Kentucky Scotch-Irish Society 1891

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Kentucky Scotch-Irish Society 1891 - I LegtsU-tlve ftfender-son. lcen-...
I LegtsU-tlve ftfender-son. lcen- sew-ing-aiachin THE SCOTCH-IRISH. SCOTCH-IRISH. SCOTCH-IRISH. Tha Railroads To Giva Heduood, Satta To Visitors Trt tha Congress. Some DUtlarnishea People ITho Uill Be la Attendance The Reception Reception Committee. The various committees or th Km. tccky Scotch-Irish Scotch-Irish Scotch-Irish Society, whose business business it is to make ready for tin cf the dtkgatoi to tlie Scotch-Iruu Scotch-Iruu Scotch-Iruu Con gress, scon to be lield in this city, are us tucy hees when flowers are in bloom. The LcccpUou Committee have a. her. culean Usic on hand, and bave- bave- been meviing aluiol daily. Letters of ia- ia- tuiry as to hotel and boardiuic-houde boardiuic-houde boardiuic-houde rales arc rooming m rapidly now. a un ueletpius will ! urnviug in ten days. leswiuay tne ju-ccption ju-ccption ju-ccption tiuuutu.-e tiuuutu.-e tiuuutu.-e scut letter 10 ail Uio vouu boaruiua-nouae boaruiua-nouae boaruiua-nouae anu Hotels iu tut: cny, ajkiug lor a rai lor tlie guri-t. guri-t. guri-t. i.,ery Uefc-gatu Uefc-gatu Uefc-gatu tiutt leacltoe Louisville wid be eu uniii care of. 'llie j;eceptiou Couiuuikc, rcaiixlug tnst tne city will be crowded witu strangers as it never was before, will engage quartets lor their people, before As the hotels and boardiug-housea boardiug-housea boardiug-housea will be greatly crowdea at the time of uw congress, on account of tbe largo num- num- -ber -ber ot people who will lie iu tue city, drawu by tlie May Musi Eesttval. tne s(7-b s(7-b s(7-b anu tue lKHiocrutic convention, ninny citizens have otienxl to entertain some of the icotcb-Irish icotcb-Irish icotcb-Irish visitors at their muuvs. a.ay iiikts wbo would like te do so can communicate their wishes ia J1'' respett t.i ilr. Jauies Hum ToUUj the Chairman of tin hejeption omniitteo. It is specially desiroo to Imva it ,!,..- ,!,..- wnghiy uutientooa tLat at tls pulilia meetings ot tlie Coingress in Maeotuo . "i'".' noii-j noii-j noii-j 01 mi- mi- routine ousiucm of the society will lie transacted.' and tlie public, lauies as well as entlemeji, are invited and will bo expected, without regard to race. A new and pleasing feature has been added to tne lust ol entertainments lor me victors, a great many of the delegates delegates Will b accompanied bv their vivni and daughters. It has been decided to give tnem a reception at tlie Gait House on the. evening of May 14. It was not until yesterday that the arrangement for this entertainment were completed. Among the prominent men who have written to Mr. Helm Bruce, that tliey will bo here are: p. M. Cassady. Dee Moines, Iowa; John W. Kchols, of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, i'enu., a leading lawyer of that city; E. Irwin Joyce, of Philadelphia; Jauies Lane Allen, of Cincinnati; J. King, Uolliadayshiirg, iVnn.; Hugh Whnelj-, Whnelj-, Whnelj-, Morris, Minn.; G. A. Scaught, Uuiontown. l'enn. : D. P. Laird, Chester, Chester, 111.; Capt, Jack Crawlord, tho ln-dian-Hghter, ln-dian-Hghter, ln-dian-Hghter, ln-dian-Hghter, ln-dian-Hghter, who claims to be a lintl descendant of William Wallace, of Mites City, Mont.; 11. Franklyn Starke, Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga.; W. C. Campbell. Uoanoke, Va.; Kev. J. F. Cannon, ot St. Louis; Hucrh Hunter. Atlnnta ls T Si t'lroy, Lexington, Ky. ; Stuart Atchison, Toronto;, Canada; K. A. Mo( Athens, Ga.; A. K. McCbue. editor of the i'hiladelphia Times; W. F. Kutlier-ford,. Kutlier-ford,. Kutlier-ford,. of liarrisbiirg, Penn. ; Wallace Camalian. Little Hock, Ark.; John Scott, idoomington. III.; W. O. McDowell, McDowell, of Newark. N. J.; Lieut, Gov. J. K. Hindman. Columbia, Ky.; Francis D. Wanl, of Belfast. Ireland; J. Mclllienny, of 1 hilatlelphia s Thomas Murphy, I'hiladelphia ; Prof. Ms. Ixiskie, of 1'rinceton tillesre.; J. ti. Mc-Pls-eters, Mc-Pls-eters, Mc-Pls-eters, Mc-Pls-eters, Mc-Pls-eters, of St. Louis; O. S. loithy, leflancc, O.; J. Ik IJ.g;in. liston; J-ieormrd J-ieormrd J-ieormrd A. Morristin, Conobia Lak N. 11.: J. L. MeKee, .Danville, Ky. ; J. Jshdby Irvine. Itn liniond. Ky. : Geo. Honey, I'hiladelphia J. Mcllride. At- At- iania; .vi. a. r.iuer, jiiaianapoiia; m. Iwinr, Uniontown, 1b.; J; L. Calilwell, ituroicK, Ivy.; Oeo. C. 1'olloek, Fergus Palls, .vfinu.; T. 1. Groves. Henderson-' Henderson-' Henderson-' ville. Tenn.: Daniel Agnew, ex-Chief ex-Chief ex-Chief Justice ot Pennsylvania: J. llotehkiss, St:iunton, Va. ; James Wilson, Aurora, IiI.tTernce Masterson,- Masterson,- San Ftaueisco, Cat.; li. W. McCloughey. Huntingdjnv Pn. ; XV. S. Montgoniery, P.irmingliam, Ala.; James 1onc, I'hiladelphia; John li. J.'ervey. Bhsmilnird lie, O.; J. W. llartoenee, Lnnsing, Kus. ; T. A. Uanna, Schuylkill, l'a.; Dr. II. Agnew, tlie oel.v. bra ted physician, of Philadelphia; I. N. Cassady, Council Bluffs. Ia. ; lienry Hepburn. Hepburn. Iissaic, I. J. ; Calvin S. Brine, railroad niHznate and United States Senator, Senator, of Ohio; Mat hew Addy, Cincinnati; Cincinnati; J. C. BUyr. Huntingdon, Pa.; Jos. F. Jolinston, a prominent Alabama politician politician ; W. I'reston Johnson, IYeeident, T11 la no University, of Kouisisna: Alviti Cownn, Shelbyville, Tenn.; J. McDilL, Creston. Is.: XV. Griffin, ltoekford. Dl.; XV. L. Torbet, ltsgah. III.; S. L. Evnna, CcJumbLi, Pa. ; A. G. Campbell, Natchea, A11SS. At a meeting of the Scotch-Trlsh Scotch-Trlsh Scotch-Trlsh Society, Society, of Tennessee, held in Nashville last Thursday night, tlss following delegates delegates were chosen to represent that lody in this city: E. G. Throne, Kev. M. II. Houston. Dr. Paul F. Eve, Jas. M. Hamilton, Dr. J. D. Plunket, CoL T. T. Wright, G. XV. Giflord, Geo. li. Knox, J. M. Lindsley Col. A, S. Colyar, Thcraas Gibson, Col. E- E- C. McDowell, L. R. Campbell, Dr. J. G. Sinclair, J. D. Parker, li. liear, John W. Cowan. John F. CampeU. B. F. NichoL C. B. Wallace, . A. C. Floyd, Columbia: I.'ev. J. Dr Witherspoon, It. W. Lowrle, J. D. Camp-boll, Camp-boll, Camp-boll, P. L. CampbeU, J. H. McPliail, D. P. Adams, Dr. T. A. Atchison, B. S. Kls'a. 11. L. Thompson, Columbia; C. A. loicke, J. I liver. A. G. Adams. Hon. Bentou McMdlin, Gov. John P. Buchanan, Buchanan, George Searight, President, John H. Moore, John Bell Keeble, J. Mcfc'errin An-lei An-lei An-lei son, Sam Kineaid, Dr. W. L. Mil-Murray, Mil-Murray, Mil-Murray, James S. Pilcher, J. D. McLin, J. A. Cart wright, George .B. Guild, Mar S. CockrilL Frank M. Ewing, Dr. D. O. Kelley, J. M. Dickinson, J. W. Lawle, Paul W. Tremor,'sry'sry an. I Treasurer. Treasurer. Capt. XV. B. Wilton, D C Scales, Kcbert i . Jackson, Samuel Cowan, iiolv crt Uw?n, V. .1. S.vkes, Thomas L Carutbers, Hon. M. T Bryan, lCamsey Mrlver, Jt. P. McGinnis, Van Mclver, F-K. F-K. F-K. BinlsalL Hon. It. L. Taylor, Col J. M. Keating. Willium Andrews. Tlie Louisville and Nashville and the Queen and Crescent railroad' companies hsvo fixed their rates for round trip tickets for the Scotch-Irish Scotch-Irish Scotch-Irish Congress st halt fare. T he tickets at these rates will lie on sale May l i aud 13, and b good for return untd May 19: but the trip must lie betmn on the day tlie ticket is purchased. The Central Traffic Association Association lines, which embrace all tlio territory north ot the Ohio river, ond from the Mississippi on the West to Buffalo, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Parkorsbunr on its east, have also adopted these rates and terms. Nearly all the other railroads. If not quite all. Mill sell tickets on the certificate certificate plan at the rate ot one fare and a third for the round trip. Information as to the mode of procedure in buying and using these tickets on tlie certificate plan con lie given by the railroad agents. Tlie Louisville Board, of Trade and the Commercial Club aro actively cooperating cooperating with the local Scotch-Irish Scotch-Irish Scotch-Irish Society Society in preparing for the proper reception reception and entertainment of the large number of visiters who are expected to attend the coming Congress. Tlie following following letter received yesterday by tlie Secretary of the local society from the President of the Commercial Club shows tbe general plan of co-operation co-operation co-operation between these organizations: Dear Sir: The Directors of the Commercial Club bave instructed me to extend tlie courtesies of the club to the tri cm !e rs of the Scotch-Irish Scotch-Irish Scotch-Irish Society during their visit here, nnd may 1 asic yon to convey the invitation to them f I have appointed a large standing committee committee on recepthm to servo during tlie month of May, and these gentlemen will be at the clul-rooni clul-rooni clul-rooni to render such service service as may lie necessary for the contort contort and convenience of the visitors. A committee bus also leen appointed to assist in securing contributions to your entcrlninment fnnd. Yours verv truly. F. N. HAKTWELLi, President."

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 02 May 1891, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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