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Local letters to the editor, 1944 - - The letters on this page are from readers of...
- The letters on this page are from readers of The Des Moines Register and Tribune. The views expressed may differ widely from The Register's or Tribune's own views. Short letters are the most interesting. THEY WILL. BR SHORTENED FURTHER if lack of space requires it. You must give, for use with . your letter, YOtJR COMPLETE COMPLETE -NAME -NAME AND ADDRESS, STREET NUMBER, POST-OFFICE POST-OFFICE POST-OFFICE BOX OR RURAL ROUTE. Letters must be legible. Write only on one side of the paper. A second letter cannot be used if received within 30 days of publication of a communication. There are times when In order to permit less frequent contributors to express their opinions, a second letter cannot be used this soon. Poems and verse are not acceptable for the page. Letters and their contents become the property of the newspaper and CANNOT BE RETURNED. The People's Open Forum Take Down High Board Fence And Co-operate, Co-operate, Co-operate, low an Says Eggs and Rationing To the Open Forum Editor: I heard a radio announcement sponsored by some government agency urging the public to eat more eggs. Surely by now we must have learned that the best way to encourage buying of any commodity is to get in touch with the OPA and have that body put it under strict rationing! rationing! L. L. Henderson, Corning, la. Excerpts From Forum Letters CONSTRUCTIVE THOUGHT. Among the many constructive editorials editorials appearing in your paper of late, it seems to me, none is more thought provoking or has more importance, importance, if taken with all its implications, implications, that the one of May 1, headed "Population Policy Good, Bad, and None". . . . Let us fix the emphasis of our thoughts and endeavors for the future upon the welfare of Man rather than the self -accumulation -accumulation of illusory and corruptible Mammon. H. D. Hutchlns, Algona, la. QUESTION. Just what do you" think our boys will say to them (conscientious objectors) objectors) when they return home? J. D. Shaw, Box 35, Denlson, la. AGREES WITH HIM. Like Mr. Nugent, I don't believe that Sunday religious broadcasts should be discontinued. Let's keep the Christian religion on the air by all means. Gordon Tipton, Baxter. PREVENTION OF, WAR. The Socialist Labor Party alone holds that wars can only be prevented when capitalism, the system of exploitation exploitation for profit, has been abolished abolished and replaced by a social, order based firmly on the principle that only labor power produces wealth. Therefore Therefore all wealth must be owned and governed for the benefit of all social labor, through a new and revolution-sxy revolution-sxy revolution-sxy form of government, known as Marxian Socialist Industrial Democracy Democracy John Reter, R.F.D. No. 8, Clinton, Clinton, Is. A HOPE. I hope that there will be a law passed to keep any president or high official in the future from having a secret conference with any foreign representative without the presence of members of congress and the press. A. J. Manning, Kirksville, Mo. POWER. From the day President Roosevelt took office he has asked for more and more power.--Mrs. power.--Mrs. power.--Mrs. power.--Mrs. Paul Besler, Box 142, Cascade, la. NOT A SQUARE DEAL. There are many of us in this part of the state who do not feel that Dorn Machovec has had a square deal. The writer from Pella fears that the laws will not be upheld unless Dorn Machovec is confined at Fort Madison with old and hardened criminals. What good would ever come of this young child being put to rot in a prison that does not make better men of them? Mrs. Martin A. Johnson, Kelley, la. WORKING W ITH COMMUNISTS. I think It would perhaps be a good thing if we co-operated co-operated co-operated a little with the Communists. After the war, as now, we shall need the help of an organization that resists wildcat activities activities and urges, instead a slow, calm evolution. And we can live with an organization that has come to feel that it will eventually gain its end under our Constitution and within the framework of our democratic republic, republic, an organization, furthermore, that believes deeply in the conserving of value in this time of inevitable change. Leland Ma this, 72 Pine ave, Riverside, Riverside, nL. THE NEXT STEP. As capitalism followed feudalism, so socialism must follow capitalism and anyone with an open mind can prove this to their own satisfaction by com paring the broad humane principles of the Socialist Labor Party with all principles of opposition capitalist po litical parties who promote wars, not end wars, by their support of the prin ciples of capitalism. Otto L. Ludwig, 404 Pine t., Oliumwa, la.. Hi Gives Roosevelt Credit for Actions To th Opn Forum Editor: A great many people seem to have 'forgotten what President Roosevelt has done. This isn't fourth term ad vertising. A few of the things that F-D.R. F-D.R. F-D.R. inaugurated or personally di rected include the bank holiday, fed eral aid to railroads, the Federal Communications commission, his en ergy expended on the Public Works Administration, recognition of U.S. S R. . in 1934 which didn't turn out so bad, Federal Housing Administration, which did so much for those just getting started, financial aid to farmers, farmers, social security, encouraged collective collective bargaining instead of riots and strikes. Those are a few of the many domestic improvements, let alone FJ).R.'s fine foreign policy which includes his attempts of neu trality, the cash and carry, lend-lease, lend-lease, lend-lease, Atlantic Charter, rearmament, Casa blanca and Quebec conferences. This isn't fourth term talk, but let's give a person credit when he or she has It Coming. Perry Fotlres, Manly, la. The Dangers of Isolation Isolation Pointed Out In a Letter. To the Open Forum Editor: There are more than two sides to most questions, but on the , matter of "Isolation Versus World Co-operation" Co-operation" Co-operation" Co-operation" the Issue seems to be clean cut. If one believes in the isolation theory that is all there is to it. There can be no qualifications. It means that the United States stands alone. She will take no part in world affairs; demand a free hand in all matters in which her interests are to be considered, considered, and refuse to join with any other nation in an effort to preserve the peace. If she takes that stand it means that she must be prepared to meet all comers and enforce her demands at the mouth of the cannon on her battleships and bombers. That her armed forces must be powerful enough to overcome the combined forces of several other nations. Are we ready to face that condition? It-will It-will It-will prevent other nations from forming forming peace organizations, as they will never know what we may do. This was the case when Mussolini attacked Ethiopia. GIVE AND TAKE. In opposition to this policy of isola tion is that of world co-operation. co-operation. co-operation. In simple language it means taking down the high board fence and seeking to get along peaceably with our neighbors. neighbors. All association with other human human beings requires a certain amount of give and take. If two men meet in a narrow path, the fair thing is for each to give a certain part of the path. If one tries to take it all there is likely to be trouble. Applied to world affairs, it means that each nation must be willing to play fair, if they are to live peaceably With the development of fast ocean travel and the airplane the whole world is one big neighborhood. The Constellation can go to Tokyo in two days. Under these circumstances, no nation is free from attack. PLANKS NOT ENOUGH. World co-operation co-operation co-operation will not be an easy matter. Nations, like individuals individuals like to do as they please. We have laws to restrain individual en croachment. Why not for nations? Success can only be achieved by ac tive, determined and enthusiastic work on the part of its friends. Inserting a plank in a party platform platform favoring it it is not enough. If we will give it the same aggressive ef fort we have given the prosecution of the war we can succeed. F. VV. Stil-well, Stil-well, Stil-well, Sutherland, la. FEARS ELECTION OF ISOLATIONIST To the Open Forum Editor: ' Have been quite disturbed at the possible chance of an isolationist getting getting on one or the other ticket as presidential candidate. When Willkie and Roosevelt were the two that we had prospect of being given the choice, I felt safe. But this has been changed. Who knows what any of the other Republicans Republicans stand for we do not want to fight another war and lose the peace as before. There are some things that should be looked into before we enthuse for any candidate. Among these is free speech, free religious belief, and free press. Then some way to stop the outlaws that may spring up and attempt attempt to - enslave the' other smaller states. We have a chance to help to give our way of life to the world. We should not elect anyone who is not in line for doing these things, either as president or in either branch of congress. congress. If we try to see these things done by our vote it can be done, and this fall is the time to see it. B. F. MtFarland, West Bend, la. STUDENTS FAVOR WORLD POLICE To th Open Forum Editor: We have been studying the problems problems of the postwar world in our American history class. We feel that a world organization of some sort is necessary, and we believe that a world police force will be needed to enforce the doctrines set up by this world league. We hope that our congressmen wrill also realize the necessity of this organization organization and see that favorable legislation legislation is enacted. The Junior Clans, Kathryn Crnwell, president. Consolidated Consolidated school. Mallard, la. Against Fourth Term, Recalls 4 Years Ago To the Open Forum Editor: It seems to me that anyone having loved ones in the armed forces would think twice'before voting for a fourth term. Remember of the promise of four years ago, of how we would be kept out of war and that our boys would not be sent overseas. Now where are they? Thousands across and many not to return. Mr. George C. Clark, R.F.D. No. 3, Creftton, la. EDITOR'S NOTE: Did either candidate candidate pretend that we would not resist resist with all our might if attacked as wm were at Pearl Harbor f Simple means mutt be found by which by an interchange of views ice may get together. For the wholes process of modem life is a process by which we must exclude misunderstanding , bring all men into common counsel, and so discover what is the common interest. W00DR0W WILSON. DEPLORES POLICY OF GAGGING NEW MEN IN CONGRESS To the Open Forum Editor : ' A custom has developed in our congress congress that no newly elected senator or congressman should take part in debate either in the senate or house until after he has held his office for several years. Until he has been a member for an extended period, he is to be seen and not heard, regardless regardless of the merits of his ideas on the questions under consideration. Any member who violates this custom is said to be considered impertinent and an upstart, and brings on himself the resentment of older members. He is to a very considerable degree ostracized ostracized by these bodies and his future value as the representative of his constituents is severely weakened or destroyed altogether. Such a practice is thoroughly un-American un-American un-American and violates all the basic conception of democratic government. In effect, any state or district that selects a new senator or congressman is virtually without representation In the deliberations of these- these- legislative bodies, until he goes through this extended extended period of silence. This practice will continue to grow unless the American people make an issue of it and demand that it be stopped. Louis J. Kehoe, Washington, la. SEEKS FURLOUGH FOR THE 34TH To the. Open Forum Kdltor: There has been a joint resolution Introduced Introduced in both houses of congress calling on the war department to fur lough men who have been overseas two years or more. Before Before leaving Washington Washington .our representative, representative, Mr. Alexander, Alexander, called on the many members of the military committee committee and asked that they give us a hearing. If we get this bill up for hearing I believe the committee will act favorable. If so MAT. it will go before the House arid Senate. Senate. I hope the relatives and friends of the 34th Division will write to Andrew Andrew May, chairman of the house military affairs committee regarding house concurrent resolution 78, and to Edwin C. Johnson, acting chairman chairman of the senate military affairs committee regarding S.1832 demanding demanding that they, hold a hearing. I certainly feel those boys need a much needed rest and it certainly looks as if the people at home will have to be heard or our sons will think we are letting them down. It certainly burns me up to see so much expected from so few. No wonder the boys are so bitter. Mrs. C. E. Benedict, Benedict, 1526 W. Fourth st, Waterloo, la. DICTATORSHIP. To the Open Forum Kdltor: , When we see a government take over private concerns, like Montgomery Montgomery Ward and Co., and evict its officers, officers, surely we are heading for dictatorship. dictatorship. It is election year, one of the most momentous we have ever seen, and is it not time to look over the people who wish to be elected? To this we believe, the people are being being aroused to action, and when this is done we will find a new hope for this, our great democracy. C. W. Kelton. 1502 Pierce st., Sioux City, la- la- Asserts Willkie Nominee of Republican Party To the Open Forum Editor: As a past legislator and a Republican, Republican, one who is not now seeking or expecting to seek office and not seeking seeking patronage, I would like to air my views on, some of the political panorama panorama before us. , . I was raised a Republican and have remained one without prejudice so much so I have voted for a few good Democrats in my time and one "Bull Mooser" Col. Theodore Roosevelt for president. WILLKIE CAMPAIGN. The thing of late that interested me most was the Willkie campaign which blew up so suddenly. I supported Mr. Willkie in 1940 by word and action even though I felt he was crammed down the Republican neck. We made quite a showing for him. I watched his world tour with interest, interest, read his book "One World" and was really interested. Then when he was making his 1944 midwest tour I' heard him speak in Des Moines and also met- met- and shook hands with him. EARS KNOCKED DOWN. Much favorable comment was indulged indulged in by the "lowav press and a great deal of Willkie sentiment was evident among the G.O.P. delegates at the state convention and I must admit that I had developed a feeling I could support him and then without "rhyme or reason" he placed his political political fortunes on the yellow spot in Republicanism, the Wisconsin primary and as was expected by many of us Soldier in Italy Comes to Aid Of Japanese-American Japanese-American Japanese-American Troops To the Open Forum Kdltor: . In your. Open Forum and in Time magazine I have read several letters denouncing all Japanese-Americans Japanese-Americans Japanese-Americans and an article in Time telling about a Legion commander in California advocating advocating the ouster of all Japanese after the war. Letters of this type make my blood boil. Such ignorant, bigoted, bigoted, narrow-minded narrow-minded narrow-minded people should be the ones that are shipped out. They have no place in the worid we are fighting for. - I have been with boys of Japanese descent for quite some time now, and am proud to have them for buddies. You won't find a better bunch of boys anywhere. These boys are giving their lives for the United States. They are the real Americans, not those rab Feels It Might Be Good Thing' To Change Horses in Midstream Idea of Borrowing: to Get Out of Debt Is Doubted. To tbe Open Forum Kdltor: In answer to S. J. Galvin, Open Forum, April 9. on G.O.P. farm plank, will say that the farmers of the agricultural agricultural district of the United States, have never been a class of people asking for aid or pity as long as they received a reasonable price for the commodities they produced. Farmers made more money on Hoover's Hoover's 10 cent oats than Roosevelt's 17 cent oats because farm machinery and other expenses were twice as much. I would like to ask what the difference difference is If a man invests $5,000 in a business or $5,000 in a farm or the same amount on the Board of Trade. If he invests in the Board of Trade and loses, they consider him a poor gambler. If he invests In a business and fails, they close his door and sell him out without any redress, but if h invests in a farm and has a rascally rascally disposition, he can go under the moratorium, which gives him many privileges and benefits that the other individuals did not have, which is class legislation and which strictly disagrees disagrees with the principles upon which our government was founded. This Is one of the new deal philosophies. PROGRESS UNDER G.O.P. We all agree that the United States has made wonderful progress in science, science, art, education, invention, agriculture agriculture and everything a progressive nation could possibly accomplish, and during most of this time the Republican Republican party was in power and responsible responsible for the progress and success of our nation. The Democratic party, In power approximately 12 years, has wrecked our financial structure and injured our executive departments, which has given our president more power than any other president has had. Consequently, Consequently, he should assume the responsibility responsibility of our present condition. DICTATORSHIP DECLARED NEAR. Our nation is nearer dictatorship than at any previous time. If a person person will sit down and think over the many rights and privileges taken away in the past five years, he or she will be amazed. The theory of borrowing yourself out of debt has been advocated by some people, but nations and individuals who have tried it, to their surprise when they woke up and cams to, found themselves themselves bankrupt. The farmer who has an old horse Must Support he promptly got his ears knocked down. Republican sentiment cannot be gauged anymore by Wisconsin action action than "New Deal" sentiment by the action of Senator Wheeler of Montana. Montana. Much speculation is going on as to what Mr. Willkie is going to do relative relative to the coming campaign. THE ROAD TO FOLLOW. Well, for one, after such declarations declarations as he made in his St. Louis address address and again in Nebraska as to his dedicating his life to ousting those in the White House, I feel there is only one thing he can do and that is to support the Republican nominee. To do otherwise will make of him a poltical renegade without party or following. Our national life is now at stake, our international relations are a touchy problem but we must not listen as a people to those who are so "liberal" that we would lose all that America under the Constitution has stood for these 165 years and neither should we listen to those who are so "reactionary" that we would shut out all outside light. There is surely a common ground for the nations nations of the world to meet and still not lose all national life. NEW DEAL ASSAILED. The, "New Deal" has served the purpose purpose of making false prosperity with public debt, moral turpitude in the guise of temperance, dictatorship in the guise of benevolence, federal con trol in the guise of emergency, fear in the guise of federal security that you will starve if the "New Deal" Is kicked out. Such rot! I as an American of ten generations. a World War I soldier and the father of two World War II sailors and others yet to serve, resent all this and if I did not it -would -would be ample proof that I did not know American his tory. Dr. Red field C. Mills, Redfield, la. ble-rousers ble-rousers ble-rousers who sit safely in the states and preach race hatred. They are more of an enemy to freedom loving soldiers than the Germans. They are enjoying the fruits of democracy and at the same time advocating the ,same principles that democratic nations are fighting. . Certainly, there are some of Japanese Japanese descent that are unfaithful to the U. S., but the same can be said of Italians and Germans. Yet you hear no one advocating sending the descendants descendants of these countries back to Europe. I hope these so-called so-called so-called patriots are a small minority. Otherwise a lot of good American blood is being wasted. Pvt. Jess Benton, Somewhere in Italy. No Good to Scold To the Open Forum Editor: For all who bewail past mistakes mistakes of American foreign policy, policy, a modest suggestion: scolding scolding will not win a single vote for the cause of international cooperation. cooperation. Hermann S. Ficke, 2050 University ave., Dubuque, la. that Is weak and disagreeable to work with the other horses, generally places it in a rest pasture as a reward for work completed. It might be common sense and good judgment to change horses in the middle of the stream for a strong horse to deliver the load to a substantial foundation. C. C. Bas- Bas- ler, 1003 N. Adams, Carroll, la. READER ASSAILS THE HANDLING OF BOY AND OFFICER To th Opan Forum Editor: One cause of juvenile delinquency, of which one hears so much, and over which much alarm is being expressed may easily be found in the treatment of the Des Moines high school boy who wanted to show how smart he was by defying an officer of the law. The kid evldeitly was out to get publicity, and he got it got It In a way that will encourage other boys to be smart alecks. Thomas B. Couch-man, Couch-man, Couch-man, president of the Des Moines board of education is quoted as saying that Des Moines school officials "had done everything in their power to teach respect for officers of the law". QUESTION OF CONDUCT. If that is the case, the conduct of the boy in question shows that their efforts had not succeeded to any degree degree in his particular case, at least. Otherwise he would certainly not have barred the way for the officer's car, and would not have refused to give his name "because he had not been arrested". arrested". The boy may be so Ignorant that ha did not know what constitutes good citizenship, but those the president president of the board of education and others could not claim excuse for their conduct on that plea. They must have known that in encouraging a boy who refused to do the decent thing they were inciting other boys to take the same attitude, and thus were doing everything in their power to foster juvenile delinquency. GOVERNOR CRITICIZED. One of the moat disgusting things In connection with the whole affair was the attitude of the governor, who instead of backing up the officer, tried to smooth the matter over so as not to lose any votes in his coming race for U. S. senator. But I suppose his conduct in this matter is quite in keeping with his willingness to let laws on the statute book of Iowa, such as the law against selling liquor by the drink and gambling, be violated without lifting a finger to prevent it. I am normally a Republican, but there are some things that I cannot stomach, stomach, and the governor's attitude in the case of the law-defying law-defying law-defying kid and toward the Carter's Lake case are some of them. Byron W. Northrop, Baxter, la. Conniving for Vote of Older Men Is Seen To th Opn Forum Kdltor: Boondoggling' at; home. We heard of our politicians doing it in South America, but it was denied. We have a good example of it. Drafting our 18 year old boys who don't have the right to vote, and deferment of older men who do vote. If that isn't political political conniving to get the older men's vote this fall. Then after the election is over they will be put in the army. That is purely political bait and if these men swallow it, it will be too bad for our country. We have taxation without representation representation as is the case of our boys under 21 years of age. So look out voters, you are being boondoggled. Arthur O. Matt, 512 E. Butler st., ."Manchester, la, Two Terms Is Believed Enough for President To the Open Forum Editor: It seems to me that two terms of four years as president of the "United States is long enough for any one man to serve. I cannot see why a man wants to be so selfish as to want to continue. If our country has no other just as capable of carrying on, God help us. John B. Davis, Fayette, la, a to the and And as to I In the our if but AT-MIE J the of an by in All as loving

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