Edw Borough zoning Gramp 1934

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Edw Borough zoning Gramp 1934 - WEST SIDE DEPT. Office Room 215 Kingston Corner...
WEST SIDE DEPT. Office Room 215 Kingston Corner Bldg. Dial 7-6601 EDWARDSVILLE ZONING BODY IN EDWARDSVILLE Prominent Citizens Named By Council Head traffic light for Northampton and Narrows Road and aald that Kingston is not wholly In favor of a light feeling; that the "stop" signs are being ignored. Karbon, who has argued for a 'traffic light at that point said that it is Impossible for a motorist from the side street to get on the highway as the cars on the highway go so fast at all times. Solicitor B. R. Jones presented a written opinion on the question of the tax collector drawing J - on taxes turned into court by the tax collector, W. V. Davis and later paid in court. In this connection Mr. Jones ruled that the law is with the collector for the 2 and said Mr. Davis would have $228 coming to him on a court collection of 11,000. The requests of . Mr. Sapple, A commission to formulate plans for zoning the borough was named by chairman of the council. Renrea Babalco. last night by au- Grove street, and Thomas Meredith thorlty of that body. The follow- on Washington street to have the 1ng were placed on this boarJ. curb cut in front of their propertied Thomas H.' Williams, Dr. V. P. fed- were granted wards, Victor E. Lew Morns un- Mr jenltms brought up the nuls terberger. Robert uarranan rau. ance of the los delays on the part Kopach, Patrick Kelly, AU but Mr. u nd w crew ln baking s - i it. , I, t ha hrrffrillffn. tnfi . urruu the main street crossing, an oiu latter owning ground in sec- jn Ejw,.rj,viiie affairs, . ond Ward but living in rony The secretary will write to the air. Auorey ia company about it. ."Z: 7Z1 hnVrnVrt into districts The State highway department fv,, h. rfinnvr.rt that the asked the borough to pass an or commission must be citizens out- dinance giving the State all fees aide of the council. The secretary for tearing up the Narrows road of council, Thomas McDonough, pavement and also prohibiting any- was authorised to notify each cltl- body from giving permission for n thus namei to meet soon for any such cutting. Solicitor . Jones ...pnmM nf reorganisation. In said the borough could pass the or- Kingaton the .town was divided into dinance but wanted to see if the districts whereby only certain type eiaie nignway uepanmeui wouiu of homes could be built 1n ;omc pay for the ordinance publication sections and certain streets were as the borough would lose the fees designated for business and other acrueing from the permit to dig up or residences. me paves, i ne ordinance mere The appointment of a toning fore was held over. commission is the most important BiIs for fighting the fire at the step in tnat airecuon oince i ll0me of George Kwallahick of 44 naming of the mine cave commit- zerbey avenue were presented by tee some years ago. the Columbia and Franklin Hose After finishing important bual- company, totalling $66. Council r.ess last mgni knew that the tire was there but n riuisni. that only a mattress burned. M jiaa a m wun verm, ,,. iu- Jenkln, Mid .ome arrangement July meeting regarding tactics us- would have to be made fof 0,y one . iu !""""'" ;v company to light a fire to lessen 2? a.0.8., .r: the expense. For some year, the U."1"1I" " V v wi iTnnraVM two companies have been respond rrr i Mtt '" to aU fires in th borouh Verne Evans, actually accepted John Walsh of Plains, courthouse and solicited some money for the attachee. displayed a plan of book- work performed or promised to be keeping he has devised which would done. Mr. Babalco said that he a!- benefit the borough and keep ac- o made an investigation and that curate account of moneys due the council was In no way responstoie oorougn in outstanding taxes. He for the manner in which the work made a very concise explanation of was done nor did council counie-1 na nua me expense .n nv uch solicitation from would be $50 for . Installing the property holders. Mr. Babalco said system per year and 5 cents per that he could saieiy say io was name uier inn ror new names given to Mr. Evens in this connec- added. To get the Improvement tion. sln ana bring things up to the Solicitor B. R. Jones said tne minute as regards Indebtedness, acceptance of money or other val- would entail about $110, Mr. Walsh uahl- thlns-8 constituted an offense aid. Council was roinsr to adopt and he would gladly hear the test- it but the president thought a imonv of anv nronerty owner month's delay would not hurt dur about such donations and take le- lng which time the council could sal action. Council backed him oigest tne merits of the plan up. Mr. Evans was not present at Councllmen present last night the meetine. He and Mr. Gur- were rresiaent BaDaico, sobers chick exchanged articles of rebut- Karbon, Leskowskl, Wishnefskl, tal in the Dress a few days arte- ". Corcoran, Auorey, &a the last episode at council. wards, Beretski. Absent Naylis, Joseph Hutnlck, property owner n ana i,ioya, for nvtr frtrtv vmh. jiald he hflj I tun kln rntinrti tn rsmnn'v the sarDer shop at 512 V4 Main street. formerly conducted by late Martin near his property near the Main ran nw operated by Stephen . t .i..,...4 t I (Rosey) Kraftician union ahnn. years without getting satisfaction. Specializing in ladles' hair cutting. H renewed hi eomnlalnt last .i.kt (w tin,. wr. h. I . 4111. aw win '" " I mccia IUN UHT li Babalco organization. Mr. Hutnick Abked that no other new work be The Edwardsville Branch. T. r l contemplated ut MI council finishes U. L. wllr meet at 7: SO p. m. In the Id Job, thai or the nuisance Town Hall. David Roberts of r .k viu nnurhi Ha West Pittston. mmtvm hn.rH .miip hv Mr. Kahai that member will address the member- the street and sewer committee an,P on the West Pittston Stadium wmiM iv him immartiat consid. Project. Paul Gurclk, chairman " Lr ...!, ' f n mil.. mm I ! w vtj ,iiujr uu me rciiBi i nvan uiemseives oi ine opportunity to onerea by the Luzerne County Emergency Child Health committee in having their children under six years of age examined. These examinations are vitally important as future milk allotments will be based uoon their examination and Each spoke explaining the need of every unemployed family is asked a new tonic for Main street where- to cooperate. John Fannick was re- by business could be stimulated, cently elected as secretary replac- They suggested the taking down lng John Roskos who Is in a C.C.C, of the light poles and installing a camp in coioraao, boulevard system of lighting with a at eratlon, Business men of the town de siring that Main street be given a new deal were present ln large numbers. Their spokesmen were Frank Nemehick of the cleaning establishment and James Dukaa, part owner of the Grand Theatre, the widening of the street near Zerbey. Hillside and town hall to permit of a switch or double track for the street cars. Mr. Dukas said in this way street car patrons can get a car without watching the BRIEF NOTES Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perrv and Mr. and Mrs. John Eliaa Williams have left for a trip to Buffalo. Michael Zipay of Luzerne avenue to the Of this ta r sll rsiKn bli ctst. ireou at. i " n jiu nuns i a. i one st Church street each waiting hunting near Emory .Steel's farm wnicn one htVrtav mwu"" Z'S -Wn 'w. Ma Louis Colwill and chil- m mcu ... .uUJ"w :- . . P,tupn.rt fPnm varrnw.. some questioning ojr council wim b N ursaia). uaiv, uum.w. - - , rr , T7- . , ,., .... brev Uking active parts. Tb .,, 1ffL ..... vuuut.il wu nui s"' " been invited to sing at the annual vvl osition but they would like the gcranton Irish Day observance to ouainees men w mure ua-a, D4 jjid Sunday August 19, at y and something more tangible as to Rockv Glen. ' I the cost of their improvements and The Nomad Bovs will hold I lne lino ths manev is to be raised. thlr annual farmara mil mrwiam mem "Whether It Is lo be a Federal aidtdance at Noxen tomorrow night I job or not. Babalco said it being Mr. and Mrs. John Price of iaco I . ... I Wa Pittsburgh have been visiting Mt mother Mm M. J. Davta of Hill. Mr. Ma avanii I licrnt Th. PnH.nw.irl Bru.i.1 v.. I ana. . . ww. n. mw... v ' - been organized in the town with the election of the following otn- 'he cens: John Piasta, president: Ste- phen Hydock, vice president; the Metro Fannick, secretary; John Bellas, treasurer; Adolph Beddell, listed publicity. They have over $00 members. Mr. The outing scheduled by ' the Helpers League of the immanuei RantUt fhnrrh tomorrow at Har- i vav'a LaVa have been DoatDoned. John Mislak iwho has been in a job requiring skilled labor and a lot of expensive material it would not give much work to the common labor of the town. The busi ness men were not turned down. They were given a measure of consideration and they will meet with the railway company to ar rive at an approximate cost The bill of new lights would run about IS00 per year more Mr. Nemahlck said but Mr. Edwards thought it would be higher. The r'an thus far is to have boulevard lights on both sids of Main street from Maple to Rice's Hill at $50 per light for those that burn all night and $40 for those that burn half of the night. Under their scheme the hsuss new she -sat i Bantu Ma ls . and Northampton streets would be removed. Michael Moncovich reported that $307 wonld purchase all of the materials needed to place tne nreaent . McGamewell fire alarm system In shape. , Council thought the orlre hlsrh and at the sugges tion of the president it was decid ed ts advertise for bids. The finance committee reported the. sum of $377 received from the county In delinquent taxes. Chief Davis and Burgess Norman James reported for July. ZD arresxs, $39.50 ln fines, $21 received In permits, total receipts of $67 with lights out hours. Edwards Memorial Church thanked council for the use of the borough truck for hauling baskets to their picnic, The bond of Tax Collector W. V. Davis was fixed at $20,000. The request of Burgess James for the purchase of a patrol for the police department was deferred on account of lack of funds. At the request of Mr, Sobers It was decided to get the motorcycle of the police department in shape, for use as it needs repairs. ... Mr, Aubrey reported on the" nego. liaticns for the Installation of a the army for two years has finished w his enlistment and will soon return M from Panama.' William g ravi.. aon or Mr. ana 1 oi -mies Mrs. Ri S. Davis, of Green street, 1 lege is making a good Improvement from two serious operations at Gen. eral Hospital. Own Jones of Scranton, a minis terlal student, will occupy the pul. pit next Sunday at the Edwards Memorial Church and Daniel Lewis, Jr., of Kingston, the follow Intr Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dowd of Green- street, and Mr. and Mrs. William Phillips of Green street, Mrs. St. the Mr. have left by motor for the Chicago fanttirv nf Prnmn Trnoaltion. Mordecie Dando of New Tork, outing visited Harry Morgan and family I the here for a few days. J have Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John G. mem Davis of Schuyler avenue, a son, Dale Warren. Mrs. Davis ia - the former Elsie Spare. I P"ted WillianrPelak of Hillside "avenue T anil Man rsala-lnnwira of ftraan avenue, havs completed- special Summer courses at Bloorosburg ? State Teachers College. I school class of Brook M. E. Church I will hold Us annual outing at Kel- Dan ere urai, wamoria. luemoers 01 1 mlnr me emu win leave me cnurcn wo-mue neanesaay morning at :30 by die irucc. 1 ncy win lake lunches, 1 Park cups, zones and spoons. A

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  1. The Evening News,
  2. 07 Aug 1934, Tue,
  3. Page 14

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  • Edw Borough zoning Gramp 1934

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