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98. newly of by post. U.S. 15 the Bernardino state to a 104, and by to one for 38 to 88. new- first house for street subdivisions. Dr. Brown to by Ark A nose job for the killer whale By NORTON MOCKRIDGE Remember my old buddy, Hugo, the killer whale? I told you about him back in January when I had a little chat with him in the Miami Seaquarium. That was shortly after Hugo had demonstrated that if you stick your head too far down his throat, he's likely to bite it. I explained, you may recall that, as part of Hugo's act, his trainer puts his head between his teeth about six times a day, and Hugo just stands there, treading water, and lets him do it But one day, suffering from a tickle, no doubt. Hugo went crunchy crunch. They had to take 10 stitches in the trainer's head and neck. Anyhow, I've just learned that Hugo lopped off his own nose! Didn't mean to do it, they say. but two inches of nose, with a diameter about the size of your hand, came off and gave Hugo's snout the appearance of the back end of a baree. Nobody knows for sure why Hugo amputated his proboscis but Dr. Jesse White, the staff veterinarian at the Seaquarium, has two theories. He thinks that Hugo perhaps became frustrated when his little lady friend, Lolita, the white-sided dolphin, was removed to another tank and started to howl for Hugo. Or, Hugo might have been irked that the people who watch him through a plastic bubble weren't actually in the pool where he could feel them. Whatever the reason, Hugo, who's about 20 feet long and weighs close to 15,000 pounds, began swimming swiftly around his huge tank and then suddenly shot right at the plastic bubble. It's about five feet in diameter and projects 20 inches into the tank. His powerful drive shattered the acrylic plastic bubble, and knocked a five-inch hole in it. And a piece of jagged plastic severed Hugo's nose. Although Dr. White toys with the yearning-for-LoIita theory, he apparently thinks the more likely explanation is that Hugo could see people through the bubble and got to thinking that they were in the pool. "Hugo is like a big puppy dog," said the doctor, "and he really wants people right there in the tank with him." (This I saw myself. Whenever Hugo had one or two of his trainers in the water, he'd plow into them with his nose whenever they reached the dock and tried to climb out. He'd toss them — gently — about six feet.) According to Dr. Smith, Hugo reasoned that there was a barrier between him and his friends in the pool, and he ought to get rid of it. And that's how- he got the nose bob. Dr. Smith, telling the story in the July issue of Science Digest, says that he recovered the two-inch piece of Hugo's nose and decided to sew it back on. He tried to give the killer whale a local anesthetic with a large hypodermic syringe, but the needle just wouldn't penetrate the tough hide far enough. So, Dr. Smith did the stiching without using any anesthetic — and Hugo took it quite clamly. Like other members of the dolphin family, Delphinidae, Hugo uses his nose as a weapon, and his threshold of pain in that area is very high. He never even jiggled while the 20 stitches were put in. Dr. White didn't expect the flap to grow back on Hugo's snout, but he used it as a sort of Band-Aid so that tissue under it might be regenerated. And that's what happened. In seven days the flap turned white and died. When the stitches were taken out, it fell off. But the tissue underneath had started to granulate and heal from the inside. In four months Hugo had a new nose. "It generated the same tissue, not scar tissue," said Dr. White. "It built into the same hvdrodynamic shape — even the same color as before. It's amazing." Well, I'm mighty glad for Hugo. What's a killer whale without a nose? But I'm worried that it might happen again. So, I think Dr. White had better find out whether Hugo was yearning for Lolita, or for people. If it's Lolita, let's not put her in a separate pool any more. And if it's people, toss a few into the tank. for enactment fundamental Law laying as basic. When took over 1066. the dukedoms were all establish however, declared Highway. protection. the King's King's Peace law. If a field this was Crown. same Highway, the punishment Thus, that castle, cannot process law that enter were the the king It has nations rise of more ownership This is Though here that fan: the which vital clearly behind personally, himself British Parliamentary seats vote that fold in belies upsets. merely allegiance. Labor national the elections unrevealed Prime hidden White Of two were districts and the effect — Birmingham

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