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Louis Butman  New Windmill repair - THE ABILENE REPORTER-NEWS AMInc, Tan, tartly...
THE ABILENE REPORTER-NEWS AMInc, Tan, tartly Mental, rrtnwy J, INI WAGOIN' TONGUE By BOB COOKE Weather Damage to Shrubs, Go Slow With Pruning Shears has and still is some about what the severe in January has done to shrubs and trees. Paula Carter of Elmwood and Joe L. Womack of Nursery are in agreement have been hit pretty some instances. recommend that homeowners slow with the pruning has been killed on shrubs, particularly the pyracanthia and cotoneaster, said Mrs. Carter. does not mean that the been killed, except soft growth at the quite possible that pit- sorrie pyracanthia am have been killed back level. that were weakened by severe March weather into this winter still normal vigor coulc damaged. the hollies, especially holly, may look pretty now, but it is possible on some of these plants has been some damage shurbs, including some ol hardy types. But nurs recommend a waiting see what happens. pruning now is not ad- There will be plenty of prune after you make the damage. have not been severely .low temperatures. if bushes are pruned some warm days are these pruned bushes stimulated into early nurserymen w a r n : "Remember spring." as the damge has been and as soon as there chance for late freezing pruning and feeding with fertilizer are recommended. that have had a good say the nurserymen, been hurt less than that went into winter soil on the dry side are to suffer less damage gardeners, nurserymen agree. About the only plants that will really b e n e f i t from the cold weather experienced are peonies, according to Mrs. Carter. They need cold weather for a good blooming season and most people plant them too deep to get the amount of low temperature temperature needed to do their best, she said. Friday was the last day of service service for John H. Jones in the Texas Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Station and Extension Service. He retired, but not to loaf. He and Mrs. Jones leave soon for Bogata, Colombia, where he will become associated with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Colombian Agricultural Program. John Jones is widely known in Texas, especially in West Texas. He is a native of Archer County. He graduated from Texas AM in 1922 and immediately joined the Experiment Station staff as a cattle feeder at the Spur substation. substation. He resigned there in 1923 to take over supervision of a large cattle feeding operation near Fort Worth. He returned to the Extension Service a few years later. Jones established a reputation as one of Texas' outstanding authorities authorities on finishing beef cattle for market. Friday also marked the transfer transfer of John Thomas, area entomologist entomologist with headquarters at Lubbock, to College Station where he became associate entomologist on the staff of the Texas Agricultural Agricultural Extension Service. He succeeds C o n n i e Garner, who resigned several weeks ago. Thomas has worked with many of the county agricultural agents n this area on crop insect problems problems and programs. Thomas is a native of Gray County. j No one has been named to succeed succeed him on the area staff at Lubbock. Market H» 7th Straight Weekly Rise ; NEW YOKK (AP) - The slock| market headed into further profit taking last week, digested it, and squeaked out its seventh straight weekly advance. j The rise, however, was accomplished accomplished on the lightest volume in six weeks. Volume totaled 21,363 { G12 shares, compared with 23,313, 478 the previous week. It was the smallest for any full, five-day tiading week since the week ended ended Dec. 22. ! To stock analysts it indicated, (that the prolonged market rally 'was leveling out. They cited the fact that February usually is aj month of irregular decline follow ing the new year reinvestment demand of January. Whether this traditional pattern holds true this year is anyboy's guess. The Dow Jones industrial average average emerged from the week with a net gain of 3.48 at 683.19. Chartists Chartists saw the market as chewing away against stubborn resistance in the 680-690 band of the Dow industrials, a level at which considerable considerable stock, bought before the spring plunge, is for sale. Record annual profits for two giants, General Motors and Du Pont, gave the market a .good start on the week. A dividend increase increase for Standard Oil (New Jersey), Jersey), the biggest oil producer, and record earnings for Texaco were among items that brightened brightened the atmosphere later in the week. The news from the steel industry, industry, however, was drab. U.S. Steel reported its annual profits had sunk to a 10-year low. A couple of days'later, Bethlehem, the second biggest steelmaker* reported its 1362 net income at a 15-year low. A decline in steel production-the production-the first in four weeks, and some mixed earnings reports by 'other steel companies underlined the sober sober feeling about this industry. The drop in steel output, however, however, was ascribed chiefly to bad BROTfiERS WIN TITLES championships in Leonard Branch, James is Robert is shown with James Honor By BOB COOKE Reporter-News Farm Editor ASPERMONT _ If the cold front could have been delayed about two hours Saturday, Stonewall , County 4-H and FFA Livestock Show could have, .been staged under favorable weather conditions for the first time five years. The temperature started er, was a s c r e c e y o a Din T a to u rnTrn Tnd"hv~calf set wealher conditions, and steel pro- P m ". about " a - m , and by calf duction was on the upgrade again ,^ m S , t ' me ', tt ' hlch was to a, the week ended been neld outside, at 1 p.m., it ! AFTER 100 YEARS -- Windmill fixers wrestled with rods, pipes and four-legged towers for year. Three months ago Louis Butman began wrestling with an idea for a mast pole, offset tower with a header to swing around out of the way. This is the result. This shows about a two-foot offset of tower and well. He holds to the pipe going into the well. New Type Windmill Tower Patented by Merkel Man The barring of Britain from the wa s cold. Judging had to be Common Market and continual moved into the barn, debate about President Kennedy's 1 Agricultural Agent Bill Percival tax proposals, were other factors of Dickens County selected thai lent an air of uncertainty, 'heavyweight Angus steer jThe general feeling about thc'the herd of Scarborough Ranch j stock market, however, was one of at Petersburg as grand (confidence, even though it was of the steer show, igenerally anticipated that some The steer belonged to James | period of "consolidation" may Branch, 13-year-old 4-Ii'er i be in the offing. ( of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Branch. | The Associated Press average j James, two years in the (of GO stocks last week rose J.I tolfeeding program, will take 1250.5. On the bond market, corporates f or edged upward while U.S. Govern- ls now mcnt issues Were irregularly loiv- jer. Corporate volume totaled $23,1891,000." $23,1891,000." compared with $24,020,000 the previous week. Angus to Wichita Falls Tuesday le annual Junior Beef Steer Title In winning the steer title, caught up with his 11-year-old a 'd in wet side." soil and on Louis S. Butman was born and reared on a ranch in the Butman Community of Mulberry Canyon, advise it isn't tooiabout 17 miles southwest of Mediate to mulch shrubs. , damage that may be Sr . p came to that Kctian of Tay . is not showing now with some of the more and roots, according Carter. elephant ears and be severely dam- kel. His late father, Sam Butman been placed under fence. Louis grew up on a ranch close to the 1,200 acres which he now operates, along with his wife and two children, at the Silver Saddle frost line has gone (his winter. winter weather such as in January that culls extensive farmin; ,, , . , . .. , Ranch - In hls routh he brother tned a and a rather up with some plans on which the'buy?' U. S. him Patent Office has granted! "I thought that was couple of patents. 'good way to describe it. 1 plan to {Two Persons Die pretty Eost of Winnie d Two Washington D. C. patent! advertise it as the 'Krazy Wind- attorneys, recommended by Cong, mill Tower. 1 " Mrs. Butman, who works at Dy- Omar Burleson of Anson. obtain- BEAUMONT (AP)--Edwin D. Smith, 24, and Patricia Bellard, brother, Robert, who won the here last year in his first' as a 4-H feeder. Robert had grand champion beef breeding heifer in the show here today. will show the Hereford, from Buford Cox of Haskell, ed patents for Butman on a mast- ess Ail . Force ,j ase . his daugntcri lor County before much land had pole type tower with a revolving j Beverly and son Steve, both stu- , ,,,..,,! ...j.... , _.._ 0| . »h eac | er » The'dents in Merkel High School, cross - arm tower and header can be erected cheaper, faster and eliminate-'; some of the inconveniences of the conventional tower. Offset Tower The header, to which the wind think it is a pretty good desig tion of the project, too, Butman 17, both ,of Port Arthur. werei^e breeding beef division of killed Saturday when the car in Wichita Falls event, which they were riding went out of control and struck a bridge 9 miles cast of Winnie. Three other persons were jured in the crash. The reserve champion steer Saturday belonged to Brenda Dalby, 15, daughter of Mr. and in-jFred Dalby. The steer was I the Dalby h e r d . Brcntla, from the would-be ing mules. "I discovered early in life farm-1 Michigan Tons of Lead (AP) - Upwards of lead are believed Lake Michigan just off here, and a group of grass, especially summer, but it divers has set out as much of it as they than 40 years, members Milwaukee Gun Club firing at clay targets household use. Some months ago lakeside headquarters. mathematically inclined gunners fired about a year. Each con and an eighth ounces the yearly (ofal roughs pounds or more than year. This would mean lead under the waves. said they had obtained salvage Army Corps of ing was not for me." He turned to ranching. He one of the first in this area to seed King Ranch bluestem. He now has 300 acres of true stand KR on the ranch. "It's a wonderful wonderful spring, summer and fall isn't loo good for winter," he said. Wells and Windmills Butman relies mostly on wells and windmills for stock water and he decided to rework some of the wells, drill some new ones and replace replace some old wooden, four-leg;ed four-leg;ed towers. When he started checking, he found there would be a lot of work that, with planning, could be eliminated. eliminated. Also, he decided he could erect a operation, us-j m j n head is wek | ecli permits the tower to offset the well. A setscrew setscrew in the collar at the top of the mast pole holds the windmill head firmly in pumping position. When the need arises to remove either the pump rods or the pipe, the setscrew may be loosened, the header swung around to get it out of the way. On the opposite end of the header a 12-inch steel collar hns been welded. Also, this end of the cross - arm provides a place for installing a block and tackle for pulling rods or pipe, or both. Two joints of rods or pipes or both can be pulled at a time. The collar serves as a rack to hold them while the well work is less cost than the four - legged. to the drawing board and came IN A NAME? -- Louis S. Butman patented for a mast pole, offset windmill tower with He contemplates a name for it, suggested It's sure easy to remember. He plans to the name "Krazy Windmill Tower" if possible. Photos) going on. Eliminates Work This eliminates the inconvenience inconvenience of having to maneuver the rods or pipes out of convenient slots in the old - type tower. The tower and header as shown in the accompanying photo was assembled by a welder in three hours. The mast was erected and the concrete around the base was poured while he was getting the header ready. By the time he had finished his work, the header was ready to be set on top of the mast. The pump rod was connected and the mill was ready to go. Unless the name is copyrighted, copyrighted, Butman plans to call it the "Crazy Windmill Tower." A well- known rancher who had been told of his work on such a projecl called him recently and wanted to know: How it Was \iimed " 'Do you have one of those crazy windmill towers I could To Resume Service THE HAGUE, Netherlands (APL( - KLM Royal Dutch airlines airlines plans to resume service to; Jakarta by April 1. The airline! canceled the link in 1947 when In-, doncsia seized all Dutch firms Ihcre In the dispute with the Sutch over West New Guinea, The dispute has been settled and (to route renegotiated. TIIE 'HEADER' -- This shows the "header" which swings around and suspension for the block and tackle. The 12-inch collar serves as a rod rack when taking them out of the well. A set screw which holds the in cither position may be noted in the collar at the top of the mast pole the center of the ladder. The header and the mast pole tower are

Clipped from Abilene Reporter-News03 Feb 1963, SunPage 96

Abilene Reporter-News (Abilene, Texas)03 Feb 1963, SunPage 96
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