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DAILY TIMES NEW a A Proposed Plan of the Ohinese Progressive Progressive Society, A BIG WOBEING OBGANIZATIOU. It Has a Largo Membership in Tills Country Country nod in Europe, an«\ IB Constantly Increasing Its Membership—A DecUive Blow Will Soon be Struck. CHICAGO, Doc. 7.—According to Wong Chin Foo, the editor of The Chinese News ia this city, China Is on the evo of an upheaval upheaval such ivs ia now going on iu Cuba. He was showri the reports in tha cables from Ijoudon to the effect that Sung Yat Sen, the Chinaman who was kidnaped in London and only released from the Chinese Chinese embassy nt tho specific demand of Lord. Salisbury, was a member of a society havlngfor its object the liberation of China from itS present dynasty. Ho said that tho report was true, and that ho would have preferred to have kept tho story secret for some time longer, but as Jt is out ho wishes to confirm It in every particular. The gist of his statement is that there is in the Flowery Kingdom n society called Hing Chun Woey? which is allied to the Liberty League of Ameriam- izen Chinamen in this country, and to a similar organization in England. Ho said that the object of the organization was to do away with the oxolusiveness or the Chinese kingdom and open it to modern modern civilization. The present dynasty, according to him, will bo asked to get out, and if it refuses it will be put out. Only peaceable methods will at first be employed, employed, but if these are not successful, then an appeal will be made to arms, and England and the United States will be asked to recognize the reform party as belligerents. Wong Chin Foo said that tho reason that Sung Yet Sen was kidnapped by tho Chinese embassy in London was solely because because he was known to be u member of the reform party, aad that if the Chinese government had succeeded In getting him to China his head would have be'en cut off at once. The refprm movement is scheduled scheduled to begin active operations lu the very wear future. TO ESTABLISH A EEPITBUC. That That Ig the Object of the Chinese Pro- £r«gglve Society. NEW YORK, Deo. 7.—Inquiries made among the Chinese in this city by a representative representative of the Associated Press established established the fact that the "King Chung Woey," which in plain English moans "Chinese Progressive society," has a largo and rapidly Increasing membership, both in this country and China. Prominent Chinamen hero, when first approached by the reporter were very reticent, reticent, but when fchey were'assured that their names would not bo jnade public they consented to talk about tho matfiar. Several of them acknowledged that there was such a society in existence, but not one of them would say that ho was a member. member. As to the purport of thejorgauizntlon, it was generally conceded that the Chinese subjects were dissatisfied with the ruling ot the emperor, and they wore cognizant of no other way to overthrow the emperor's power than by secret means. None of those questioned would acknowledge acknowledge that tho headquarters of the society existed in this country, but one or two inadvertently spoke of lenders iu San Francisco aud Now York. OHO of the best; known Chinese merchants in this oity said thnt tho movement was for the overthrow -of the prti-ottt govertimimc in China and tho substitution of a republican form of government. Ho said th'it the organization organization was more succeKsful in point of numbers numbers of enthusiasts than the most sanguine sanguine anticipations of tho leaders had looked for, aud he claimed that in tho United States alone its adherents could be numbered with six figures. One more bold than the others volunteered volunteered this statement: "I canuct," he said, "disclose anything with reference to tho work of th£ organization, but when the time cornea to strike a blow for the overthrow of the present dynasty and the formation of a republic, on American lines, tho system of government now existing existing in China will receive a severe shock, and I think we will \\ ia. Were I in China my head would pay the penalty for these words. But I think I have said enough just now to give you aa idea of hdw far reaching our society's work has gone. Like all secret bodies we have to be reticent, reticent, and while our work is being carried on with a great deal of secrecy, we nave no fear of Ita ultima to success."

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Times,
  2. 07 Dec 1896, Mon,
  3. Page 3

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