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Vtrtsr K SaSssSBassBBSSSaB 1 Ml II - - - - - - - - - - - - - i tf wyaasai y SAfrTODiVX oqrdBEK is lai m s - mfm - - - 1 - - - - - - - - - - - 1 - n TULARE A COUNTY REMARKABLE FOR DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS - - - I j - - - - v y L Ii - iiwii t - - - - - - - - - TilAiniiA iv - - - - - r - 1 - VISIONS OF Vf SALIA ALL COME TRUE - - - J NEW HOTEL AT VI SALIA Supplying tlie one ti Visalia lacked this palatial new hotel furnishes roomy modern accommodations fortourists and for hotel dwellers Cltyfof Horrrts Earns Title - liy Building Better Houses toj Replace Old Ones BiaNEW HOTEERECTED Streak of Silvec Good rtbads and Optimistic Spirit v Proof of Progress - yViaiia In th rt of ron that weuld rlTV U promUtd lndM W - Tulir oountjr th Hndot awnl - uTroauoU U on ot thultt JlttU - oltlMon th mJuitnowv In yill th futur leok m brJhtt diamond In ttlnc of iUtvllirhU thr S00O buy iOulkp th mr - hanti and banxera on mir io Mirv inlnali tkr th btnk it poIU toul SU15W an lncre of llrmJ5JSJ n twelva - monthij ther thov - bank cUarlnt Jumped J798I - In lit months - It 1 thr th tradochannU Uadnd whr thlrty - lx tralna arriy inace itit vrv day - til tk ntmir lothl bltt lr nartb aftd th worldi moit fmo mountain rlon It l ubin a maaa ot pavad roadwhll ltaa north nouth at and wtll th thread In a ipldtry wb JTur i hiiinai men are about aa hit any In the State and are ady to convince all comera thaVVI - alia Is the best thlnf that ever hap - ffeinHaVAf nijiB of mall han jiij t Atntif In the laet twelve mentha eoared up to COot - t - - r vikaiia tuaaetta beau tiful homeej the greateat dUtlnctlon thatrty eltr may ajeert aa Ua Ight Old reeldencee are Hvl way to new OTJrtune and the typo ot anAuntalow that have been erect ed la evidence ot the hlh fUndard wh h ha Men reached In olvlo enter - prlee The tone 01 cuimr - tih nfvAi tne community and the excellent educational ini ttt make thli plica In which to live But thla la Sot all Handaome bulnea block T tJ - hunt and the numeroua building operation awure the con ZZWJ i at the moet ambl tloua little city lii America Aa an ntnthr Tl the Hotel Johnson IWdOOd hotel now nearlng 1fnle tlon Krnet Kump I the architect MEN Or VISION NOW KB DHBAMS COMING TRVB Never before In the hUtory otthe ltv haa there been each a remark able development a MfcJ Sted during the ree earr today the dream ot the men woo nave lived here for year seem tobe reallied Everywhere the la evidence of activity new developmenU ht preag a greater growth In all of men with vision - O Where Soil and Oiinate Work in Producin MdMantN g Bumper ro Progreisive Citizens Add Jmprovernenls Where Nature Shower5 Her Bounty rw - UUARB COUNTY on ot the l largest counties ot the great San JL Joaquin valley lying tyt midway between San FrancUco and Los Angeles I a county of diversity In climatic conditions and agricultural and horticultural resources Along the eastern portion of the county stretches th loftiest peeks la the Sierra Nevada Including Mount Whitney the highest point In the United states The western portion 01 the county lie upon th floor ot th great San Joaquin valley and a prao - tlcally levet From th mountain ranges flow the Xaweh river and the Tula river Thee river furnish a vant amount of water tor Irrigation purposes and tor th generation of many thousand hore power of electrio energy Th north - era portion ot th county 1 supplied by the water of Kings river with a magnlflcent system of irrlgatloiu j PtlMPS nAisn WATKH Fon irrigation cnrosK There are now about UA acre1 under the gravity system and In ad - dlUon to this there are about 1IIM0 aorea under pump Irrigation Cader thla system wells are drilled aach Individual owning HI water supply The great majority of pomp used in this aytem ot irrigation are elec trically driven banker of thi city when most of the world began to see ghoste Th sentiment expressed by Mitchell and Olddlngi In response to inquiries was cheerful They are optimistic concerning the future tor with record - breaking cropa and plenty of mney It would be difficult to see anything but a healthful business future her Vlsalta 1 a city of solid finances sound Industries and satisfied eltlsen Carpenters are plying the hammer Industriously and brick mason are bussing about everywhere Th street are edged with high - pile of brick wagon are hauling lumber and cement and sand In every direction On West Main street the most striking sight la the splendid 10000 new brick building being put up by the Elks Most Imnortant Is Hit told that has been piling up In the bank Of course th city is growing It la be ing forced to grow One year ago the deposit In the banks totaled 2454 - 10801 Today they toUlUS81B5139 - an increase ot 1142736388 In twelve month For year both Mitchell and Oiddlngs have worked to further the Interests of Visalia and If there was anything they didnt know about the city or hop for It or have faith In it ability to push out and get It wasnt known - Visalia has two of the safest national and two of the best saving bank In the world ot finance BIO NEW HOTKI CROWNS SOCIAL IIFH OF CITY by a number ot prominent business men and rancher has continued to grow an fait that each year it has been necessary to enlarge tho plant and buy more equipment in mosi modern and sanitary Improved machinery for making butter and cheese has been Installed and it pays out tt the dairymen In this district about 900000 annually The monthly pay roll I oouwTh creamery ha be - coin nationally known N J Bck who Is manager ot th company is at man who has made the making of butter 1 111 study end to hint Visalia owe much for producing some ot the purest and best - butter lnthe world This city may - hot have had anything to do with building the Panama canal but It did realise Its opportunities and grasped prosperity by the hand when other towna did not even sense Its coming Pay rolln show whether a town is prosperous cr apathy ha descended upon - it And little old Visalia rears back in lta chair and point to the harvest ot gold being dumped Into It by four or five large corporations It tell a wonderful stofy of Industrial activity One of tli biggest Institutions In the San Joaquin valley is the Mt Whitney Power Compnyv It pay roll for th year 1 in excess of 50000 The Ban Joaquin Valley Sugar mMOBasaMatMaai Company touches the 500000 mark Th two big fruit canneries that employ SOU persons during the season paid out in wages approximately 1250000 The Visalia Co - operative Creamery out 500000 in circulation In thlsi - lty and district J Sub John - suns output wa 100000 Th Elks transaction will flour 65000 These - figure are honest convincing and conclusive evldonce which only In part convey th real condition of affairs No effort has been made to marshal a full array of statistics from every quarter CITY TRANsFORMHD BY STREAK OK SILVlCIl Two years ago J N Younghada dream It was a beautiful dream - but people thought he was visionary Hesuggested to the public - spirited property owners along West Malii street that It would be well to Install anew system of Illumination on that would connect that beautiful thor oughfare into - something that Jooked like the big league class The transition came and now that plendld driveway la one of th brightest by nlaht to be found In the State The viiam includes flftyelaht standards and extend from Locust street to th M 1lnla riltanM Af f All An I blocks It cost lQ0 to Install the path of liver The new Auditorium one of the1 finest In the State tnd th City Hall transformed an under - grown city to a full - fledged metropj oils resting on a solid base with head up and nerves a - tingle Visalia Is th natural gateway to one of the most wonderful panoramic regions in the united States It Is the point Of v plgrlmage for Sequoia and Ceatlaaed Page Tulare County Has All Tiiese Fort - two thousand five hun - ored acres of orsnjes Thousand of acres of deciduous fruits Some of largest raisin vineyards of world Thirty - five million pounds of raisins annually Thousands of carloads of fresh fruit yearly Dairying stock and poultry industries Six large canneries Position midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles Sequoia National Park with 250 square miles of big trees General Sherman tree oldest living thing on globe Two hundred miles of concrete roads under construction raisin1 grape title grapes alfalfa and general farming - - Some of th largest raisin vineyards In the world are to be found In Tulare county th county producing annually some SO - oooeos pound ot raisin 61 - large canneries in various parts of th county ar devoted largely to the canning of peaches There is also a Along th tootlillU I tb famous i production of drld fruit and in i i v v Y iivers and unden in a i u r a i neservoirs Give WN for on 1 m oltru section ot Tulare county Her are to be found 4J60 aorea planted to orangearlemonsand other citrus fruits The peculiar combination of oil and climate give Tulare eouaty oranges the early ripening quality peculiar to the dlstrlnt and orange from this region are placed In the Eastern markets for Thanksgiving and Chrtstmas trade There are also mny fine olive orchards in thl e - tlon MILLIONS OF FOUNDS OF RAISINS OATHEnnD On the alluvial lands of the valley are thousand of acrea devoted to th cultivation of th deciduous fruits prune In addition t the raisin dried fruit and cannery output several thousand car of fresh fruit and grape are shipped Dairying and live stock with poultry and thetr kindred Industries art large factor in the county prosper - Ity and flourish throughout the ei - Wre region and no couatg offer better opportunities to th dairyman and the breeder of horses mules - hogs and tattle Those looking for any Una of agriculture horticulture stock growing or dairying can find la Tulare county thoae thing which enter Into - the fundamental success of th industry soil climate and water Ait wa location la mad depend nti upon the fancy ot th person dseHrii to n ter any ot th induitrle tioned f i Tulare county Is not only a i offering many Inducement b It natural resources but la a populated with a progressive - people At tne present tlma i XT it engaged In the construct zoo miles or concrete roads taa connect vry town and vlUag la I county The State HIghwag mission I now completing tne mile tretch of the Stat which Dasss north and south 1 the county Much of thl road structlon will be completed ay nap 1 - - - nil Tl at a rtrlBa nnnts etiv a FLACKS NXAR AT HAND J But It It not alt work In county for In the nortbeaatara tlon of the county Ue S4laJt tional Park a reservation t l square mil on ot Natura greab Play ground In thla rarvU to be found tho greateat numb big trees in th world Th Sherman Tree the monarcfc grove Is said t b sot only largMt tree In th world bat th t est living thing on the fa glob Beyond Sequoia National Park Ml Mineral King Kern River Canyon aef the trail to Wbltneyoffertog U tBal tourut a cenlo trip that 1 caaef - l passed for rugged mouataia graadw1 and thl region is Weal tor th rts man yr In the Tulare county booth lntlla by the Tulare County Board f TrafWl li th California Land Show will r1 found many xnibiu wnion leitlty th productiveness ot th toll and i variety of its products Thr alao b found a fin coUctl panorama and other thotoarah i mountain view giving earn Idea st J the great playground that lie la tsva sattarn ppruon si tne county --MA m M m m M Every Reader of Trie Chronicle X m M M VISALIA - i QT even a brief summary of the marvelous record of Visalia in been made for a new bank building at an estimated cost of 125000 The

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  2. 13 Oct 1917, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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