The Miamese Part 2

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The Miamese Part 2 - THE MIAMESE Elizabeth 'linlterliehl and II. 0,...
THE MIAMESE Elizabeth 'linlterliehl and II. 0, -.Maymird, April 2U, 3852. Ann-.i '1'oole and L. ; 1'\ ^Inyimnl, June 4, 1STS. GoKlie Johnson and Lee II. I'. May- sard, December 2S, 1904. H. G. MAYNABD. Our subject v;is barn and reared in Upn-y, a Iowa in Massachusetts, Novcaitj"-r 11, 17i)'^. Anna B., wife ·was horn at the same place, April 4, 1T*JO. Mr. Maynard had funr sons, namely, HHsha, Cnnlnor, C;ilvin aiu] William. 'Calvin lived with his fatties until his death; Klisha ami Gnrdnci removed to Hartford, New York, ani tiiere located on a farm. IClisha die. here at thirty-jive years of age. Wi! Ham removed farther west in York, ami from (hence to Canada Gardner married a Miss Russ, of Ster ling, Jlassac-liuEctts. From this unioi 'live uhiUtien resulted, three boys and two skirls, (o-wit: Horace, Sally, Elii- el, Uria and Gardner IV)HI, upon nr- viving at maturity, removed to 'Michigan. 'Michigan. Horace, manicil n Miss Greene, ol! Greenville, and reared six son? 'Ainhy, Horace G., Henry (.'., JiuUon. Judsoii Wade, Justus E., and Fred- crick 'A. The 'Miiyuard and Hoss es were English. arms in hand would be Irnns- at public expense to thai city, ind received for the lime being- into ,hu service of Ilie slate. Telegraphic cnders had already beiai made lo tile is oi' that city, of ntiliti;i in niimlicrs from IVeble, Warren, Uivene, Biillvr, Franklin and other (innlies; so t h a t thousands stooi ready to ansiviT tlic call without dc lay. Ik-fore daylight o f . Ihe next morning- after (he proclamation n't (he governor, Ihe tread of the advance uf the grand army of Buckeye yci was heard upon iiie stony paveineuU of Cinciiniati. As rapidly as possibl Ihe throiigiiijf busts arriving were or gaiiixtfd into companies and regiment an;! sent to tile -works 1ack ol Cov ingum, to the guard stations Vilon, the. rivci 1 , or to oliicr posts of d n t j 'ftie tuUd number known t» have en- icreil ibis temporary service from the state at targe is fifteen thousand sev- n hundred and sixty-six--which ·was Imiblli'ss exceeded by several hiui- .Ivcds at least --of irliicli Hamilton "iicsday,- the si.vlcenlli of September, I y iiie NinctcciHh Michigan vijnn\ccr ufaiitry. Three days previously Gov- rnor Toil telegraphed to Stanton, ;ccrettivy of war: "The minute-men, he 'Sijuirrel Hunters,' responded gloriously to I lie cull for (lie defense f Cincinnati. Thousands raichd! lie city, and thousands more were en ·onie for it. The enemy 'having rc- ired, all have been ordered back. This uprisinjr of the people is the cause, of county furuishctl five hundred and 1'onr. KiMiie t'ectiliurily of dress in 11 many of them, and tlic armament of The following arc the names and date o£ birth of Ihe'Maymird family: Anvby 'II., 'January 20, ISlii; Christie Christie Ann, November 10, 1817; Emily E., April :)», 1S10; Martha Jane, December December .", IK'Hi; Uonu-c G., Oclolier o, JS'2'2; .Mary Umiso, October '27, JS'^I); lleiirv 'Clay,.January 1'2, JSi!); ·JmHon Wade, O.-lobcr -^.'iS:!!; Jus tus K, May 27, l.s:i;i; Frederick A., Septenilmr 22, 1S35; l.croy Fitch, ·May T2, ISiiU; Anna Poole, Occcnibcr '22, ISo'J; Uc 'Horace, April 21, 1S7!; Ksta belle, February 1(1, JSSII. « * · · « » CHARLES CONE. Mr. Cone was one of the pioneer-;, ·WAS born in Connceticnt in Hie year ]772, whence he emigrated with his family in (lie spring of IS'S'O, and was a resident of Hamilton and Butler counties, up to the lime of his rtcatb. Apr 26, 1S5I!. He was married lo Mis witn light scpiirrel guns. I the luvppy title of "Squirrel 'Hunters" for the entire unique POII- tinj'Wit-. but by whom if ivns lirsi applied applied the historian 'lias failed to learn. The designation has, however, passc'tl hiinoralily into 'liistory. The, squirrel amid appmpviale si-encry, and Hie squirrel-hunter, in lilting costume aw Ihe relreal. \Ve should pit'blicly ac- lowledgc I h i s g a l i a n t conduct." At the next session of the legisla- t u r e an ;iet was passed and approved March I I , 1SB3, ovJcring the. preparation preparation and issue of formal discharge certificates certificates "for the patriotic men of the s t a f e who responded to the c-all o£ governor and went to the southern border to repel the invader, and who will be known in history as the 'Sqnir-j rel Hniitei-s.' " These papers, luuul- somcly engraved and printed, and issued issued (o far^e numbers entitled to them, read as follows: The Si|iiinel Hunters' Discharge. Our southern -invyder was menaced, y the ciii'inics of our Union. ])avit oil, Oovcrnor of Ohio, called on the M i n u t e Men «C the Sta'te, and 'Squirrel Hunters" came-by thousands thousands to-the rescue. You, · , were ol! thorn, and Ibis is your Honorable Honorable Discharge. 2. Ciias. \V. Hill, Aclj't. Ocn. of Ohio.. Malcolm McDowell, Major and A. D.C. tluoe 'prediction ciswe Eugene Mr. (o ; iu Hie aci of l r iiis lirc-arai, up- pear in good stylo npim the discharge (Trtilic.'ilc-s grantcii the Hunters upoi : lc:':niiiatiini of their service; au ,i spirited page engraving, in the liiu volume of Mr, Rciit;s "Ohio in Hi War,' 1 fnrliii'i 1 Jifiiylnitc.s and «ur miMivin)1u.- ilitir personnel and deed: J'lie Hunters were nut long nceiU'i old n absolute pen open Approved by David i'cd. Govcruo;- was aec-oinpiinii-'d. in each nA*?., by ;ii;.-; i-iiising letter fvom the govcv- iio:-, ihiatly printed for the jmrpasc: TIIK STATK OK OHIO, Executive UcjMrtnienl. Coliiyilni)!, 'March -I, 181)3. To -- -- , Kf{., et --- 'Oniiity, Ohio: The les-islatnrc of our stale has liiis day lunsed Ilie following rcsohit'on: rcsohit'on: licf-oivcd by i!ic Senate and Hon.--. «!' licju'sei(l:ilivt's of the Stale o£ Oliiii. T'jfit (lie fiovvniov bf, and he is Thrir relief from service bciian w i t h - j hereby aiitlinri/cj ?.n| directed in ten in- twelve days a f t e r they iverei iTMm-iali' out of his conlinjjeiil siim to pay fur printing for tiic vho ro- called o«l, and by the middle of Sep- h, ,,«llificnt t.-nibcr nearly all \m v relieve.! an-i ili: .] liii.ograpliin.f'dist-iiai-ac iiad ri-i«nicil to llifir homes. One o f j jv.uri.riic "men of 1)io aiaFc. io If. is ;v the la-:;, hiilliilions to be freed fnini Iiie ti-[i!iiiiicls of military ovjsaniza- ttoii was that stationed at Gravel Pit, on the Ohio and Mississippi railroad, river Harvey, an aunt of the writer. ·who became the molherof twelve chil-! dren: linfiis, I'hileiw, Ami, Charles, Asa, James, James S.. Thomas 11., Grace, Uai'iic!, William and Martha. When Mr. Cone came to Ohio tin 1 country was all in woods. The lirsi tMu;r he did -was IP build . cabin to shelter his family. At a Inter day In 1 ljuilt an inn on iiie bank of the G r e a t ' ·Miami rivor, and kept a fcm b»a;' for Ijkin;^ people across. Tlip Indians Indians at that time were'lv troublesome. Snbscrincnlly Oharles (7onc built the lir*t Hour mill in the Miami valley, in Crosby township. Hamilton county. He also operated 3 distillery al tnc same )Uu-c, but ( . - abandoiicd same after one'of bis ,lc-1 *r®"tnMJIt sccndants fell into a vat of hot ivliisky aiul was scalded lo denlii. l " I to guard against the possible cross ing of a rebel cavalry force a( a siuii- lw i^sce in the river ojijiositc liiat point. Ttiis conunaiul was «ndev the porroM! direction of Major Hidiard ·-U. Cirwinc, in general eiraiyc of- the .*, and was relieved on Rheumatism "poiid«! lo the call of I lie (jovcrnur, :i»;l v.x'iil to tin; soiuiicrn border to repel the invaders, and wiio will be known hi history ws Ihe "SIJUIR-HBL II!:NTERS." An.; in obedience (hereto, I do 'heel-fully herewith enclose a ccrlili- cate of your service. -Hut for the gallant gallant services of yourself and Ihe members of the of patriotic b one of the constitutional diseases, h manifests itself in local «cbes and ^ains,-- inflamed joints and stiff muscles,--but H cannot be cared by local applications. tt requires constittttional ting through the Mood, and the best is a course of the great medicine Hpod'sSarsapariOa Which has permanently cared thousands of cases. , . I For tistimonMh of rCBMrluMe cnret inaso a general auiionnrenicnl to Die j ttni tot »o«k on K\**tm*£m,li? r men of O'tio liiat all who reported C t Hood Co., LcweB, The "Squirrel Hnnters." The dmigcrs Ihi-calciiing Ciucinnati in the latter part of (he suimnor of 33G2 lc,l Oovcinor David To.l, to "·Squirrel Himtcrs," rendered in Scp- 1 tember last, Ohio, our dear Mate, would have been invaded by a band pirate.-: determined lo overthrow toe best government on earth, o-,ir wive.-" and i-hililrcn would have been violated violated and murdcn-d, ,-iiid our honics plundered and sacked. Your children and your children's children will ho proud H know that you were one ·'.his glorious band. ' i'vcservc the ccrtiftca'tc of service and discharge, bcreivit'h enclosed to J O H , as evidence of this gallantry. The Ifoljcllion is not yet crushed out, and therefore the discbaigo may not he (inal; keep tin- old gun ibeii in d c i ; sec ttui\ the powder-horn bullet-pouch are supplied, ,tiul caution caution your patriotic mothers or wives io be al all limes prepared to yon a few days' cooked rations, so if your services arc' called for

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