Raised by cousin, Mrs. Mildred Reich and her husband, William Reich

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Raised by cousin, Mrs. Mildred Reich and her husband, William Reich - .•^_ ^.7'* r^*"'*"'' 1 v *" ~ •*, 7 i* '...
.•^_ ^.7'* r^*"'*"'' 1 v *" ~ •*, 7 i* ' fUN-mR-OLD RALPH HENRY BADLY INJURED IN EXPLOSION With a thumb blown almost off and dripping blood copiously, and the rest of both hands lacerated, blackened and bleeding as a result of an. explosion and his face showing signs of the same mishap, ten-year- old Ralph Henry, residing at 823 Linden street, calmly walked to the Samuel Gross auto lanndry opposite his home, and asked to be taken to a hospital. Just outside the door a woman who knew of the lad's plight, gtood hesitatingly, being speechless with fright, and pale of face and trembling. "Just a minute, lady; you're too nervous; let me ask!" commanded the soldierly litle fellow. Entering the place he &aid: "Will someone take me to the hospital? If not it'll be all right, I'll Avalk there myself." It Is needless to state that he did not have to walk, nor was it necessary to call an ambulance, An auto was impressed into service at once and he was hurried by Mr. Gross to the Good Samaritan, with Mr. Light, a neighbor, whose own son was slightly hurt in the accident, standing on the running board and warning traffic to the side, so as to make all speed possible. At the hospital Dr. Horace W. Means took the brave little fellow into the operating room where the shattered thumb was amputated, and his other wounds dressed. One of the fingers was found to be I fractured, and both hands badly lac- I erated with deep powder burns. His face was also lacerated, and there were burns on his shoulder. He was resting more easily Tues. morning, and Dr. Means said there was no reil 1'ouudation for the rumor that both hands would have to bo amputated, although he admitted the lad Is badly injured- Unless unforseen complications arise, ho expects to 1 savo both hands, the surgeon said. Asked to explain the accident, Ralph stated that he and Gordon •Light, a playmate, had secured four horse shoes, and about 4 o'clock Monday afternoon started to pitch "quoits" in the rear of Ralph's home. They did, not have a spike, so they secured a piece of metal with a pointed end, which had been found at Mt. Gretna last year, and which proved later to be a blank cartridge such as is used by the citizen soldiers for sham-battles in warlike manoeuvers- Innocent of Us dangerous qualities, Ralph started to drive it into the ground with one of the horse shoes. He had tapped it only once or twice, when there was a terrific explosion which knocked him over. He received the injuries indicated above. Gordon was also slightly buriied, as ho was kneeling close by while the "pin" was being set for the game- His Injuries, however, were very slight. The detonated shell was later found near Walnut street, almost a square distant. The accident created a commotion in the neighborhood. Roy Arnold, the Ninth street undertaker, and other people rushed to the scene, but due to Ralph's bravery and quickness of wit, he was on his way to the hospital before many of the neighbors reached the scene. Ralph's mother is dead, and his father, Jesse Henry who is remarried, resides at Lewistowu- The boy is being raised by bin cousin, Mrs. Mildred Reich and her husband, William Reich, who reside at the Linden street residence given above- The injured boy's father was notified by telegraph and made a record run to Lebanon in an automobile. He remained over night and was overjoyed to learn Tuesday morning that serious as the wounds arc, they are not as dangerous as was first reported when he reached Lebanon.

Clipped from
  1. Lebanon Semi-Weekly News,
  2. 09 May 1929, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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  • Raised by cousin, Mrs. Mildred Reich and her husband, William Reich

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