Clarence King submits report revealing fraud of diamond fields

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Clarence King submits report revealing fraud of diamond fields - I cuahence r.isos khpobt. Sa.n Fhancisco, Nov....
I cuahence r.isos khpobt. Sa.n Fhancisco, Nov. 11, 1!C!. 7(4 Hoard of filrmlori o tht Ain taiuHtco anil Xtu IVfi lliiuitg ami Vomintrclat CVulsJny. I have hastened to Han Francisco to lay before you tho startling fact that the new diamond fields upon which are based such Urge Investment Investment and such brilliant hopo are utterly valueless, valueless, and yoursehes and your engineer, Henry Janln, tho victims of an unparalleled fraud. Having convlnceu you verbally that my Investigations Investigations have been made upon no utner than your own ground, I beg herewith to give a brief statement of my mode of study and Its unanswerable unanswerable results. Feeling that su marvellous a deposit as the dlmond fields mutt not exist within the official limits of the geological exploration exploration of the fortieth parallel unknown and unstudied by us, I availed myself of the Intimate Intimate knowledge possessed by tho gentlemen of my corps, not only of Colorado nnd Wvomlug, but tho trail of every party travelling there, and wax enabled to find the spot Ithout difficulty, reaching thero on Nov. "J, After examining the camp ground, water, notices, and general features of tho diamond mesa, I next traced the boundaries of your claims, and then began In earnest to study the distribution and mode of occurrence of tho pre-clousstones. pre-clousstones. Our first day wm devoted to the sandstone table rock, at the head of Iluby Otilch, where about all the stones collected by your parties have been gathered ; and had our critical work ended with the close of this one day, wo should have left the ground confident believers In tho genuineness and value of tho fields, Mysuspl- Ions were, however, amused, early In the second second day's work, and 1 at nnro determined to make an exhaustive sorloa of "pruspvets," of which the follow lug are the results : tiik ittarLT or l'ltOsPECriNO. 1. A nearly uniform numerical ratio exists between between tho rubies and diamonds. The gems In nine cases out of ten lln directly directly upon the hard surface of rock or In Indurated Indurated crust of aoll. In the exceptional coses where 1 found thorn In crevices, thero was always always amplo evidence that tho sand or soil had been disturbed and broken up within a year. il. With the diamonds and rublies nccurquartz pebbles of varied sizes and concretions of Iron and containing crtstallne particles of quartz, which are found freely mingled with the roll from surface and bod rock j henco, If the gems wore a natural deposit, being of a specific gravity gravity Intermediate between tho quartz and Iron concretions, they must also have settled through the earth to tho tied rock, I therefore selected ground on and Immediately about Tablo Hock, where the top was more or less strewn with the so-called rubles, carefully shovelled off the surface surface Inch of ground and gravel, and examined It by means of sieves and pan -washing all tho material down to the bed rock. About thirty of these tests were made, encircling Tablo Hock, and lu no Instance was a ruby or diamond found. WflAT WAS l-OUMD IK HUDY Ol'I.CH. 4. Iluby Gulch, leading directly from Table Hock to Arnold Creek, and, by necessity, receiving receiving the wash of the gems, leaving a surface of sandstone, waa found to be extremely rich In rubles at Ha head : but this richness, Instead of continuing down the bed, as If genuine It inevitably inevitably must, proved to exist only In ground directly directly at the foot of Tablo Hock, where the soli wasl clearly dlsturlied, mixed, and smoothed over, I tank a series of four pits to bed rock down the gulch at Intervals, excavating probably a couple of tons of material; and although, aa In every other Instance, quartz and Iron concretions concretions were distributed throughout all the gulch sol), MOT A Kl'BV OR DIAMOND WAS rOUNU, 5. In the top of Table Hock, and In the midst of thickly sown rubles are certain crevices not opened by your parties they are filled with soil and pebbles, and more or less lovergrown with grass, sago brush, and small cactus plants. We carefully removed the top Inch, dug out the whole crack, finding no trace or diamonds or even rubles. In tho crevices, which bore unmistakable unmistakable evidence nf having been tampered with, we never failed to find rubles, and often small diamonds. 0. Upon raised, dome-like portions nf Table Hock rabies and diamonds lay upon the summits summits and Inclined sides In positions where thn storms of one or two winters must Inevitably have dislodged thorn, and where, moreover, they were unaccompanod by quartz or concretions, TIIK WONOEBrUL AWT HILLS. 7. An exhaustive examination of the rock material material itself with a field microscope revealed no grain, however minute, of either gem, it. In the ravines and upon the mesa are nu. morons ant hills, built of small pebbles minced by the ants, and which wo found to bear rubles on tholr surface, A atlll closer examination showed artificial holes, broken horizontally with some stick or small Implement through the natural crust of the mound holes easily distinguished distinguished from the natural arsnues made by

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The Sun (New York, New York)05 Dec 1872, ThuPage 1
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  • Clarence King submits report revealing fraud of diamond fields

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