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Pennsylvania State Library NINETY-FOURTH YEAR--No. 26. THE AGITATOR: WELLSBORO, PA., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29, 1949. WHOLE NO., 4,958. CLAIR SHOOP, AS MISS MT. CARMEL, CANYON CORRAL BOYS GO TO CAMP PROPWASH FROM COUNTRY CLUB MRS. JAQUISH CROWNED QUEEN OF THE LAUREL HORSE SHOW DADDY ALLEN CANYON AIRPORT TO CELEBRATE KILLED FRIDAY Clear Weather, Colorful tions Enjoyed By Large Crowd. Parad» And Many Attrac- Attracted Large Crowd To Receive Special Care Fourth Of July Will Be Club Starts First Of Ser- Four People Injured In, Steward Of Wheel *,, I «,« C* n ~A Sunday--Fine Program And Training. Celebrated With Fine ; e . Of Dances Saturday Collision Of C*r And R~l~..»,i n« n.:i Program. Mis-, C l a i r e S l i m , p . ,,f Ml 1li.- L a u n - l i n \ \ V I K I m r , , Fn.l, F . ' s t h a l . M i s s ( ' j i r i ] \ n C o h h u p . L i . ( , ' u \ . P i i n i . - l B Sin. V'40 LHUIV! (. v )ui'fii at rc \ \ a s i-ro\vnp t^uct'ii o\' i \ . ' N I ' M i t i f j . a t t h e a n n u a l L a u r e l k. n f Sallnda.sburir. was r u i m e r 1\1 1\1 r. ut' L a n c a s t e r , f r o w n e d t h e nes on The (Jreen. AIR SHOW TO FEATURE PARACHUTE JUMPER Training Of Events. -. Two handicapped boys f r o m . Winners at the fifth annual Tioga county will leave J u l y 2 Canyon Corral horse show Sun- for Camp Daddy Allen, where i day were: they will receive eight weeks of | Pony Class--Class 1, Playboy, supervised care and specially One of the highlights of the Betty Cornish, owner Cornish planned recreation, designed to Grand Canyon Airport Celebra- Farms, Pine City, N. Y., Trophy help them ovemcome their affiic- tion on the Fourth will be the and Blue Ribbon, English class, tions. trick and fancy parachute jump- Western Class, Chunky, John This opportunity for local dis- j n g O f u, c k Cooper, one of the Bowers, owner; Carole Jean abled youngsters will be provided' champions of the world in his a * West, Mansfield, Pa., Trophy by the Tioga County Society For line. Arrangements were made --Program For Fourth. The Collision Of Car And Truck. Mrs. Leta M. Jaquish, 24, of There will be a dance at the Mainesburg, R. D., was instantly Tyoga Country Club Saturday killed at 10:13 a. m. Friday when ... 19 t r n r k « and guests, with a car on 1 T . S. Route 6, one This w'ill be the first of a series mile east of Mainesburg. Four "f t and Blue Ribbon. r - i r n 4 f 4 , Crippled Children And Adults and early in January for Mr. Coop- a nd have a good time. to c me Bill will i n f u r e " the B.'^s^rg H o s p i a l Linda Jaquist, 2, daughter of Class 2--Boots, George Niles, is made possible by the annual er's appearance at the show, eludes refreshments. owner, Jerome Niles, Wellsboro. sale of Easter Seals. Camping is and if weather permits, the 2--Midnight, Leroy Frost, one of the many services the or- spectators will witness the most . , j Covington. ganization provides in an effort to spectacular exhibition of para- t u r e e n f U P p e r , f ° r m e m b t r s and 4--Lucky, Gordon Wheeler, help handicapped children, accord- chute j u m p i n g ever presented in| g u e s t s ' f o l l o w e d b ' cards a n d m u " Mansfield. ing to Mrs. Maryott, the Society's this part of the state. per person, which in- Mrs. Jaquish, was the only occupant occupant of the truck who was not On the Fourth there will be a injured. According to hospital authori- bs, Mrs. Jaquish died of a crush- fhe children will be enter- ed skull and crushed chest «uf- TEN ONE-ARMED BANDITS SEIZED The v i n n t ' i i.- aged 17. and a graduate of Ml. ( aiiiii'l Higl" School, t l a - s of l i t l ' . t . She \\a- awarded t h e L a u r e l f r o w n a n d $100. Mi**, C o h i c k , 18, is a d a u g h t e r of M i . and Mi-.. Ix'wi 1 Cohick, Cohick, of Sallada.xbuip, and a g r a d u a t e of the Jer-ey Short 1 High School, t h i s yeai. She received received $2." Three olhei finalists w e r e Jo.\ Marie R e z n o r , of Grove C i t y ; Patricia Patricia Ann K e e n e i , of Lampeter, and Eleanor Rowland, of Greenville. Greenville. Lt. Gov. S t i i c k l e r was introduced introduced by Hon. G. Mason O w l e t t , of W e l N b u r o , p u r u l e n t of t h e I V n n s j i v a n i a M a n u f a c t u r e r s ' A.--, POC l a t i o n . W h i l e the judge*, c o n f e r r e d to reach a d e c i s i o n , J a m e s D u n h a m , of Wt'll.sboto, ^ang " P e n n s y l v v a n i a , " w r i t t e n by Po^tnias-tei C h a i l o s K F u l l w o o d . The W e l l s - 1 boro H i g h S c h o o l B a n d , a c c o m p a n - icd Mr, D u n h a m , A t t o i n e y K i i b e i t F. Cox. presi- d e n t of t h e W e l l s b o r o C h a m b e r of C o m m e r c e , p r e s i d e d at the Queen-,' B a n q u e t at the 1'enn- W e l N H o t i l . a t t e n d e d b y ovei 200. Mr. Cox i n t r o d u c e d I*. W r i g h t K e r n s , g c n e i a l c h a n m a n f o r t h e Festival, a n d M i . K e r n s ' i n t r o d u c e d t h e c o m m i t t e e c h n i r a a n d H u g h Dale, c o m m i t t e e man man at l a i g e . The P e n n s y l v a n i a State P o l i t e put on an m t e i e s t i n g s h o w of horse and dogs at Packer Field i n t h e m o i n i n g w h u h a t t i a c t e d a large crowd. T h i e e U. S A r m y jet f i g h t e i planes, f r o m B o i l i n g F i e l d , Wash- i n g t o n , , f l e w low o N c r W e l l s b o r f i i n t h e a f t e i n o o n b e f o i e t h e na- rade s t a r t e d . The J e r s e y S h i n e H i i j h School Band won first pnze, SI 00; Km- rrald Hose C o m p a n y B a n d , of Rer.ovo, s e c o n d , $ 4 0 ; Canton High School B a n d , t h u d , $20. The Galeton V.F.W. d r i l l team won fir-*! pnzc, ST."); best d r u m and b u g ' e corps, State College, $100, *and t h e i r d i u m m a j o r e t t e won first prize, $!.". E l i z a b e t h town town w o n second place, $75, and Flemington, t h i r d , $50. Miss B e v e r l y B r a d f o r d , of Co-] l u m b i a C r o s s r o a d - , 1948 Q u e e n , reigned d u r i n g t h e day, w h i l e "Miss W e l l s b o i o , " Bonalyn T a y n - j t o n ; "Miss S u b u r b a n Wellsboro," Mary Louise Robertson, and "Miss G r a n d Canyon A i r p o r t , " ! Rose A m a c h e i , w e r e hostesses and rode on the floats w i t h the fil candidates for li)4'J Queen. The did not c o m p e t e f o i t h e title. Six P e n n s y l v a n i a State Policemen, Policemen, m o u n t e d on m a t c h e d black horses, headed the parade and bore the- colors, f o l l o w e d by the Wellsboro Fire D e p a r t m e n t Drum and Bugle C orp* and Drill Team, and the Wellsboro High School Band. The parade was over twr miles long and was e n j o y e d h j one of the largest crowds i r Wellsboro's history. M a n y State Policemen from this area assisted the Wellsboro Police Department in h a n d l i n g the traffic and the. crowds. One of the hits of tht parhde was the "Meade Street Special," m i n i a t u r e train, built and operated by Charles Price. J. Herbert Walker, director of Vacation and Recreation Bureau, Stato Department of Commerce, Harrisburg, who has been a judge - n i c e the b e g i n n i n g of the festival, festival, again pai t i c i p a t e d . Othei judges w e r e F. A. Pat- Class 2--Open three gaited.l president. Showmaster, Don Cornish, Cor- Camp Daddy Allen is one of nish Farms, Pine City, N. Y. the twp summer health centers 2--Fascinating Fox, Grant operated by The Pennsylvania So- Hockman, Williamsport. c iety For Crippled Children And 3--Afternoon Tea, Chris Bid- Adults with the assistance of its * die, owner, Theodore Phalon, local affiliated units, including the ,, · Port Allegany. Tioga County Sdciety. " ,, 4--Fanciful Fairy. Kay Bas- The camp, which will be opened \ tain, owner Charles Ward, Bloss- f o r jt s n i n t h annual season, is, bur P- located in Hickory Run State Class 3--Junior Horsemanship, p ar k near White Haven, where Western--1, Chico, Phyllis Niles, more tnan 100 disabled boys a n d ' Wellsboro; 2, Skippy, Sylvia g j r i s f r o m eastern Pennsylvania Carlson, Wellsboro; 3, Smoky, w ji] rece j v e this special program Patty Bennett, owner Morrell of training. It will be under the D r e w , Wellsboro. direction of T. Henry Jablonski, English Class--1, Norman's the Pennsylvania Society's field Snowman, James Unangst, own- dire etor. The Society's second er Bert Williams Wellsboro. c e n t e r C a m p Easter Sealf which , 2--Red, Joan Lyons, owner w i l l be o p e n e d for the first time H. K. Brown, Mansfield. this s u m m e r , j s located in Laurel' .J -- C harm, Jo Ann Shnger- Hm gtate p ark Somerset county. ' for selecting the Queen each yeai l a n d - Troy. T]le pj-Qgr,TM a t both camps, ' 4--Major, Marcia Hill, Wells- m o d i f i e d to m f e t the capabilities 1 °'°,' , ,,, , ,,, _ of handicapped children, will pro.-..- pro.-..- , Class 4--Men s Western Open. v i d e physical therap y treatments km, execute director of the 1. Stardust Lawrence Adams, to a]1 vounKsters nee ding it, coil- State P l a n n i n g Board, Harris- Booked Creek; 2, Duchess, stant medical medical care gwimi - b u r g : John Cummings, columnist Richard M e t z g e r M o n t o u r s v i l l e ; n a t u r e stud craft tg of the Philadelphia I n q u i r e r ; 3 - C h i e f , Mack Cass, Campbell, m u g j ( , G e o r g e T. Miller, director of art N - Y -; 4 - Chief White Sox, H. L. education, Depaitment of Public Cornish, Pine City, N. Y. Instruction, Harrisburg; Scott C. Class 5-Local Novice Pleasure ,, dietitians and instrttctoi Rea, vice pre.srdent 01 the btate C l a s s -- 1 . My G.r Allen Bill .,, b d t t b h Chamber of Commerce; Howard Berilla, owner Clyde Bailey, - - - * v Kemp, sports editor of the Demo- Wellsboror 2; 'Beauty, Shirley crat and Chronicle, Rochester; Drew, Wellsboro; 3, Red, Joan Col. Kenneth Lafayette, of the I Lyons, owner Schuylkill Arsenal, Philadelphia; Mansfield; 4, Lady, Dr. J. Ross and Mrs. Emory B. Rockwell, of Wiley, owner Jerome Webster, Wellsboro. ' Wellsboro. Judges for the bands and other Class 6 -- Open Tennessee competing u n i t s were Col. J. B. Walkers--1, Mr. Wilson, H. L. ecutive, Second Cornish, Pine C i t y ; 2, Rocco ·s, Philadelphia; Gold, Donald Collins, owner Ray James Dunlon, band d i i e c t o i . Collins, Crooked C i e e k ; 3, Rob- Pennsylvania State College; Ulna ert t n e Devil, W i n i f r e d Wil- Goodall, d i r e c t o r of visual and Hams, Wellsboro; 4, Royal Wila Wila u d i o education, Department of son Allen, Cal Norris, ownei P u b l i c I n s t r u c t i o n . Henry VanDyne, Troy. Thc Laurel Ball at the P e n n - ' Clas s 7--Pony Race--Class 1, Wells Hotel, music by Bob Clem- Boots, George Niles, Wellsboro; ens And His Orchestra, the block 2, Playboy, Don Cornish, Pine FoUf-H Calf Club* Set wea ^ er reports dance on Central a v e n u e and the City; 3, Midnight, Larry Frost, ·" · " t i r. i weatner stations. concessions on The Green attract- Mansfjeld; 4, C h u n k y , John Bowed Bowed capacity attendance. ers - owner Carole Jean West, The committees in charge of Mansfield; 5, Lucky, Gordon A gtaff of iall select j d counselors, physical therapis*. tained at a lawn party with sup- fered when she was t h r o w n from per served out of doors at 3 o'- the truck to the highway, dock. The driver of the car was Law- There wil also be a golf tourn- rence D. Hurlev, 42, of Des Moines, Iowa. He suffered chest ament. i n j u r i e s and shock. Released On Bail. The Wheel Inn Inc., of Roaring Roaring Branch, with headquarters at .33 East 4th street, Wrlliamhport, was served a search w a r r a the afternoon of J u n e 25 by oj;a C o u n t y Shenff Roy Wilcox a n d f o u r d e p u t i e s 10 slot m a c h i n e s , and arrested steward, Eugene Cow her. He was b r o u g h t to WelKboro a r r a i g n e d before Justice Peace Stacey Spencer and provided provided $oOO cash bail for a. h e a r July 16 at 11 a. m. The arresting officers i n c l u besides Siier-iff W i l c o x , Deputies Walter Webster, William Z u r f and Louis Stevenson, James S m i t h , t u r n k e . N , a G r i f f i n , of Clymer. According Sheriff Wilcox the action against the e s t a b l i s h m e n t c o m p l a i n t of neighbors. TWO BIRTHDAYS Others who were i n j u i e d are: CELEBRATED Qrrin Jaquish, husband of Mrs. ------ Jarquish, i n t e r n a l i n j u r i e s and a Five generations were repre- possible f r a c t u r e d skull. David sented at the home of Mrs. Freda Jaquish, 12, severe shock, b r u i s e d ' Button, of Wellshoro, Sunday to n l p S ) a n d brush burns of the r i g h t ! make her birthday and that of elbow. Mrs. Dorothy H u r l e y . ' her daughter, Mrs. Mary Jane w j f e of the car d r i v e r , f r a c t u r e d K i n n e y , of Bath, N. Y., a happy r j g h t arm and lacerations, of the event. face and neck. Present w e i e Mrs. Dutton's A c c o r d i n g to P e n n s y l v a n i a parents, Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m state Police, Mis. J a q u i s h drove Rose; grandmother, Mrs. Walter o u t o f a d l r t road i n t o t h e p a t h FOUR-H CLUBS JOINT CAMPING se , or t£) evefy e i f f h t youngsterS| !n the afternoon, Cooper will vr _ » « T I U I LU C V C I J t C t K I l l y U U l l g O L C I ;, * · · Kill- A * k b l l l l s u l l , n.'. T r o^",! t m s h'Kh ra ti° being necessary present a series of single and because of the children's handi- double delayed parachute j u m p s caps. and will climax the e v e n i n g with The two boys, one from Elk- a night parachute j u m p in which land and the other f.rom Wells- flares are used for landing. ° ° f Lent; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K i n O O f t n e Hurley car. ney and daughter, Connie, Mr. '--·-· and Mrs. LaVerne Gleason and MRS JOHN B. CROSETTO. son, Billy, of Bath; Billy Fergu- . son, Mrs. Walter Kane, daugh- M rs. K a t h e r i n e Rogers Crosetto. ters, Sandra and Joan, sons, Gary aged 75 vears of Wellsboro, wid: and Buddy, Mr. and Mrs. Ells- ow of j ohn B Crosetto, died at worth Rose, daughter, Carol, and 2 a . m. Saturday, at the Soldiers Larry James Dutton, of Wells- A n d S a ji o r s Memorial Hospital. boro - She was b o r n at Stokesdalc. Dinner was served at noon M a r c h 2 6, 1874, d a u g h t e r of with two beautiful birthday Sylvester and Catherine Brady cakes. , Rogers. She was a l i f e l o n g resident resident of Wellsboro. She and hei husband were members of thc choir of St. Peter's church for , many years. Mrs. Crosetto was I active in Bed Cross production work for many years and receiv- _ - _, ed a citation for excellence. Mr. Three Directors Of Green Crosetto died in 1943. Free Library Reelected. Survivors include two sons, Ed- Ed- , ward, of Utica, N. Y., and J At the a n n u a l meeting of the Roger Crosetto, of W e l l s b o r o ; Green Free Library, A t t o r n e y two daughters, Mrs. Edward Bry- Tioga C o u n t y 4-H C l u w i l l j o i n Potter c o u n members in a five-day camp at Ole B u l l Camp, J u l y " to 9. Swimm i n g , games, h a n d i c r a study, vesper and c a m p f i r e be part of each day's program. Leader's i n c l u d e Hal W h I i ural sociologist; Miss Marguerite L i t t l e , State specialist hi f l i f e ; Miss Ella Evans, assistant leader of the Ojrdensburg 4-H C l u b ; Mrs. E d i t h Rape-hick Mrs. Margaret H a i n e s , extension extension representatives of Potter and Tioga counties.--Mrs, MARG MARG A R E T H A N E S , E x Representative. ANNUAL REPORT OF LIBRARIAN ^ d e n ()f FnnMln an(1 Mias Ma ,. quipped parachute j u m p e r i n h a m s and D,. Louis A. Lyon tha C o W consists of an bteaT^hich anemometer, a Mrl" The treasurer, J. H. Williams, settle, of M i l t o n ; two brothers, , , . a **mi/\*f«i/^ni\. d e v i c e fo1 ' measuring the veloc- reported expenditures of $5,822. i Daniel Rogers, of Wellsboro, and A N N l l l l N l r R j t y of the wind, electric w i n d The librarian, Mrs. J. E. Ben- J"hn, of Hornell, N. Y. ; five nililVUllViJl/ yane, baraguide, and a low fre- j a m i n , gave her report. During g i a n d c h i l d r e n and two great- quency radio for receiving the the past year, 37,558 books were grandchildren. from U. S. in circulation, about 1,600 less The f u n e r a l was held yesterday Dates For July Round- ' than the year before. m o r n i n g at St. Peter s Catholic His parachute j u m p i n g equip- I n c l u d e d in the total of 29,614 c h u r c h , Rev. A r t h u r M c A n d r e . r a ^ r . » i . t » , · · i\ IT r t . .. i *-voofi-i»« rvrri ^ i o t i » - \ r riiit'iai IM T M O UPS. ment is complete in " alf details |dult circulation were 1,283 rent- pastor o f f i c i a t i n g ; burial in the A 4-H Calf Club r o u n d u p was and includes 17 parachutes, each al books, purchased at a cost of Catholic cemetery. the 1949 Laurel Festival were: Wheeler, Mansfield. " held June 25, at the Ogdnesburg rigged for some type of trick $170.86. The rental of two cents U. W r i g h t Kerns, general chair- Class 8--Open Five Gaited.. Grange grounds. There was a or fancy jump. He carries his per day on these books brought m a n ; W i l l i a m S. C. Bradford, in *· Dean's Choice, Nadine Stev- large turnout of parents and own public address system, a an income of $210.70, but owing NEW ROAD SHORT-CUT. A new road is u n d e r construc- I I 1 U I 1 , r V l l l l i l l l l O . V . I J I t t U l U I U , 1 1 1 ' -- ~ . - . . ~ ^ * . w . \ . * , , l ^ a u l f l e O l , C V - * « » ' | 5 * - v u » » . l \ ^ * * w V*A f/t*.^.,,,..* »**.v. - . . . . r . v v . . ~ «*.s*.v..^ w j K j w \ . * l t , u U . C f \ " 1 1 1 c h a r g e of floats- Hugh Dale- Mar- ens, Bolivar, N. Y.; 2, Lavender friends to witness a fine show record player, and dozens of to the increase in cost oi books, tion between tsteam V a l l e y and lan A. B e n j a m i n , festival secre- Blue, Mrs. Dana Williams, Boli- with the following boys showing other pieces of equipment inci- t h e r e n t a l return was less than W h i t e l i n e 1 he road, k n o w n a i v a r ; 3, Chief of the Clouds, calves: dental to putting on a good last y ear - Receipts^ from fines P u b l i c i t y -- A r t h u r H. D u n n , ' Donald Stanton, Sylvania; 4, Jack Jones, Richard Groover, show. This equipment will all amounted to $240.74. S u p p l i e s c h a i r m a n ; ' Priscilla Young, Louis | King, J. L. Parsons, Troy. Theodore Schmelzle, Ronald Car- be demonstrated during the eost * 353 - leaving a balance in S t e v e n s o n . Barbara Berilla, Bar- Class 9--Pleasure Class--1, ey, Ald»n Evans, Merlin Evans,' afternoon show. the treasury of $18.88. bara B r a d f o i d , Atty. Tom Wil- Bonnie, James R. Henry, Alfred Willard Spencer, Jr., and Robert Du»ng his 20 years as a proc proc o x , i Station, N. Y.; 2, Rocco Gold, Barrows. fessional jumper, he has barn- the Beech Grove Road, w i l l con- to Steam Valley. The road w i l l be 26 feet wide The addition of 686 new books, with limestone base and blacktop of them gifts, and the dis- surface. About 100 trees had to Hospitality--Miss Helen B l a i r , ' Donald Collins, owner Ray Col- Other members who did not stormed throughout the country, c h a i r m a n ; Mrs, T. R. Bailey, Mrs. 'ins, Crooked Creek; 3, Beauty, show an animal are: Ella Mae performing at all the major air M a n f o r d H a r t , Mrs. John P h i l - 1 Shirley Drew, Wellsboro; 4, Evans, Charles Brown, Melvin shows, covering 37 states and Jo Ann Slingerland, Williams, Wallace Griffin, and Mexico. He is the only para- c a r o f 588. n e t i n c r e a s e of be removed to e l i m i n a t e n u m e r - ous sharp t u r n s in the formei Mrs. Benjamin m e n t i o n e d the road. Two yaars ago, about one successful Book Week, the popu- mile of road was b u i l t from larity of the primer and first Steam _ Valley south towari the new route lips. i Charm, Program--Dr. Ernest W. Ly- Troy. Gerald Hunalbert. The local lead- chute technician in the country , .. ., .. on*, c h a i r m a n ; A t t y . George L i n - j Class 10--Three Gaited Stake, er is Willard Spencer, Sr. holding the Master Parachute readeDr f , or J "Y 6 "' u - . . . ,!" n h n n t t n r p 1 _»,, _ f r p . v p l ,,.:,, hp ton, Willard Smith, Harry Farber.,1, Fascinating Fox, Grant Hock- H. K. Anders, County Agent License, Parachute Inspector Li- *TM Reading Club which st.mulat- about three miles · f t i a v e l w i l l be F i n a n c e - Elwyn G. Lewis,! man. Williamsport; 2, S h o w o o f Looming county, acted as cense, and Parachute Jumper Lie Lie d TM 0 r e r , eadin * am ° n * Ifrade saved to Cogan Station. c h a i r m a n ; Gordon Powers. James master, Don Cornish, Pine City; judge. Jack Jones was awarded cense. school pupils. Suhr, Ezra Dexter. , 3, Afternoon Tea, Chris Biddle, first place on merit of the animal During the war, Cooper was * P ° P ar ye " ^·^·^·^··········i Parade--Merle Owens c h a i r - ' ° w "er ( Theodore Phalon, Port an d Robert Barrow was awarded employed by the War Depart- m a n ; John Dugan. Si., K e n n e t h , Allegany; 4, Fanciful Fairy, Kay fi r s t p] ace on fitting the animals ment as civilian inspector and Evans, George Bodme, R o b e r t , Bastian, owner Charles Ward,, a nd on showmanship. instructor. During the latter ed "" t he Spencer. I Btossburg. Other shows are scheduled as part of the war he was assign- Concessions -- A l a n B. Jones, Class ll_Western Stake-- follows: Jackson, Laverne Jen- ed as master of ceremonies in c h a n m a n ; E l l s w o i t h Spencer, 1. Chief, Mack Cass, Campbell, nings Rarfch, July 7, at 10 a. m., charge of the Army Air Forces Clyde W. Bailey. N. Y.; Stardust, Lawrence Ad- D.S.T.; Cowanesque, Valley Air Power Show which played B u i l d i n g c h a i r m a n , George Pat-, ams, Crooked Creek; 3, Chief Grange hall, July 7, at 1:30 p. m., Radio City in New York for terson, assisted by Charles Mould White Sox, H. L. Cornish, Pine ES.T.; Liberty, Howard Norman seven months. ( d e s i g n i n g and b u i l d i n g of float C i t y ; 4, Duchess, Richard Metz- farm, July 16, at 10 a. m., D.S. The and decorating stage for c r o w n - ' g cr , Montoursville. v T.; Wellsboro, Canyon Corral which i n g c e r e m o n y ) , assisted by mem- MRS. WILLIAM QUIMBY. Mrs. Eva Wetherbee Quimby, aged 70 years, wife of William Quimby, of Wellsboro, died Wednesday Wednesday at the Soldiers And Sailor* Sailor* Memorial Hospital. She was born in Wellsboro, Maj? 16, 1879, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wetherbee. Survivors i n c l u d e her h one son, K e n n e t h ; a brother, Hugh Wetherbee, of Wellsboro; two sisters, Mrs. Jesse S m i t h Wellsboro, and Mrs. Charles Hawley, Hawley, of M a n s f i e l d ; two grandchild grandchild r e n a n d three great grandchildren. grandchildren. Funeral services were held Satu Satu r d a y at the Johnson Tussey Funeral Home, Rev. C. W. Sheriff, Sheriff, pastor of the Baptist church, o f f i c i a t i n g ; b u r r a l in Wellsboro cemetery. MISS BESSIE H. SMITH. Miss Bessie H. Smith, aged 65 years, was found dead at her home at Keeneyville, Sunday morning. She was formerly a teacher. She is survived by three sisters and one brother, Mrs. Myrtle H. Monks and Mrs. May R. Brigga, of M i d d l e b u r y ; Mrs. Nellie Close, of Gillett, Pa., and Hugh Y. Smith, of Gloversville, X. Y. The f u n e r a l was held at Bastian Funeral Home in Wellsboro Wellsboro yesterday. Rev. Mabel Johnson, Johnson, of Lawrenceville, officiating; burial in the Keeneyville cemetery. cemetery. of the in the c o n g e t on and « a fine nla« for the fiction room the TMTM r o o m - would al- German workmen are protest- Commerce. Float C o m m i t t e e , W i l l i a m S. C. B r a d f o r d , c h a i r m a n . The c o m m i t t e e deserve f u l l credit for m a k i n g thc F financial success. M A R R I E D 60 YEARS. only inclement weather ,,, , ,,. ,, . T , would prevent Cooper's, , n K t h c action of the British ... Class 12--Tennessee, Walker Club, Wellsboro. July 16, at 1:30 portion of the show from being dismantling German m a n u f a c t u r Stake--1, Stake--1, Mr. Wrlson, H. L. Cor- p. m., D.S.T. Judge, J. H. Wheel- performed on schedule would be j ng p l an ts in the Ruhr. What is n r s h ; 2, Robert the Devil, W i n i - er, Extension Dairy Specialist.-- wind velocity exceeding 10 to the matter with 'em? W o u l d n ' t fred Williams, Wellsboro; 3, W. E. YOUNGDAHL, County A g - ' 15 miles per hour. It is un- they rather have nice new factor- Wilson's Pepper Love, Jerome e n t ; Francis C. Turner, Assistant likely that this will happen, as j es built free for them u n d e r the Webster, Wellsboro; 4, Royal County Agent. , Cooper has stated that during ( Marshall Plan? Henry VanDyne, Troy. Class 13--Relay Race--1st Today's average car in the low- only show that he was not able price bracket contains about to give was at the Albert Air- tern w i t h s P c cial a t t e n d a n t s w i l l team, Blue R i b b o n ^ Chief, Mack *450 worth of direct and i n d i r e c t port, near Phillipsburg. be in use - Spectators are re- M r Cass, C a m p b e l l ; Smoky, Morrell taxes, Betty, Clair Bennett, all quested to park where d i r e c t e d , S a b i n s v r l l e -- O n J u n e 30 Mr ( asa - C a m p b e l l ; Smoky, Morrell taxes. A record breaking crowd is , . , . and Mrs. Edward G. Cooler will Drew, Betty, Clair Bennett, _ __ .expected at the airport through- » n d not on tne h i g h w a y in or- hold open house to celebrate their Stardust, Lawrence Adams, a l l ' W o o l i v e r H o r n e l l - 4 Charm Jo o u t t h e d «y- The opening in the ^dentsTM p a r K m K J a n l s ancl 60th w e d d i n g a n m v e r - a r y . They, of Wellsboro. A n n Sl.ngerland, Troy. ' , m o r n f n * i s with a b r e a k f a s t , . · _ ' have lived practically all t h e i r , 2nd team, Red Ribbons, Lucky, Class 15--Five Gaited Stake-- fll * ht in w h l c h airports from a l l , boro ^^ g h Centre lives in Clymer. Mrs. Cooper was Donald Carnes, Queen, J u n e ' l , Dean'g Choice, Nadine Stev- over t h c 8tate are invited to c o u n t w h e r e he ' had ' a s n o w formerly Sarah Sensabaugh. Carnes, Pal, Bus Carnes, A l f r e d ens; 2, Lavender Blue, Mrs. scnd P lan «*s- Many of these f ' . , During their early married l i f e Station, N. Y.; Trixie, Harold Williams, Bolivar, N. Y.; 3, I planes wil1 r e m a i n f o r t h c aftel " Veterans of Fore « Wars they owned a large dairy farm in Wooliver, Hornell, N. Y. King, J. L. Parsons, Troy; 4, I n o o n BVl ""' ~ Vll '' h """ i"" 1 '" 1 " "^ , . . , , 8now w h i c h WI " '"elude East Beech Woods. When fail- 3rd team, Yellow Ribbons. Chief of the Clouds, Donald a t u n t flvin '- P a P* c u « i n K and ing health forced them to retire Lightning, Robert Seely, Rusty, Stanton, Sylvania. I other event s. The program will they sold their farm and moved Mark Seeley, Candy, Nancy Class 16-- Musical Stalls-- 1 be climftxed '" the evening with ' to Sabinsville to reside Door Hinge* Stainless steel door hinge* will not "bleed" onto door surfaces. Ardys Campbell, Middlebury. LUCky ' D ° nald Carn68 ' Hornell;, 2, Rusty, Mark Seeley, Knox- parachute jump. ·"« th « ... Class 14--Break and Out-| Out-| V ille; 3, Pal, Bus Carnes, Hor- 1, Pal, Bas Carnes,; 2, Queen, June Carnes; Trlxie, Harold nell; 4, Skippy, Sylvia Carlson, Wellsboro. It has been announced there will be no admission charge and that organized parking pat- This will be an event that no in Wellsboro will want to Remember, J u l y Fourth. day. You can also make use of the new picnic grounds for the family dinner or supper, that See you at the Airport on the Fourth. Until then, HAPPY LANDINGS! Soldiers And Sailors Memorial Hospital Patient* admitted to the Soldier* And Sailors Memorial Hospital during the week: June fil -- Bonnie Smith, Eugenia Forman, Tioga; Minnie M i t i t i f e r , Liberty; Dianne Andrew, Oiceola; Ann Wilton, Mansfield, R. D. 2; Roy Johnson, FayetteTille, N. Y.; Analee Lines, Wellsboro, R. D. 1; James WaHbridge, Wellsboro, R. D. 1. June 22 -- Roy Embiclc, Morris; Louise Wolf, Caines; Lee Muggier, Galeton; Mildred Cunningham, Westneld; Wilbert Seibert. Elkland. June 23 -- Nancy Bowen, Gary Bowen, Wellsboro; Margaret Margaret Kerwan, Washington, D. C.; Gary Tucker, Knoxville; John Allen Worden, Jane Ann Worden, Wellsboro, R. D. 3. June 24 -- Ardys Mae Hazelton, Wellsboro, R. D. 6; Esther Hamm, Wellsboro, R. D. 2; Mary Fisckler, Wellsboro; Earl Jenkins, Mansfield, R. D. 3; Gary Short, Dianne Short, Elkland; Elkland; Marie Litxelman, Dushore. June 25 -- Margaret Robb, Mansfield; Eva Douglas, Mansfield, Mansfield, R. D. 1; Judith Besanceney, Mansfield. June 26 -- Florence Casier, Vivian VanG«irden, Elkland; Joyce Worden, Wellsboro, R. D. 3; Allan Young, Antrim; Edith Boyce, Blossburg; Earl Lemby, Westfield; Virginia Creeley, Mansfield; Harvey Truckenmiller, Mill Hall. June 27- -- OliVe Merrick, Knozville; Emma Thompson, Harrison Valley; W i l l i a m Slusser, Donald Bluster, Wellsboro; Ellen Sykaro, Germania; Bertha Couch, Troy. June 21 -- A daughter was born to Mr. and Mr*. Stnart Forman, of Tioga. A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mit- (tifer, of Liberty. June 24 -- A son to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hamm, of Wellsboro, Wellsboro, R. D. 2. June 25 -- A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Robb, of Mansfield. A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles. Douglas of Mansfield, R. D. 1 . Jan* 29 -- A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Cosier, ElMand. A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Richard VanGorden. of Elkland. INEWSPAPERif .......jpam../.-/./..'

Clipped from The Wellsboro Gazette29 Jun 1949, WedPage 1

The Wellsboro Gazette (Wellsboro, Pennsylvania)29 Jun 1949, WedPage 1
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