Oct 16, 1995, Monfils Homicide: defense layers mum on strategy pg 2

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Oct 16, 1995, Monfils Homicide: defense layers mum on strategy pg 2 - -JC -JC Monday. October 16, 1995 Green Bay...
-JC -JC Monday. October 16, 1995 Green Bay Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette From A-l A-l A-l Defense ing cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination you can," he said. "So, if one defense lawyer calls the witness, five defense lawyers can cross-examine cross-examine cross-examine and can ask leading questions." Steam anticipated the defense rotation would remain the same as it was when the prosecution presented presented its case. That means he would be last. "Technically, all six are adversaries adversaries against the others," Stearn said. "Attorneys will cross-examine cross-examine cross-examine each other's witnesses." He said there are pros and cons to being last. "Obviously, there are a lot of questions I want to ask that will have already been asked and sometimes sometimes in a different manner than I want to ask them," he said. "The advantage is, if there were things we think are kind of messed up (from previous testimony), we can clean it up and we can be very precise and detailed. We can tailor all our questions to our client." Said Berk: "There are a lot of difficulties to this because the defenses aren't consistent. There's really no precedent to this in my experience." Balskus said psychology dictates that the No. 1 and No. 6 questioners questioners have an advantage with the jury. "The first and last are the ones the jury will remember," he said. From ths cnswcr lino Q: Could any of the defendants defendants in the Monfils murder trial be found guilty of a lesser crime than party to first-degree first-degree first-degree intentional homicide and receive a lighter sentence? sentence? At Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski says either side prosecution or defense can ask Judge James Bayorgeon to instruct the jury to consider lesser offenses as part of the verdict Motions would be made on an individual basis for the six defendants. defendants. Motions could include such charges as second-degree second-degree second-degree intentional homicide, and first- first- Monfils trial Prosecutors say: On Nov. 1 0, 1 992, Tom Monfils, a James River paper millworker, called Green Bay police to report that coworker coworker Keith Kutska planned to steal a mill extension cord. Kutska was suspended from work for five days after he refused to open his duffel bag for mill security guards alerted by police. Kutska got an audio tape copy of the police tip, identified the caller as Monfils and repeatedly played the tape for others at the mid. Kutska and others confronted Monfils at work Nov. 21 , 1992, Questions? Do you have questions about the Tom Monfils trial or how the court system works during a trial? Call 436-7838 436-7838 436-7838 Monday through Saturday, and we'll find the answers. and second-degree second-degree second-degree reckless homicide. homicide. Zakowski said the judge's decision is based on "whether he feels there is sufficient evidence" for lesser charges. Zakowski said he has no intention of doing so at this point. at a glanco and one or more of them beat Monfils. His body was found the next day in a paper pulp vat Defendants: Keith Kutska, Dale Basten, Mike Him, Mike Johnson, Rey Moore and Mike Piaskowski. Charge: First-degree First-degree First-degree intentional intentional homicide. All six defendants are charged with being party to that crime, a provision covering those who aid and abet the commission commission of a crime or take part in a conspiracy to commit a crime. Penalty: Life imprisonment Source: Brown County court documents

Clipped from Green Bay Press-Gazette16 Oct 1995, MonMain EditionPage 2

Green Bay Press-Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin)16 Oct 1995, MonMain EditionPage 2
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  • Oct 16, 1995, Monfils Homicide: defense layers mum on strategy pg 2

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