ships and airplans join far flung hunt

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ships and airplans join far flung hunt - Hunt For Amelia Earhart t h e n s F l e e t...
Hunt For Amelia Earhart t h e n s F l e e t Ships And Airplanes Join Far Flung Hunt Miss Earhart's "Flying Laboratory" Plane Overshoots Tiny Island Goal in South Pacific; Radio Stations Pick Up Messages of Miss Earhart and Her Navigator Fred Noonan. 3-(UP)--A blamed Anis- business death miles machine shot aiming several she to Maddox the at har C. and Clark office and prob^ Amster's recently from Maddox a He this the in at a and Albany shots of from , " "spit FORCED DOWN IN MID-PACIFIC AMELIA EARHART Foes Of Court Reform Planning Filibuster Admit That Chances of Defeating Compromise Judiciary BUI Are Itemote WASHINGTON, July 3 -- (UP) -Opponents -Opponents of Supreme Court expansion expansion estimated today that the new deal had sufficient senate votes to adopt a compromlsE. program program and they organized a filibuster filibuster to delay a vote and ultimately defeat the bill. Debate is scheduled to begin next week. Some veterans, including several who talked the United States out of membership in the League of Nations 17 years ago,, counselled caution. They argued that filibusters filibusters generally are unpopular with the public. Some of · them recalled today that in the nine months of oratorical battle ' aroused By the League of Nations debate the word "filibuster" scarcely .was heard. ' . The administration's court expansion expansion bill has by the new deal whom President Roosevelt depended depended to push it through the senate. The compromise terday provides of one additional Supreme Court justice for every justice over 75 years of age remaining on the been abandoned legislators upon introduced yes- for appointment Housing Problem Surveyed Joint Council of Cltibs Sponsors Discussion Session At City Building Ways-to alleviate the housing shortage existing in Logansport were discussed at a meeting of business business and Industrial men held · Friday Friday night at the city building under under the. auspices of the Joint council council of service clubs. Henry J. Bailey, president of the Chamber of Commerce, presided. A number of plans were discussed at the meeting but no final decision was reached. It was the concensus o£ opinion that more small, modern homes are needed in Logansport, SAN FRANCISCO, July 3--(UP) --The calm radio voices of Amelia Earhart and- Fred Noonan, reported heard lex Los Angeles calling from their lost plane in the South Pacific, Pacific, spurred hope today that they still were alive and gave impetus to a far flung search by sea and air. y A powerful navy seaplane roared Crom Honolulu toward Howland Island Island to aid the coast guard cutter Itasca in the hunt which started yesterday when the plane overshot Howland on an attempted round- the-world flight and dropped fuel- less either into the ocean .or on. some isolated, island. The. United States warships were Howland. Eleven ad-T ditlonal navy planes were standing by at Pearl Harbor ready to depart at a moment's notice. Miss Earhart's husband, G«orge Putnam, maintaining a ceaseless vigil at Oakland airport, was not convinced, however, that the voices were those of either Miss Earhart or Noonan. her navigator. He also was not certain that the plane had actually sent out earlier dot and dash signals reportedly picked up by coast guard stations, by the British warship Achilles and the freighter New Zealand. "I would be tremendously cheered It these reports were true," he said, ''but the plane is obviously down, somewhere, and being down, I am afraid its radio would be out of commission." Distinct Signals The coast guard cutter Itasca searched the waters off Howland. The British warship Achilles was picking up the plane's signals. A United States navy plane commanded commanded by Lieut. W. W. Harvey left Honolulu for Howland, 1,300 miles away, to join in the search. Eleven other navy planes were expected to follow. It was believed the Earhart "flying laboratory" was capable of remaining afloat for many hours. It has both voice and code-signal radio sending apparatus. apparatus. An amateur radio operator at Los Angeles said he "distinctly heard ' Miss Earhart's voice calling "SOS SOS" at 5:30 a. m. PST (7:30 a. m. CST). Two amateurs in Los Angele'f, Walter McMenamy and Karl Pier T son, heard Miss Earhart broadcasting broadcasting the S. O. S. and the call letters of plane. KHAQQ. "It was Miss Earhart all right," McMenamy said. "I know her voice very well. She just keeps repealing repealing 'S.O.S/ over and over. Just noV she said something else but I couldn't make it out. "She can't use code herself so I assume Noonan is busy or asleep or something. "Her voice sounded pretty good. Not scared at all--she never sounds that way." McMenamy picked up signals which he believed might mean latitude latitude and longitude. "It was 178 and what sounded like 1.6," he said. That position would be considerably more than 100- miles off Howland. No other calls were reported from anywhere giving the plane's position, position, although the Itasca, Achilles and shore stations in Honolulu as well as the mainland reported hear T Ing the signals. .The navy plane.which left HODO-, Continued'from Page Three)

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  2. 03 Jul 1937, Sat,
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  • ships and airplans join far flung hunt

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