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4 iWl.. nntn It4-. for a of pub- takn kindly to our given fowB. other Paige on slag "Uwrwiiun-- box a- for See to go adTertiee- with of Con their two New too See at OUR CURRENCY TROUBLES. The twenty-se venth-of May approaches, mad the question U what are wo to do for a currency T Confederate notes, and the bank, corporation and Individual issues based upon them, are, in the otter absence or gold and silver, our only currency now, and how and wiaC'wnaV jare, they to be replaced t This taeation ia inaolvable by any proeeai of rea. sonisg or luny teach of imagination -within on eeope. Even aa things are at present, ft is difficult to boy any of the articles of common, every day necessity, nnlees at snch prices aa are virtually enormous premiums on risks too great for the assumption of dealers In such articles. What,hen, win it be when we hall not be permitted to nse even these T Of course there most be a remedy, for the alternative is simply starvation. And we suppose the remedy can be looked for bnt in one direction. The power that forbids oar present currency longer to circulate, will, we suppose, provide, ex at least suggest a substitute, Bnt 'while the grass grows, the steed starves." We must have a temporary, Inter-immediate provision to meet the exigencies of the case, winch are neither far, few, uor small. There are many poor and comparatively poor persons in this city who have been in the babit of taking only these notes, and who not only have no other money, bnt can get no other. The city authorities, aa oar readers know, have arranged a plan to meet this difficulty, in taking of the issues of the small uotes now in circulation for the redemption of them, the city to substitute therefor iulredtt, and redeeming them through its Treasurer This officer announces that be will be reedy tomorrow to commence the redemption of the small notes of Pay an & Co?, D. H. Holmes, JcsephSantlni, B. Miller & Co., William Williams, Dan. Edwards dt Son, A earn Wagner, G. H. W. Lebde, Beale it Miller, Hoelzer & Zoelly, Cresap it McMillan, J. &.J.C. Davidson, C.' W. Cam mack, Men Si. Hocker and IIsKgerty Brothers, giving for them the notes of the city. This, it will be seen, i substituting the credit of the city for that of the issuers of these notes to the extent of all that are now in circulation, those issuers beiog precluded from issuing any more. The Treasurer in issuing this notice assures merchants and all dealing in every thing they have ou sale that tbey may safely take these totes for their merchandise. Now what Is wanted for the relief of large numbers of the needy among us, (and it is im. pottaat to the great bulk of our population ,V is that full faith should be given to this. assumed jof the city authorities, who pledge the credit of the city itself for the sonndness of the issues named. Let the batcher, the baker, the dealer in all articles of provisions, and indeed all tradesmen, take them fearlessly, and without such an enhancement of a fair price for what tbey have to sell as betokens an apprehension that this currency is not sound, and must entail opou the receiver a loos. As thiuv'S are at present, the poor are lite rally deprived of the means of living, and thoie who are not rich, but are blessed only witlh a living competency, are placed in nearly as b'ad a position. This should not be. And if Continued, after putting into operation their judicions plan for the relief of our neofade. the eitv authorities, we think, would he (perfectly jaatitted in taking BtriDgent measures to prevent is continuance. For it is aneud araba that articles of prime necessity should be held at such ruinously exorbitant prices, by the occupants of the hired stalls of oaf public marin-w as to be quite beyoua me reach of Hie mass of the pub tie. , As to the Confederate notes, we think it would be a source of great relief to the com munity, and especially to the most needy por Uon of it, if the limits of their circulation could he .somewhat extend " irany axed. This woum give opportunity to ui persons in humble circumstances, who hold those notes, la small same, gradually to get them off their hands and thus avoid what must otherwise oceur, a most serious lots to many who can ill afford to soetain it. t a a

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 20 May 1862, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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