Eliza Sandison, Atlanta, GA, promotes remedial reading. 1963

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Eliza Sandison, Atlanta, GA, promotes remedial reading.  1963 - Remedial Reading Classes Are Vital By MARGARET...
Remedial Reading Classes Are Vital By MARGARET THOMAS "Every school should have a remedial reading program, but there are neither sufficient funds nor trained personnel to teach it." That's the firm conviction of Mrs. Eliza Sandison, retired English teacher, currently holidaying holidaying at Ride-N-Rock Ride-N-Rock Ride-N-Rock Ride-N-Rock Ride-N-Rock Ranch from Atlanta, Ga. Though she has devoted the past two years to work as volunteer in remedial reading work at a private school In Atlanta Atlanta doing individual instruction, instruction, she still considers herself Just "an Interested beginner." But speaking with her soft, appealing Southern drawl, the blue-eyed blue-eyed blue-eyed Atlantan has some sage advice for parents who And their children's reading problems frustrating. (She was a frustrated parent, too.) And she also tallies a few concrete conclusions from experts in the field. SOME ARE BRILLIANT -Contrary -Contrary to popular opinion, she points out that research in the field in the last few years shows that children with reading problems problems are nor necessarily emotionally emotionally handicapped, are not slow learners, in fact sometimes are brilliant. Where once, specialists specialists felt emotional problems were the block, now they are beginning beginning to conclude that the reading handicap creates the emotional disturbance. "It's a fact," she says, "that four times as many boys as girls have reading problems. Before they reach their teens, they are a year behind girls in their development. "Some of the experts in the field are beginning to suspect that the problem has to do with the confusion of right and left handedness. TEST RESULTS - "Today's tests determine if reading desirability, desirability, like blindness or deafness, deafness, could be either physiological physiological or neurological, The tests show that almost every child with a severe reading difficulty has either right and left or up and down problems." "Remedial Work Should Start Early" Mrs. Eliza Sandison Of Atlanta, Ga,, At Ride-N-Rock Ride-N-Rock Ride-N-Rock Ride-N-Rock Ride-N-Rock At the school in Atlanta, Mrs. Sandison says they have begun to use the mirror board in the past year. With this a book is placed in such a manner that the child reads its reflection readily in the mirror, indicating, according to Dr. Barger, New York City reading specialist, that the brain section that normally normally would reverse the eye's image, is immature. "If this were the case, the best reading teacher in the world couldn't help," she vows. They approach the problem from all possible ways in their remedial work with the eyes, ears, mouth and hand. "The earlier a child begins remedial work, the less time he will have to devote to the work, the smaller smaller the pattern of frustration," says the instructor. Usually, at the end of a year, unless it is a severe case, they are back in regular classes at their proper level. Each student is tested and progress is graphed at midyear and at the end of the year. MOMS AND DADS For parents parents who have such a problem and where classes are not available available she would suggest that any information by the late Dr. S. f . Oiton of New York City (whose widow guides the Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem, N.C. reading center for teachers and children), Alice Fernald of California or Anna Gillingham would be a help. Which parent is last to admit his child has a difficulty? "The father, always," she says. Mrs. Sandison is a graduate of Goucher College and the graduate school of education at Bryn Mawr College. She had taught at John Burroughs School in St. Louis, as well as the Lovett School of Atlanta before her retirement. Her work with reading problems problems came about through a personal personal interest; her son had difficulty. difficulty. She finally placed him in the McGuffy Reading Clinic at University of Virginia, where tots from first grade level to people with PhD's are trained. Republic Photo by Ralph Camping

Clipped from Arizona Republic29 Jan 1963, Tue[First Edition]Page 19

Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona)29 Jan 1963, Tue[First Edition]Page 19
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  • Eliza Sandison, Atlanta, GA, promotes remedial reading. 1963

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