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GLEN MILLS ARE ARRAIGNED (CONTINUED PROM FIRST PAGE.) "The flrat trouble I had with Rees." young Proud continued, "was on June 26. I was out on 1 the farm hoeing corn. I didn't get every little grain of gross cleared away and Hees, said, 'Gome here shad.' that means :new boy, took a strap and struck me with It. Then a boy named Walter Shue took a fit and all the boj's went to-see him. Reea struck all the boys with the strap. He .hit me three or four times., On the third or fourth of January, I happened 'to look around while we were in line.' Rees sneaked up: behind me and kicked me. This made ma lame, I went to the hospital to be treated. When I again went back In line. Rees waa always pushing and kicking me because I couldn't keep up. He said to me, 'you can't sham on that appendicitis .operation all your life, you only had a little piece of meat cut out of you.'" '-..'• - .Young Proud also testified that Dr. Schoff of Media, and'Dr. Killer, of Cheater, examined him while he was In the Hospital, for lameness, and they told him that there was nothing the matter with his legs. He received no medical attention while in the hospital, but instead was permitted simply to lie in bed. When he left the institution a Philadelphia physician treated him and cured his lameness. Lawyer Geary, in his cross examination of young Proud, tried hard to The Plus Sign to Progress Is frequently a change from an indigestible breakfast to a simple dish of Grape -Nuts and Cream Add a soft boiled egg and a cup of Postum, if you please, and you will be well nourished for a hard morning's work. •* • Grape-Nuts food is particularly rich in brainmaking, , -muscle-building, nutrition—the true meat of tho wheat and shalce his testimony, but the boy stuck to his'original story. The attorney ee- cur,ed but the single admission that he. Proud, had never, made a complaint of ill treatment until his father came to the school, a short time before he ,was released on parole. On the other han'd .the young witness gave additional evidence of alleged, cruelty. He said that Reos on one occasion stoned him while he was at work In a wheat field. One of the stones thrown by Hees struck him on the back' of his neck and bounced over his head. He also made the statement that some boys had been killed at Glen Mills, but admitted, when pressed, that he had no personal 'knowledge on this point. * When questioned several times by Mr. Geary why he did not inform officials at the institution of his alleged ill treatment, young Proud answered that there was no use of doing so, as little notice of such complains was taken by the officials. He also said that atones were thrown at the boys in the wheat field by Rees, and that several stones hit him on the head, some of which left scars. Mr. Geary then asked the witness to show the scars to the jury, but witness said they could not be seen unless his hair was shaved off. l To many questions the witness said he "could not. remember,," claiming' that by being hit ori'The head caused his memory to become affected, Physician Testifies. Dr. Robert W. McCafferty, physician at the school from June 1910, until February 20, 1913, when he resigned, testified that Proud had been operated on for appendicitis and was in the hospital from October until December. When he was discharged his physical condition was not up to par. He was not permitted to testify whether or not the physical condition of Proud had been reported to Strohm or Rees. Mrs. Robert McCafferty, wife of the former witness and formerly head nurse at the institution hospital, stated that George Proud was in the hospital several times while she was there. She stated that after his operation for appendicitis the boy was put to work in the tailor shop, and that Strohm told her at the dinner table that Proud had been giving him trouble and that he would be very glad when the boy was well enough to go outside to'work. She stated that thp boy was not lame at that time, but that when he returned to the hospital on January 28 he walked with a decided limp and stood with one hip higher than the other. She stated that the boy was in the hospital until February 13, and that he underwent repeated -examinations while there. She stated that she watched the boy with the idea that he might be shamming, but could see no sign of it. She was not cross examined.. Assistant District Attorney Robinson, while arguing the admisslbllity of certain evidence with the Court, assumed that the defense will be the assumption of the position of a parent, and that the officers have the right to administer punishment. When Court adjourned Judge Broomall stated that the case must be flnisli- ed today, even though it-became necessary to hold a night session, and for the lawyers and witnesses to come prepared. There are but two witnesses remaining for the prosecution and the defenae will be taken up during the morning session.

Clipped from
  1. Delaware County Daily Times,
  2. 21 Mar 1913, Fri,
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