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JOHN HARRIS PUPIL KILLS SELF 2 HOURS AFTER LEAVING GIRL Charles T. Shaffer Ends Life in Home of Former President of Harrisburg School Board GIRL PROSTRATED, SAYS IT MUST HA VE BEEN ACCIDENTAL Twenty - four hours after buying a compact and a pair of girl's stockings at a corner drugstore, Charles T. "Pep" Shaffer. 19. a sophomore at John Harris High School return ed home last night and shot himself through the heart. Death was instantaneous, physicians said. . ' ' ' CHARLES SHEAFFER - An uncle of the boy toki Fire Chief M. M. Tawney - ttaat the girl had gone out with another hoy several days before. Shaffer went to the boy and said to him: "I want to ask you something, and keep that as long as you live. Never speak to me again." 3Irs. Goodhart in telling of the last parting of her daughter and Shaffer said he kissed her goodble. This was the "usual thing" she said, and assured her that there had been no quarrel. The boy was a protege of Dr. C. E. L. Keen, 1849 Berryhill street, a member of the Harrisburg School Board, and president of that body for a number of years. Coroner Kreider said death was self - administered but no reason could be attributed for the act. No inquest - will be held. In Love Affair Fortune's cornucopia had emptied itself into the boy's hands for the last eight years. He had everything wealth could fur nish. He even Ada Goodhart had a boy's love affair with a girl, Miss Ada Goodhart, 18, 929 South Twenty - third street, a junior at John Harris High School. Took Her Home For more than a year the blond head of the boy and the dark - haired girl were seen together. Neighbors said the boy came every morning to take her to school. He took her home last night. Two hours later his body was found lying n th floor of his bedroom, a revolver by his side. Sister Tells Story Miss Nell Goodhart, a sister to the boy's girl friend, said .to - day that Miss Goodhart and Shaffer had returned from school at, 4 o'clock yesterday. She and a - friend were sitting in an automobile as Shaffer went into the house. The mother was in an adjoining room and said there was nothing unusual in the couple's parting. "See Ton This Evening" ' Fifteen minutes later, Shaffer left the home with the exclama - tion: "See you this evening." He then got in the automobile with Miss Nell Goodhart and her friend. They left him off at the home of Dr. Keen. Had Date To - day Miss Ada Goodhart was not at home. Relatives said the girl was called to the telephone last 'night and told by 'Dr. Keen that Shaffer had killed himself. The girl did sot realize the truth and jokingly replied: "Why not wait until to - morrow. I hare a date with him to - nighf Glvei Sleeping Drag Several momenta later the girl became hysterical and raa away frost the telephone. A physician was called and attempted to quiet her. Finally she was - given a drug to put her asleep. She was reported still under the physician's care to - day and was taking a walk this morning. Hobby For Guns Members of the girl's family said they do not believe the High School student took his life. They said the boy had a hobby for guns and once brought a gun with him which was owned by Dr. Keen. This he showed to Ada. Miss Nell Goodhart said they believe he was sjiot accidentally while examining the gun. Planned to Attend College The youth and his - sweetheart had many things in common. They had1 planned to attend college together and even had savings accounts which they expected to use in baying extras while at school. Neighbors said the girl rarely went out alone and that the boy had., been going with her regularly for more than a year. Seen Leaving Poolroom ' Thursday night Shaffer had gone , to a drugstore to buy the compact and stockings. What happened when he attempted to give them to the girl is unknown. Relatives, admit that the couple had a quarrel and that the boy was disheartened. In speaking of the matter today they said:' "Of course it will be blamed on Ada." Fellow students last saw the boy as he was leaving a poolroom at Nineteenth and Derry streets at 5 o'clock last night He had been unusually, quiet. The following day Shaffer told Dr. Keen that he had changed his mind about going aVay to school and said he would rather finish at John Harris. Dr., Keen knew the boy had 'been associating with a girl for several months, a sophomore at John Harris, and said he believed at - the - time the boy changed his mind for that reason. He said nothing further about it. , Yesterday Drv Keen and the youth talked 4n the morning. During the conversation Dr. Keen asked the boy what he intended to ' V. - Continued on Page 9) 600 FEET OF HOSE USED BY THIEVES TO SIPHON LIQUOR Police Recover Rich Loot After Pistol Battle on Roof HIGH PRESSURE PUMPS . By Associated Press. Chicago, March 5 More than 600 feet of hose was used by thieves in siphoning bonded whisky from - a government warehouse to an apartment building, it was revealed to - day after police and Federal agents had captured four men. in a spectacular pistol fight and recovered thousands of dollars worth of liquor. ., - The four men were William "Klondike" O'Donnell, who was held for a time in connection with the slaying of Assistant State's Attorney McSwiggin last year; William "Fur Sammons, known - "to police as a gangland power; John Barry, and John Davis. A fifth man was pursued over the roof of the warehouse, but he escaped amid pistol Ore by dropping - down a wall of the building, which houses "prewar" liquor valued at $1,000,000. , - O'Donnell and Barry were found manning two high pressure pumps from' which the raiders trailed the long stretch of hose to battery of tank in the apartment building. The tanks already had received whisky which Federal a cent estimated was wr & SMMfr ENGINEER DEAD IN YARDS Had Not Been Famous Survived Widow WAS SHIFTING When yard men Famous, engineman yards, this morning, instructions regarding cars, they found He was on hfs seat cab. A physician and Engineer pronounced dead. It was due to heart Engineer Famous been 50 years of to June 1. He was - when he left his Columbia Road, Enola, this in the best of health. Survivors are a daughters, Mr. C. Kenhart Park,. N. Esther Famous and Famous, at home. Mr. Famous company's service in a laborer on .the He was transferred Philadelphia Division, when he was made January 13, 1910, he to engineman. He of the Brotherhood Engineers. FuneTal be announced later. MILLER TO CONVICTION, TO TELL . ,; By Associated New York, March Thomas W. Miller, conspiracy to defraud government of his unbiased alien property promised to tell "the case at "the proper Miller was Federal court jury after more than deliberation, disagreed against former Harry M. Daugherty. indictment against nolle prossed by Knox 'on motion of Attorney Buckner. Motions to set and for a new trial be heard by Judge Miller faces a - prison sentence and Celebrates With Chicago, March Miller, 87, has not a head, yet he by' eating a nice Mr. Miller recently his third set of matured. ' RUSH FOR RIVALS AT NEW Two Boys, 19, Claims ' After High Grade FLIVVERS . By Associated Tonopah, Nev., rush scenes; rivaling in the enthusiasm being enacted on near here, to - day, taking the place of lowing the discovery ago of highgTade Frank .Horton, Jr., Taylor, 19 - year - old More than two experienced prospectors brayed rain and searching for the posted by the boys, find any trace of Hold Girt Philadelphia, Marshall, 20, known the cigaret girl" court on charges of mobiles. Her is to engage a her a "demonstration" then suddenly forgot my cigarets, store and buy me salesman returns chine missing,

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  2. 05 Mar 1927, Sat,
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