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 - Touch-ard. de-; Bid-' HERMANN SUGGESTS A PLAN...
Touch-ard. de-; Bid-' HERMANN SUGGESTS A PLAN TO ABOLISH WORLD'S SERIES Hugh Fullerton Believes the "Easy" Money in Past Series Has Had a Demoralizing Effect on Players. BY HUGH S. FULLERTON. Garry Herrmann relieved the week of scandal and wrangling by proposing a scheme which would be in the nature of real reform and a lasting benefit to baseball. baseball. The fact that five years ago I took up this Idea, after hearing the veteran Artie Irwin expound it, and strove to use it aa a remedy doca not enter into it. The idea is to have the National and American Leuguea piay a schedule of 11-gamea 11-gamea 11-gamea each In their own leagut s, closing about the middle of August, their own champions, and then have the two major leagues engage in an lnterleagua sense, closing about octobtr 15, in which every club ol tha two leagues shall meet every ciub In the other league in six or seven games, a proportion ol the receipts of the- the- lnterinague season to be set aside and awarded to the players in ratio to then- then- standing at the finish, doing away with tha world s serins now in vogue. Tha first proposition Is that the world's series as now played proves nothing except that one team has pitchers pitchers In better condition at a given time than the other team has. An inter-league inter-league inter-league aeries would probe with accuracy which teams are best and settle a lot of argument. Besides that such a series wouid "cut in" all players In the two leaguea to the benefits of the series and do away with inflated temporary prosperity prosperity for some and poverty for others. From the standpoint of the public the series between the two leagues would give better baseball through the entire year, furnish a new show at the stage of the aeaaon when every one is weary of seeing the old teams clashing over and over again after the superiority of one has ben proved. From the standpoint standpoint of general Improvement the Inter-league Inter-league Inter-league aeries would put an effectual stop to the custom of losing teams tearing their clubs to pieces after hope of the pennant ta gone and trying out youngsters. youngsters. Should Herrmann's plan be adopted next year, which It probably will not, or the following year, when it may be tried, no club of either league would dare weaken itaelf prior to the Interleague series series and each would be kept on edge and In condition. Even If a club had failed In Its own circuit because of accident or sickness the hope of retrieving itself In the Interleague series wouid keep it working and hustling, trying to build up. The players themselves could stay in better better condition. Take, for example, the Philadelphia and Cincinnati National League teams of last season. Had they remained in con dition after diapjointment and hard luck had discouraged them they probably probably would have gone into the next spasm stronger than when they started the season. Both teams went out of condition condition before the middle of the season, and rather made a Joke of the finish, although although both were strung euough to win consistently bad they continued to try. Herrmann's suggestion is timely. It comes ust at the time when the major leagues are scheming to get Into closer relations and to effect a big saving by Joint use of grounds. In New York the chances are that the Giants and Highlanders Highlanders will use Brush Etadlum and that ail major games in New York will be played there. There Is no reason why two great baseball baseball plants should be maintained in New York when one would serve as well. The same applies to Boston. But whether tha same idea would apply in Chicago is doubtful because of the sectional feeling in the city. Geographically Chicago does not lend ltaeir to tne one ground idea. The distances are too great.- great.- In fact. I believe that a third club situated on the North Side could prosper and not hurt the others. But In New York and Boston ground rents and values are excessive and the distance makes little difference and the sectional feeling does not exist. It Is extremely expensive to maintain million dollar plants and uss them only about 75 times a year. The decision of the National League to send tha Bresnahan case to the National Commission la la fact a triumph for Bresnahan, After signing the regulation contract drawn by the league he brought in a contract of his own, a legal contract, drawn by his own lawyer, in which for a stated sum and a stated percentage of earnings he guaranteed to perform certain certain services. If Bresnahan had gone before the National National League with only his National League contract he wouldn't have lasted five minutes. But the second contract stopped the league entirely. It dared not apply baseball law to it. There ia an interesting scramble on among the clubs for Bresnahan' services, but the chances are no club will be able to do anything toward securing him until his case against the t. Louis club Is ad-Justed. ad-Justed. ad-Justed. It looks as If the player's cunning cunning In having two contracts has started a new era. Silly Murray had only one. Herrmann's plan for a more even division of the receipts of the world's series, so as to give all the players of all the leagues a share, isn't entirely based upon a desire desire to cut them all In. The fact la that the baseball club owners are commencing to see the evils that arise from pouring so much ''easy money" into the hands of the winning team. There was a great howl from the players, players, especially the short sighted ones, when the proposition was made to cut down the amount of money that the players players should get from the series. Now, the club owners are not. as a general rule, any too liberal with their players. Yet I do not think that In this case any winning winning owner begrudges his players their full share. The evil, however. Is growing. growing. The immense amounts divided among players ruins championship ball clubs about as quickly as anything can do it. The Chicago Cubs were damaged more. I believe, by the winnings and their shares of the "easy" money than by anything else. They became too prosperous and some of them could not stand prosperity. The result was too high living In some cases and exalted ideas of their worth In others. It served to Increase their rate of living. The same was true of the Detroit Detroit club. The players got so much that they expected mora. The demoralizing effect of the big money of last fall already la showing on the New York club, afid already three semlscandala have resulted. It has come to be that a person doping out the chances of a club doing well next season lias to discount the ability of a number of players because they had too much money during the winter. Some of them can stand it, some can not. The wise club owner realizes that the richer his players get the more Independent they get and the less likely they are to be valuable. WOMAN PROMOTERS MILL WAS STOPPED Miss Fanny Edwardi Had Arranged for Kid Aubrey and Young McConnick to Fight. lAiiocialti Prtst Report.) SHBEVEPORT, La., December 14. Following a complaint from the Mayor and other citizens of Vivian, an oil field town, District Attorney Mabry today instructed instructed tha Sheriff to stop a proposed 19-round 19-round 19-round boxing match between "Kid" Aubrey and Young McCormlck, which was scheduled for tonight. The fight was promoted by Miss Fannie Edwards, daughter of a prominent business business man in the old field town, and said to be the only woman fight promoter in the country. Twenty cants back on every dollar at BmJtfc'a Drug Co.. M Prestos, tAaverUsemeoL) -continue.

Clipped from
  1. The Houston Post,
  2. 15 Dec 1912, Sun,
  3. Page 18

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