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Books - POETS CO RN ER, . - . ... A a 1. A' His Bi YAr...
POETS CO RN ER, . - . ... A a 1. A' His Bi YAr CANONICAL QUIBBLER. N Abbot rich (whofe Tafle was good. Alike in Science and in I - ood) H;s Bifhop had refolv'd to treat ; The Bifhop came, the Bifhop cat j 'Twas Silence, til) their Stcro.v.hs fail'd, And now at Hercticks they rail'd. What Herefy (the Prelate faid) Is in that Church where Pricfts may wed ! Do not we take the Church for Life ? But thot'e divorce her for a Wife ; Like Laymen keep her in their Houfes, And own the Children of their Spoufe. Vile Practices ! the Abbot cry'd, For pious Ufe we're fet afide. Bhall we t.ik Wives ? Marriage, at heft, Is but Carnality profefs'd. Now, as the Bifhop took his Glafs, He fpy'd our Abbot's buxom Lafs, Whocrofs'd the Room; he mark'd her Eye, That glow'd with Love; his Puli'e beat high. Fie, Father, fie (the Prelate cries) A Maid fo young ! for Shame, be wife. Thcfe Indifcretior.s lend a Handle To lewd Lay Tongues, to give us Scandal ; For your Vows Sake, this Rule I give t'ye, ' Let all vour Maids be turn'd of fifty. The Prisft reply'd, I have not fwerv'd, Cut your chafle Precept well obferv'd i That Lafs full twenty five has told ; I've yet another who's as old ; Into one Sum their Ages eaft ; So both my Maids have fifty part. The Prelate fmil'd, but durll not blame i For why ? His Lordfhip did the lame. Let thofe who reprimand their Brothers Firtl mend t!ie Faults they find in others. J Catalogue of B O 0 K S, S T A T I O N A R Y, &t . - to bt SOLD at the Pojl Office, Williamfcurg. FOLIOS. ""1IE Works of Flavius Jofephus, tranflated into Englih by Sir Roger I L'Eflrange; containing his Antiquities of thejews, their Wars with the Romans, Sec. Burkitt on the New Teftament, wherein the facred Text is at large recited, the Senfe explained, and the inftructive Example of the bluffed Jefus and his holy Apoftlcs to our Imitation recommended. Beawes's Lex Mercatoria, or the Merchant's Directory ; being a Com. plete Guide to all Men in Bufinefs, whether Merchant, Lawyer, Senator, r Gentleman. U A R T O S. Ao Account of the War in India between the Englifh and French, on the Coaft of Coromandel from the Year 1750 to the Year 1760, together with a Relation of the late remarkable Events on the Malabar Coaft, and lhe Expeditions to Golcanda and Surat, with the Operations of the Fleet, "illuftrated with Maps, Plans, &c. By Richard Owen Cumbridge, Efquire. A Syftem of Moral Philofophy by the late Francis Hutchefon, Profeflbr of Philofophy in theUnivcrfity of Glafgow j with fome Aecount of the life, Writings, and Character of the Author, by the Reveiend William Leechman, Profeflbr of Divinity in the fame Univerfity. 2 Vols. A general Syflem of Surgery. By Dodter Laurence Heifler. Swan's Dengns in Carpentry, containing Domes, miffed Roofs, Flooring truffing of Beams, Angle Biackets, and Cornices. Mrs. Macaulay's Hiflory of England. Volume the 5th. OCTAVOS, The Hiflory of California, containing an accurate Deferiptifln of the Country, the Cuftom of its Inhabitants, &c. 2 Vols. Martin's Philofophical Grammar, being a View of the prefent State 06 Natural Philofophy. ' Tfcr. True Britop. By the Duke of Wharton. 2 Vols. The Roman Ilirtory, from the Foundation of the City of Rome to the Definition of the Weftern Empire. By Doctor Goldfmith. a Vols. Harrison the acute Difeafes of Infants, to which ate added medical Obfervations oh fcveral grievous Difeafes. The Hiflory of the Roman Emperours, from Augurtus to Cnnft.tntine. By Monf. Crevier. 10 Vols. The Chriftian Oratory, orthe Devotion of the Clofet difplaycd. By the late Reverend and learned Mr. Benjamin Bennet. Hilfham's Lectures in Natural Philofophy. Moral and political Dialogues between divers eminent Perfons of the part and prefent Age. The Hiflory of Greenland, containing a Dcfcription of the Country and its Inhabitants. By David Crantz. 2 Vols. A critical Hiflory of the Life of David, King of Ifrael, By the late Reverend Samuel Chandler. 1 Vols. A Dictionary of Huibandrj, Gardening, Trade and Commerce, and all Sorts of Country Affairs; Ulultrated with a great Number of Cuts, a Vols. Dufrefnoy's Chronological Tables of Univerfal Hiflory, facred and profane, profane, ecclefiaftical and civil, from the Creation of the World to the Year 1 743. Vols. Dryden'smifcellaneous Works, containing all his original Poems, Tales, and Tranflations ; wifli an Account of his Life and Writings. 4 Vols. The Difpenfatory for the Ufe of the Royal Hofpital in Edinburgh. Aflronony explained upon Sir Ifaac Newton's Principles, and made tafy to thofe who have not ftudied Mathematicks. By James Fergufon. The Farmer's Guide, containing an Examination of many Subjects of fireat Importance to the Gentleman and common Hufbandman. i Vols. - Tables and Tracts relating to fevcral Aru and Sciences. By James Fergufon. The Hiflory of England, from the Invafion of Julius Cavfar to the Revolution Revolution in 1688. By David Hume, Efquire. 8 Vols. The Life of Henry Prince of Wales, eldeft Son of King James I. By Thomas Biich, D. D. The Anatomy of the Human Body, wtth forty Copperplates. Bj W. Chcfcldcn. A Trtatife on Venereal Difeafes 5 giving an Account of their Nature, Cii'ii'c, and Cure. By John Aflruc, Phyfician. The Practice of Piety, directing a Chhftian how to walk tbat he may pkafe God. Potter s Syftem of Practical Mathematicks, with necetfary Tables j the Whole in a moll eafy and plain Method, cklipned for the Ufe of Schools, and the Benefit of Carpenters, Joiners, Bricklayers, and other Ait iftccrs, to whom the Practical Mathematicks are of great and immediate Ufe. ' Robert Siaifon, of Glafgow, Ms Fitments of Euclid, tec. - Arthbiflicp Seeker's Sermon cn fcveral Subjects, to which U prefixed a Review of hii Grace's Lite and Character. 4 Vols. Taylor's Ru!u and Fxtieifes of Holy Living, .Ucthir with Prayers containing the whole Duty of a Clinthan. Van Swieten's Commentaries upon the Aphonfms of Boti Iwave abridged, by Doctor Schombeig of Bath. White's Cafes if Surgery, with Remarks; to wlikh is added an EfTay Of the Litature of Arteries, by J. Aikin, Valch's Hiflory of the Popti, from the Fcund ation of the See of Rome . to the prtfcrit Time. Logitk, or the fight Ufe of Ktafon y. Inquiry after Truth ; With a Variety of Rules to guard aeainfl Iriwur in the Affairs of Rchfion and Hitman Life, as well as in the St'.er.ces. By Ifaac Wait, 1). D. Doctor Watts's fu ll Principles uf Allrcr - orriyarid Cojaphy. For the Ufe of Le,iriiert. Tfci;lits cn Kelson, uA cui'cv.? Subjccb, from the of Monf. P - fcal. Mr. Surnct, Vifc of the kt H:fl;op rurret, hcrMct!.od of Devotion; or Rules for holy and devout Livme, with Prayers on fevcral Occai.ons, and Artvices and Devotions for the Holy Sacrament. To which is autied, fome Accci.nt of her Life. ' " An Aecotrnt of the mod remarkable Tlaccs and Curiofities in Spain and Portugal. By Udal ap Rhys. Doctor Wattss Philofophical EfTays, on various Subject. Difcourlts on the Joys or Sorrows of departed Souls at Death, and the Clory and Terrour of tlw: Refurrcction; to which is Erefixcd an LHay toward the Proof of a feparate State of Souls after eath. 2 Vols. . . .... .. . Sermons on various Sublects, divine and moral; with Tacred Hymn fuitcd to each Subject. Hammond's hiflorical Narration of the Holy Bible, 'adorned with Cuts. The Reflectorj reprefenting human Affairs as they are, and may bt fm proved. Doctor Aflruc's Elements of Midwifery; containing the mofl modem and fucccfsful Method of Practice in every kind of Labour. Doctor James's New Univerfal Difpenfatory. Brookes's Ceneral Practice of Phyfick. .2 Vol. - Introduction to Phyfick and Surgery. Chapman's Treatifc on the Improvement of Midwifery, chiefly in Regard Regard to the Operation ; to which are added fifty feven Cafes, felccttd from upwards of twenty feven Years Practice. Cunningham's Poems, chiefly of the Taftoral Kind. Bradley's general Trcatife of Agriculture, difplaying the Arts of Huf - bandry and Gardening. Bifhop Taylor's Contemplatiohs of the State of Man in this Life and that which is to come. Mrs. Catherine Cockburne's Works, theological, moral, dramatick, and poetical ; with an Account of the Life of the Author. Sermons on various Subjects and Occafions. By the late Reverend Samuel Wilfon. Ogilvie's Poems, on feveral Subjects a Vols. Hill's Family Herbal, giving rAccount of all thofe Englifh Plants which are remarkable for the ' j Virtues, and of the Drugs which are produced produced by Vegetables of other Countries, with their Descriptions and Ufes. Mrs. Bradley's Britifh Houfewife; or the Cook, Houftkeeper's, and Gardener's Companion. Vols. Warburton's Sermons, en the Principles of natural and revealed Religion. Religion. 3 Vols. A new and complete Dictionary of Arts and Scicncee, comprehending all the Branches of ufeful Knowledge, illufliated with above three Hundred Hundred Coppei plates. By a Set of Gentlemen. 4 Vols. No Croft, no Crown : A Lifcourfe fhowing the Nature and Difcipline of the Holy Crofs of Chrifl ; and that the Denial of Self, and daily bearing bearing of Chnll's Crofs, it the alone Way to the Refl and Kingdom of Cod. By William Penn. Kennett's Roman Antiquities, with Cuts of the principal Buildings, &c. Doctor Lcighton, Archbifhop of Glafgow, his Sermons. Sir Matthew Hale's Contemplations, moral and divine. The Rational Amufement; being a Collection of Litters on a great Variety of Subjects, fcrious, entertaining, moral, diverting, and inftruc - tive. The Hiflory bf the Buccaneers of America, containing their Exploits and Adventures, dangerous Voyages, and bold Attempts. The Works of the Reverend and pious Mr. Andrew Cray, late Mini - fter of the Cofpel in Glafgow. Smith's Hiflory of England, from the eariitS Accounts to the Revolt tion. t Vols. . on the Nature and Inflitution of Government, containing aa Account of the Feudal and Englifh Policy. Sermons by the celebrated Mr. Charles Churchill. A Treatife on Female Difeafes, in whieh are alio comprehended thofe hiofl incident to pregnant and Childbed Wcmen. ByH. Manning, M.D. Crcfe's Voyage to the Eaft Indies, begun in 1750, W'ith Obfervations continued till 1764. The Expedition of Cyras into Ferfia, and the Retreat of the ten Thousand Thousand Creeks. Tranflated from Xenophon; with critical and hifUrkal Notes, by Edward Spelman, Efquire. 2 Vols. DUODECIMOS. TheConnoiffeur. By Mr. Tow n, Crkick and Cenfor Gef.eral. Eloifa, or a Series of original Letters that pallid between two Lover!, Inhabitants of a fmall Village at the Foot of the Alps ; difphying the Elo - quence - of the Paffions, the Charms of Virtue, and the Force vf Imagi - nation. By Monf. RoulTeau. 4 Vols. Hervcy's Meditations and Contemplations. 2 VolSi The Hiflory ofthe Adventures of Jofcph Andrews, and Lis Friend Par - fon Adams. By Mr. Fielding. 2 Vols. Kcttlewell'a Companion lor the Penitent, and for Perfons troubled in Mind. Letters fuppefed to have pafTed between M. de St, Evremaod and Mr. Waller. Collected and publifhed by Mr. Langherne. Memoirs, containbg the Lives Of feveral Ladies of Great Britain; an entertaining Novel, interfperfed with feveral curious Thoughts on Religion. Written by the Author of John Buncle. 2 Vols. Mudical E flays and Obfervations, publifhed by a Society in Edinburgh. 7 Vols. The ancient Hiflory of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, AiTyrians, Babylonians, Babylonians, Modes and Persons, Macedonians, and Crucians. ByMr.Rol - lin. 10 Vols. Rollin's Method of teaching and ftudying the Belles Lettres. Defigntd for the Ufe of Students in the Univerfities. 4 Vols. A Collection of the moral and inftructive Sentiments, Maxims, Cautions, Cautions, and Reflexions, contained in the Hiflories of Pamela, Clariifa, and Sir Charles Gntndifon. Solyman and Almena, a beautiful little Novel, written by Mr. Lang - home, with a View to promote the Caufe of Truth and Virtue. Swift's Works, being three additional Volumes, lately publifhed, of his poetical, hiflorical, and other mifceilaneous Productions. Letters written by a Turkifti Spy, who lived five and forty Years undif - covered at Paris, giving an impartial Account to the Divan at Conflanti - nople of the rnoft remarkable Tianfacticns of Eurcpcfrom the Year 1637 to the Year 1682. 8 Vols. The Triumvirate, orthe authentick Memoirs of.Andrews, Beville, and Carewe. By the Author of the Adventures of a Guinea. 2 Vols. The whole Works, in Verfe and Profe, of the celebrated Monf. de Voltaire, Voltaire, tranflated from the French, with Notes hiftorifal and critical. 35 Vols. The Winter Evening's Companion, or compendious Library; being a Collection of infli uctive and entertaining Relations, taken from the belt and moil authentick Hiflories, both ancient and modern. 3 Vols. Attorney's Guide to the Piactifers of the Law. 2 Vols. Shower's Reflections on Time and Eternity. Penning' Ready Reckoner, or Trader's mofl ufeful Affiflant in buying and felling all Sorts of Commodities, either Wholel'ale or Retail. Mrs. Rowe's Devout Excrcifes ofthe lieai t, in Meditation and Soliloquy, Prayer and Praife. The Works of Edmund Waller, Efquint. Fordyce's Sermons to Young Women. Doctor Watts's View of Scripture Hiflory, by Way of Qucfhon aad Ar.fwer. The Reverie, or a Flight to the Paradife of FooL. The Travels of Cyrus. By the Chevalier Ramfuy. William Hamilton, Efquire, of Bangour, his Poems. Spir.ckes's Companion in the Cloftt, or a complete Manual of private Devotions. Love Letters between a Nobleman and lu Siller, with the f Lftuy of their Arivcntuies. Dodd's Reflexions on Death. A new Hiiloncal, Biogiaplacal, and ClaiHcal Dictionary; for the Ufe cf Schools. Smollett's Dwn Quixote. 4 Vo!. Gil Bias. 4 Vols. " Mrs. Harrifon's Houftkeeper's Pocket Book, and complete Famdy Cook, Hiflory of Mif Bttfey Thoughtlels. 4 Voii. The Counttf D'Ancb's Collection of Novels and Tales of the Fairies. 3 VoU' Peruvian Talcs, related in one Thouf.inJ and cne Hours, by enc of the felt 1 Vii gins of Cuko, to the Ynca of Pun, to J;il".:aJc hi:n tiowi a Rtfolution l.c had tktn to deflroy himfelf by To - fcu. 3 Vcl. Rochtfjuctult's Moral Maxims. Monficu Cucllcttee'k Tartarian Ta'Ic. An Unfortynntc Motlter'i Aclv!ce to I ei abfeni Daughters. - In a Letter to Mifs Peniiir.jton. TilTut's Effav on Dife..fcs incident to feHa'tac? Ptrfons: with inrn . - r - j . Rules for picvviitii tl.c fatal Cor.fCqucnetj,"" and lutliuctiuns for theft - Cure. A new Collection of Fany Tales; containing many ufeful LtiTor;, moral Sentiments, furprifmg Inti'.Iet.ts, and amuting Adventures. 2 Vol.. Ball's New IXfptnfatory. A Work of general Utility; defigntd, and jiroperly calculated, as well for the L'cnerit of private Families as of youn; I'hyficians, Surgeons, and Apothecaries. Arabian Night's Entertainment, confifting of one Thoufand and ont Stories. 4 Vols. The Gentleman's Companion, and Tradefman's Delight. Bracken's complete Trtatife upon the Art of Farriery. 2 Vols. Friendfhip in Death; in twenty Letters from the Dead to the Living' to which are added, Letters moral and entertaining in I'rofe and Veae. Ly Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. 2 Vols. Mrs. Brooke's complete Englifh Cook, or prudent HtV.fewife. The Matrimonial Preceptor. A Collection of Examples antt Precept relating to the Married State; from the molt teletraad Authors, byth ancient and modern. BofTuet's Univerfal Hiflory. 2 Vols. The Midwife's Pocket Companion, containing full and plain Direction for the Management and Delivery of Child - bearing Women in the diifcient Cafes, and the Cure ofthe feveral Difeafes incident to them and new boin Children. By Doctor John Memis, of Aberdeen. The Accomplilhed Houfewife, or Gentlewoman's Companion; to which are prefixed fome fcrious Inftruflions for the Conduct of the Fair Sex with Regard of their Duty towards Cod and towards their Neighbours. Lord Dun's friendly and familiar Advices; adapted to the various Stations Stations and Conditions of Life, and the mutual Relations to be obferved amongft them. Langhorne's Tranflation of Plutarch's Lives, adorned with Cuts. Ambrofe's War with Devils, and Miniflration of and Communion with Angels. The Rife and furprifing Adventures of Donald M'Grepor, a Novel. 2 Vols. La Belle AiTemblee, a curious Collection of fome very remarkable Incidents Incidents which happened to Ptrfons of the firfl Quality in Fiance, imcr. fperfed with entertaining and improving Obfervations. Clar 'uTa, or the Hiflory of a young Lady, comprehended in the moft Important Concerns of private Life. By Mr. Rkhaidlon. 8 Vols. Boyle on Specifick Medicines. oaiuiou iviuutui, m a invu v icw oi trie icverai Nations of the World ; abfolutely neceflary for rendering the puMick News and other hiftorical Occurrences, intelligible and entertaining. A general Hiflory of Sieges and Battles, by Sea and Land, adorned with Cuts. 12 Vols. Hiflory of Sir Charles Grandifon, in a Series of Letters. 7 Vols. The Chrillian's Support under all Afflictions, being the divine Medita tions of John Gerhard, with Prayers fuited to each Meditation. The Life and Tranfactions of Howell ap David Rice, Gentleman of Wales ; exhibiting a Series of molt remarkable Occurrences during hi feven Years Travels abroad, five of which were fj.ent with a Lady he re leafed from Slavery, with farther Particulars his Return with her ta Engbnd. 4 ProfcfTor Formey's Elementary Principles of the Belles Lettres. Hiflorical Account ofthe Curiof.ties of London and Weflniinfler, defer defer ibing particularly every Thing curious in the Tower cf London, Tombs and Infcripuons in Wcftminfler Abbey, and ofthe old and new Cathedral of St. Paul's, &c. The Poetical Mifccllany, confifling of fciect Picte1. frem thk moft eminent eminent Englifh Poets. Defined for the Ufe of Schools. The Virgin Unmafked, or Female Dialogues, betwixt an elderly Maiden Lady and her Niece. The Family Inftructor, in three Parts; firft relating to Fathers and Childen, fecond to Mailers and Servants, and third to Hufbands and Wives. 2 Vols. . The Works of Plato abridged ; with an Account of liis Life, Philofophy, Philofophy, Morals, and Politicks. Tranflated from the French of Madam Dacier. 2 Vols. The Lives cf Cleopatra and Oflavia. By the Author of David Simple. Wollaflon's Life and Hiflory of a Pilgrim, a Narrative founded on Fart. Sir Thomas More's Utopia; to which is dded a fhort Accour t of hi Life and Trial, and a Praysr made by him while he was Prifoner in the Tower. Coodman's Winter Evening's Conference between Neighbours. The Apparition, or - Female Cavalier; a Story founded on Fictsi 3 Vols. The World in Miniature, or the Entertaining Traveller; giving an Account of every Thing necclfary and curious in all Countries. 2 Vols, The Works of Monf. Voiture. a Vols. The Voyages, dangerous Adventures, and imminent Efcapes, of Cap. tain Richard Falconer. The whole comical Works of Monf. Scarron. 2 Vols. The poetical Works of Mr. William Woty. 2 Vols. The poetical Works of Charles Cotton, Efquire; containing Scarronjdy, or Virgil Traveflie, Lucian Burlefqued, or the Scoffer Scoffed; and the Wonders of the Peake. Adorned with many curious Cuts. The Tales of the Genii, or the delightful Lcflbns ojf Horam, the Son of Afmar. By Sir Charles Morell. 2 Vols. The fecret Hiflory of Whitehall, from the Reftoration of Charles II, down to the Abdication of the late King James. 2 Vols. The inftructive and entertaining Noveis of the inimitable CervanUsi defigned to promote Virtue, good Senfe,. arW univerfal Benevolence. Doctor Young' Centaur not fabulous; in fix Letters to a Friend, on the Life in Vogue. The Doarine of the Patfions explained and improved, to which are added moral and divine Rules for the Government of them. By the late Doctor Watts. Willifon's Balm of Cilead for healing a difcafed Land, in twelve Ser - mons. A Dcfcription of three Hundred Animals, Beafl, Birds, Fifhcs, Serpents, Serpents, and Infects; with a particular Account of the Manner of catching Whales in Greenland. Adorned with Cuts. The Mafque, a new and felect Collection of the befl Englifh, Scotch, and Irifh Songs, Catches, Duets, and Cantatas, in ths true fpirit of the throe different Nations. The School, being a Series of Letters between a young Lady and her Mother. 2 Vols. Salmon's Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland. A Memorial of Paris, and the neighbouring Places; for the Ufe of Travellers. 2 Vols. 0.9 j Hifloiy of Mr. Cecil and Mifs Grey. 2 Vols. The Travels of Tom Thumb over England and Wales, interfperfed with many pleafant Adventures tliat happened to him during the Courfc ot his Journey. The Life cf John Buncle, Efquire ; containing various Obfervations and Reflections nude in fevcral Part;, ofthe World." and many extraordmaiv Relations. Dodd's Sermons to Young Men. 3 Vcli. Letters from a Perfian in England ta his Friend at Ifpahan. The Jilts, or Female Fortune Hunters. 3 Vols. The Adventures cf a Bank Note, third and fourth Vch. The Pioteilant Manual of Chriftian Devotions; fuhcJ to all Times Perfons, and Ctrcumffances, in publick and private. Pamela, or Virtue icwardtd; in a Swius of familiar Letters from c Leautit j! young Damld to her' Parents. 4 Vols. Letters from Samuel Derrick, Efquire, Mailer of tlx Ceremonies a. Bath and Tunbridge. The Pofey of godly Prayer, fit for every ChriAian to ufe. Mair', Wmgutes, Fcnning's, DilwortrY, , and Cocker; Anthmeticks ; Fifher's Young Man's Companion ; I ( nnins Bock of Knowledge, being a proper Supplement tc the Your.? IWn': Con.pani n ; S.r Ifaac Newton' Univerfal AritUr.etick; the Marine; ' Cc - mpafi recti - fied; the - Mariner's nw Kaitai'ar; Love', W1J, an J Wi lions Sur - veyir.?, &c. Rownins Syftem of Natural l'hilcfopl - .y, 'r. - ceftric'; Geometry, Mac launr.'s AJjfthra, Sinifon'.i EjcI.iI, S:ni:!s IM S. - i,t.:ntr.u. iiucdaiuns New Eimiifl. Dictionaiy, and G; .n - ; i'.riirl t.ut in anc i.recnwood s t nirlifli Grammars : G. - .v r.r.,.1; . . s. Kw.o.i s, colt s, a;.d other Ecvkb ot FaUts; Spelh.j 3ks. in. 1 .... R.J -

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