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 - 5; Frightful Disaster at a Corner Stone Laying....
5; Frightful Disaster at a Corner Stone Laying. A TLQOE STODHHLT GIYIS WAY And Plies Over a Hundred People to» Strn«i«ijff, Maimed Mm»»—3eventy-SJ» of the tlnfortunateii badly Bmt, Thine Fmt»llj and Many Others FrobabtySo— Awful CoUUloH on the Ball with new Tletims—A Bfcmlly Cremnte*. BBAOIHO, Pa., Oct a—The corner -stone of the FolisbrBomiui Catholic church, Twelfth and Spruce streets, this city, was laid yester day afternoon. During .the ceiemony the floor, on which ful>y 3,000 men, woman and children were standing, gave way, pre- and cipitalinK several hundred persons to were the basement, a distance of fifteen feet Over 100 men and women were thrown in a heap, and all were more or less injured, some seriously-and others fatally. The wildest excitement followed, and the 5,000 spectators became panic-stricken. Cooler heads, however, went to the rescue of the unfortunate, and the injured were taken into neighboring dwellings, andphys'cians hastily summoned. Later the wounded were removed to their homes and to the various hospitals by ambulances. rSAmong the injured were: Mrs. Joseph Bowers, seriously, and her two children slightly; Mrs. Jennie Henry, head; Augustus HeUrich,, internally, can not Hvej Mrs. Josephine Martin, leg broken; August Weis, Jaw broken; August B. Belling, leg broken; George Siegfried, leg broken; EredWnoley, internally,-, and badly out about face: Emanuel Befelnger, bead badly cut; Mayor J. B. Kenney, Jeg and face; George Standt, leg broken ^Wilbe Martin, cut about head and limbs; Sammy Minning, head cut and legs badly brnlsad; TV i son Eck, back badly hurt; Ambrose Lonnig, serious internal; Mr* LQlie Bitting, arms- and head; Miss Josephine Beiney, leg broken and badly cut about head; Josephine Brlsbee, backt Hanry Harp, back broken, will die; James D. Stapleton, Jegbroken and badly bruised; Mrs. Rebecca Beckman, out about ti» head; Wilson Eck, member Bing- gold band, back, sprained; Charles Zahl (boy), leg broken; -William Koenlg (druggist), seriously cut about head; Mamie Barlow, aged 5, tongue bitten off and very seriously-taut Internally; Aaron Yeltia, Internally ;3atharine Broatman, seriously hurt Internally; Augustus Helfrich, contractor and builder, supposed fatally, removed to his home in critical condition; Pater Born and wife, tegs broken; Joseph Folusb, < arm broken: Fred Doll and wife, Internally, the f rmer may die; 'William Hewmoyer, foot broken; Hugh O'Rourke, very seriously about hips; Matthew Breidegam, legs badly hurt; George and John Neidia, broken legs; Patrick McDonongb, leg broken; Ambrose benlg. hip dislocated; Mrs John Boroski, internally f George Hipp, leg badly sprained; 'Eichard Hankm, knee cap broken; William Koenlg, internally, may die; George Keidert, legs out and hurt Internally; Catharine Broadbam, hurt internally; Mrs C. A Broadham, terribly cut about the head and arms; Phillip Francisco, legs broken; John L. Smith, bm t internally; John Botz, ankle broken; L'jn l<s Beisinger, badly hurt internally a id face cut; Frederick Meilant, legs, seriously; EVH Shade, in- ternali severe; E. Hub-irer.-bndly- cut about bead; Mrs. Joseph B -yor, botb le-ia -broken; John A Neideit, leg broken; John Felix, I g broken, hurt seriously lutci uMly; Theo (fore Breedy, back; Anthony Boceowosld, broken leg and cut about head, critical condition; Joseph Bowoski, -b:>th arira broken W. Jackson Davis, they The nnd, both and people. In < • the all hs the and legs badly cut; .Stanislaus Hi ski, spine l-.urt, face crushed and arm broken. The above are from this city. The following persons from Lancaster were also injuted: : John" B. Bcssinger, aho- teMce'eper, head cut; Frederick Shroid, proprietor. Continental hotel, head cut and hurt internally; John Spangler, badly bruised about'the head - and Inirt internally; John SUide, leg crushed, amputation necessary; Valentine Shide, leg broken anil badly bruised; William Gnerrinne, an Italian, ankle broken; John Herta, leg badly bruised; Henry Hertz, sprained leg; GbtUeib Strei- ii r, leg broken; A F. Kerchner, leg; Marcus Kerchner, back; Rudolph Walters nnd John Hein-becker, slightly hurt. Tbe Lancaster people who were unable to return home were taken to 8t Joseph hospital. Total number oCvIctims,; 70; fatally hurt, 8; may die, 8; seriously injured, a The scene was a horrible -one. Men and women fought with fury to free themselves, a d struggled In agony to save their lives. The imprisoned people, hardly knowing u liat bad ' *ppened, cried out to theirfrlends to aave them.' ;Thethousands on the'onbade' Here i pparently just as much frightened, and fora few minutes the victims of the ac culeut were left to themselves., Then tbe I cople rushed in through the basement win. cluws and began the wirk of rescue. The wounded were carried one after another and put in neighboring bouses until they could be safely 'removed to their homes. There were children with bleeding wounds, and men and women with limbs broken. A great many were placed -for the time being on the green grass in the vicinity, and the scene was not unlike that after a great battle, i Archbishop Ryan and the officiating prlasta were standing on the speakers' platform arid did not go down with the crowd. The patrol wagons, ambulances, and private conveyances were called upon to carry the wbundsdto places of' safety. Some were carried away at once by their friends, so that it is impossible in the confusion to get the names of alt Jut seventy-sir are on, the list as having been injured, and it is believed that from twenty-five to fifty mort were also hurt, but were hurriedly borne away. The accident happened at 4-.3U, and ten minutes afterward half a dozen doctors were on the ground setting broken limbs and making tbe bruised, comfortable. Half an hour later nearly tbe entire staff of physicians in the city were busily at work. The accident* was caused by the walls, which had only been completed on Saturday, spreading. Bev. Father Lebtcki, bad-just commenced bis sermon when the collapse came, and the ceremonies were brought to a sudden class. Three bands of music ware stationed on tbe main floor, but fortunately but one of the members, Mr. Eck, of the Ringgdd band of this city, was Injured, although many of their instrument* were crushed. It is reported several of the injured have died, tint the story can not be confirmed. for 836 a a

Clipped from
  1. Sterling Daily Gazette,
  2. 08 Oct 1888, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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