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 - Bridge' and other ornaments. .In forefront,...
Bridge' and other ornaments. .In forefront, left, can b» distinguished two carp in brome, one jumping over th» other, symbolic of many authentic Oriental gardens. r X2FX r ll?^^ Garden Tour Always Pleasure . ! By C. Fred Shoop Guess It's true we all have one, he (the devil) would plunge into the water-if he didn't ?.lfc-zag- · as humans were supposed to !» able to do. The huge iron lantern, the Buddlm mid the wuter Imsin, all belonging; together, were there, mill the lotus pool across a winding path. And there is the fabulous :ca house, still opened to jroups on occasions, and the ·small cottage for meditation purposes. Mr. and Mrs. Storrier-Stearns Storrier-Stearns loved to create leauty wherever they went and n a f u t u r e article I hope to ell you more about this un- isual couple and their gardens -pins a b\t about Gertrude Martin, too, (if she'll permit .). The fine example of modern Japanese gardens which we visited was at the home of ard Dr. and M r s. Miller at 202 Kich- Villa rleights on the eastern edge of the famous Kinncloa Ranch approached via Sierra Madre /ilia Avenue. Driving around n the foothills one day, this well known local physician dis covered a vacant corner neai he eastern gateposts to Kin neloa, and by using their imag nation a little got the vision of vhat could be done with the place under proper landscap ng guidance. They employee. our "blind spots." We may think we . know something about the old landmarks of Pasadena and vicinity,, then something occurs to convince us how blind we have been. Like the other weekend when we were privileged to go on lha Second Annual Garden .Tour of Ikebana International .(Los Angeles chapter). Visited Jive beautifully kept gardens, Including one which Is said to ba the oldest Japanese garden In tills whole area, one started more than 30 years ago and completed at a cost of nearly S100.000; and a third which has been developed in the' last three years. Besides these three, we "tourisls" got a close look at two other beautifully kept gardens. The beauty of these gardens were all unknown unknown to me until then. The oldest is a part of what originally was known as the Thomasella Graham E s t a t e '"Mia Italia" at 337 North Lima Street, Sierra Macire. This por- iion of tho Graham property Is 'proudly owned by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin l. Rose and war Well worth the trip. It was designed by the venerable landscape landscape architect Kato, once of file staff of the Imperial Palace, Palace, Tokyo. It was created' in 3H13 and, now cared for by Mori Puruya, still possesses much of Its pristine charm. Had file surprise of. my life In visiting the. Storrier- Stearns Burdens ft t 210 Arlington Arlington Brlve, Pasadena, directly directly across from the famous famous Thirand Mansion with its gold door knobs ami won- ilerfnl reputation. Mr. and IHr*. Tlnianuel P o n I sen erected a modern ranch type linme on the pvojierty several several years ngo after the original mansion hail been razed. Creation of the Storrier Stearns garden was begun ii March, 1937, shortly after Mr man - made waterfalls and- ond Mrs. Charles Storricr-jstream, the sawatarie (step- Stearns purchased it, as a suit- pj nK stones in the stream), just able home in which to spend the right amount of shigovami ;the rest of their lives. It was (Bamboo retainer along t h e ; ,an authentic Oriental Garden,| s tream), the Doboshi, or dirtj as witness the fact that many.bridge and the different types; .groups of important digni-'of fences used (both Misu and, 'tarles from Japan and China Bosa.) ! visited it on trips to this court-: i try. All component parts of the! Slops to lip rrnieinltrrcil on garden were imported from; "'e I.I. (our indudcd the Japan hy Mr. Fuji', the art-ill- lovely small garden aljhe tect. at a rost of nearly 580,000. One tree alone cost S500. Japanese know it as'''The .Tree", without w h i c h no; Oriental garden is complete. It was over 200 years old. and-.well and-.well it just had to be The Tree for this setting. - Miss Gertru'de Martin, nurse- companion to Mrs. Slorrior- Stearns Jor many years, who .was an interested visitor to this, her former; home, told me that originally there were two entrances to the garden. One was just for the average visi tor. But when a VIP came, he was, permitted to enter via .two huga'solid redwood doors, both of wliom are Senior Advisors Advisors to Ikebnna International. International. Here (he 'tourists' began gcltinjr acquainted with eneh other and enjoyed Japanese refreshments. Midway through the tour, an hour's stop was made at the hinichi Maesaki, noted con bination. emporary Japanese architect and author, who three years igo set about to transform it into the beauty spot it is today From their rambling modern residence the Millers look down over the whole San Gabriel j Valley, and with a view of Losj Angeles Harbor (when atmos-l pheric conditions permit). j The Miller garden is not'yel' completed, so viewers must! project themselves 'into the, future, but in the late after-: noon when we sa«v it, it relied-; ed real charm. Main attractions attractions are the hill garden, with-man with-man - made charming home of Mr, and'scparajes!- Mrs. Leland H. Stiles, 3295 New York Drive, Nothing Ori ntal looking about the garden, just a lovely informal Western lype garden witli many shady retreats and a view of one of :he largest Sequoia trees (and Redwoods, too) we ever saw. Here delicious Western ref resh- ments were served. At the Stiles estate, too, a meeting of the Los Angeles I.I. chapter, was held, presided over ably by this year's charming president, president, Muriel L. Merrell. I.I., you know by now, stands for fkebana International, an organization organization dedicated to the art of flower arrangement--in the Japanese manner. It is eslab isliing chapters all over the world and its purpose is to encourage encourage the knowledge and appreciation appreciation of Japanese flower arrangement as a "veritable ;arland of flowers surround- ng the entire world with beauty, and uniting people of all races in lasting friendship" o quote Ellen Gordon Allen, founder, In 3956. Applications for membership may bemade to Muriel L. Merrell, Merrell, 616 Federal Building. Los Angeles, 12 The organization's maga/ine is mailed direct from Tokyo to all members. Certainly Certainly a worth while organization. Munching Tidbits Take a tray of tasty tidbits o the patio for munching while the meat barbecues Thread pitted ripe olives, tiny pickled onions and pieces of marinated artichoke hearts on wooden picks or skewers Cherry tomatoes, cubes ol sharp cheese and pitted, ripe olives make another good com Easy Open Sandwich Make a handsome open- aced sandwich for supper tonight. tonight. Top slices of rye bread vith sliced ham or luncheon meat and a spear;of'cooked rorcolt.. Heat canned Hollandaise Hollandaise sauce and spoon : . over andwich. A real delight' and he canned Hollandaiss never NOW! « VACUUM PACKED" SCA FOOD PRODUCTS the Fresher . . . th» Belter! homo of IMr. :tm! Mrs. Kat- sunta Miikarriii at 1706 X. Arroyo Boulevard, Pasadena. I THANKS ***1.-'M)*l-£ BIGCIOWS ^ CRCAI NEW HEAT SEXSONIUS GOOD FOODS MARKET 1644 Eolh Washington Paiadena . still-to be seen there. .The pro- VerblaJ'Fop dogs a re ;h ere, the v father dog and the mother, .with a cub under her paw. Ther* fs the "father stone" and the "mother stone" at the head of the b!g waterfall close by the artificial mountain which had'to be created. -,.'J -,.'J W« were particularly'Inierr jiesler In Hie "devil brldjfs" ', across Hie pools. These are i' ; nVxiMe the w*y.»nd ·','ttg-ftg «i4 for » reajon. : .TTLfcptiu hM' Jt flu* if th. ······················I SMART PEOPLE SAVE THEIR MONEY WHEN THEY BUY TOP QUALITY GAS FROM BILL'S AT LOW PRICES REG. ETHYL 100+ - (WE HAVE THE NEW HIGHER OCTANE REGULAR) Oil, P«r Quirf T9e-- 30e-- 4Sc-- 48c-- 52e Lidiu-- Wt S*rv» You! Frn LolMpopi. for KiddiM FREE-S FREE-S 200 CASH To Be Given Away FREE fh« Third Wcdrwtday of Eich Month C.nt Your TICKETS VOW! ·BILL'S Serve Yourself · .ALTADENA WE NEVER CLOSE · 21 «l N. Fair 0»k»--Cornw of Weodbury H ······················I Special Tonight introduce licking goodness Club Burgerbits'Dog True Beef.Taste there's total your dog healthy Waiter Kendall TRUEvBEEF

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