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Table of contents for Los Angeles Times' 1895 Midsummer Number

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Table of contents for Los Angeles Times' 1895 Midsummer Number - S3. BSM2,35'I"Si!n5MSiIiS""2S!1!"3na'J"Sc2...
S3. BSM2,35'I"Si!n5MSiIiS""2S!1!"3na'J"Sc2 4oPAGE ISSUED AUGUST is, 1895. PART I-12 I-12 I-12 pages. Southern California in Summer. (Illustrated.) PAGE The Land of the Afternoon When the Days are Longest and the "slant of the sun" is just right. Charms of a climate which makes the mere act of living a pleasure. A favored section r I The Aborigines of Southern California. (Illustrated.) Something About the Little-Known Little-Known Little-Known People Who Inhabited Inhabited This Section Many, Many Years Ago, with Numerous Sketches of Their Implements, Ornaments, Etc. The wonderful Palmer collection of relics 2 Sport on Land. (Illustrated.) A Paradise for the Hunter. Great Variety of Game, from Squirrels to Bears. How, When and Where to Hunt and Fish. Deer and Mountain Sheep. Summer the best time for Hunting in California 3 Camping Out. (Illustrated.) Pleasure of Sleeping Under the Stars of a Cloudless Sk-y. Sk-y. Sk-y. Southern California a Great Play-ground. Play-ground. Play-ground. The Question of Weather Does Not Have to be Considered. A Dyspepsia Cure. Healthy Appetites. Practical Hints by an Experienced Camper '4 Over the Cigars. Interesting Yarns Which Serve to Explain to Some Extent Extent Why Some Men Fail Here While Others Succeed.. . 5 Bull-Baiting Bull-Baiting Bull-Baiting at Santa Barbara. (Illustrated.) Sport in 1845 and Fifty Years Later. Bull and Bear 5 At the Seaside Resorts. (Illustrated.) The Delights of Surf Bathing in the Smiling Pacific. Brief but Graphic Word-Pictures Word-Pictures Word-Pictures of the Leading Beaches from Santa Barbara to San Diego 6 Blooded Horses. (Illustrated.) An Ideal Section for Blooded Stock. The Early Califor-. Califor-. Califor-. nian Caballero, who Lived on Horseback. Interesting ' Facts About California Thoroughbreds ' 8 Sea Sports. (Illustrated.) Rare Fishing With Line and Seine. Barracuda. The Great Jewfish. Among the Islands. Marine Curiosities. 9 The Mountain Resorts. (Illustrated.) Among the Pines and Above the Clouds. Swinging in . Hammocks Under the Giant Trees. Foothills, Canyons and Mountain Peaks :o In a Typical Fruit Section. A Sketch of the Beautiful Pomona "Valley in Summer Time n Business. (Illustrated.) "'.-The "'.-The "'.-The Chamber of Commerce and the Great Work it Has Done for This Section 12 PART II-I2 II-I2 II-I2 pages. Flowers. (Illustrated.) Wild and Cultivated Flowers of Southern California. Their Luxurious Growth. Beauty of the Mesas After the Early Rains 13 Our Homes. (Illustrated.) How We Build in This Section. Possibilities of the Early Mission Style. Cost of Buildings of. Various Grades; Ground Plans and Elevations. The Installment Installment Plan 14 Country Life. (Illustrated.) The Enviable Lot of a Southern California Farmer, Who May Sit Under His Own Vine and Fig Tree and Make a Good Living From Ten Acres of Land. Irrigation, Irrigation, Land Values, Etc 15 City Life. Illustrated.) Nothing of the "Wild and Woolly West" Here. A Cosmopolitan Population. Education, Churches, Clubs, Society and Amusements 16 Old Missions, Interesting Landmarks of the Spanish Era 17 Land of the Afternoon. Seaside Resorts of Southern California Seen Through Eastern Eves 17 Legend of Eagle Rock. How Valuable Lauds Slipped Away from the Old-Timers. Old-Timers. Old-Timers. 17 How Things Grow. (Illustrated.) A Pen-Picture Pen-Picture Pen-Picture of the Country in Southern California at Midsummer, with condensed information regarding all the principal products of the soil. Horticulture, General General Agriculture, Live Stock, etc 18 The New Aladdin's Lamp. Developing the Water Power of the Mountains 19 The Counties in Summer. A Glance at the Peerless Sisterhood of Seven Southern Counties When the Products of the Soil are Ripening and Being Harvested, 20 Cycling in the Land of the Sundown. (Illustrated.) An attractive Section for the Votaries of the Wheel 22 Profitable Flower Growing. The Commercial Side of Floriculture in Southern California California 22 Arizona for Sports. How the Residents of the Land of Sunshine and Silver Find Relaxation 23 Trade and Industrial Review. Commercial Progress. Bank Clearings. Postoffice Figures. Figures. Real Estate, Remarkable Building Record. County and Municipal Statistics 24" PART III 16 Pages. The Iron and Steel Industry. Remarkable Development of an Important Business. Where the Iron Comes from. Varieties of Fuel Used. An Opening for Iron Works. The Los Angeles Oil Industry. (Illustrated.) Two Hundred and Fifty Wells Producing Three Thousand Thousand Barrels Daily. A Boon to Manufacturers. Seeking Seeking an Outlet. News and Advertisements 25 to 40 PRICES OF THE PAPER. (U. S. POSTAGE 3 CErt?.) 2 BY MAIL, POSTAGE PAID cents; 4 copies, SO cents; Q copies, 45 cents; 10 copies, copies, $1. WITHOUT POSTAGE Single 5 cents; 10 copiea, GOc; 20 copies, CI. Purchasers make a small saving by having their papers mailed, postpaid, from this office. Plainly written lists of names and addrossa, may be sent us and the papers will he mailed to any point desired, Agents supplied on the usual terms. Ordev early. THE TIMES-MIRROR TIMES-MIRROR TIMES-MIRROR CO., Publishers. Times Building, First and Broadway. Los Angeles, Ca' BSra3"a;rar m8!E 3 3s B 1 g BO U 0 Single copies, 8 cents; 2 copies, 16 75 cents.; 14 copies at the counter or news-stando news-stando news-stando .iH. Ill

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  • Table of contents for Los Angeles Times' 1895 Midsummer Number

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