Conzelman Definitely Resigns As Bears' Grid Coach: Accepts Post on Athletic Council, Cheered by Grad

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Conzelman Definitely Resigns As Bears' Grid Coach: Accepts Post on Athletic Council, Cheered by Grad - DEFINITELY ACCEPTS POST ON ATHLETIC COUNCIL,...
DEFINITELY ACCEPTS POST ON ATHLETIC COUNCIL, CHEERED BY GRADS Retiring Football Mentor Willing to Do Anything. Anything. From Outside. That Might Help W. U. BY W. VERNON TIETJEN. Jimmy Conzelman, football coach at Washington University, today announced that he had definitely decided to resign the post he had held for eight years. In quitting his coaching Job, Conzelman agreed to accept a place on the school's athletic council. This information was contained In a speech by the retiring gridiron leader before approximately 250 members of the Washington University Alumni Association at a lunch eon today. Conzelman was given a American Hotel dining room. In part. Conzelman said: "I feel that It Is better for me not to with draw my resignation resignation (tendered (tendered last Saturday Saturday but not accepted by the school's athletic board). I want to say that I shall be glad to roll no mr (sleeves and, from the out side, do any-thing any-thing any-thing that might help the Bears." Earlier In the day Conzelman had conferred Thro p. with Chancellor George R. Throop of Washington University and. fol lowing the conference. Chancellor Throop said that he had Instructed Instructed the coach to attend today's alumni meeting which Conzelman previously had said he would not attend. A third party at this morning's session was Dr. Frank H. Ewer-hardt, Ewer-hardt, Ewer-hardt, chairman of the faculty athletic athletic committee, who, last Saturday, had received Conzelm an's resignation and who had recommended recommended to the chancellor that the resignation not be accepted. Conzelmans decision not to with draw his resignation clears up the muddled coaching coaching situation ana icavrs iuc t ,V l way open for (. resumption of Sa negotiations to Ewerhardt. bring Dr. John B. (Jock) Sutherland, Sutherland, former Pittsburgh University coach, to the Hilltop. After Conzelmans resignation had been announced last Saturday, Dr. Sutherland entered the picture as the choice of a group of downtown downtown businessmen known as the "antl-Conzelman "antl-Conzelman "antl-Conzelman bloc." One member member of this organization visited Pittsburgh recently, the Star-Times Star-Times Star-Times learned, and made a definite offer to the former Panther coach. In the meantime, another group of Washington University graduates, students and football players, rallied rallied to the Conzelman cause and attempted to have the roach reconsider, reconsider, and withdraw his resignation. resignation. Demonstrations were held on the Hilltop and this turn of events caused the antl-Conzelman antl-Conzelman antl-Conzelman group to call off a scheduled meeting here with Dr. Sutherland yesterday. Dr. Sutherland, contacted In Pittsburgh by a Star-Times Star-Times Star-Times representative, representative, said that he would not come here until the Washington University coaching situation has been cleared up as he did not want to inject himself Into any factional fight. Gets Big Ovation. Members of Washington University's University's Alumni Association who gathered gathered at today's luncheon for the showdown In the coaching situation, situation, were extremely quiet until Conzelman appeared upon the scene. As Jimmy arrived, they broke Into a tremendous ovation and then became tense as the coach stood before them and began to unfold unfold his farewell statement. His admirers, hoping that Conzelman Conzelman would tell them that he had decided to remain on the Hilltop, seemed stunned when Jimmy said: "I feel that it Is better for me not to withdraw my resignation." This was the message Conzelman had flashed that he had officially closed his eight-year eight-year eight-year coaching career career at Washington University. Conzelman Perturbed. After delivering his speech. Conzelman, Conzelman, apparently perturbed, departed. departed. Kendall Harrison, a member member of the faculty athletic council and director of publicity at the university, university, then addressed the meeting. meeting. He assured those present that Conzelman's resignation had not been requested by Chancellor Throop or by the faculty athletic committee. Several of the alumni then Jumped up and shouted: "Well, then, who did fire him. Let's get to the bottom of this and make it public." To this Harrison replied: "I do not know." At this noint the meetlnir thrown open to general discussion and all parties were Invited to give tneir views. Makes a Motion. Then Paul Hewitt made a motion that a committee of eight alumni and two students be formed to go Into the situation and to plan for the future. The motion was carried with only one dissenting vote. Claude McElwee then took the floor and said that "four gentlemen downtown took It upon themselves to ask Conzelman to quit. They were Billy Connett. Adrian Frazier, Joseph Vollmar and Walter Heln. Those are the facts. Just look around and see who Is here today P Then someone In the audience asked: "Did that crowd put pressure on Ewerhardt to ask Conzelman to resign resign ?- ?- Harrison answered by saying: "Ewerhardt counselled Jimmy, just as a bit of friendly advice, but made no official statement. I know that Ewerhardt had done the same thing several times even as long as a year ago." Conzelman was appointed as football football coach at Washington U. in 1932, replacing Dr. Albert Sharpe, who had held the position for the five previous seasons. Under Conzelman'! Conzelman'! direction, the Bears won rousing cheer when he entered the Statements by Conzelman and Chancellor Throop Conzelman's complete statement statement follows: My resignation was announced last Saturday after it had been requested. requested. In the meanwhile. I have been a.sked to reconsider. To make a decision one way or another has been a problem. On one hand there were loyal associates, players and alumni whose concern for Interests was a stimulating experience. I felt that to them I was under a definite obligation to give adequate thought to returning to Washington. On the other hand, there were those who felt that a change of coaches was desirable. I feel that situations of this kind create factional differences that are not easily adjusted. After all, we are Interested solely In the present and future of Washington University University athletics. So In an effort to bring together these factions and to organize united alumni spirit and the furtherance furtherance of Washington University football interests, I feel that It is better for me not to withdraw my resignation. I want to say that I shall be happy to roll up my sleeves and, from the outside, do anything that might help the Bears. Throop's letter to Conzelman follows : While I regret your feeling to termi nate your direct responsibilities at the end of the present academic year, I appreciate very much the fair apd constructive attitude which you have taken of the situation. I am very glad that you have accepted my suggestion to become a member of the university's athletic council with the understanding that you will give particular attention to the organization and supervision of athletic publicity. Your willingness to serve as a member of a committee committee to present a recommendation for a football coach Is in line with the co-operation co-operation co-operation on which I have always depended. Best regards and good wishes. two Missouri Valley championships. In 1934 and 1939. and had a record of forty victories and thirty -four -four defeats. 4 Apply for St. Louis U. Job, 2 Other Coaches Visit BUIikens Cecil Muellerleile sits upon a throne he has abdicated, with the athletic directorship of St. Louis University as his crown, while around him swirl candidates and prospective candidates for the posit Ion he vacated Saturday Saturday night, but will hold until V1 I his successor Is it men a 1 r e a d v 7 I At least four yi I have applied I for the head I coaching post. I learned today. , ' They are Carl O'Reilly. Pike, first assistant assistant under Muellerleile; Jack O'Reilly, now basketball coach at St. Louis U. High and a former Billiken athlete; Tommy Gorman, former assistant coach at Creigh-ton Creigh-ton Creigh-ton University who resigned there recently, and Bennle La Presta, former St. Louis U. halfback. It was also learned, however, that the applications of O'Reilly and Gorman were made before the announcement announcement of Mucllerleile's resignation. resignation. Meanwhile, two high school football football coaches, Frank Staab of St. Louis U. High and Bert Fenenga of Cleveland, were seen at the Billiken Billiken athletic office yesterday but did nqj; divulge the purpose of their visits. Yale Athletic Head Sounds a Warning NEW HAVEN. CONN.. Jan. 17. (U. P.) Dr. Clarence W. Mendell, Latin professor who recently be came head of Yale University athletics, athletics, today assailed "all this super-organization" super-organization" super-organization" which has developed In college athletics. "It Is bound to collapse sooner or later under Its own weight,". Dr. Mendell said. "I can't see any advantage advantage In having all these leagues, one for every sport. "What It amounts to Is that Instead Instead of arranging our own schedule schedule as we see fit we are told by the central office In New York whom we will play and when. It takes the thing out of our hands and about all that we get out of It is some unnecessary, and usually undesirable undesirable publicity." Last Night's Fights (Bv Unltrd Pre. At Nfw York CollMum I Dave Castll-loux, Castll-loux, Castll-loux, 134. Montreal, and Charley Oomer, 134. Baltimore, drew (8): Johnny Brllu.i, 137, New Haven. Conn., outpointed Maurice Maurice Arnault. 138, France (8). At New York (Broadway Arena) Mike Bellolae. 13J. New Yrrk, and Bernle Fried-kln. Fried-kln. Fried-kln. 13S. New York, drew (Si; Chalky Wright, 13a. Los Angeles, outpointed Sam Julian. 13 New York (8). At White Plain. N. Y Johnny Juliana, 113, Patterson. N. J., and Carlos Cuebas, 117, Puerto Rico, drew r8): WUce Rivera. 117. Puerto Rico, ksjoed Joey Fulg. 116, New York 12). 1 v'-' v'-' v'-' Gerald M. P of he to be In as

Clipped from The St. Louis Star and Times17 Jan 1940, WedPage 18

The St. Louis Star and Times (St. Louis, Missouri)17 Jan 1940, WedPage 18
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  • Conzelman Definitely Resigns As Bears' Grid Coach: Accepts Post on Athletic Council, Cheered by Grad

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