Battling Nelson Biography and Hegewisch connection

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Battling Nelson Biography and Hegewisch connection - THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, SPORT $50 Is...
THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, SPORT $50 Is the covered. a was to for will Lieut.-Governors cup T. W. 31 to tho Sut-tcn. 61; by iast the is 5i, 0 ..0 ..1 ..0 ..1 ..1 0 ..0 the In be Da-kotas to In I or a to as In From Third-rater Third-rater Third-rater to Champion Champion is Story ot Nelson's Career. Sporting men who never knew there was such a place on the map as Hegewisch, Hegewisch, 111., know It now. Handicapped by Its name, existing mainly because th.i men employed in Its great car manufacturing plunt had to live convenient convenient to their work, it has remained for a boy pugilist to put Hegewisch on the map. Now Hegewisch stands for something It is tho homo of the boxer, (Jbcur Matthew Battling Nelson, the boy who would be known us the champion of Hegewisch, Bays an exchange. exchange. Battling Is no nickname. When the boy was born In Copenhagen on the 5t'i day of June, 18S2, his parents pondered pondered duly before giving hlin his name, bu: his mother, who had a brother Battling Battling and "wished to do him honor, insisted insisted that her third son should bear It. The Oscar and Matthew came easily easily enough, but neither whs nearly so distinctive us Battling, so Battling has his name been, for short, ever since. Probably the original Danish name Is not spelled that way, but that Is as near as tho KngliJh title approaches tin- tin- original. Whether the boy was attracted Into his calling by his' name does not directly directly appear, but that the title had Influence that way Ih certain. a boy among his mates at school he was not to be trilled with. Not that he was unduly belligerent, seeking contest without cause, but once the gage had been thrown down. Battling Nelson was a youth to be reckoned with. Hauling, one of ten cheldren, comes of good Danish stock. Pos-.ilbly Pos-.ilbly Pos-.ilbly he hns Inherited some of the traits which of old made the Danes such sincere fighters fighters when warring on their enemies. Possibly he hns Imbibed some of the spirit of the vikings and of the men or old who believed Implicitly In the Woden and Frlthjofs and Siegfrieds of the Scandinavian mythology, Hammer Hammer of Thor! But the boy, who has put such fighter;; fighter;; as Herrera. Canole, Ilanlon, Young Corbett and Jimmy Brltt behind him, and Is looking for yet greater laurels, has shown that In htm runs the blood of worthy ancestors. Battling, despite his youth, has a varied career. Schoolboy, butcher boy, machinist apprentice, soldier this Is the catalogue of his steps. As a soldier he was destined not to go fnr, ana it possibly was because of his being being thwarted when a career in Ithe army attracted that his ambitions have lei him Into a fighting game of a different different sort. The family Is of the thrifty Scan dinavian type, tho kind that makes good citizens, good Americans. The father, Nels, a carpenter, .works at Indiana Indiana Harbor. The mother, a ilittli woman of about 45, takes care of the cottage and takes Immense pride In her children. Albert, the oldest, is 26, and is a machinist in the Northwestern Northwestern shops. Henry, 24, Is a blacksmith at Washington Heights. Then comes Battling, 22. Johnnie, 20, Is a molder In the Hegewisch works; Charlie, a bright boy of 18, Is In high school; Ida, 1(1, the only daughter, Is learning dressmaking, and Arthur, who will be 14 In. January, nnd Harry, 10, the baby of the family, are In school, , Two oth er children are dead. . ' The Nelsons live modestly, comfortably. comfortably. In a little cottage at No. 13446 Superior Avenue.. Battling has helped materially In providing for the home, nmi his mother's testimony that he Is a good boy Is enough recompense for any aspersions that may be Tast upon his calling. The family, thrifty and hard w orking as It is, would doubtless prefer that the boy had stuck to his bench, but at least one experience which has come to Battling has given him a distaste for the work. One day while he was acting as a blacksmith's, helper In the Hegewisch shop an Iron fragment flying from a broken machine struck the boy In the face, laying It open. He was taken, more dead than alive to Mercy hospital, hospital, where he lay unconscious for 48 hours. He came out after fifteen days with a distinct aversion for the Job of smith's nsslstant. So, when urged and begged not to take up pugilism "Mother," he said, "if I run such risks In the shops, how can fighting be more dangerous than thai. ?" An unanswerable argument for his critics. Nels Nelson and his good wife Mary came to the United States when Battling Battling was 10 months old. After less than a year spent at Ishkosh, Wis., the family came to Chicago, whence It went to Dolton to take to farming. Bui this did not prove as profitable as might have been, and the prospect of work In the Hegewisch shops attracted attracted tho Nelson there. And there they have been ever since. Battling went to school until he was fifteen, and then, because there was no wcrk in Hegewisch, he started out on his own hook and found himself one day In Huron. 8.D., unknown and without without money. He was a strong boy and speedily landed as a helper In a, butcher butcher shop. A year at this, and then the war with Spain broke out, and Battling enlisted. The Huron Company traveled South-as South-as South-as far as Sioux City, la. when, for some reason, the little company's captain captain was not accepted, and his men, who had agreed to follow his fortunes for better or worse, disbanded, and Battling Nelson went homp. After a short time spent In learning the mnshlnlst's trade In the Rock Island Island shops, Battling started In as helper helper to the blacksmith at Hegewisch, with the disastrous experlneeo abovi detniled. The boxing career seemed attractive o him and he has been pegging pegging along ever since. It Is a far cry from a third-rate third-rate third-rate preliminary to a championship contest; contest; the gap Is almost as wide as from Hegewisch to San Francisco, but Battling Nelson spanned both gaps and with every step has strengthened his hold. "We knew Nelson was a fighter a long while ago," remarked Al Flynn of Chicago. "Let. me tell you how we. made the discovery. You remember big Daredevil Daredevil Tliden, the bicyclist? Well, Tll-den's Tll-den's Tll-den's friends were blowing around that tho cyclist could lick half the prizefighters prizefighters In the world, and although a clever boxer, had never earned any fame with his fists. They said he could whin Jpffrles rough-and-tumble, rough-and-tumble, rough-and-tumble, rough-and-tumble, rough-and-tumble, and wnen we suggested that we had a tough little fighter that was not sfrnld to put on the gloves with big Tliden, they laughed at the mention of Nelson's Nelson's name, and said: "Why. Dare-bevll Dare-bevll Dare-bevll would wipe the earth with that poor kid.' "So one word led fo another, nnd we went uhend nnd aranged n private match. We let onlv our Immediate frit -ids -ids In nn thp bout, and when It rnme off there were about 100 of irs present, nnd of the lot fully half were1 thi.itrlcal people. ' "We chose a referee nnd Battling nnd Daredevil agreed to go fix rounds to n decision. "When they stripped, Bat looked Just about one half Tllden's size. The blko rider weighed about 163 pounds and his muscles stood out like a Hercules, Hercules, Nelson weighed ubout 127 pounds, and he certainly seemed In for a good beating. I kind of weakenr ed myself when 1 saw them strip for action. "I'll never forget that fight, nor will I ever forget the little Dane's gume-ness. gume-ness. gume-ness. For four rounds Tliden nearly murdered him. The tloor wus slippery anu the big fellow hud provided himself himself with tennis shoes. Nelson wore fighting shoes, and every time Tliden hit him But would slide about three feet. "Oh, what a gruelling that boy took! Tliden was clever and could lilt a fierce wallop. With his long arms he kept pumping them into Nelson until he had his fuce a sight. But Bat kept coming for more all the time, and managed managed to land a few stingers himself. "At the end of the fourth round wo begged him to quit when be came to his corner. I really thought he would go to the hospital, but he merely smiled, smiled, through his half dosed eyts and blood besmeared features and said: "Why, I'm Just getting good, boys; watch my smoke.' "So we let him have his way, and Just before the fifth round began some thoughtful person threw a tew hundfuls of sand or ashes' on the floor. "This had the desired effect, gave the Battler a foothold, and you never saw such a wildcat in your life. Biff, bung and bang afcaln is the wuy he went at Daredevil, who. by the way, was not now half so devilish as at the beginning of the light. "Tliden fought back gamely, but the tide of battle had turned in the Dane's favor and the bike rider wore a worried worried look. This only egged Nelson on, and at the end of tho round he had tho fellow pretty wabbly. "They both. went to the centre of the ring, which was only a chalk line affair, affair, fairly fresh for the lat round, but Nelson looked ns though h'1 hud beep run throurti a threshing machine. "At It t'-y t'-y t'-y went HUe a pair of gamecocks, gamecocks, with Tilden still playing for the face and Nelson boring in and lauding any place ha could. "All at one c Nelson braced himself, and. as Tilden raised Ills guard to protect his Jaw. Ratling let got right swing. It was a haymaker for fair, and It landed squarely In the pit of the stomash. "Daredevil's feet went up. and hs went clean on his back, his head striking striking the tloor with a whack. Nelson stood over him, expecting him to rise, when he might put en the finishing touches, but Daredevil was dead to the world, and did not come to until wo were scared half to death." VETERAN OARSMEN -RE. -RE. W. E. Bramhall, of St. Fnul. a veteran veteran oarsman, is spending a few days In the city, visiting old friend. He wus president of the St. Paul Rowing Ciub in 1887. when that body made almost almost a clean sweep of the different events. COUCILLORS GUARDIAN Sporting Editor Tribune Your Inquiry Inquiry scarcity of prale chickens is in the right direction) They will become r.carcer unless the game laws are niado rr.ore stringent in respect to all kinds o'. game. Chicken are scarcer because of the pot hunters. How to stop undue disappearance. Try putting a license on guns that ure ferried for the purpose of killing paino Any person carrying a gun and Having guns In their possession v to cannot produce a license should be fined heavily. The above would also do away with Illegal shooting. I would say game would In crease under tho above conditions. I beg to suggest: It the provincial government passed an order-ln-councU order-ln-councU order-ln-councU order-ln-councU order-ln-councU making It legal for every municipal councillor In the province of Manitoba elected for the year 1906 to become by virtue of his office a game guardian then I think the game would have protection during the closed season. Yours truly. GEORGE FAWKES. Nesbitt, Nov. 17, 1905. ALL SAINTS' CADETS. The 'second match in the cup competition competition was the magnet that drew one of tho biggest parades in the history or tne All saints company, and resulted resulted In some very good scores. The possible score was twenty, and mak ing allowance for a new rifle with a different sight from that used pre viously, speaks well for theefflciency of the company. The following are a rew of the best scores: Col.-Sergt. Col.-Sergt. Col.-Sergt. Sinclair, 17; Corp. R. Spencer, 17; Pte. a. Bowler, 17; Pte. H. Baker, 17: Pte. K C. Milroy, 17; Sergt. J. Ruttnn, 16; Pte. O. E. Bryan, 16; Corp. H. Gardiner, Gardiner, 16; Pte. W. Bowler. 16; Pte. C. Bush. 16; Pte. R. Macheffie. 16. The company Is now several boys over strength, and If the present Increase Increase of membership keeps up It will b necessary to form a second com-pnny. com-pnny. com-pnny. The next parade will be held on Thursdayk evening next at 7.30 sharp. The following are the leading five boys In the cup competition: Pte. O. Bowler. Bowler. 34: Pte. C. Bush, 34: Col.-Sergt. Col.-Sergt. Col.-Sergt. Sinclair, 33: Scrgt. J. Ruttan, 33; Ttc. H. Baker, 33. EXPERIENCE OF A BIRCHTOWN LADY Tried in Vain to Cure Her Dyspepsia Till She Used Dodd'i Dyspepsia Tablets They Cured Her Completely Completely and Permanently. Miss Mary Brown, of BIrchtown, Shelbourne Co., N. S., relates an experience experience that Is of immediate Interest to thousands of people In all parts of Canada. These thousands are the people people who face a square meal with mingled mingled feelings of pleasure and drend. In other words the victims of Indigestion ant! Dyspepsia. "I can say I hnd Dyspepsia for some tune," says Miss Brown. "I tried many medicines but never met with nnything to helv me till I used Dodd's Dyspepsia Tablets. After taking three boxes I think they have made a perfect cure. And as it Is over a year now since I took them I think I can stfely say the cure was a permanent one." If you want to eat three square meals ft day and enjoy them use Dodd's Dyspepsia Tablets. BILLY DELANEY BLAMED. Billy Delayney Is getting his from tho friends of Kaufman Just at the present time for matching the young blacksmith against O'Brien. They blame Billy for the entire defeat, anil where the veteran Is smart Is that he l.i taking the responsibility of the match without a murmur and to be candid he should do so. Blllv Is very much In the same posi tion that Barney Farley was when ho was handling Joe McAulnn"e$ the "Missouri "Missouri boy." Joe had Just beaten Paddy Ryand and was touted a wondor about the time that Peter Jackson came from Australia, Peter had shown that he was "the goods" when he defeated George Godfrey, and at once became a r pular card. Of course President Fulda caught McAuliffe and asked him to fight Jackson, as the club was In of a high class and popular attraction. attraction. The match was made nfter days of wrangling, because Barney Farley Insisted Insisted that the only way he would allow allow McAuliffe to fight w as winner take ali. Jackson argued and pleaded as ho never pleaded before In his life. Ho said : "I am 10,000 miles away from homo, I

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