1958 - Cost of Things - Sales Circular

Printed next to article about new LCHS high school

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1958 - Cost of Things - Sales Circular - are an 5,645 person per year and Clip and Save...
are an 5,645 person per year and Clip and Save Wow on Everything for the Home . . . Plus the Extra Outstanding Bonus Buys Use "SALES" Special Anniversary Sale Terms -Up -Up To 3 Years To Pay ?! $129? 0VEN-PR00F 0VEN-PR00F 0VEN-PR00F S r Reglflr R9S 9-Pc. 9-Pc. 9-Pc. "Sheffield" ) ft -hz -hz lazy Susan ) il Steak Knife and h f t ' ' ' lis wi,h "n,,r "r ,nd cov,r IV V'' i2vt-32555 i2vt-32555 i2vt-32555 varying c V' I W v ' ' I r,v0,vini circular bait. Y S252k " rrn4-tdi rrn4-tdi rrn4-tdi knivu, fi '! V W JK- JK- A. V ,,rv l ' dlihtt. 'A! V', m&miiiiimmil m rvin Kn.lt, Strvinf Fork . f yj '! i !TOWl!j! nd Hon' '" " A) fp i.oo I fS""2.00 I j" With Purchase el 33.95 and Oyer JTitT Purchm ot 49.95 end Oyer f l k SMART M0ERN U il rppYI LARGE 36" ft i fJ G0SS,P BENCH U 1 BlSl GAS RANGE V Kto&H'&W A'fiurt'bH lamp. Mtr.roof, It I jESa3"! Hti all tht lattit ftaturtt EDryS'l ',rm', ,a- ,a- Waihafcl. plat- plat- jy A, Rl j I , mik, hom, ctakint Jl IV ITj 4)pVI , ' KPhoUttry. 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PARK FREE Any Park and Shop Lot With Payment or Purchase "Ii u in u ii in mtmtvmm t x ii i jr jf

Clipped from The Courier-Journal12 Oct 1958, SunPage 34

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)12 Oct 1958, SunPage 34
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  • 1958 - Cost of Things - Sales Circular — Printed next to article about new LCHS high school

    robthurman – 03 Dec 2016

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