murdered by science

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murdered by science - I States "most. air other the r a 1 ' . >ack...
I States "most. air other the r a 1 ' . >ack superintendent Central Association up 1,432 Armstrong, counties. the loan of 8:30 a. 10 p. aid, line electric appliances possible 'MUM BY sobers AID EWftRT FLIGHT , -- n -- ' •First Issue of Fbrtean Magazine Tells Grave Facts ; ' LOS ANGELES, Sept. 23. (/P)— Amelia Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan were fourdered by dogmatic scrience", _ liffany Thayer charged in the flrst issue ol the Fortean Society magazine today. "Unless by some miracle they ioiind land and food and fresh water . . . they were sent to their death by the complacency of authority, of the schoolmen and the physicists and jjjie astronomers," wrote Thayer, £'ec- 'letary of the Society, a national group scientific agnostics, including sev- prominent writers. Thayer contended science is ignor- ifnt of the true nature and dimensions of the earth and therefore is to blame for the tragic failure of the Earhart- Sobnan 'round-the-world flight. . The Fortean Society was organized in 1931 by J. David Stern, newspaper publisher, Thayer, Ben Hecht, Booth Tarkington, ' Burton Rascoe, Alexander Alexander Wollcott, writers, and others, to perpetuate the- ideas of Charles Fort, a scientific inconoclast who suggested, among other things, the stars might not be so far away and the earth might be "nearly" stationary if all evidence were considered. ;In his treatment of the Earhart- Noonan flight, Thayer declared "the latest and most detailed charts of the South Pacific Ocean, prepared by the U; S. Navy, are a crazy-quilt of guess Work."' ;"»He_ pointed out a chart of the New CUienea-Howland Island route of Miss Earhart and her navigator shows 13 islands and reefs marked "position doubtful." "The magnetic compass is erratic in this district, its .variation increasing •2 minutes annually," said Thayer,. a novelist, and former Hollywood movie , writerV~now.,in-New York; hell where ahythinr^ay-h;app>H'/%'^^^ ,; Thayer expressed a realistic' doubl to claims, astronomy r makers possible earth measurements of '"incredible" accuracy. ,' ; "All the observations all the astronomers astronomers of the world were able to make in more than 1,200 years," he said, "were insufficient to time accurately accurately the eclipse of the sun (June 8 > which almost paralleled the path of Earhart's flight. : "Totality lasted'ten seconds longer than it 'should'—and an error of ten seconds means an error of a good many miles in the width of an ocean." Not, the World ;ered :hose War annual city ;o all .unity of needed It 55 disabled receive than started War which many, Allies. here )un may /.."It endorse of real who the possible

Clipped from
  1. The Indiana Gazette,
  2. 23 Sep 1937, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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