Awards for veggies at 1965 Clearfield Fair, Pennsylvania Harry Blessing

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Awards for veggies at 1965 Clearfield Fair, Pennsylvania
Harry Blessing - THE PROGRESS, Clearfield, Curwensville,...
THE PROGRESS, Clearfield, Curwensville, Phillpsburg, Moshonnen Valley, Pa., Thursday, August 12, 1965 More Than 25 Win Awards hi fair's Vegetables-Grains Exhibit More than 25 exhibitors shared prize awards in the Clearfield County Fair's Vegetables and Grains Exhibit this year. Prizewinners, Prizewinners, announced today by the Fair Board, were: VEGETABLES Beans Exhibited in Pods: Green Bush: 1, Paul Orcutt, R D. Rockton; 2, H. B. Blessing, 425 Park Ave., Clearfield; 3, Mrs. Maude Lantz, Ginter. Yellow Bush: 1, Paul Orcutt; 2, Mrs. Maude Lantz; 3, Alice Weis, 320 S. Thompson St., Curwensville. Curwensville. Green Pole: 1, Mrs. Oden R. D. 3; Olanta. Gearhart, Clearfield R. D. 1; 2, Mrs. Ellen Henry, Clearfield 3, Emma Frank, Purple: 1, Mrs. C. A. Maines, LeContes Mills. Dry Shelled Kidney: 1, Mrs. C. A. Maines; 2, Mrs. Oden Gearhart. Navy or Pea: 1, Stanley M. Kirk, Rockton. Lima: Baby,, 1, Stanley M. Kirk; Large Seeded, 1, Stanley M. Kirk. Edibl* Soybean: 1, Stanley M. Kirk. Dried Yellow Bush, 1, Mrs. Joe Madera, R. D. Grampian. Beets: I, Mrs. Ellen Henry; 2, Alice Weis; 3, Clyde Knepp, R. D. 1, Olanta, Mangels: 1, Stanley M. Kirk. Broccoli; 1, Paul Orcutt. Cabbage: Danish Type; 1, Barr's Farm, R. D. 3 Clearfield; 2, Mrs. Joe Madera; 3, Mrs. Oden Gearhart. Carrots: 1, Clyde Knepp; 2, Cleo W. Bowman, R. D. 1, Olanta; Olanta; 3, Stanley M. Kirk. Corn, Sweet: 1, Barr's Farm; 2, Dennis Kurd, R. D. 1, Clearfield; Clearfield; 3, Mrs. Harry Zimmerman, Zimmerman, LeContes Mills. Cucumbers: Large Pickling: 1, Paul Orcutt; 2, Albert J. Tagliente, 218 W. 5th Ave., Ciearfield. Small Pickling:' 1, Barr's Farm; 2, Mrs. Lucy Vallimont, 227 Clark St., Clearfield; 3, Paul Orcutt. Slicing Cucumbers: 1, Jerome Jerome Galio, 626 High St., Curwensville; Curwensville; 2, Barr's Farm; 3, Dennis Kurd, R. D. 1, Clearfield. Horseradish: 1, Barr's Farm; 2, Dennis Kurd. Garlic: 1, Alice Weis; 2, Ralph Winkler, Penfield; 3, Clyde Knepp. Lettuce: Loose: 1, Cleo W. Bowman; 2, Alice Weis; 3, Stanley Kirk. Head: 1, Paul Orcutt; 3, Cleo W. Bowman. Onions: Globe. 1, Mrs. Ellen Henry; 2, Cleo W. Bowman; 3, Albert J. Tagliente. Flat: 1, Paul Orcutt; 2, Cleo W. Bowman; 3, Mrs. Ellen Henry. Spanish: 1, Barr's Farm; 2, Personalized Trancing FINANCIAL COUNSELING LOGICAL DEBT CONSOLIDATION AUTOMOBILE FINANCING HOME IMPROVEMENT INDIANA CONSUMER DISCOUNT III E. Market St. 765-7543 CLEARFIELD RETIRING MEMBER Edward G. McCab* of Pittsburgh, center, of the State Board of Funeral Director! is presented a plaque by Fred B. Leavy, right, of Clearfield, newly-elected newly-elected chairman of the board, at a recent testimonial dinner held at the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel. Looking on at the left is John Judge, state commissioner of professional occupational affairs, department of state of the commonwealth. Mr. McCabe retired after 10 years service, including serving as board chairman. Other Other members of the board in addition to Mr. Leavy are Ralph Sheldon, Tunkhannock, Tunkhannock, vice chairman; Ronald C. Jones, Scranfon; Raymond Waplei Jr., Pittsburgh; and Charles Wackerman, Philadelphia. Luther Williams, Wallaceton; 3, Alice Weis. Bermuda: 1, Barr's Farm. Green: 1, H. B. Blessing; 2, Jonathan Zimmerman, LeContes Mills; 3, Stanley M. Kirk. Parsley: 1, Stanley M. Kirk. Peppers: Large Bell Shaped: 1, Dennis Kurd; 2, Barr's Farm; 3, Jonathan Jonathan Zimmerman. Small Smooth: 1, Mrs. Joe Madera. Hot: 1, Mrs. Frank Calapa, 303 Merrill St., Clearfield; 2. Barr's Farm; 3, Joanne Evans, Clearfield. Pumpkins: Field: 1, Barr's Farm; 2, Al- bert J. Tagliente. Custard: 1, Stanley M. Kirk; 2, Dennis Kurd. Rhubarb: 1, Mrs. Harvey C. A. Maines; 3, Albert J. Tag- Wriglesworth, R. D. Curwens- liente. Green: 1, Paul Orcutt; 2, Barr's Farm; 3, Dennis Kurd. ville; 2, Clyde Kaepp; 3, Alice Weis. Squash: White Scalloped: 2, Clyde Knepp. Summer Crook Neck: 1, Stanley Stanley M. Kirk; 2, Emma Frank; 3, Mrs. Harvey Wriglesworth. Cocozelle: 1, Rkhard Martin, 301 Ogden Ave., Clearfield; 2, Albert J. Taglieate; 3, Stanley M. Kirk. Table Queen: 1, Mrs. Maude Lantz. Gourde: 1, Mrs. Maude Lantz. Tomatoes: Ripe: 1, Barr's Farm; 2, Mrs. Cherry: 1, Darrell Daisher, years old 314 Ogden Ave., Clearfield. Turnips: 1, Mrs. C. A. Maines, Irish Potatoes: 1, H. B. Blessing; Blessing; 2, Mrs. EEen Henry; 3, Ivan Kyler, Morrisdale. Endive: 1, Cleo W. Bowman; 2, Stanley M. Kirk. Dill: 1, Cleo W. Bowman; 2, Stanley M. Kirk; 3, Anna Knepp, Olanta. Peas in Pod: 1, Mrs. Frank Calapa; 2, Emma Frank; 3, Mrs. Harvey Wriglesworth. Swiss Chard: 1, Anna Knepp; 2, Cleo W. Bowman; 3, Clyde Knepp, R. D. Olanta. Cauliflower: 1, Jonathan Zimmerman; Zimmerman; 2, Paul Orcutt. GRAIN — SEED Buckwheat, Japanese: 3, Thomas Henry, R. D. 3, Clearfield. Clearfield. Corn, Yellow Dent: 1, Mrs. C. A. Maines; 2, Thomas Henry. Corn, Popping: 1, Cleo W. Bowman. Oats, Small Kernel: 1, Mrs. C. A. Maines. Clintland: 1, Thomas Henry; 2, Mrs. Harry Zimmerman. Oats, 1 Sheaf: 1, Thomas Henry; 2, Mrs. Harry Zimmerman; 3, Mrs. C. A. Maines. Rye, peck: 1, Thomas Henry. Cornstalk: 1, Barr's Farm; 2, Thomas Henry. Wheat, Sheaf: 1, Mrs. C. A. Maines; 2, Mrs. Harry Zimmerman. Zimmerman. Tobacco: 1, Cleo W. Bowman; 2, Lester Graham, R. D. 3, Clearfield. "Jonathan," a fanned tortoise on the Atlantic island of St. Helena, was reputedly 40 years old when Napoleon was exiled there in 1815. Still alive at the latest report, the tortoise thus is reckoned to be at least 189 To Industrial has LEAVE YOUR EXPOSED FILM FOR QUALITY DRUG

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  • Awards for veggies at 1965 Clearfield Fair, Pennsylvania Harry Blessing

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