"Why Memory Loss Is Skyrocketing In America and how you can trade brain dead for brain gain now!"

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COGNIPRIN - "Why Memory Loss Is Skyrocketing in America and...
"Why Memory Loss Is Skyrocketing in America and how you can trade brain drain for brain gain now!" No matter your age, men and women are afraid of losing their marbles. Research America reported reported adults are more than TWICE as likely to fear "mental "mental decline" as they are of losing physical abilities... getting heart disease... or even cancer. New, all-natural all-natural all-natural formula helps to: RESTORE your memory to youthful levels RECHARGE your brain functions for maximum brain clarity REVITALIZE your brain neurotransmitters REAWAKEN your mental sharpness and concentration REPLACE your worry and fear with renewed mental confidence Memory Loss is Skyrocketing in America. The rates of Alzheimer's Disease alone are expected to triple due to poor dietary habits, sleep loss, as well as heavy metal exposure found in our water, soil and air. More than 50 of Americans Americans over 65 are likely to experience experience severe memory loss. Enough already. Let's set aside the fear of the 5 common brain worries, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Memory Loss, Reduced Cognitive Cognitive Function, and Brain Fog and get on with the fun of staying mentally sharp... for life! Trade Brain Drain for BRAIN GAIN Now Brain decline doesn't have to be an inevitable part of aging. Just the opposite. An aging brain can form NEW nerve cells... NEW transmitter pathways... NEW memory channels... NEW youthful concentration and intelligence. REGAIN memory memory powers enjoyed by people up to 12 years younger... How? Thanks to a recent brain health formula called COGNIPRIN, you can now! IMPROVE your memory by 42... SWEEP AWAY "brain fog"... WAKE UP brain cells that were dormant and INCREASE brain wave activity by 20. In a 2010 study out of Israel, volunteers volunteers with memory complaints who took the key ingredient in COGNIPRIN had a 42 increase in the ability to recall words in the delayed condition. Susan W. from Texas writes: "I was having trouble remembering my grandkids' birthdays. Now, I remember everything they tell me. This stuff really works wonders. wonders. Feel like I got my life back. " Inner Brain Cleansing Breakthrough to the Rescue According to Dr. Jahner, anti-aging anti-aging anti-aging expert and author of "Maximizing Brain Power -The -The Nutraceutical Breakthrough for Memory Loss and 'Brain Fog,'" "Brain decline is primarily the result of toxic residue in the brain circuitry." It's also known as amyloid amyloid plaque or toxic congestion. But really it's just brain sludge that comes from consuming an "inflammatory" diet and swimming swimming in 100,000 chemicals that are rampant in our environment. Douse the Flames and Keep in the Game To keep your brain in tip-top tip-top tip-top form, you need to blast off the sludge and create better blood and oxygen flow to the brain. The sooner you start, the better your results. That's where COGNIPRIN steps in to your rescue. It's the ultimate cleanser, vitamin and oxygen-booster oxygen-booster oxygen-booster for your brain. Why Is COGNIPRIN the Brain-Changer Brain-Changer Brain-Changer You've Always Wanted Dr. Jahner explains: "An energized brain is a healthy one... and COGNIPRIN contains the most powerful, and clinically-proven clinically-proven clinically-proven clinically-proven super nutrients and antioxidants for brain health and energy including... phospha-tidylserine, phospha-tidylserine, phospha-tidylserine, DHA, alpha lipoic acid, NADH, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine, plus Vitamin B-12." B-12." B-12." This proprietary blend was tested tested and re-tested re-tested re-tested until the precise ratio, based on the latest clinical clinical studies, delivered consistent results to help cleanse... energize... and protect the brain circuitry." Steve J. from Michigan writes: " was a former executive, but I was having memory panic and embarrassment. COGNIPRIN has "corrected" this problem and I'm so relieved. " Nothing Else Like COGNIPRIN... Anywhere Again Dr. Jahner: "The super nutrients nutrients found in COGNIPRIN are backed by more than 2,800 research papers and 60 clinical studies, 17 of which were double-blind, double-blind, double-blind, double-blind, placebo investigations." Those taking the ingredients showed a consistent 30 improvement improvement in memory and overall mental sharpness. Comes with Powerful 4-Way 4-Way 4-Way Brain Guarantee Guarantee 1: COGNIPRIN is guaranteed to reduce brain inflammation. inflammation. ..improve blood and oxygen flow to the brain... help sharpen focus. ..clear away brain fog and restore memory to levels of those up to 12 years younger. Guarantee 2. COGNIPRIN is backed by research that proves it works. This support includes more than 64 worldwide clinical studies and more than 2,800 research papers documenting the effectiveness and safety of these brain-boosting, brain-boosting, brain-boosting, memory-protecting memory-protecting memory-protecting memory-protecting ingredients. Guarantee 3 COGNIPRIN is GMP-certified GMP-certified GMP-certified to meet and exceed exceed the highest-quality highest-quality highest-quality standards for ingredients, bioavailability and potency. Guarantee 4 COGNIPRIN works the way we say it does or IT'S YOURS FREE! Return it even if the bottle is EMPTY and pay nothing. ( Take a full 3 months to put it to any brain test: memory, focus, alertness, brain fog, anything!) Joe S, an 84-year-old 84-year-old 84-year-old 84-year-old 84-year-old man from Wisconsin writes: "I went from feeling old and useless to feeling as sharp as a fighter pilot. What a godsend. " Get One Month Free --NOW! --NOW! --NOW! As part of a national campaign to improve brain health in America, you are invited to try COGNIPRIN - risk free and get a 30-day 30-day 30-day bonus supply supply along with a FREE BOOK, "Maximizing Brain Power-The Power-The Power-The Nutraceutical Breakthrough for Memory Loss and 'Brain Fog.'" COGNIPRIN works like we say it does to end brain worries and reinvigorate your life with NEW brain energy, focus and health or... IT'S YOURS FREE! Act fast with an iron-clad iron-clad iron-clad 3 months SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - so you too can enjoy the amazing, long-term long-term long-term results results of using COGNIPRIN, starting today. Don't Wait. Call Now 1-800-371-3085 1-800-371-3085 1-800-371-3085 1-800-371-3085 1-800-371-3085 1-800-371-3085 1-800-371-3085 This product has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. Individual results will vary.

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Great Falls Tribune (Great Falls, Montana)19 Feb 2014, WedPage M3
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  • COGNIPRIN — "Why Memory Loss Is Skyrocketing In America and how you can trade brain dead for brain gain now!"

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