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*H,.m NOiPtNDENT(AM) HKSS-TttEGHAM ff*D-*3 George Robeson Concrete Glint creates chaos Sam kill the way at me me end same out if HEY, YOU WANT SOME ROCKS, or cement slabs or fill dirt? I know where you can get it free-for-nothing, Buddy. Concrete Clinton' is loose again. On April 15, I interviewed a slightly-built man at the bottom of a huge trash bin. He was collecting chunks of concrete from a knocked- down building. He wouldn't tell me why he collected it or where he stored it He stuffed it into gunnysacks gunnysacks as I talked with him. On April 22,1 talked with managers managers of two motels on Long Beach Boulevard who had discovered that a guest had checked out and left many, many boxes of old concrete and rocks in the room, all neatly wrapped. In each case, he had registered under the name Clinton Bolin. Between April 16 and April 19, Clinton Bolin split from an apartment apartment at 232 Lime Avenue, and you will see what he left behind in the photos on Page B-l today. What he left behind amounts to 8 to 10 tons of concrete slabs and chunks, a lot of rocks and some broken glass -- all neatly boxed and tied. The entire apartment was filled, filled, from floor to ceiling, when he left.The kitchen floor pulled loose from the baseboards under the weight of the treasure mat Clinton saves so religiously and always leaves behind when he goes. The closet was full. The living room was full, except for four feet of space on a sofa, which is where he slept and lived. The little hallway hallway to the bathroom was half-filled, half-filled, leaving him a crawl-space to the toilet which was the only thing that wasn't stacked with the boxes of concrete and rocks. All the boxes you see in the B-l photos are labeled with the names of European countries, as if Clinton Bolin had intended to mail them to those countries. There are some boxes for France, Italy, Holland and what he calls "Britton." Nearly all of them weigh more than 100 pounds each. The smallest one I lifted had to go 70 pounds. The owners of the apartment building hauled some of the bigger boxes into the alley behind the apartment, an alley between Lime and Olive Avenues north of Broadway. Broadway. There were 144 such boxes stacked there yesterday. That's a little more than half of what has already been hauled away, and less than half of what is left inside the apartment. I DONT KNOW MUCH about Clinton Bolin, except that he is able to haul more than his approximately approximately 145 pounds in concrete weight from construction sites to his apartment apartment for nearly four months without being seen, and that he works at it day and night I believe he is a welfare recipient, because postman tried to deliver a welfare check to his address recently. I know that he rolls his own smokes, because the only thing he left behind behind him In the apartment was a pack of Bull Durham tobacco and some "makin' papers" and a broken portable TV set labeled to red crayon, "Me equals Me." All the boxes labeled for aH the European countries are scrawled with the word "Me," as well. That's a clue for some psychiatrist, but not for me. And I know that Clinton Bofin always wears two shirts -- both of them green, but in different shades, He wears them together. And he always pays his rent on time, in large bills, until his apartment or motel room is completely filled with rocks, and then he disappears. "I just can't believe what I see," said Sue Power, the cutest, spryest 72-year-old apartment manager manager I will ever meet. "There's just no way to describe my feeling at what I found after he left. I've seen some kinky things hi my time, but this beats it all!" "This is one for the books, George," said I.P-T photographer Curt Johnson. SOMEWHERE, today, tonight, a man who calls himself Clinton Bolin is gathering more concrete and rocks and packaging them carefully for a shipment they will never make. Advice: don't rent to a quiet, uncommunicative, s a n d y - h man about 35 to'40 years old who wears two green shirts and has gray dust on his hands. Three landlords landlords have found their haul-away bills to be astronomical. Golden gleams LIFE IS THE art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient insufficient premises.--Samuel Butler. LIFE IS AN instinct for growth, for survival, for the accumulation of f o r c e s , for power.--F. Nietzsche.

Clipped from
  1. Independent,
  2. 07 May 1975, Wed,
  3. Page 26

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