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Tiiur.Dn. Fr.or.i ot. paul Er. ftrie KaIm EU et Oar City CoTernment' . . . Religloui KnowNothIng!sm xemp!lfld. Dr. Payee, lb Utoly-lmporttd Utoly-lmporttd Utoly-lmporttd pastor ot 8k rul' Methodist Ipltcopsi Church, who bM al ready thowo m muck aptitude la si soaring the affaire of our alty that tba vender crows m to bow w tot along without bim for to many yean, fulntlnatod bit bull t tha city authorities ImI alalia a red-hot red-hot red-hot harangue of aboil ai boar la length. After glvlne: the mujeot full eight daye deliberation and prayerful thought, tM good Doctor baa anally discovered that tbo arroal of tbo forty-three forty-three forty-three wonoo weak bafore last wu a tor-rlbla tor-rlbla tor-rlbla outran on Amerioaa liberties, aad that tbt people M Cincinnati, and particularly tboaa la-terested la-terested la-terested la tbo oauaa of tetaperaaoe, loot tbalr gotdea opportunity la aot bringing the eoaflleti aa irrepressible oonfliet he seemed to regard lt-betwaeathem lt-betwaeathem lt-betwaeathem and tba city authorltlee at that time. Tba Doctor, albolt acareoly two montba old elllaca ol ClnolnnaU, bM found to much degen-racy degen-racy degen-racy and official eorraptloa la our city antborr-tlos antborr-tlos antborr-tlos that ba U aompallad at frequeat Intervals to farm aaida hia face and bury It ta the folda of bit poakot-baadkoroblaf poakot-baadkoroblaf poakot-baadkoroblaf to bida tba ihama ba feel at our deplorable eoodltlon.. Tba good Doctor U nervous yet, aad fidgety. Ha doesn't under ataad tbiag onl bora In tba Wait yet. When be baa bean bora two yean instead'of two noatba he'll know bom, aod when ba baa beaa here twenty yeart Inetaad of two bo may reckon bint-- bint-- aelf a pretty well Informed man, provided ba usee all the meana at bla eommaod to obtain Information, Information, ' . ;. TIOCBXI BK0I58. . 6t raul'i wae orowded with lu own eoogrega- eoogrega- tloa aad a great ataay rroot otnar cnurcne, ana front ao shared at all at aa aarly hour laat even- even- leg. Tba eeate ware pretty nearly all filled, and a great many acoaiited sioolt la tbo alalee and tba TOttibula ot tbo church. U waa not oaaetly aympatbetio congregation, or at leaat there were very few aiproMiona of aympalby, but rather an audience moet ot which bad been orawa thither by curloaity , to bear what tba pietor would aay about the clty'e dligrase aid the amy or ite people in toe proratx. no took for hli text the familiar verse "Bender onto (Martha thlnrt that are (war's aad nato Uod the thloge which are God's," and premised with the remark tnat ne would say aouiing nun 17, but would express the sentiuiente of himself and tin many 01 bare whom he bad met. Tbo city of Cincinnati he vvrardod aa the center toward which tba area of the whole CbrUtian world were dirw'ted. Tbo principle Involved in the conflict here In Clnomnatt between the liquor ' element or tne population ana tne cnurcoee wae ; not local, but Ranarei la Ita oharacter. It wae 'not Uhoinoetl, but the whole of America that ' wae lntereiKiL He feared that they did not fully raalite the Infamy that gathered around the ar- ar- real of taeeo lorty-tnree lorty-tnree lorty-tnree women ror praying on theenrbttoneeof theeidewalk. It waa a blew at the ChrUuao religion. II wu a olow, too, at our republican latitiulon, and Liberty lav praa. traleia the dual (rom It But It waa not ihia ar. roat alone at which he wlihod to raise bla voice io aolema proteal, but becauae of tho repeaied In. . align I lira which had been odered then, eulmtnat-tniethiaoutragoihathi eulmtnat-tniethiaoutragoihathi eulmtnat-tniethiaoutragoihathi face turned crlmton with abama at the way our rlghia wore trampled upon. ' ' TOM COR OP CHBI8T1A5ITT. He next turned bla attention to tha liquor rraillc. earing that it waa the coloeaol infamy that I hriatiaulty bad to fight with now. The ibriatinn world had ao other euch foe. War, ilnvrry and other glgantlo evile were no aneb en-eniw en-eniw en-eniw toCbriatiaufty ae thla one of liquor aeillng, and it had now aatnmed anch proportion! that Uie conflict bad to come. And now that It bM come, we Hod onr pnblio oilloort betliate about f;iluv aupport, and on the other hand etrp 0 and arreet our banila of women on 'the ground that publio aafoty demanded it that a moo waa Imminent, aud the only way to avoid it waa to etop the women praying. Itwaaoatea- Itwaaoatea- oluiy oa tbo around of publio aafety that tbeteau. thoutioe took their Hand, bnt really It wae their grouml (the Crntailert). He would aak If the nubile intoreate were not Imperiled when a email minority of tho population Attempted o rule the - cty with a reign of terror He would aak if it waa evoaiaieni with publio aafoty for any city to permit a mob to go iinarreeted that bat tur- tur- rounded aad followed . a band of praying womea or unreuuaeu wnen 11 laje violent oanat 011 Oiemf He wonlit aak if it wa eonalttent with publio aafoty to bate a eity govarnmenl that make praying an offome to bearreated for while liquor tolling aad tiotiug were allowed to go un- un- punttnear TBKKCLIOf MO LAW. "If it be true," the epeaker laid, "that aa tba ProaccutinevAitorae aara the cltv la under eon trol of a mob whoto action! it enn not control, I attribute it and make the oh arte that tho olty ao. tttorlitea are alone reapomlble. Tbey bare oreatedi toaterod, aad protected thli mob until now . it baa cot borond their con trol. ' They aro reaooutlble for thla wufovtanata atate of affairt, American lntiiiu tiona ara luaiMrued. aud tha eate arowa more aarimit than waa autnoaoa. 'Unable to control tlut infliMBco tliey have evoked, they trample on the riabta ot othera to obey lu reqnlrementa. A 1lw bat been at ruck at the eacredneae of woman booaV Uurwivee and mothera have been rudoly , arretted aad brought before tna criminal bar, when we had a right 10 aay to thote making the ; nrreet, uanda oa, tonca aottnetacrea lorin 01 woman with your polluted and polluting bandal" ! CUKIbTIAKITT FARINO BADLY. Tha reverend arentleman went ou to ear that Chrlatianlty had been Intuited by thla municipal government of theCity of Cincinnati It hid dona . krhatttoouhl toward abatlnr thelhriatian Sab bath. It had luvaded the aacred right of the peo-' peo-' - pie to wortnlp Ood after the dlctaUti of their own : coaieieucet, and ho would not be anrpriaed If ihelr pnblio worahlplng Hi ehnrchet would be in-torfered in-torfered in-torfered wllh bocauao it wat nocoeanry to pro-" pro-" . toot the public inlerett by making conceaaiont to thoae oppotcd to oburchea. In tact ha had el-"readv el-"readv el-"readv kuownof one prayer circle bcim broken up by the owner of the property whore It waa bold, .though tinder a leaeo, becaute the - people who wore aocuttomed to gather la ' the neighborhood irero oppoeed to praying. Thla 1 ha ravardail nranticallv at makiuff Dravar a ' crime under tbe municipal government and lew- lew- breaking a virtue.. 'rue aent or neit, ne aaiu, were to be defended by tha city police, while the meaeenreraof Hear en were arretted by them and takea off to tha Station-bouaa. Station-bouaa. Station-bouaa. There waa room for the robbere and thievea, and gamblera, and proatitutee, and infnmnoecharacteraof all kinds; room enough for all these pet ta of aoclely on the atreeta, but no room for tbe womoa a ho, obevlug thebehaauof Heaven, are trvioa? to brina them back to a moral life. Thia waa the crown of dlt- dlt- grace to them ail, and waa anonrn to maaa ou- ou- manliy oiuta crimson ana niae ita nrao. lU LASTOrPOKTUKITY. . ' Already tbe apeaker aaid tbey olto Cbrlitlan , WiiL-m WiiL-m WiiL-m had lost tneir onuortuaity for the (rani- (rani- ' eat victory ot the campaign. He would Impeach the motivoa of no one who had been In their oounaaie. but a treat mietake bad ooenrred. 'i'Uere waa no o&ae, be laid, agalnet the women! who were In tha l'oiioe court on weaootoar . . The Froaecutiag-Attorney Froaecutiag-Attorney Froaecutiag-Attorney aud tbe I'olice Judge had both admitted that. Tbcte gontlewen were both in eynipathy with Uie temperanca move- move- " Kent, bnt tearing that a mob would be orgauiad that no one could coutrol, tbe women were tacitly convicted, , though tbey were allowed to '; "go aad aia ao more."- more."- Ha believed the rroaecuting-AUorney rroaecuting-AUorney rroaecuting-AUorney acted honestly and fairly In the eonduot of tho proeeculloa or tha en. It wasn't much of a case, but be did the best be could for It, na wae bit duty. - But if the Police Judge badouiy aald,uI.adiea, you have don no wrongs go ou aod ahut op all the dram-ahova dram-ahova dram-ahova yon can, and the city authorities will help vnnall tliar can:" If he bad laid thia the eitv .would bava been ten timee more safe than It it now with a mob uiat we oava oeen leemng ana maturing, like a tiger ready to turn 00 ut at any Alma wa fall loouey invir ueoOTu. 1 uniain-' uniain-' .ri.ntivwt that tha eitv autborltlea were in syin- syin- ' wathy with Taw aad good order fifty policemen ' would be aa able to preearve order aa thr-a thr-a thr-a bnndrod are now. lie wished for a real . - 1 , . . K 1 . mnflhmi . tA Mml' to the front Icrlee of amen, amen,! and apeak one bray word for the ngnt ana gooa rar. .a-uH .a-uH .a-uH PLiM dW OPKKATIONS. mmU bla Dmctical apnlica- apnlica- ' i u7. nruuda ha had been smraeeting. He ; would have Uiem take a bold and foarleet eiand unltedty to weaken and crush out tho corrupt , ! whisky power, and to do tbla mora effectually be would have thm itop forward and cheerfully ' .pledge their thoutandt of dollara to oaTry on tbo light under the law. They must demand an enforcement enforcement of all the laWe In regard to tba sale ot liquor, and then assist in securing ino conviction . of tueee Ukea no 'under them. The Judge had astured him that be would gladly oonvlot every 1 -mha -mha waa amlltv abd brouffht . before falan. - aud ho had answered that, God riving him strength, the Judge should bava plenty of work, 1.. am, nlaa ta flht tlfla (Voliah of belL Intern- Intern- ' neranoe. waa by prohibition, and they woald Lara it, leg and leg, It tbey made tha effort. ' Trill CITY GOVEKHMKNT. . Tba apeakor KiJ thlt ha was Bot'protent to apeak dtsrcfvectfutiy o( auy of tba mea m high M low poelttom of the Cttr tJovernment, . Be would atop, ' however, eimply to tnanire who w$i iut hm. tnat rukxt the el'yf A paiaou Who oaamlned tlm lut, looking atttmlrrhireotar andpwaontt Titlim, would be apt to hi lie hli lutad io theme fur tna cni of mea Uit oannerod our aTelrt. Twenly-tUrxe Twenly-tUrxe Twenly-tUrxe ! bora 04 the board of Conaoltmon he b4 bea aa-lured aa-lured aa-lured kept ealoona, while many othere were en-MKtdLatee en-MKtdLatee en-MKtdLatee liqaor bodneee. lie would hlMN oiiMnion to tiMot on the grooBd that they ware pfSoicUe11 ' ." 1 ,, AS TO TBI fORIOjriE. ' . ' Tbamertnd gentletnaa aeld that ha wanted It dlatinotly nndaralood that bo bad aa projudloe acaioat forelnere .A forelfoarwaejuat aa goad a n Aaaerioan, providod be had ae good a ohar-aoior ohar-aoior ohar-aoior and led ae good a Ufa But be believed that they bad a right to aak the foreigner whoa we've weloomed biia to oorehorae that tie eball not de atroy the very Inatltutlont that nuke oar Government Government better thee the one be left. In other wonla, be would welcome Germain to onr above, but ha didn't want them to transplant Germany bar, lie would welcome IrUb hsra, but didn't want Bone eatabllabed la our mliltt. II waaa't to bl mind a quaation of nationality, bn of Hit preaorvation of our owa Amerioan tnaiitutiaeia, and be wanted them preterved. la cloaina; hie epoech be urged apoa ni bearore the aeooaaity of fiaylng mora otteutloa to their dutiue aa eitisenl n the election of ofllcert. tile eddrete waa listened listened to with marked attention throughout. MOUNT LOOKOUT.' A Sunday Jaunt in High Latitudes. The Obtervatory and the Dummy Domain. Out of the duet and dirt aad aoltaof the lire-lew lire-lew lire-lew elty wa want yesterday afternoon to get a breath of untainted air and glanoe of landscape tree of brick. Tba old rosorta, tha once which have been trodden and retrodden by thousands, doad and alive, offered few enough attraotloai to a man bit with domeetlo travel and aa an antidote antidote to aamdruna eiperlenoe wa packed our valiaa for a day at Mount Lookout, far away to tba auk Tba ton wu Intolerably hot wbea wa started, la iplie of a few welcont elondt In tha ky, but Utproetoct of froth pastures aaa reeon. cllo any animal to a few local laooavafilanoes, whether ot inn, d ust or crowd, and ao wa paid onr alckel to keep up tba KUgour establishment with a willing heart. 1 The prospect that openi up before tha cyt of the artitt educated to a fine appreciation of the beautiful by atudylng tha master! aad all that eortoftbleg, it not extravagaatly brilliant till he readies a point on this route about on mile beyond the Fulton lumbar yarda Ivery thing before it Is monotony and mortar nothing better Lthaa aaa be aaea any day without spending a cent But here tha "river beadi Ita ancient bow." and we rush at once, into ice nary of unusual at tractions. Far away to tba aaat tha hills of tha Miami, nearly laat in tha purple distance, are standing u a aolld background to tbt undulating Stretch of landscape, varied .by changing vlewe of river and valley. Thar may ba a generous amount of taney In tha thought, but It always aeamt that nature, Ilka men and women, has oa ber holiday drees on fiindayi. Tba grass la never so green, tha flowers never so rush and nlaatlfuL tha air naves aa laden with delicious meeiagee ot rest and pleasure, aa on ana- ana- day. And If one should try to arplala thla great weekly attraction la any logical way. he would have to ttdko, before ha Is dona with, the business, business, against tba hard fact that Sunday furnishes tba only chance of reviewing nature wa have. If a truly rural character wants to jret( some valuable hloU about city, lite . bo will ump ton ona of - tba , East : End lino of ears, take hit Mat by some observant member ot tba reponorlal alaS; aad listen to tbe running comments ot tbo paeaeugert whenever a Ana patch ot green la opened before tha view. Hera la an Ink-etalned Ink-etalned Ink-etalned aad ebarp-fea- ebarp-fea- ebarp-fea- ebarp-fea- turad reatleman with hungry eyae and a very re-apeetable re-apeetable re-apeetable kind of eaae, who hat pasted thirty odd yeare of hie life with a quill behind hia ears, and bis ears behind a double-entry double-entry double-entry ledger; and now ha haa made a frantic resolution to leave his close, sunless quarters and lot the country air blow a little ofhM-dutt ofhM-dutt ofhM-dutt from hia brow. There It a genuine look of enjoyment la that face worth more tuan a uozeu riuet, aa uie man learee red housee for croon fields: hia foaturea llirht no with a genial and eomewhat methodical glow, as hegottouiof tba region where a few blades of truant grass steal from under the brioka and boards, and en tan the ground where you msy waia lor acres on one ot natures earpeta. i nert we can find, scattered through the motley crowd of fellow adventurers, tbe type of character that takes a rids to kill time, and takes at much In Ur eal In thearroundlngt at 4 walrus would in a Mmoeranoeeermon: the tvne that takea a family aloog for recreation under aome aleepy Idea of responsibility ror rurnisnmg amusement; tne tvne mat isn't marriea ana roee lor run. ana would go to Tlmbnctoo If that would answer the purpose at well as Lookout; aod finally the re. porlorlal typo which goes primarily tor items, ana seconaaruv so siart tome now 01 aoui. Aod now that we know each other, let's be ot The rcodleton dummy, we alwaya play with a dummy on tnta route, it toorting ana pnrung ror tbe comhat. and we crowd on. with the other Die- Die- binns.iuitlo time to secure about tea lncbea of standing room lor tne voyate. Tbe trip la delightful, eepeclally for an out sider panting tor soineimng iretn, wno ean wivco tne lanutcape wiaon into ueauiy as wo nr aiong. For some Instance we travel ahead aood-nalu aood-nalu aood-nalu edly along the rtverroad, scannlug the Kentucky nanus, tne aaning ooaia on sue stream niiung about like fresh-water fresh-water fresh-water anils aad theateamert down below at the yards and docks floating lastly at rest Ilka sieopy Leviainans, ana paving no more attention to the rippling waters about their keels th ao the slant did to tlie Lillout ana. Huddenly we torn to the left and leave tbo river Dcninaus. Btrnignt aneaa 11 a vauey nosuiag hntween tbe nillt. and auectallv doaia-nod doaia-nod doaia-nod br 1'rovldeaoe to f uruitb Uie immortal Kilgour eow- eow- binauoa acimnoooi mating a picturesque - ASCKNT To the lummlt Un thia charming valley wa ao. under a full bead of steam, and with everv ere aud every ear open for rural iniprraaions. Tbe ansle of the aaoeat hat been traded to comforts ble dimtnsioue In order to satisfy tbe scruple of uecropitoia men ana nmiu women: uutenougn has been loft in the way ot delicate bridges aud trolllt-work trolllt-work trolllt-work along the curving Hue of the ereuk 10 make tne aaceni romaniio. How our heart seemed to swell with nrotneote ot a rich sensation as we made a suddeu bend in a narrow part of the road, or rumbled with a threatening loll over fifty feet of trellis 1 Out we were doomed to disappointment Tbe pilots carried carried tbe double load aafely to the top of tho hill, and landed ut In a onot, delightful delightful hollow, overshadowed with spread ing ueecnee, ana wauea aronna wita luxuriant luxuriant patches of moss and creeping vines. Tbe woodland was so dense at the station that do wide ranze or landtcaoe could be bad. onlv a small view of the Kentucky bills appearing to tne soutn-wott soutn-wott soutn-wott inrongn me trees; ana so we followed followed oar mountain guide, a laok and lengthy oweueriu tuuae muuuiaiueer reyiuua, to THI OBSERVATOltY. Thli noble edifice, built recently on tha model of the Two's Knslae House aad with a aubttan. tial look about every detail of Its archltcctnre, isnofownod by the Kilgours exulnsively. The Astronomical Socletv has a flaa-er flaa-er flaa-er in the pi a. and we state this because it might be generally tup. poeed that Charley owned every acre of these grounas, wuu an ineir nxiuree, even 10 toe say, and it's a small crumb of comfort that ho docs not. The one ambition that bad boon ewellinr our maulr bosom aince we reached this hallowed snot waa not to be erratined. We couldn't neeo tbroush tne telescope or invettifpate tne nuiidtng, because it wu Sunday. Hut tbey couldn't tbut ut out of tha landscape that spread around ns in every di rection. Toward the east,, at the bate of the eloping valley, and flashing ita white church spires through tbe trees, which are the plotur. uenese 01 a iiowt.ngiaa village, lira auami. villa. Behind it rite tbe emerald hill beyond tbe river, forming a bulwark oriivlog green u far .1 - 1.1 . . -.1 -.1 ... . k - .1. w ... Ma ,a vjm wuiu icvk. aim ,miiia ,,, vupjii mmaj distances into the cloudless blue. . A little to the north, nearlv hidden br the loterventnar woods. is Oaklor. witb a coronet of handsome reeldonces around it, and standing on guard like a sentinel of tbe valley. Here and there on tbo hlll-tldes hlll-tldes hlll-tldes the view will be varied br eleiranl and tsttr dwelllnrs. thai remind ns how llttlo wo have lost by letting cultivation relieve the monotony of aboriginal days. To the won and south was nothing but a long and interminable range of hilla, and the beantv of tne scene wu aimon blinding.' Every possibio formatloa ot grove, hlllsine aud valley wu to be seen, and If you don't rellth the never-ending never-ending never-ending routine work of oltr life. o and anend a flnndav on Mount Lookout, and learn to hate flgurea, tor one day at leaat, at heartily as Charles Lamb. The orowds were not like onto tbe aands ol tha ea, ande nforeed temperance deprived us of any thrilling Incidents. ; The hill Is a most delightful place to visit, aod people who have not vet aeea it nave a ire awn ror tuetr touts ana eyae. ' " :,,The) BeWC. L. Thompsoau .' Tbetlev. C L. Thompson, latterly of Chicago, buttrrtef Cincinnati, prtached yesterday Worn. log to hit old congregation In tha First frothy a

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