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News about LA area locals, 1903

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News about LA area locals, 1903 - Cos Gngeies Xailxj tLimes, MONDAY, JUNE...
Cos Gngeies Xailxj tLimes, MONDAY, JUNE 1..I903. AT THE CITY'S GATES SOUTH PASADENA. THE PacMc Bltotric Railway Company Company wants more atreet railroad privileges in SoutB Pasadena. At the meeting of the Board of City Trustees Trustees lout Monday night, a petition woe presented for a franchse for a double-track double-track double-track electric road from Mission street on O ranee Grove avenue to Oliver , street, thence over Sylvan avenue or Orange Grove avenue to Columbia street. The design la said to be to build east on the last street to a connection connection with the present line there. The matter will be discussed by the board tonight The teachers of the city schools were entertained Saturday at a dinner party at the home of Prof, and Mrs. J. H. Freeman. Prof. Freeman was formerly principal of the schools here. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Sperling of Dewey, in., who hnvc bcon spending several months here, started Wednesday Wednesday for Idaho, to visit their son. They expect to return to South Pasadena in the early fall and to make their home here. The school election will take place Friday. The election board is composed of O. R. Douelierty, J. II. Tously and John Woodbrldte. M. B. Reld is the only candidate for the trustesshlp so far announced. Rev. P. H. Bodkin will move his family family here this week from Los Angvles. They will occupy Dr. J. A. Wood's Diaspora. Villa" at Uneoln Park. Caleb Rlllott will smrt this wesk for his old home in New York. He has sold hip homo on Rnmona avenue to J. fcl. Stetzcr of Pasadena. Rev. Dr. Thornton of Rook Rtvfr Presbytery, Illinois, preached In Calvary Calvary Presbyterian Church last night. Mis Rose Flsliburn Is building a cottage cottage for her own home at the corner of Meridian and Magnolia streets. Q. K. Custer Is having plans prernred for the erection of n handsome residence residence on Raymond avenue. VERNON. Iafly West Hive, No. 56. Indies of, the Maccabees, had an all-day all-day all-day meeting meeting and banquet Wednesday at Akey's Hall. The banauet was given by the losing side In the recent membership contest. "The- "The- Responsibilities of Motherhood" Motherhood" was the subject considered by the Thc-aday Thc-aday Thc-aday Afternoon Literary Club at the home or Mrs. Nina Townsend on Vernon avenue. A paper on this theme was presented by Mrs. H. A. Moore. The club will be received at its next meeting by Mrs. J. v.. Akey at her home. No. 4219 Central avenue. W. E. lie Roy, a former Vernon resident resident and now of Bakerafield. it spending two weeks here. Mrs. D. F. McCarthy of No. 112? East Forty-sixth Forty-sixth Forty-sixth street has had as her guest for the past week her brother, E. I Davenport of Chicago. Twenty-one Twenty-one Twenty-one accessions to the church was one of the results of the recent evangelistic meetings at the Central Avenue Methodist Church. Mrs. William Warner of Needles has been a 'guest of her cousin. Mrs. Thomas Connolly of No. 1240 East For- For- tv-tlfth tv-tlfth tv-tlfth street, the past two weeks. Peter Brown Is erecting a frame building to cost S4000 at No. 3913 central central avenue. J. H. Sule. at No. 1192 Bast Fifty- Fifty- first street, is building a cottage for his home. ANGELENO HEIGHTS, Rev. Dr. Henry A. Newell has retired retired from the pastorate of Bethany Presbytrlan Church, after several years' service, and will take a rest. Dr. and Mrs. Newell will continue, however, to make their home here. The church has no one In view for the pastorate as yet, and Is to be supplied for the present by neighboring clergymen. Rev. RomuluB Bell ana A. J. Drury have been assisting the pastor of Ep-worth Ep-worth Ep-worth Methodist Church In special revival revival meetings at that church. Gules Vlole Is building a cottage on his property at No. 454 North Beaudry avenue. William Bolger Is building a small cottage at No. 625 West Edgeware road. A' contract Is to be let this week for the curbing and sldewalklng of Temple street from Beaudry avenue to Belmont avenue. Mrs. J. J. Bodkin of No. 938 Hlnton avenue and her sister, Mrs. J. MeLach-lan MeLach-lan MeLach-lan of Chicago, hav ebeen spending a week at Catallna Island, prior to the tatter's return to her eastern home. Rev. E. A. Antlll, CM., who was at the Sisters' Hospital for some time .with an attack of pneumonia, has returned returned o St. Vincent's College to resume resume his duties. EAST LOS ANGELES, Kenesaw Post, O.A.R., and Kenesaw Woman's Relief Corps, held memorial services Thursdty evening at Moore's Hall, for Comrades Griffin, Hook and Ells, who had died during the year. Mr. and Mrs. Frank B, Kinsman of Arroyo Seco avenue, have Issued Invitations Invitations for the marriage of their niece. Miss Marv Maria Robertshaw and Harry Ennls Buckingham, tomorrow tlst Church. They will be at home after July 1. at No. 1271 Temple street.' Mrs. P. White gave a children's party ( Saturday at her home. No. 315 South Avenue 21, In honor of her daughter's Nellie, twelfth birthday. The Sunset Telephone Company has Its East Side headquarters now located in Its new building, and has twenty girls employed here. B. A. Taylor of the Best Side cannery cannery has purchased a half-interest half-interest half-interest In the Orange Preserving Company at Anaheim, making the third packing ' and preserving company In which he is Interested. State Circle. Women of. Woodcraft." elected the following-named following-named following-named officers Wednesday: Guardian Neighbor, Daisy AsnDaugn; fast uuaramn Neignoor, Mnmrle Grtflln; Advisor, Mrs. Ingram: Attendant. Ida Betswortb: Captain of Guards, Rose King: Magician. Annie Seevers: msiae-scntlnel. msiae-scntlnel. msiae-scntlnel. Alice Fritter; Outside Sentinel. Mrs. Marsh: Mana ger. Sarah Frary; Musician, Mrs. CaniDbell. Bast Lake Camp. No. 630, Woodmen of the World. Tuesday elected officers as follows: council Commander. A. H. Seevers: Advisory Lieutenant, C. B. Brlerly: Banker, E. C. Ireland: Clerk, G. W. Bonner: Escort, David White: Watchman, l D. Chellette; Sentry, F. A. Sprlngman; Manager. J. H. Ty man; Musician. C. H. Laubenhelmer. The camp received four applications for membership. It now numbers 251 members. Rev. F. C. Forbes, who has been connected u-ith u-ith u-ith the work of the Mc-Kinlev Mc-Kinlev Mc-Kinlev Industrial Home, has been called to the pastorate of the East Side Congregational unurcn. N. O. Stafford of No. 123 North Ave nue 21. has hnd aa his guest the past week. R. H. Spottswood of Ban Fran clsro. Mrs. S. E. Hamilton has come from Snn TlerTinrrllno to reside rt No. ?125 Downey nvenue. Dr. n. S. Allen of No. 2129 Pasadena, nvenur Is enjoying rt visit from his son. Harry Clinton Allen, and his wife and . two children, who come from Denver. Tijey vvili malie 'Illi' home lirre. JTrod HVtjhIIIo'1 lliili wimo r7,iu.u funm the mines at Rosamond with his wife, who Is In very poor health. H. A. Moore of Idaho Springs, Colo., Is the guest of his brother. Alfred Moore, of No. "08 South Workman street. Miss Bessie Moore of Kn. 70S South Workman street returns today from a six wccks visit at San ITandsco. Mrs. E. A. Taylor of Avenue 19 ha gone on a three months' visit to Eastern Eastern States. Elmer Wachtel Is the owner of a $1400 cottage now ulldlnK at No. 2814 North Slchcl street. At a cost of WOO. F. W. Messacar Is remodeling his .residence property at No. 349 North Avenue 22. L. L. Newerf. who has been building extensively on the East Side during the yiru jcr, jiu oegvn zne erection or a 31500 cottage at No. 418 South Workman Workman street. Final ordinance has been passed for me improvement or Avenue 32 rrom Griffin avenue to Pasadena avenue. M. M. Croser Has purchased nt 3. A. McKelvey a flvtSroom rottn on Ar royo Seco avenue for 31750, buying for lin uivij Home. The contract is to be let this week for the Improvement of Slchel street between Avenue 31 and Mission road, and for the sewering of Pasadena avenue avenue from Avenues 31 to 32. P. Bouillln at, No. 618 South Hancock Hancock street Is building a cottage. HIGHLAND PARK. 3. ilt. Tibbetts has been awarded the contract for building the Are engine house for Highland Parle and Gar- Gar- VnilZa. Hi HM Ira a ftCiTS TU t... some months ago purchased' a lot of . u. uui-kus. uui-kus. uui-kus. on tne west side of Pasadena Pasadena avenue, near Avenue 60. and on this location the new lire department house will be built. I rne building was designed by Lester Moore and Is of brick. Two stories high and 26x77 feet. The first floor Will have mam fnr nn.ln. n,.t k.H cart, horse stalls, etc.: while the sec- sec- nu noor win inciuae dormitory, parlor, parlor, bnlhrnnm ntn ftn I. H - 4 hose tower will be located at the back oi ine nninnng. This illtrlct has been practically without fire protection, and It Is gratifying gratifying to our citizens that the new fire cTennrfrrfent hounp Is tn h miahaj ahead rapidly. , The Highland Park Improvement Asrocin'.lon Tuesday evening discussed the proposed Arroyo Seco boulevard and decided lo petition the City Council Council to widen Carlotta avenue to 160 feet from Its Intersection of Griffin avenue to Its connection with the Pas-i Pas-i Pas-i ndero de Monterey In Ralph Rogers's! tract which Is also 150 feet wide. The scenic possibilities of this route are unexcelled In this region. It would doubtless become one of the note worthy attractions of Los Angeles. The committee of ten citizens who served during the recent street-widening street-widening street-widening street-widening transfer contest was selected to take up -the -the matter of securing the Traction franchise up this valley. This committee includes Messrs, G. W. E. Griffith, W. F. Poor. George T. Wilson, Wilson, Carl G, Packard. John A. Engle. F. J. Gnnahl. Col. Melvln Mudge and Dr. S. H. McClung. A. B. Russell has purchased for a nomeslte a lot on Pasadena avenue, between Avenues 49 and 50. and wll) soon build there. Dr. Finis E. Yoakum of Hartford avenue has returned from - a month's visit to his gold mines at Los Alamos, Alamos, Sonora. He Is now adding two houses to his sanatorium, and plans to erect a group of detached cottages on the grounds, and to raise the pres ent main building another story. The capacity of this institution Is 'to be increased from 50 to 150 patients. Miss Uessle Stewart has returned to her home, corner of Pasadena avenue avenue and Avenue 57. after closing her term as teacher of the Penrose school In Ventura county. Miss Stewart will spend a portion or her vacation in san Francisco. At the northeast corner of Pasadena avenue and Avenue 52 Mrs. Ben C. Truemnn will haveerected for her home a fine two-story two-story two-story residence. Mrs. Trueman purchased this lot of A. a. Russell tor 33000. ' Messrs. GIHenwater and Ritchie are newcomers here, and have-opened have-opened have-opened a hardware store in the new Johnson block on Pasadena avenue. C. I. Ritchie will bring his family from Riverside to reside here. ' Robert Stewart Is erecting a bulld-lng bulld-lng bulld-lng to be used by the Highland Park Dostoflice. It Is located on the south side of Avenue 57. Just west of Pasa dena avenue. It will be a story and a half building of pleasing style, and win be occupied next montn. e Poor & Wing have sold for A. L. Whltnev to Mrs. Albertine O. Ander son a lot on the east side of Monte Vista, street between Avenues 60 and 61. and she will build a home. William F. Bernard, an employe of George Rice & Sons, has purchased of Carl a. Packard a lot on the south side of Avenue 52. west of Monte Vista atreet. where the purchaser nas built a neat combination canvas and bunralow cottage for his own home. G. W. E. Griffin has sold his hand some residence property on tne soutn side of Avenue 58. on the Arroyo oinrr. through the acenry of Cnrl G. Pnrlt- Pnrlt- ard, to J. F. Brooke of Mnnvel. tal Mr. Brooke's family r located In the new home, as the children are attending- attending- attending- Occidental College. F. J. Ganahl has sold a lot on thel west .side or Piedmont avenue, norlli .of Avenue 55. to L. F. Henley, yho n ' l ' i ' Jj. , : .HIGHLAND PARK'S COMING ENGINE HOUSE. has .noved to his new and Is tenting. Rev. R. J. Campbell of Mendocino has been the guest of Highland Park friends the past week. Rev. C. P. Berry, brother of Dr. F P. Betry. preached for the Presby- Presby- TenanavnT mgniana mrir yesteraay Rev. Albert Dllworth. who Is located located at Coachella. Riverside county. In charge of the recently-organized recently-organized recently-organized Pm. byterinn Church there, has been here tne past week, a guest or his son, wno is attending occidental coiieae. The Highland Park Presbyterian Church has decided to proceed with Its building plans, regardless of the proposed 150,000' chapel for Occidental College. It Is thought best to have the local church work entirely separate from the college chapel. Plans for nunamg win soon be selected. . CROWN HILLS. L. Weston Is building a J2500 house at No. 439 Lucas avenue. G. H. Reamer Is building a 32000 cottage cottage at No. 311 8outh Beaudry avenue. avenue. Sixth street between Fremont avenue avenue and Loomls street Is to be Improved Improved by private contract. A contract has been awardpd for toe? Improvement of West Se.-ond Se.-ond Se.-ond street between Flower and Flgueroa streets. Rev. Levi D. Barr. pastor of the Friends 'Church, has purchased the residence property at No. 1403 Wright street and has moved his family there. GARVANZA This neighborhood It b-comlng b-comlng b-comlng a favorite favorite place for camp meeting. The . i , -winy -winy a ween ago closed their annual conference and vamp meeting at me .Mineral park, and decided lo meet here again next year. Next Friday evening a union holiness holiness -comp -comp meeting will be begun at the comer of Pasadena avenue and Avenue 61. to continue for two weeks. The committee In charge is composed o: TlAnnlg Dinn a ttn.1... t. a r ' ' MSI B .III', X, -J. -J. w, Mrs. S. E. Foley, Mrs. Lulu B. Rog- Rog- -i. -i. j piewi is umcussea lor noiuing a tiiMnct Methodist camp meeting at Mineral Park during the summer .and vi b nij uc ijreuc iu secure tor this place the regular Southern Cnllfor- Cnllfor- Kimum .iivLiiuuiflt L-uni L-uni L-uni meeting, hcrt-ioforo hcrt-ioforo hcrt-ioforo held at Long Beach. The aicri'ctlvcnes.i of Gnrvansi's new camping ground Is expected to draw ni niy at-iiiMiibiies at-iiiMiibiies at-iiiMiibiies to this point. A successful year's work was closed by the Garvnnza Child Study Circle " iba lllcinilllc M9l ..lUflUliy BIlBr- BIlBr- noon at the home of Mrs. W. R. Ea;on. An Interesting talk on "Home Life In wwiip waa siven o.V Key, w. u. pen. This was followed by readings by Misses Wanda Davis and Irene Carter Carter and a piano solo by Miss Carter. Light refreshments were served. The circle adolurned to meet next Oc tober. The city's reservoir at the head of Avenue 63 Is now drained of water, and the pumps are supplying the service service pipes directly. Men are at work changing the north wall of the reservoir reservoir from the street further south, and placing a roof over the entire reservoir. Word has been received here that P. W. Glsh, who was a guest here of W. C. Preston of Avenue 66. and who left for the East some time ago. was killed Saturday a week ago, In a cyclone In Iowa. His wife Is also very III. Ralph Rogers has been having built several small combination board and canvas cottages at Mineral Park tor the use of campers. E. W. Hewitt's new building at the corner of Avenue 64 and Rallroid avenue avenue present a striking and picturesque appearance. The first story is of cobblestones, cobblestones, and the second of frame, with wide, extension roof, somewhat on the Chinese pagoda style. A round tower will add to the architectural beauty. The public library board has leased the building for ten years for the.Gar-vanza the.Gar-vanza the.Gar-vanza branch of the public library, and will occupy It In July. It Is probable an art studio will occupy the second floor. Work was begun last Friday on the Improvement of Avenue 63 from Pasadena Pasadena avenue to the city reservoir. A part of this atreet Is to be occupied by the Campbell-Johnston Campbell-Johnston Campbell-Johnston short line to Pasadena, and the city's work In making the fills on this street will help to hurry the completion of that much-desired much-desired much-desired line. The residents of Annandale district hdb an Interesting Memorial Day programme programme Friday afternoon at he Annandale Annandale school. C. S. Campbell-Johnston, Campbell-Johnston, Campbell-Johnston, one of the owners of the extensive San Rafael ranch. Is now In England, and expects to return to Garvansa In July. It is rumored that Mr. Johnston will Interest Interest a large amount of English capital In the development of the San Rafael ranch, and San Rafael Heights as a fine residence section. A guest of Mrs. C- C- C. Rice of Avenue Avenue 66 Is Mrs. W. G. Sherlock of Guaymas, Mex. W. H. Thome and family, newcomers newcomers from Pittsburgh, Pa., have located at the corner of Meridian atreet and Avenue 65. iiiey are enjoying tent life for the benefit of Mr. Thome's health. Mrs. Charles Sykes and son of Nashville. Nashville. Tenn.. are guests for the season at the Garvanza Villa. ' Mra. F. I. Wheat of No. 521 North Avenue 68 has bcin elected State superintendent superintendent of Institute work by the State W.C.T.U. at its meeting in San Diego. Mrs. J. F. McArthur of Avenue 66 has been seriously ill. but is now convalescent convalescent S. Freshwater, who recently bought the Mills property at the corner of Pasadena Pasadena avenue and Avenue 64. has made numerous chan&rs ij; the store building, building, and a grocery store will be opened there. He Is building an addition on the east, to be used as a barber shop. Complaint Is made that the damage damage done to the county road near Avenue Avenue 61 die heavy rains is still UU- UU- rcDalred. and simply gives opportunity for a bad accident one of thin- thin- days. A large section of the embankment was washed away. Rev. Paul C. Hester of Jerome, Ariz., returned to his pastoral work there Thursday, after a week's visit here, the guest of Rev. W. B. Dell of Avenue Avenue 66. W. C. Preston of Avenue 66 has gone to Nebraska and Illinois for a visit of several weeks. SOUTH LOS ANGELES. Lady Lutltla Hive, No. 37. Ladles of the Maccabees, Initiated two candidates and received ' three applications for membership Wednesday afternoon. The Joltv Whist Club was entertained Friday evening by Mrs. J. J. Thornton of central avenue ana awenty-secona awenty-secona awenty-secona street. Mrs. Leonard J. Soheck of No. 723 East Twenty-seventh Twenty-seventh Twenty-seventh street gave a children's party Friday, celebrating the tenth birthday of her daughter, Alice. Games, recitations, music and light refreshments were enjoyetl. Mrs. Jeanette Sage Is having built nt No. "48 East Thirty-first Thirty-first Thirty-first street a 31000 cottage for her home, and at No. 540 'East Thirty-third Thirty-third Thirty-third street, Samuel Samuel Taylor 1 erecting a cottage home to cost 312O0. . W. A; Polklnghorn has purchased the L. Gardner property at the southeast corner of Central avenue and East Twenty-fifth Twenty-fifth Twenty-fifth street, having a 250-foot 250-foot 250-foot frontage on' Central avenue and Improved Improved with a two-story two-story two-story building, and six-room six-room six-room cottage; consideration named, 39000. William Olds is building n residence to coslr 31500 at No. 124S East Twenty-fifth Twenty-fifth Twenty-fifth street. E. C. Crlbb Is building a (11)30 cottage cottage at No. 095 East Thirty-seventh Thirty-seventh Thirty-seventh street, and one at a tike cost at No. 1003 of this street Mrs. E. Lenzberg Is building cottages cottages at Nos. 1141 and 1147 East Thirty-fourth Thirty-fourth Thirty-fourth Thirty-fourth street, to cost J1000 each. The City Council has ordir?d the establishment of the gTade of Compton eveniie between Sixteenth and Washington Washington streets. J. C. Hackett Is building a cottage home at No. 3221 Wadsworth street. BOYLE HEIGHTS. A large circle of Boyle Heights people people has been saddened by the death of Mrs. Lillian Neltske, wife of Kurt KeltXke of No. 1816 East First ri,r The deceased was lormerly Ulllan Barr. ana was a general ravorite with the young people of the Heights. was but 24 years of age. and leaves a child less' than a year old. Her death occurred on Tuesday, and the funeial services were held Thursday at the Church of the ascension. The Interment Interment was at thi Odd Fellows' Cemetery. Cemetery. in tearing ou: the old cable Irn-:k Irn-:k Irn-:k and laying the heavy rails for the electric electric road on tie First-street First-street First-street viaduct tne oojectionabu curves at the end of the brldgt have been eliminated. The newly-bulltjtrack newly-bulltjtrack newly-bulltjtrack over the via luct was opened rortramc Friday evening: Mlsa Llzsle F. True has returned to her home on Michigan avenue 'after a two years' vUt In the New England States. Rev. Alva G Fessendcn. a former Boyle Heights boy, but now pastor cf the First PreabterlanChurch of Peek-skill, Peek-skill, Peek-skill, N. Y.. Is here With his wife and children at ttu old family home, No. 141 North Chiago street. C. F. Yount Samuel Rees ana Ur. A. B. Newkl-k Newkl-k Newkl-k have returned rom visits to Kanas. The Paris Sail Commission of As. censlon Churci was entertained Tues day evening at the Samo home cn South State treet Miss Magee will entertain the nembers tomorrow evening evening at her hone on North Soto street J. F. Swo-nlMck Swo-nlMck Swo-nlMck nas purchased the northeast corier of Boyle avenue and Fifth street, ind will build there fur ois nome. Prof. Charle M. Miller of tlfe Stats Normal Schotl will build a bouse on bis recently-atrchased recently-atrchased recently-atrchased lot on the east side of Boylf avenue, north Of Fltttt street At No. ZlOCEast Third street a six-room six-room six-room cottagi Is building for Mrs. Nannie Dlxoi, at a cost of 31500. J. D. Stono-n Stono-n Stono-n has purchased of Leslie Leslie Gray thelot at the northwest cornel cornel of Ut avenue and Kearney street, wher- wher- the buyer will erect three buildings. A cottageto cost 31500 Is being built by J. T. R.n at No. 2117 East Third street The City :ouncll has ordered the re-establlshmst re-establlshmst re-establlshmst or the grade of Mott street. frcn Fourth to L&nfranco street The contact has been awarded for the improvment of Breed street from Fourth to Ixth streets: and for South Soto street;' from Fourth to S-xth S-xth S-xth streets. Judson VII Hams has purchased a lot on State sleet, north of Fourth street, and will lilld a two-story two-story two-story residence there. Miss' Anle Mallllng will build on her recenty-purchased recenty-purchased recenty-purchased ot on the west side of Site street, Just south of Fourth. ' J. R. Rgers is building a 31500 cottage cottage at N. 015 North Soto street L. R. Sinor Is iiulldlng a two-story two-story two-story residence- residence- cost 32200, at No. 456 Soutb State strut. J. H. Veils has bought a lot on East Forth street, west of Hollen-beck Hollen-beck Hollen-beck Pek, and will build a home thereon. TIE SOUTHWEST. A clai op more tlmn 100 boys and girls Isoelng prepared ror tneir first commuion ai uuitii ui ,-u ,-u ,-u vin cen dePauI. next Sunday morning Edwal Leo Callahan won the gold medal t the eleoullon contest at St Vincent's College Tuesday evening: William Hayes and Thomas White were the next In merit. G. A. Rnwcon is building a 31000 cottage at No. 1940 New England street. R. B. Moore head Is building flats at Nos. 1016 and 1018 West Washington street to cost (5000. F. E. Beach has under construction at No. 1471 West Washington street a two.atory residence to cost 13000. New Hampshire street, from Wash ington street to the Santa Monica elec tric road will be Improved at once. The contract was let last week. PICO HEIGHTS, E. L. Bailey and family, newcom ers from the Ea.. have nurchased the Davis residence property at No. 1109 nooaon street, where Mr. saiiey is making extensive Improvements. F. L. Fetter Is building a two-story two-story two-story residence on Dewey avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets. C N. Johnson at No. 1202 Irola street Is building a cottage for a home. M. L. Nelson at No. 2945. West Pico street, is building an 31800 residence. By private contract Roxbury avenue, avenue, between Pelllssler street and Har vard avenue. Is to be graded, curbed and sldewnlked. E. R. Copeland Is building a 1000 cottage at No. 1720 Arapahoe street Rev. John D. Black or La Moore Is a igueat of Rev. J. P. Klrknatrlck at NO. 1205 Catallna street. Mr. Black has received a call J0 the pastorate of the Presbyterian CHrch at Downey. UNIVERSITY. Miss Gleason. first assistant Hbrar.'rn or the city Library, was at the university university Thursday making the prellmi nary arrangements for the establishment establishment of the branch of the City Public Library at L'.S.C. The first consign ment or booifS will be received tortav. The senior class of the College of Music of the University of Southern California gave o recital In the college cnapei last riday night. A large uu dlence listened to an excellent pro gramme of seventeen numbers, all of which were well received, several of them being encored. The members of tne class were aralstea by Miss Couto- Couto- lenc, violinist, and Miss Matle Williams Williams and Miss Charlotte Hopperstnatl, accompanists. The work of grading and sldewalklng sldewalklng Thirty-eighth Thirty-eighth Thirty-eighth street from Vermont Vermont avenue to Western avenue was begun last week. When this Improvement Improvement Is finished. Thirty-eighth Thirty-eighth Thirty-eighth street will be the best ctreet In this section south of Adams street The street has Just been Improved from Flgueroa street to Vermont avenue. The excavation for the West Side Water Company's new pumping plant has been completed and work has begun begun on the cement work. Rev. C. C. Willett has brought his family from Long Beach, where they have been staying since their arrival In Southern California, and taken a cottage on Kansas avenue. Tomorrow night tne festivities or the commencement season win open. with a recital by Miss Lena L. Turner of the College ot Oratory, In the Methodist Church. Miss Turner is a, popular reader In University circles, and the opening event of commence ment week promises to oe largely at tended. Miss Turner will be assisted by C M. Christopher, baritone, and Miss Matle 'Williams, accompanist. Nathan Lawrence and family have, moved to their new home on Thirtieth street between Kansas and Vermont avenues. j Rev. Dr. William H. Roberts occupied occupied the pulpit of the Methodist Church -yesterday -yesterday morning, and Uov. B. Jh. Agnew, secretary of the Ministerial Ministerial Relief of the Presbyterian Church, conducted the evening services. services. Miss Rachel Memnel of No. 2626. Vermont Vermont avenue entertained the mjembers of the Alpha Rho Sorority and their friends last Thursday evening. Twenty-five Twenty-five Twenty-five Twenty-five were present. Old Violin Varnishes. The violin denier was talking about the mystery ot tne old violin varnishes. "The wonderful tone of the old vioHns." he said, "depended on the varnish a great deal. The secret has been lost. We don't know how the old varnishes were made. Charles Reade. who -went -went into this subject deeply, claimed that oil with gum in solution and color evaporated In spirit were the basis of the best varnish. But whether he was right or wrong no one knows. A violin consists of from 50 to 70 pieces. We make violins today Just as they were made in the past, but we don't varnish them the same. Some varnishes con tained ground amber. Recently, In the run of a priceless Quarnerius, its varnisn was scrapea orr and .analyzed. and an abundance of amber powder was touna. imuaaeipnia Record. Baloon Vs. Automobile ElO-ht ElO-ht ElO-ht Automobile enthusfnta finvA formed a volunteer corps to be used by kvici imiciii in nine ia wm tor carrying dlspatcheB and bringing Into communication' distant points not renoheri hv th mllrnflriB Of In. get themselves In training, they have organizea several oaiioon pursuits. In these novel chases an aeronaut starts RlrvtVll.1 tn n knllnnn t i ... .. ww,.. vraijridB some dummy dispatches, while at the same time the automobiles start in pursuit i mo nuge gu oog on terra nrma. If a good breeze is blowing the aeronaut S4VMi III alirnmaklllala II. I.. while if he Is aided with clouds In or to nine nimseir he keeps the modern "knight of the road" guessing guessing as to his whereabouts. The one who reaches him first after his descent 1.7 : mrea lne winner of the chase, which Is said to be much more exciting exciting than "hare and hounds" or a fox hunt Aeronautical World. An Undertaker's Advertisement. A man In clerical garb wna handing out cards to the home-golng home-golng home-golng crowd at the entrance- entrance- to the Brooklyn brldir.. one evening last week. On the face of the card was an Identification blank, in oase of accident. The plan looked easy and -convenient -convenient ond most persons tucked the cards In their pockets. When they got home they found on the reverse side the advertisement of an undertaker who advertised a new scheme In burials. The Indorsement of a clergyman read: "His tact and painstaking painstaking preparation at the committal service In the provision of tent, mit-tlng, mit-tlng, mit-tlng, chairs and a pitent lowering device, device, go far toward making the last iiium-nw iiium-nw iiium-nw .in ir iimr oeparten as comfortable as possible." New York To Visit San Francisco without geelnr the rTtemoftd Plv, wahm h. like v.tf1nir RurolH without Melns Par!. It is a lesainz iviturv or rrm&ff-o. rrm&ff-o. rrm&ff-o. 'nil I- I- (,nc.w.rd trt h the beautiful tore In the tea-Id. tea-Id. tea-Id. Vlwtfer r.r twrhA.-'- twrhA.-'- twrhA.-'- twrhA.-'- Presbyterian General Alterably. A'romilrte lllutrt4 hlftorv nf th Prcubr. tr! n-ni--! n-ni--! n-ni--! n-ni--! n-ni--! n-ni--! Anmblv lr M Anrl. --Ill --Ill --Ill hi" offcriMI f-'r f-'r f-'r pit in flnrlt ali of Ti Times on and after Friday Mv . It nl b i-i-nni"1 i-i-nni"1 i-i-nni"1 i-i-nni"1 i-i-nni"1 r-iMtlna- r-iMtlna- r-iMtlna- r-iMtlna- for msltlnr. and irlll li a ,-rtinr.lplA. ,-rtinr.lplA. ,-rtinr.lplA. r)nu'tvi. ldr- ldr- c-r c-r c-r Hie e-ntlrr e-ntlrr e-ntlrr rtnWv Trw.rtlry Tt l lb n"-r n"-r n"-r to a-nd a-nd a-nd to I rrlrndu ,v'i-"i ,v'i-"i ,v'i-"i vI)u would Irll inn who I lory. Prift s Rice's Steamship Office. Hush n. Tt!-o. Tt!-o. Tt!-o. rrt Oc.antr stt-amshlp stt-amshlp stt-amshlp Company and ovjh'ii Tours. h- h- rPflv-d rPflv-d rPflv-d Ma odl.-r odl.-r odl.-r 21 Zoil'.h Sjlut fltr't to V rln-saiv: rln-saiv: rln-saiv: nrtt oiiartor- oiiartor- lo the Bradbury buUdtns. SIS Welt Third lrt. the the labor trouble porter has consideration that that He In In the that McCarthy. row subscriptions der dent tion, give talking the to well methods. and lost look It were lease Building-Trades This for once As ror to best were run were man well Quarters did surest a of of to well-known man his new to the upon It that an real with only out bar. In will grocery union have also. apparently restive with stimulated Council, the that tool talk hss of rx-p?r now

Clipped from The Los Angeles Times, 01 Jun 1903, Mon,  Page 5

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