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Boston Rumford Kitchen - : '-;,tra'.iv? '-;,tra'.iv? '-;,tra'.iv?...
: '-;,tra'.iv? '-;,tra'.iv? '-;,tra'.iv? Ritebs-n Ritebs-n Ritebs-n Work. From the Boston JMvcriif- JMvcriif- r we toisdorse an interesting account of the Rutnford Co-operative Co-operative Co-operative Kitchen, an enterprise recently gone into operation operation in Cambridge, Mass., on something of the same plan, and fur similar purposes, :is Professor Professor Blot's Public Kitchen in Brooklyn, X. Y. The Rum ford Kitchen is in Washington street, Cambridge, near the old l. -xbury -xbury line, an, I its system of operation is as follows. At street corners corners an 1 in all prominent positions, neat brown ordjr boxes are placed, with a slit in the top for notes, and bearing an elaborate bill of faro and explanation of details. TV ice a day nrc the orders orders from these boxes collected ; and twice a day they are fulfilled, by a company of teams and pedestrians distributors, so org auize lttliat every neighborhood can be punctually served. The orders may cover a very wide range, from a dinner, of several courses, side dishes an 1 ail, for a party of any s'e (up to the number required required to di.-poee di.-poee di.-poee of thiee thousand gallons of soup) down to a lunch of a sandwich and apple-sauce apple-sauce apple-sauce There is. a special bill of fare for each day, but an any day in tho week a customer may order anything he chooses. and receive it if he gives a proper margin of time. Generally speaking, orders left before ten in the morning will be filled any time after two; orders dropped in the boxes before three will have a response at six. For cooked meats, trimmed aud boned, and weighed just as they are put on the table, the prices are o" cents a pound for corned beef ; 10 cent for roast rib, or "') cents with the bone : 70 cents for sirloin, or oi cents with the bone ; cents for ham whole ; oO cents for turkeys, turkeys, geese, chickens and ducks ; o" cents for of leg mutton, with which the bone i of course included. Gentlemen wishing lunches at their places cf business can order them by the week at any hour they may designate. If they order soups, they have them in bottles enclosed iu tin cans ot warm water, so that they ritain the heat for some time; or those who prefer it can have a beef tea, prepared prepared especially for lunch, put up in the same way. For those contented with cold " snacks " there are rolls, biscuit, sandwiches, and various kinds of cike, gingerbread, cookies, and pies. An outfit for the regular lunchers. consisting of plate, bowl, spoon, knife and fork, box of salt, anil bottle very plain ware, of course is supplied supplied for seventy-five seventy-five seventy-five cents. Napkins are also provided, and redeemed when soiled. For the more elaborate dinners sent to private residences there are various ingenious contrivances tor keeping the viands hot during the swift journey in the wagons or sleighs ; all tiic soups sent out have hot water jackets, and the drivers say there are no camplainrs that the dishes are cool when delivered. On Sunday t he co-operative co-operative co-operative kitchen is closed. But the managers give special attention attention to Sunday dinners, which they deliver Saturday Saturday evening, just so rare that the process of warming for the table only completes the cooking. The prices for these meals are not the rates of first-class first-class first-class hotels. In the theory of the managers, they will prove even to fall below the expense account of a family housekeeping book. Soups are from twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five to thirty cents each, in one and two quart bottles. Bread is at bake-shop bake-shop bake-shop prices ; but the loaves weigh more, and being cooked by steam, it has a flavor of its own, which many palates prefer to that of the bakers loaves, and keeps its freshness longer. Sandwiches, generously made, arc ten cents each, or a dollar a dozen. Plum pudding is .'ill cents a pound ; fruit sauce is from Uo to o'( cents a quart ; pies are from SI to 40 cents each ; and fresh canned tomatoes, of which the inititution makes a specialty mi l prepares an enormous quantity, are from 1 to 20 cents a quart, according according to the amount taken. The manager of the llumford establishment is Mr Murdoch, an active, energetic gentleman, and full of confidence in his enterprise. According According to his calculations, it will be cheaper for any family of lessthan six or seven persons to supply supply itself through his kitchen than through the provision stores and their own ratiges. Al though he has ha i his system ot bcxe, teams and kitchens in operation but a few weeks, the amount acd character of the business done is very encouraging. Many families rely entirety upon the kitchen for their every meal.

Clipped from The Burlington Free Press18 Feb 1870, FriOther EditionsPage 3

The Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont)18 Feb 1870, FriOther EditionsPage 3
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