Vittoria Longano (Lariccia) granted US Citizenship by a judge

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Vittoria Longano (Lariccia) granted US Citizenship by a judge - CITIZENSHIP Granted To 99 Aliens, AVith As Many...
CITIZENSHIP Granted To 99 Aliens, AVith As Many More To Be Admitted Todav. Applicants Are Congratulated By Judge John H. Druffel 29 Of Group Germans. District Judge John H. Druffel yesterday admitted 99 more aliens to United States citizenship. An equal number was naturalized Mon. day and as many more will be ad-wited ad-wited ad-wited today. The court told yesterday's group INDIGESTION may affect tht Heart . Oil trapped in the stomach or gullet may act ITRo htir-tricRer htir-tricRer htir-tricRer on the heart. At the first sign of distress mart men and women depend on Bell-ans Bell-ans Bell-ans Tablet to fc gas free. No laxatira but made of the featest-t)nr featest-t)nr featest-t)nr medicine known for icld indiflstIon. 3( the PIBST DOSE doesn't prove Bell-am Bell-am Bell-am better, retiira iMtUf t im and leceifs DOUBLJfl Money Back. 25 KM '1 mmmm via the GREYHOUND EXPRESS J.v. Cincinnati 12 :01 P. M. Ar. Cleveland 7:00 P. ML One-way. One-way. One-way. Ed. Trip Cleveland $3.70 $6.70 GREYHOUND TERMINAL ITS AND WALNUT STS. FA 6000. COVINGTON BUS DEPOT it E. 6TH ST. HE 8813 GREYHOUND I 1MS3 Every policy issued by us is "N. Y. Standard" and non-assessable non-assessable non-assessable and so states on its face. It is without contingent liability liability to the policyholder. Our policyholders save on insurance by receiving a 50 discount on renewal of all 5-year 5-year 5-year fire and extended extended coverage policies. Since organization we have allowed more than s $1,360,000 in premium reductions, reductions, whereas our losses have amounted to slightly more than $1,000,000. Will, you share in these profits? For iutther information, telephone PArkway 3750 m mfWJk.ff n BBUaMk. ihvuki StkJuL? wnrr gvjr IT 'vV-w 'vV-w 'vV-w Adam Sehmitt, Prei. Tho. J. Hoar, Secy-Treai. Secy-Treai. Secy-Treai. Twelfth and Walnut Stt., Cincinnati, O. they were fortunate to get an opportunity opportunity to become American citizens citizens in view of what is happening abroad. Judge Drutfel called upon the group to be loyal citizens, reminding reminding them that many of the coun tries trampled under the German war machine were betrayed by their own people. It is reasonable to assume, Judge Druffel said, that these "betrayers or Quislings" will be "dealt with' when the "Nazi yoke is thrown off." However, he went on, "we don't expect that here, because this is an orderly country." One of those admitted to citizen ship yesterday was Mrs. Giuditta Grottanelli Shafer, 3511 Middleton Avenue, who, with a sister, operated operated the former Grottanelli School in Siena, Italy. In October, 1938, Mrs. Shafer took four young women from the United States to Italy to study. One of them was Miss Anna McDonnell, who later became the wife of Henry Ford III. Those admitted yesterday were: Germans Gretchen Henschen. 190K Van zanai noaa; rrieaa iueKen, .rtace Koad, Bridgetown: Minna Glrmann. 5815 Twin Oaks Drive: Elsie Thomas. 4036 Grove Avirue, Norwood; Miml RIchter, 4516 Wlnton Road; Elfreide Baler, 534 Flatt lerraue; xnema uenienbore. 28 Chateau Avenue; Mathllde Ludmann, 4423 Greenlee Avenue, di. cernara; Alarie BcnuDert, 1141 Poplar Street: Herbert F. Stuecher. 2700 Glenway Avenue: Frank X. Llchtmayer, 611 Plum Street: Carl W. Wiegner, 2172 Harrison Avenue; Harry Levor, 26 Landon Court; Lena Beyrlng, 5826 Hamilton Avenue; Avenue; Philip Moenater, 1113 Caroline Avenue; Avenue; Bernard Lupken, 4216 Bell Avenue, Norwood; Johann Eglseder, 3108 Cameron i-iace; i-iace; i-iace; nermann A. Meyer, 119 East Uni versity Avenue; Aueuste Scheld. 2148 cutton Avenue; Alfred Farrenkopf, R. R. 1. Madlsonvllle; Marie Wolfrum, 2319 Wheeler Street; Anna Walter, 790 Clinton Springs Avenue; carl Auch, 1712 Sundale, North College Hill: John Kies. 1425 Vine Street; Martin Meralts, 3716 Columbia Parkway: Clara Lelnlg, K. R. 6, Cincinnati; Cincinnati; Andrew Bodenstein, 2831 McMlcken Avenue: Barbara B. Rebholz. Pionin Road, and Elizabeth Engler, 3130 Montana Avenue, Rumanians .Ulna and Joseph Nusbaum, 118 West Elder Street; Sadie Secosan, 4774 Hamilton Avenue; Josef Heinrich, 1737 Fail mount Avenue; Josef Stantk, 2118 Freeman Avenue; Elizabeth Schneider, Box 350, Cincinnati-Louisville Cincinnati-Louisville Cincinnati-Louisville Pike, Sayler Park; Elizabeth Messiger. Bodman Widows' Widows' Home, Highland Avenue; Eva K. Bach, 605 Epworth Avenue: Carl Zahner, 1815 Vine Street; Eva Schmidt, 2837 Lawndale Avenue; Anton Muth, 1928 Arthur Arthur Place, and John Muth, 3424 Fyfte Avenue. Russians Joseph Serwetarz, 531 Glen-wood Glen-wood Glen-wood Avenue; Rachel Lerer, 3437 Hall-wood Hall-wood Hall-wood Place; Mila Reva Charon, 1850 An-dina An-dina An-dina Avenue; Ruth Levinson, 3376 Reading Road; Jacob Baron, 3593 Wilson Avenue: Esther Zukerman, 700 Chalfonte Place; Harry Llcht, 520 Hale Avenue; Sarah Le-vlne, Le-vlne, Le-vlne, 740 Oak Street; Bessie Llpsky, 3117 Durbin Place; Pearl Cohen, 500 Hale Ave-rue; Ave-rue; Ave-rue; Rose N. Brown, 3406 Harvey Avenue: Sarah Becker, 3443 Reading Road; Philip Klebanow, 3951 Abington Place, and Anna Rosen, 543 Carplln Place. Italians Giulla Isldoro, 2242 Vine Street; Pellegrlno Gagllardi, 2008 Queen City Avenue; Avenue; Filomena Cluccio, 2223 Shadwell Avenue; Avenue; Vittoria Lariccia, 2337 Kenton Street; Giullo Deganl, 2144 Fulton Avenue; Gaetano Terrera, 429 Wilkinson Street; Giuseppina Mastropaolo, 525 East Liberty Street; Candida Candida Durante, 283 Renner Street; Filomena Dcllatorre. 2215 Boone Street; Vlto Russo, 2035 Dunlap Street; Filomena D'Amlco. 1309 Central Avenue, and Giuditta G. Shafer, 3511 Middleton Avenue. Hungarians Adam Klein, 217 Oak Street; Henry Hussar, 560 Mount Hope Road; Matilda Matilda R. Hartman, 2511 Fairvlew Avenue; Madgalena Hetzer, 1709 Pleasant Street; Anthony Ottllnger, 920 Enright Avenue; Mary Stelgleder, 3005 Minot Avenue, and Joseph Mullen, 2112 Lawn Avenue, Norwood. Norwood. Canadians Simon P. Le Blanc, 6926 Herd Avenue; Dorothy P. Agee, R. R. 8, Mount Washington; Yvonne ana josepn Labelle, 104 North Miami Avenue, Cleves, and Emelda Bloom, 1613 Ross Avenue. English Harry Levlne, 3304 Hearne Avenue; Avenue; Lillian Gilland, Box 228, Lockland, and Margaret Brogan, 3925 Oak Park P Yueoslavlans Elizabeth Oswald. 964 Delhi Avenue, and Frances Schmidt, 2112 Lawn Avenue. Greeks Speros P. Zouvelos, 603 Wyoming Wyoming Avenue, and Louis K. Rousales, 2142 West Eighth Street. Scotcn KoDert HaryDurron, jjoa nrown-ine nrown-ine nrown-ine Avenue, and .Vincent Michael McGlynn, 52 Wayne Street, Austrlans John Popelka, R. 1, Newtown, Newtown, Ohio, and Helen Obojkowitz, 3975 Beechwood Avenue. Irish Margaret Klicoyne, 3k uarperry Avenue, and Bridget Healey, 1867 Fairfax Avenue. Poles Ottllle Arnold, 2127 spring urove Avenue, and Stella Roland, 1424 Pleasant Street. Others Suzanne Warkany, ioso Biame Avenue (Swiss); John Henry Groet, Jr.. 51 Laurel Street, Mllford (Netherlander); Amalia Naslnec, 21 Calhoun Street (fizechoslovakian). Hans Henry Borstad, 6606 Vina Street (Norwegian), and Anna Murdock, 417 Purcell Avenue tsynanj.

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer30 Apr 1941, WedPage 16

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)30 Apr 1941, WedPage 16
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  • Vittoria Longano (Lariccia) granted US Citizenship by a judge

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