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Any breeder worth his weight labors, loves for his litter By SUSAN JEFFRIES Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal & Times Dos Writer There are numerous theories on delivering delivering and caring for newborn puppies developed by knowledgeable breeders. Each breeder usually feels his way is best for the particular breed. A few basic rufes should be followed to minimize problems. As the time of whelping (birth) nears, prepare a clean area to work and have ready plenty of towels, a pair of scissors, hemostats, alcohol for sterilizing, thread and a small amount of whiskey. After the dam's water sac breaks, the first puppy should arrive within an hour. Some breeders feel that a bitch should be allowed to take complete charge and clean the puppy, chew the cord and stim- stim- Vart of a series on dog care ulate the pup. If this method is followed, be sure the membrane is torn from the puppy's head and the dam does not injure injure the pup. Other breeders prefer to take the puppy as soon as it's born, tear away the sac, cut and tie the cord and rub down the pup until it starts crying and breathing breathing properly. This is probably the safest way, particularly with an inexperienced dam. If a puppy is gasping for air or appears lifeless, hold it firmly in a dry towel and, with the head supported and in a down position, briskly shake the puppy until it lets out a cry. Sometimes a few drops of whiskey on its tongue helps stimulate a puppy. When the puppy is cleaned and dried, it can be put on the mother to nurse if she's not in labor with the next pup. Hold the puppy's mouth open and pump the mother's milk down until the pup gets a taste. If the puppy isn't strong enough to "hook" on, hold it to the mother's mother's nipple and pump the milk in. After a few tries, the puppy should be able to grasp the nipple and nurse normally. As the bitch starts to have more contractions, contractions, move the puppy into a warm, towel-lined towel-lined towel-lined box so she won't accidentally injure the newborn. It won't hurt to keep all the puppies in the box until the whelping is complete. Healthy pups can survive several hours before being fed. Some breeders use a heat Jamp to keep new puppies warm. Others prefer a heating heating pad. In either case, great care must be taken so the puppies do not become overheated or dehydrated. If a heating pad is used, it should be placed under the wooden whelping box so the dam can't get to it. After the whelping, the bitch should be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian veterinarian to make sure she has not retained retained a dead puppy or placenta. The vet will probably also want to flush her out and check for infection. If the new mother is heavily coated, she should be washed and dried. Excess hair, particularly if it's matted, should be Staff Photo by Keith Willlami These Shetland Sheepdogs have earned Utility Dog degrees, the highest obedience title issued by the American Kennel Club. Jude (left) is owned by Nancy Keller. Hunny,, owned by Gils and Vickie Schuckmann, also holds a Tracking Dog title. cut short enough to prevent a puppy from getting tangled in it. The litter should be hooked on to the dam several times a day and watched to make sure every puppy is getting enough milk. If supplemental feeding is necessary, necessary, it can be done by tube or bottle, using Esbilac as a replacement for the dam's milk. A veterinarian can supply the right kind of tube and instructions for tube feeding. If a bottle is used, the nipples for premature babies are excellent. excellent. All equipment and utensils must be kept sterile. Anyone who has assisted a bitch in whelping and rearing a litter of puppies can attest it's a labor of love. A good brood bitch and conscientious care are prerequisites in raising puppies. , Even then, however, the breeder should (be prepared to face the heartbreak of losing a puppy or an entire litter that has had the best of care. PUPPY MATCH The Louisville Kennel Club is staging a match today for puppies under a year old registered with the American Kennel Club at the Kentucky Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, East Hall. Entries close at noon. Judging starts at 12:30. EYE CLINIC Clinic for examining breeds of dogs will be held Nov. 20 at the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce Building. Dr. William Yakcly, Spokane, Wash., will test for eye diseases by use of a slit lamp which is not ordinarily available available in this area. The fee is ?6. Reserva tions must be made by Wednesday with Mrs. Melvin D. Hunt,. 6701 Echo Trail, Louisville, 40299. NEW CHAMPIONS Laird Dunve gan Doon MacDuff, a West Highland White Terrier owned by Betty Williams, . '. . Huntabird's Jobless Joe, a German Shorthaired Pointer owned by Patti Lohr . . . Bear Creek Mno Ba, a Tibetan Ter rier owned by Bob and Jeannie Helton . . . Rolfston's Magic Boots, a Dachshund owned by Ralph and Peggy Harrell . . . Jahil's Landmark, an English Springer Spaniel owned by Jim and Diane May. RECENT WINS Group placements were captured by Champion Humble Acre's Williemakit, a Whippet owned by Camille Lashley and Dan Jbweeny, and Ch. Ka-Ba Ka-Ba Ka-Ba Lamleh of Kalai, a Tibetan Terrier owned by Bob and Jeannie Hel ton, at Evansville and Owensboro, re spectively. Friday's pro basketball AT LOS ANGELES 121 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 13-2B-3t-34)-Abdul-Jbbar 37, Russell 20, Lamar 15, Calvin 13, Ford 11, Wash ington 8, Allen 8, Chanev 6, Roberts 3, Kupec 0. NEW YORK KNICKS 12 (34-32-19-41 (34-32-19-41 (34-32-19-41 (34-32-19-41 (34-32-19-41 (34-32-19-41 (34-32-19-41 ) Monroe 34. McMilllan 25, Frazier 22, Haywood 21, Shelton 14, Bradley 4, Layton 4, Walk 2, Jackson 0, Davis 0. Attendance Attendance 11,599. AT PORTLAND i (41-3-2i-33)-Walton (41-3-2i-33)-Walton (41-3-2i-33)-Walton (41-3-2i-33)-Walton (41-3-2i-33)-Walton (41-3-2i-33)-Walton (41-3-2i-33)-Walton (41-3-2i-33)-Walton (41-3-2i-33)-Walton it, Lucas 21, Hollins 18, Davis. 15, Twardzik 14, Steele 14, Gross 11, R. Jones 8, Calhoun 7, Walker 6, Gilliam 6. PHILADELPHIA 104 ( 24-17-23-30) 24-17-23-30) 24-17-23-30) 24-17-23-30) 24-17-23-30) 24-17-23-30) 24-17-23-30) McGinnis 28, Erving 21, Collins 20, Free 7, Bibby 6, Mix i. Daw-kins Daw-kins Daw-kins 5, Carter 4, C. Jones 4, Bryant 3, Cathings 0. Attendance 12,823.

Clipped from The Courier-Journal07 Nov 1976, Sun[First Edition]Page 59

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)07 Nov 1976, Sun[First Edition]Page 59
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