employes of Edwardsville school district were paid today at Kingston National Bank. New Quoit Club A new quoit club named the Jackson Jackson Street Neighborhood Quoit Club has been organized with 25 members. members. Officers are Michael Mon-covich, Mon-covich, Mon-covich, president: John Moncovich. secretary, and John Duda, trustee. To Reorganize B. Y. P. U. Junior Baptist Young People's Union will moot tonight at 6 o'clock in the church, with Mrs. Robert L. Smith in charge. The Senior Society will reorganize on Thursday night. FORTY FORT FREDERICK'S PIGEON . WINS 150MILE RACE A pigeon race from Chambers-burg Chambers-burg Chambers-burg to Forty Fort on Saturday was won by a bird owned by Miller Frederick of Wyoming avenue. Birds owned by Bruce Davies, Jr., of West Pettebone street, and Calvin Hollis, of River street, finished second second and third respectively. The race was the third in recent weeks held under auspices of the Forty Fort Pigeon Flving Club. In me nrst race, a fifty-mile fifty-mile fifty-mile event from Sunbury. a bird owned by Harry Jeter won the honors. In the second race, a one-hundred-mile one-hundred-mile one-hundred-mile one-hundred-mile one-hundred-mile event troni Harrishurg. a bird owned by Bruce Davies. Jr., returned home first. Another race will be hold this Saturday when members of the club will send their birds to Winchester, Va., a distance of 200 miles. Members Members of the club, who invite other youths of the community to mem bersnip, are Harry Jeter, Charles Malpass. Jr., Karl Arbogast, Jr., Ronald Hughes, Calvin Hollis, Bruce Davies, Jr., Miller Frederick and James Mullaney. Missionary Society Women's Missionary Society of Stella Presbyterian Church will meet tomorrow night at 7:30 in the church. Members and friends are invited to attend. Fire this morning at 4 o'clock de stroyed a Dodge sedan and badly damaged a garage at the rear of 30 Filbert street with an estimated loss of $1,00(1. A bicycle In the garage garage was also destroyed. The automobile is the property of B. D. Smith, a tenant of G. A Berger of Philadelphia. Both the garage and the motorcar were insured. insured. The blaze started in the automobile, automobile, firemen report. When they ar rived on the scene, in response to a telephone call, the car was enveloped enveloped in flames and had spread to the building. An alarm was later sounded from Box 71. a Parents' Group To Meet Parents' Athletic Association will meet, Wednesday night at 8 o'clock in the high school library Forty Fort Notes Forty Fort W. C. T. U. will meet tonight at 8 o'clock at the Methodist Methodist Church. Women's Missionary Society of Forty Fort Presbyterian Church will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 at the church. Mrs. Collins Rundle will conduct the devotions. Mrs. Harry Watts will speak on "Mission Letter Day" and Mrs. George Smith on'StewardBhip." A rehearsal wilf be held tonight at the Methodist for the minstrel to be staged on November 11 by the Men's Class of the church. SWOYERV1LLE MICHAEL KOLESAR Correspondent Dial 7-5557 7-5557 7-5557 Home From Hawaii Miss Marie Banko and Miss Betty Burk, Talick street, Swoyerville, re cently returned to their homes after spending several months In Waikiki on the Hawaiian Islands. They had been assisted through the tropical jungles by Captain H E. Patrick and William Horan. in Hawaiia the two gnis were better known as Miss Mana and Miss Muha. KILLER'S FATHER LISTED AMONG HIS 21 VICTIMS Bucharest, Oct. 1. Py Police to day said that Basile Tsaciuc, known to them as the youth who "murdered for spiritual pleasure." confessed that his own father was among his 21 alleged murder victims. Believing they have in Tsaciuc a criminal with an unique mental twist, authorities decided to bring him here from Iasi for study by the nation s foremost alienists. The prisoner today acknowledged in a matter-of-fact matter-of-fact matter-of-fact matter-of-fact matter-of-fact manner, accord ing to police, that he was also a hitch-hiking hitch-hiking hitch-hiking killer. He related, police continued, that he had begged a ride on a peasant's wagon, killed the peasant and his small son, proceeded to market and sold the wagon-load wagon-load wagon-load of chickens. HEAVY GOLD MOVEMENTS CONTINUING Washington, Oct. 1. ) Reflecting Reflecting the unsettled European situation, situation, a new and heavy movement of gold to this country continued unabated unabated during September. For the first 26 days of the month, .the National City Bank of New York reported net gold Imports Imports of $82,646,000, with an additional additional $146,435,000 enroute to this country or engaged for shipment. The net imports . Compared with $45,983,000 In August and $16,229,-000 $16,229,-000 $16,229,-000 in July-. July-. July-. As of SeptaViber 27, the Treasury Treasury reported its gold stocks had reached $9,325,976,085. This ; figure compared with gold" stocks of $6,829,000,000 immediately following the stabilization of the dollar Janu ary 31, 1934. I The September shipments brought net imports since the first of the year, to more than $1,000,000,000. , Marlnos, Peter Dukas, Lottie Marlnos, Philip of Chicago the quoted a the catastrophe est of new

Clipped from Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News01 Oct 1935, TuePage 19

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)01 Oct 1935, TuePage 19
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