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Virginia Heil - ) GUESS (For Queries, Turn to Page 2) 1. U. 8....
) GUESS (For Queries, Turn to Page 2) 1. U. 8. battleships Washington and North Carolina, called "floating fortresses"; fortresses"; cost $70,000,000 each, 2. 18 percent. S. 174 '.i miles. 4. Nazi leader in Czechoslovakia. 5. Through a railroad corridor across northern tip of Rumania, financed by Czechoslovakian gold. 6. July, 1946. 7. Frankie Parker. 8. Lithuanian No. 1 man. 9. They wore better fitting shoes tn childhood. 10. 20 feet. THE LADIES others consume two dozen eggs daily; 12 quarts of milk, from eight to ten loaves of bread, six pounds of meat; and there's no counting how many vegetables go into one stew for one meal only. Week doesn't go by but Mrs. Heil has to buy a new pair of shoes. Problem of finding names isn't so Garbo Is Right down on ' Margaret "I want to Stanislaw Wisecracking Hollywood commentators have for years been talking about the tootsie-wootsies tootsie-wootsies tootsie-wootsies of famed Margaret Louisa Gustafson (known to the screen as Greta Garbo). Said her feet were pretty big. "And why not?" says Harry Oster-meier, Oster-meier, Oster-meier, famed to the trade as a shoe stylist (of St. Louis, Mo.). Adds: "In-past "In-past "In-past ten years, women's feet have increased increased by a size to a size and a half." The reason: greater comfort in clothing. clothing. 1938 beautifuls wore better-fitting better-fitting better-fitting shoes during halcyon sweetie-pie sweetie-pie sweetie-pie era of early childhood. Feet developed. Says Mr. Ostermeier: they're prettier feet, too. Average ten years ago was from size 5 to size 6. Now it is from size 6 to size 7',i. Reason critical males don't notice the difference: manufacturers have learned to fashion comfortable shoes so they look small and dainty, Just as win-som, win-som, win-som, in fact, as Sir John Suckling's darling, darling, of whom he wrote: "Her feet beneath beneath her petticoat, like little mice, stole in and out." Note: Fascismo cracked famed "I want to be alone Louisa Gustafson, on famed be alone" Leopold Antoni Bolesiawowciz Stokowski at their famed hiding place, villa at romantic Ravello, Baid legions of II Duce: It was undignified undignified to pay so much attention to cinema recluses. Forbade Italian news services to handle the story. Driven beyond endurance by marble-hearted marble-hearted marble-hearted Fascismo's ukase against publicity, publicity, famed recluse with big mop of blond bobbed hair at last gave interview interview to foreign press. Said she: she wasn't married, wasn't going to be married, married, had only half a dozen friends in Hollywood, in Sweden; was Just good friend of recluse Stokowski. "I never had any impulse to go to the altar," she said in throaty voice. Added she: "I want to be alooooone." Hollywood Skulduggery No sooner had Louise Hovick (once glamorous strip-tease strip-tease strip-tease artiste Gypsy Rose Lee) fa' down and go boom, bruised her left leg trying to be an acrobat in new movie (trick fall and somersault caused black and blue mark on elegantly shapely shapely nether limb of famed Lady Godiva) than she limped right Into more trouble. Crush of autograph hunters was too much. In the confusion, she discovered she had signed subscription blanks for magazines she didn't want. (Some movie actors have even, in rush of circumstances, circumstances, signed blank checks, but they fool hunters there because they always use a different signature for the bank.) So that movie pretties need not have to curl up beside the fire with a magazine they don't want and read stories they don't like, publicity agents have been warned by studios to think up new precautions. I Murray Kormaa Louise Hovick Won't subscribe easy, either. Ma and Pa have had to choose some rare ones, like Aleathea, Dolores, Virgil. To inevitable question mother of 24 always says: "I'm not going going to have any more"; adds, sighing: "That's what I said the last time." to to But the had fair A -f -f F- F- -f. -f. Sigrid Gurie Hails from Brooklyn's SCIENCE From Fjords of Gowanus Nassy old lawyer-mans lawyer-mans lawyer-mans insisted Sigrid Gurie, soft-eyed soft-eyed soft-eyed discovery of Samuel Goldwyn, lady with Norwegian accent, put down in complaint (asking freedom from Thomas W. Stewart, her husband) just where and when she was born. (Impresario Goldwyn had hired a tutor to teach her English!) Reluctant mysterious beauty from abroad admitted that she had never seen the Midnight Sun; had seen, instead, the street lamps shining through windows of her natal flat in Flatbush and not too far from Coney I.sland, at that. Closest (she ever got to the stage before adventure adventure in Hollywood was third row, orchestra, orchestra, with husband before they pfffft. Said imposed-upon imposed-upon imposed-upon Impresario Goldwyn: Goldwyn: "Greatest hoax in box office history history ... I am a very happy victim . . . She made a great screen test, followed up with a grand first-rate first-rate first-rate picture Job." Said Sigrid: "I want to be alooooone." 24 Count 'Em 24 Twenty-four Twenty-four Twenty-four children in 27 years, that's the record of plump, cheery Virginia Virginia Marguerite Heil, back home from the hospital Inst week with No. 24, 11-day-old 11-day-old 11-day-old 11-day-old 11-day-old Patricia Joan. Mrs. Heil is 41 herself; husband, Harry, is 48. They live In Fort Lee, N. J think of children as "a kind of investment": "When we get old there'll be at least two whoU be good and take care of us." Eight children died In infancy. Sixteen Meet Malcolm and Mortimer Proud were Mr. and Mrs. Moe and Mollle Jackass Penguin in the Washington Washington Zoo the other day. Born to them were Malcolm and Mortimer. Mortimer pecked his way out of egg shell three days after Malcolm. (Dr. William M. Mann, zoo director, says he hopes they've got the right kind of names, don't turn out to be, instead, Millcent and Marianne.) Marianne.) Newcomers are little bits of things, fluffy, wabbly, ignorant they have made history. For after all, they are the first jackass penguins ever to be born in an American zoo. They've been boarded up, to keep Josle and Joe, another pair of Jackass penguins penguins in the cage, from getting maternally, maternally, paternally Jealous. But visitors can see them and think they are Just too ducky for words. PEDAGOGY of a to yacht Scholastic Alibi Charles Jacob Gllden of Philadelphia, 17 years old, committed a burglary, so he said, because he flunked at a private school, didn't think life was worth while any more. Judge Albert S. C. Miller assured assured him life was O. K. Gave him shortest sentence law allowed: "not less than one day or more than 18 months." Scholastic Proprieties It's all right for Jim High School to kiss Snlly High School, voted 80 percent of bright scholars of Overbrook, Phila- Phila- 1

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 20 Mar 1938, Sun,
  3. Page 30

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