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flr«-house ···UH'TAil 1 Aft equip- UflMI| I UN Mil of the flnlTIIL I Ull lUU in work; YEARS OF AGE (Continued from Page 1) size. most toun- distance no in Newconib. Eaton Turnpike Co.' mako the location of said road. superintended the construction of the southern half, which »WRH the first turn pike made with gravel west of the Allegheny mountains. John Irwin Iso located the Hamilton-Uarrtowii nd Fair Haven turnpike. He was engineer of great renown, being he assistant engineer of the Eastern livision of the National Hoad, and also many railroads, but we shall nly mention the thing* he did for [amilton. He helped lay out the C. I. and D. R. D. E L 1 L at s.vept away. That-day of terror was Tuesday, March 25, 1013. Following the flood was the beginning of a greater Hamilton which wo have today. For the prevention of floods in tho future the Miami Conservancy hiw spent over $85,000,000 in dams and reservoirs and in straifhtcnins, widening and deepenig and channel of tho river. ' The beautiful V. M . C. A. was completed and dedicated in 1914 and has a membership of i.000. The Bell Telephone has 9,322 stations in Hamilton; 582 stations have been added this year so f a r . There lire 4,589 linos. 45,000 calls are handled daily compared with 36,000 calls daily in 1021. There are 62 operators. Tho Salvation Army with Comd't. is the l,uve an The ami members, also the Ham. Iton Richmond and Chicago R. R.He reeled the Hamilton Hydraulic Flout Mills nnd put the first wheel In motion on the Hamilton Hydraulic Canal. The following business places werp assisted by this water power up to 875: Louis Snyder ........... P«per Mill F. Hossnydcr ........ Marble Yard Wm. Henderson Co. ..Flour Mill teiale Son ........ Plaining Mill Cole-Henninger Co., Plaining MiU Sash Factory. Denzier Stephen . .Binding Factory Machinists P. Black Co S. D. Black ...... Fertiliser Co. Lonff-Allstatter Co ...... Reapers Mowers . Owens, Lane and Oyer.. Machine Co. Shuler Benninpthofen, Woolen Mills John Slarb l...Wasons Carriages nnd Mrs. Hyde in charge is duing splendid work. They have 60 members, two troops of girl guards. Thi local corps is doing city relief work us well as religious work. They hnve a public play ground and organized nthlrtica. They own thmr.own property and have been a vital force for good in Hamilton for 35 years. The Ford Plant was completed in 1!)20 and employs 2,200 rr«n. The Griesmer addition hns been developed entirely since the flooil, also the greater part of "Dixicdale." The American Red Cross came to Hamilton as a Relief Organization bringing its workers and supplies in Iill3, to aid the flood striken community. Tho Hamilton Red Cros's Society was organized in 1917 for wnr work. The lint members. The work of the Rod Cross in Hamilton modern arc honor (is year having almost 1,800 Minnie here weeks. that of Mrs. Arizona, Ayres Mrs. of at of SOON its tho trustees bids today would be non-fiction, Work of an entire everything desire. of th.8 Ep street, 7 and Ben- to his J. W. Sohn Tannery Henry Egger Co. Breweii Sixty years ago a thriving nursery was doing business where the Champion Paper mill now is. We know oi somo trees in bearing now that were purchased from that nursery. This was when that part of Hamilton was farn hind, and a brick yard, ami when no Black, street bridge had been creamed of. Who remembers when, from the stone quarry near the Old Columbia covered bridge, cannon fired the news of Andrew Jackson's election? The first Butler county fair wab held on High street, October la, 14, 1836. A paling enclosed a single grave in the middle of High /treet up until 1812 when it was removed. The Beckett Paper Co. is the oldest manufacturing industry in Hamilton, beginning in 1340. 'Shuler Benninghofen began business in 1863. The first Plumbing Co. in Hamilton was thta of J. U Walker--10D. Telephone service in Hamilton Started in 1870. Wm. E. Ccchran was Probate Judge in 1872. Jervis Hurget was Clerk of Common Pleas Court in 1875 and David Yeakle was County Treasurer. In 187fl the population of Hamilton was 12,000 8,000 natives and 4,000 foreigners. Three railroads had iieen built through the city also 9 turnpike oads. There were 5 graded schools --with High Schools and one Public Library donated by Clark Lane. Hamilton in 1875 had two Methodist churches, two Presbyterian, one Baptist,two Lutheran, one Universalist, three Catholic and one Episcopal. Rev. Wm. Davidson was pastor of the Associated Reform church from 1(548 *J 1874. Hamilton has been constantly growing and improving. Tho Republican News in 1900 published their book o£ 'Greater Hamilton" in which w find notes. C. A. Stroblc, largest dealer in Shetland ponies in the state of Ohio. John Bcliweizer---High Class Ve- liicle Manufacturer. Champion Coated Paper Co., World's Greatest Coated Paper Mill. Niles Tool Works Co.--Lnrgest Mflkcrs of Machine Tools in tho World. Estate Stove Co. --Stewart Grun- ito Co., Render Co. and the various theatres and beautiful schools and churches, to say nothing of the fine residences all of which show such strides of progress, With great sadness wo recall the 1D13 Flood in Hamilton, when the total property loss in v HairXIton was estimated nt SIS.000,000 nnd 73 persons lost their lives by drowning and 175 more were'missing supposed to bo drowned. When some lost everything ilton is grooving wider and deeper. They now do Social Service Work, Nursinff Work, Recreational Hervice, and Uieir "Home and Hygiene" Work is especially -to be commended. All this besides aiding 3,000 returned' soldiers during- the present yea\. Every child in Hamilton is a member of Junior Red Cross. Hamilton is justly proud of her I'unks, and it can ho without without to - n ontradiction that the banxs ot Ilam- Iton, equal in every particular, the anks of any city in the United itates the size of Hamilton, and in licse institutions la vested the city's .afety and security. The manufacturers with their dif- erent plants of Hamilton command he respect of tho entire manufactur- ng word; and thin city is proud of Lhat reputation. The. Hamilton Federal Building was :ompletod and occupied July 5, 19(JS). The Y. W. C. A- Jiunded in lOCfl y Dr. Julia Goodman is an institution doing a great work for the women and girls of this city and community. The Motor Busses are one of the greatest and latest modern benefits t otho city merchants, also ccnven- ience. t cthe country shoppers. The Secret and Benevolent Societies of Hamilton are all increasing in membership and service. i Hamilton Schools 12 elementary and Junior High an enrollment of 5,271. The enrollment of the Public High ho CHILDREN 4177. nnd scarcely a business caat of the River escaped devastation. The four big bridges in Hamilton were all MOTHER:- Fletcher' Castoria is especially prepared to relieve Infants in arms and Children all ages of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhea; from, and, by regulating assimilation of Food ; giving To avoid imitations, always look Absolutely Harmless - No Opiates.

Clipped from
  1. The Journal News,
  2. 17 Dec 1924, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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