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Mrs W Drown - VV s tl r - x - V - W l - t V F - 559 mB...
VV s tl r - x - V - W l - t V F - 559 mB FOUNDED 1803 PAGES 0 TO 16 SAX FKANCISCO OAL WEDNKHDW rKIIRUllll 13 1018 VOL CXI I 0 20 MARDI GRAS MARKS SEASONS GAY CLIMAX ott oo oa oo oo ao oo oo oo aa oa oo oo oo oa Q oo oo oo o Society Element Glories in Patriotic Pageant and Dansant sin Columbia Holds Court In Brilliant Setting For Benevolent Cause America and Her Allies Impersonated by Matrons and Maids Take Lead in Festivities Amid Gorgeous Display of Red White and Blue in Costumery and Decorations for Benefit of Childrens - Hospital By LADY TEAZLE UT of the mt e of glory and beauty that made the Mardi Gras ball of 1018 one of the most brilliant affairs that society and the Childrens Hospital have ever welcomed one fact seems to hold a place apart in the minds of those who shared in its pleasure Columbia ruled the ball a bewitching beautiful beautiful Columbia but it was not only her loveliness and her charm that caused the round of admiration that greeted Her whenever she passed through the throng that brought the congratulations of her friends the admiring glances of those to whom she was only the queen of the bal the envy ofthe less clever And time and again throughout the evening one heard the qucrt How could ever she have done it But she did Record that perhaps no other queen has eser claimed on the night of her coronation was hers Columbia made her own coronation robes How is that for the proper war - time spirit Quite a famed as she is for her beauty Mrs Willard Drown who ruled last nights function is famed for her artistic sense and her dashing style in dress Man of her close friends hac known that into the making of some of the most striking of her costumes goes her own clever design but not one of the number imagined that even with her acknowledged genius along this line would she thirst of taking - on berself the difficult and exacting task of fashioning fashioning her own costume for the ball at which she was to be the cynosure of all eyes RELAXATION AFFORDED FROM DULL CARE JJOUNTY DIRECTED AT NOTEWORTHY CHARITY It was her clever unspoken answer to the hints of those and there were not a few who declared a ball of any sort to be out of place while the Nation is at wr just as If the departure from all gaetv the adoption of elongated faces and a forewarning sigh for the trouble that may come constitute any way to send our men out to fight thrir countrys battles The auxiliary board of the hospital which arranged last nights frolic argued differently Arm in the belief that the needs at home Arc the same as ever and that those who arc leaving home for such strenuous times elsewhere require the relaxation and forgetfulness for the moment of the more serious things that are awaiting them for what Jack the world oer was anything - but dull with a programme of all work and no plav Put less expense into the appointments of the ball and let the costuming be simpler but hold the Mardi Gras festivitv as alwavs said the wise ones and Columbia sef the lining example of just how it could be done Fvcr bit of that charming costume with its soft clinging white chiffon its draperv of blue studded with stars and its shoulder cil of finely - plaited chiffon that combined the red and white of the flag the making of every little touch was directed b3 its wearer She looked as if she had just stepped for a moment from i pictuic Is it an wonder that running along with the enthusiasm aioiivcel h her grace and loveliness Columbia s artistic ability and lirr industry were accorded a warm admiration last night ATTRACTIVE TABLEAU FORMED FOR SINGING OF THE AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM Mrs Drown was the ruling spirit of a group of unusually pretty soung matrons and maids No ball of preceding years has claimed more attractive tableau than Hint formed for the singing of the national anthem I irst came Mrs Samuel Hopkins a 1 rench drummer girl of the fOvolutioimrv period whose gat little rat a - tat was forerunner of he spirit of fun that was to rule the evening Her smart little cos iu me win of cloth of silver perhaps not quite true to historv but certainly true to Jit i self her dainty prett feminine tvpe i t either side walked a sailor laddie armed with his drum and between them the charming little drummer girl looked more piquant than ever The national colois followed borne b a stalwart soldier The Hags of the allied nations pUed quite as conspicuous a part in the procession a did the charming representatives of the different countries As each passed h she wjs followed b the flag of the land that she had adopted for the evening and to each was Kivcn its due mejsurc of applause The I rench group was the first In line after the drummer girl Mrs Haldorn who depicted the country itself was at the head tiers is a typically French beaut with the dash and smartness that that implies and her gown of cloth of silver with its drapery of the tri color was unusually well suited to her Following the French flag came Miss Anve Peters as Jeanne d Arc in a robe of white that fell in straight folds over a coat of mail The tunic was embroidered in gold in the fleur de lis Miss Gretchen son Phul who was also included in this number was garbed as a peasant of that country with the short skirt of varied bright colors and with the quaint peasant blouse This harm ing bit of femininity won much enthusiastic admiration The British group with Mrs John Lawson as Britannia Mrs J fcrank Judge as Ireland and Miss Genevieve Bothin as Scotland were next Vver their heads the British flag was carried by a soldier of the British army BRITANNIA REPRESENTED BY GRACEFUL TYPE OF BEAUTY IN CHARMING PICTURE Mrs Lawson who is of the tall graceful type of beaut was exactly suited to the accepted idea of Britannia mid made a charm inn nicture indeed Her long flowing gown was of white satin with a bodice of silver mail and draped from her shoulders were the I British flag and the Union Jack Mrs Judge was In a gown of the exquisite green that is so becoming to her and that was patterned with shamrocks Miss Bothin was a typical Scotch lassie a costume that became her unusually well Belgiums representative was Miss Uorothv Mann who depicted that unfortunate country in mourning for Its children Her costume MOallaaea lltui T I VatfBPHHl VWi aBaWfLLLv m HtFijSi B JjaBBJaMMBK Siih XJMifaitir Twm3 tW L CANAyCoV pStOGAiT MONTKNE3TU3 bbbbV IbbbbbK aV V VV SB - 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hrough Misses Marion eilc and Tmilv Pope Missrs Francis Carolan Itcnnic P Schvvcrin Stewart I owerv Jarvis Gear I O an Antwerp 1 dgar Walter I rank Bosqui William Bliss Percy King and Captain Kelly of the British arm During the ball this dinner party was broken up into a number of snulkr groups assembled hjr various hostesses Another dinner of last evening was given at the home of Mr and Mrs Samuel Boardman with the members of the partv later forming several no host groups at the ball Mrs Boardman s dinner guests were Messrs and Mesdamcs Charles II Bentlev Harrison Dibblee T Danforth Boardman r G Cox Mrs George Whraton Mrs Seward McNear Messrs bdward G Schmieden and Silas Palmer Dinner guests of Mr and Mrs George W McNear were Messrs and Mesdamcs Kenneth II Kingsburv Willard O Wavman Julian Thorne William Walker Hov Bishop COG Miller and Messrs Mon Tucker and Kichard McGrann DINNER FUNCTIONS PRECEDE EVENINGS REVEL AT MARDI GkAS BALL Mr and Mrs II M A Millir who presided over one of the tables at the ball also entertainid their guests beforehand at dinner in their apartment at aliforniu jikI 1 owell streets In their party were Misses Mora Miller ind Llcna 1 vri I leutcnant Hale Saflley and I leulenant Brooks Suwver Guests of Mi and Mrs Samuel Knight at the ball were Mr and Mrs George A Newhall and Mrs John S Drum and I rank Bosqui Mr and Mrs iidnvv Welch were among the dinner hosts of the evening and also entertained at ni ot the tables at the ball The ilinnir took place at the residence on Brcaclvviv Mrs Noiris King Davis was a suppii hostess entertaining Major and Mrs lirnrv Kurslccl Mr and Mrs Hum Williams Poett and C Osgood Hookei Guests of Mis I dgai Picston vmic Judge and Mrs James A Cooper and Mis Sands i - orman Mrs vrus Walkci was hostess t Mrs mj Talbot Mrs Ira Pierce Dr and Mrs ldvvaid 1 rle BiovMiell and Dr II 11 Suimncr - ville Mrs Charles Wright ol Santa lturhara and Itcnnic Pierre Scliwerin were among those who accepted the hospitality of Mr and Mrs Hiclwrd MeCieeiv at supper V Dutch Ileal partv was composed of Mr and Mrs Horace Hill Mr and Mrs Hoger Borqueiaz Mr and Mr Mholl McBcan Mr and Mrs 1 itderick McNear an 1 Messrs Percv King and William Hamilton who cnjoed supper at adjoining tables at the ball Mr and Mrs I eope Id Michels had as their supper guests Mrs rthur Darhmaii and aptain and Mrs Mark Gcrslle MEMBERS OF PAGEANT HOSTS AT DELIGHTFUL SUPPER PARTY FUNCTIONS Mi and Mis harles Herring and Mr and Mrs Gcorgi Potter were supper guests of Mr ami Mrs William ihomas f Mr unci Mrs Webster Jones entertained a group that comprised Mr and Mrs William Palmci Horn Mrs John Murphv and Major Hobert Hcleher Wellington Gregg both of whose daughters Mrs Stuart llaldorft and Mrs Duulton Mann vvrie membris of the Mardi Gras pageaat was host at a supper paitv the list of which included Mrs Daulton Mann Mr and Mrs Haldorn Mrs Manson Weeks Miss Doroly Mann and Seth Mann Mr and Mrs Ilenrv 1 Scott presided over a tabU that seated Major Grneral and Mrs Arthur Murra Mrs Joseph Bryant Crocket and Joseph D Grant At an adjoining table their daughter and son - in - law Mr and Mrs Walter S Martin entertained another group of th smart set Mrs William G Irwin whose daughter Mrs Charles Templeton rocker was the China of the Mardi Gras procession also presided at a supper table where she enteitained Mr and Mrs William Mayo Newhall Captain and Mrs Ten pi in Polls and Lansing Mixner Miss Iouisc Bovd Major C I Manchester and G G Frj wrro CCIUc4 ra M ti T S r 1

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  2. 13 Feb 1918, Wed,
  3. Page 9

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