Chicago Tribune 11-24-72 Thanksgiving concert

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Chicago Tribune 11-24-72 Thanksgiving concert - 8- 8- Section 2 Music !7T" i - - f Chicago)...
8- 8- Section 2 Music !7T" i - - f Chicago) Making CHICAGO'S annual FhanksBivine treks to the city p the same name have be-gxjime be-gxjime be-gxjime as traditional as turkey Jtfia turkey is not exactly the associate -with -with any gjfcoup that sells out a week's tfartti of concerts here acou-gdi acou-gdi acou-gdi of years in a row. This jear, the Chicago seven musical musical variety managed to re-jpeat re-jpeat re-jpeat the feat the only difference difference being that this time Ifney did it 10 weeks in ad-jyshce. ad-jyshce. ad-jyshce. ' So Chicago oeneii Wednes-Bpy Wednes-Bpy Wednes-Bpy night at the Arie; Crown o'a hpnse packed with fans, Sbilies, and friends, more Hijan a few of them narking Jffck' to the old day fwhen the ignys majored in music at jHoosevelt and DePaul, played jjocal clubs in '67 as the Chicago Chicago Transit Authority, and slowly got their brass together together with enough class to jSet them on the road to Cali-4ornia Cali-4ornia Cali-4ornia and the "big time. Not o big, tho, that th?y . don't Eave time to answer all their an mail typed replies, no jform letters. yt was an all-Chicago all-Chicago all-Chicago show, o halves with intermission Sandwiched between, full of jyvhat trombonist James Pan-! Pan-! Pan-! James Pankow ow beamingly termed "old stuffy new stuff, and in-between in-between in-between in-between stuff" which covered things rather well and a nod ilfftwo toward "avant-garde "avant-garde "avant-garde jJszz" along, the way. About tfvb hours of Chicago in all,' ending in the predictable standing ovation and shouts that turned to boos when, less predictably, the boys didn't oblige with an encore. , 'We just decided not to cod-Qtelthe cod-Qtelthe cod-Qtelthe audience," explained fkjyhoard man, vocalist,' and giposer Sobert fiaia aft-. aft-. aft-. jards. "We really- really- got off yine, and we got tbe ieel-- ieel-- ieel-- ; the audience seemed to be ng it but we also got the hg tbpy didn't want to say out too late. Most of the real Chicago aficionados come at the end o,f our week's stay because they figure by then i-Wll i-Wll i-Wll really, cook,', and they're J a lot more responsive than opening-night opening-night opening-night audiences." He glanced around, mak- mak- Robert Lamm ing a generally creditable effort effort to bear up for the occasion occasion at which he found himself: a post-concert post-concert post-concert promotional promotional party for the group, complete with champagne, two gold records to be presented presented one for the Columbia album "Chicago V," the other for their single "Saturday in the Park", and assorted ' press and publicity people. Such affairs, are something less than swell times for the rather quiet, never-Iess-than-natural never-Iess-than-natural never-Iess-than-natural never-Iess-than-natural never-Iess-than-natural never-Iess-than-natural never-Iess-than-natural Lamm. "The oniy 'way to survive them's to make fun of them," he remarked, remarked, managing a semi-smile semi-smile semi-smile over the fact that a gaggle of groupies lurking ready to pounce outside the door meant he couldn't make a trip down the hall to the john.. Lamm's personality changes little onstage. The most political political of the group, the one who reminded the audience that Wednesday was the anniversary anniversary of John Kennedy's death, Lamm is also one of the most thoughtful. Musically, Musically, that means he prefers material he can get into "in-teUectually, "in-teUectually, "in-teUectually, like classical and jazz, rather than something emotional like Led Zeppelin." He also prefers to steer clear of the hard sell, the less than real. Earlier in the afterooon, wmdtegip at'WLS to spend some air time with John Landeckerv Lainm and drummer Danny Seraphine had .managed to get thru a' couple of hard-charger hard-charger hard-charger commercials, commercials, Top 40 style, look- look- . ing only slightly embarrassed about it all. But Lamm kept asking . Landecker how he managed to keep up the vocal theatrics theatrics of any. sort being so alien to both him and Chicago, individually and collectively Which is, perhaps, part of the charm; Chicago wanders 'ut oil stage, tunes-up4 tunes-up4 tunes-up4 and plays. Arid thp they relate to audiences, they do not put on a show in the hard-sell hard-sell hard-sell lock-and-rap lock-and-rap lock-and-rap lock-and-rap lock-and-rap sense let alone the ' glitter and gestalt genre of latest crazes David Bowie or Alice Cooper. "It's funny, but our producer producer and I talked about that just the other day," Lamm said. "I've always enjoyed ' rock theater, from the Doors and Morrison to Bowie. I'm ready to accept it visually, but there's no music there. It's just a blur, it seems to me as tho the glitter's evolved because they couldn't make the music work." And Chicago does make the music work, the brass melding melding with guitar, drums, and keyboards into rock, blues, and occasional jazz formats that kaleidoscope into one another' and take off in separate separate directions again. Not "the best rock group in the world," as they were described described when they got the gold records, but a good one. And onward, ever onward. Each year when Lamm hits town he 'does "the memory lane thing," walking along the lake or down Rush Street. But musically, it's "don't look back." "I can relate to oldies on a personal level," Lamm says. "I lived thru them. But I can't see harping on nostalgia. nostalgia. A band can't progress that way. For us, I can see some new directions, more things like 'Devil Sweet,' some avant-garde avant-garde avant-garde jazz. Danny and Walt Parazaider, who plays woodwinds wrote that one and it's great. . . . I'm trying to write different kinds MOTION PICTURES 1 1st Run Neighborhood n man enunts understood the savagery I 1 of the early American west from both Burt Lancaster In Ulzanas Raid brucedavison fichabd jaeckel HnkbrFllinKDcVOL-IMmbTAlAUSHARP-BmiirROBHirAlDHICH HnkbrFllinKDcVOL-IMmbTAlAUSHARP-BmiirROBHirAlDHICH HnkbrFllinKDcVOL-IMmbTAlAUSHARP-BmiirROBHirAlDHICH HnkbrFllinKDcVOL-IMmbTAlAUSHARP-BmiirROBHirAlDHICH HnkbrFllinKDcVOL-IMmbTAlAUSHARP-BmiirROBHirAlDHICH tica.uinCAflTWDlHMCH . I.CAHTlSDtMmROSlllTAlDmCHFmDVCTm of things these days too. I won't write anything for six months, then I'll write continuously. continuously. 'Tve got a whole pile of stuff now some of it's right Tribuno photosCharles Osgood Danny Seraphine for Chicago, and we'll do it, and some of it isn't. Maybe I'll eventually do a solo album. album. Every song I write is about me anyway." But luckily luckily for Lamm, a lot of other people see themselves there too. ' Lynn Van Matre MOTION PICTURES 1st Run Neighborhood sides.

Clipped from Chicago Tribune24 Nov 1972, FriPage 55

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)24 Nov 1972, FriPage 55
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  • Chicago Tribune 11-24-72 Thanksgiving concert

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