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 - a Wild West company for the Antipodes. With his...
a Wild West company for the Antipodes. With his company he visited all the large cities of the pri- . ^_ent and the Continent and returned at the outbreak of the Alaska Gold Rush. In the Klondike Arizona Charlie amassed a considerable fortune and returned to the call of the desert where he cut his long hair and became ".Mr. Meadows, realty owner of Yuma and cattleman of the North Glla," Seen by a representative of The Morning Sun after his return from "Wonderland." as he calls it. Mr. Meadows said: "It Is the same old story. Distance lends enchanlment. I do not regret travelling over a hundred thousand miles and spending several times that many dollars sightseeing in foreign lands and distant climes. looking over nature's won- ur language, we passed on. \\e had viird surfaced v.-ith the red or sandstone and said by many to he superior to pavement, side issuer, very attractive. Pres- and power, bursts an of the torcst. or canyon were, com . menced a discharge of Ills together np Fosscilo creek, that uirmsncs i-TM-, b tho3e ,,,,,,,,, cott with lieht and power, bursts tnar. ^ ,,,,, w a l l a of , hR in one body from a huge lm,n-stono a nd res nun ^ ^^ cliff and Is probably -the larses "·" 5 ° n ln correspondent like a snring in existence. The Petrified »P° n ° u r { h ctt pillarv Forests and Cliff Dwellings are only a few hours drive from the main boulevard; one hour's drive from Payson by Pine brought us to the stimuli' of the reserve. ] Chased By Nuked Indians several years of my life, one ot the leading outdoor, exercises being that of running from naked Indians, gradual slope from the .^ ^ ,,.,,,., .,,,., ^ ,,- this reserve to the edge tiers and man's" architectural achieve-jot Coconino Forest bv Mormon Lake and Flagstaff. The whole country at =,,,,...-,, angle of sixty-five grees and a vigorous palpitation go- nlg on high up in my throat, I t u ed to my companion, when the man of the New York Sun had concen- -- -,, - , , , , trated his anatomy into -- r 'y one- It was in this locality that I spent ^^ of ^ n o r m a l Bize; a)m0 st con- There is ummit ot merits, hut to return and find from my very door, over a splendid boulevard to the Grand Canyon a wonderland for five hundred miles in e.Ttent that surpasses in beauty, splendor and grandeur all that I l:ave seen before, indicates that the joke Is on me. The Lure of Ihp Descrl Leaving Yuma, the gate way city, one rides tor a few miles through orange, and date orchards that soon fade from view and find themselves speeding over the 1 would say to the tourist, dalay not. unless you are prepared to come acain and stay. Writers describe (he mirage, the turquoise sky the copper. ptirr.Je and heliotrope colorings, but no one has given n satisfactory explanation of why you want io come'back and stay. The glorious sunshine and abso-. Int.! purity of the air Is believed by m a n v to be a solution: while others claim that the profound stillness nr the very bigness causes the loneing tn return I havn seen the barren regions of Australia and Africa and t h n creat plains of Ilns- flia. but never was inoculated by the desert hug until I reached cealed in the saddle was everything ace, which in ils alabaster ut =o would have excited the ot the most artistic belle of gaudy rich modern times. dressed the laws masse to see pale face. They cved creatures, if they been allowed to remain. So long as man makes ,ne ,«»=, .----- ^ 25Q - mcn and women painted desert, 'f--^--1? eTn^ « verv Robust " tion. There was some consolation in lookine '"'"''""· ' . in their place thousands of ; ftory. "' " or ng A. and of the M. was during Steadman of Mr. seeing well bred white tacc caiue i.unj rolling in tallow. Wonderful Grand CanTon On the brink of the Grand Canyon is a modern hotel, a road some twentv miles long skirting the rim of the gorge. In natural scenery nave seen the Alps, the mountains, takes and forests at New Zealand. ^ lea rned; their * last they in col I In and sheen but were robbed by their less industrious countrymen the Hallapais and NavajoB. About KHI acres of corn is now under cul- I tivation. and watermelons and peaches grow in abundance, the latter forming a Perfect jungle along the Niagara'Falls'"Yeilo~v Stone. Sequoia oj-cck banks. So unappreciative are and Yosemite'Parks. I have seen the they of their value that the timber Inland sea of Alaska, its great gla- i s used for fuel and fencing. The ciers. lofty peaks and mighty rivers; valley which the villagers dwell Is a way of describing them about four miles lone, extending ··· ..u,. words to give an accurate f rn ra the h»ad of Cataract creek to description ot this Great King of the falls below. It varies in widtn there is all but by San by Ray and

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