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1917_05_27_wp - to - as p - - w I - i pt - to - a no at B iA 1...
to - as p - - w I - i pt - to - a no at B iA 1 frl HjjAiiiiHiliaifeiJhlJUafail - IVa aWIg AMQM tm GIRL SCOUTS Troop ii thtail TaUoma PafkMd Miss Katharine ttlllman Troop ii is working hardi atts anniversary celebration early in JUn at the Parib Hall Takoma ia be In the form oCJa play and entertainment On Saturday 1 nier scribe May 19 tne troop niKea to sugo QOoked their supper and had a regular scout good time On Wednesday oven - tnor tVlAtr itanAA ill vallv At ftia Parfsh Hall by Takoma - cltfeenefrto Several hew girls want to come Into the troop but the regulation number Is full Emma - Bragunler was elected patrol leader and Verna Smith cor - pcrsl Last wsek a captaaln f som - NeW LYorb visited the troop Emma J3ragu - Troop 3 Cornflower - Capt Pain The regular meeting was held at ths home of th captatotand opened with llI pii s iini ana scout boy who have enlisted to serve their lawsandbromiea Cant Pain rev country WhUt and Van Vleck scribe th seoutr sn Wea of the part the troop js - to tans intnajune rauy un May Troop 7 Ferget - me - not Capt Pyles - AtJ the meeting rheld Friday a new member Dorothy Martin rw admitted to the troepr The girls have oeen woraing inline garaen in toe then They places training Iakes devoted recruit schooling The offered essay forth navy and are Famine re rraeiS52 fJLRaff - SSP rcribV - 1 X - m juiVaVned aout banglne i j - rrr aj - ajMrs JtafteTapdScput Putskl visited in - e troop xne loiiowmg were maae inAthAt Ttlnnnnm RaIt trr9f Breni J Caroline Under and Oeraldlne - M - I trail there Troop 1 Holly Mis Beeeherv Oantaln The troop - held it - regular meeting Friday Majr - 4Uat Friendship gHouse - t24 Virginia avenue southeast B A - few member wasreceltedand ser - f rK girisj were given their pieer - Jwila Mortjaon rbe v Tm6p S 0akJMrs JJ EggletoD tcaptaini - jn rsejuiar mesuns - wa tth yrioar way w - - After tne puei - nesa iiart oTtheimeetlngMhe gtrl toolt thlr tlaxa andwent for ft waik They practiced thecontlnonlalvand aerna - Phore CodefcButhDeffenbaushVscrihe Troop 17 Sunflower Miss Curtiasr captain At the meetlne Tuesday much ofj thetlmo wae spent In Red I Cross worfcland iB rehearsing the play J wnien will oa - given ny tno troop to raise funds for summer camping The troop received twotenderfoot scouts AlberteDownfig and t - illian Bart - THe cssuun miniiiiumiaif uiiujwui um dnct thrweeklT MntlrwZenalda i J - i - Troop aiiThe Pink Jt0st1 of Park I iviewLMrsKainliiaataln - - The7 fneetinpofthe troop - Was held at thej jpaotainf poms wn Tuesoay w - s pinnw w kb t w MwrMinmtni FriMayattth - Ptwerth k B tChurehif jr iwa - - also tdeclded what surecrib y - rv Troonl01bKW Thoraday May JO thetrooo - metat th Iusualplme Tke meotlnrWaeepened Bwlth thA fl Hint 111 ttia tar ISpangied banner - TSerecout pledge w wlw - vvw - - w iwfripHn Ituth Mopdy and Mary Barchet Joined thetfoop pjane for the trawberrr restivar - were oiscussec jutia piay SJommer cribe Troop Vifcl WIMf lto - - Th troep fbW lt nwstlng en Thursday at Mil 1 Brook hooatTha semaphore - code iwaapraowcea - oy several - girl Plans fwere vnrranged for attendance at the uiriCTuui imvBcii oj uoniimniti HalLi - aiartOliorneseTibev Traen 21 Pansv Cant BarkerV - Th ltVool3ldjiWeeeiari - eWday3aj 1 m - Wa Walt - BUAttf r - - IJHS1Hiiiiieiwi - J ivb tratlea of ueeful b4ee wae ftven The girls had their ownaxperienee In - boBaslneT the arm with spire reverse1 Captains and the scouts avo try - lngrtoicultvate the ground on one side of thji captains apartment The meet ing jciosca wnn tne scout yen irepe Schmidt corporal - Troop Pansles of Petworth Mrs 81 A Mooers captain Troon 6 met at thOPetworth M E - Church Friday May 18 Ji Ruth Haynestook charge of the opehinjrj Jfrs Mooers gave - Ulk on loyalty andthrlftV JBaeh girl has promisee to - ras - sometning - in a gar - dnfllome of HheTgirlstold how they had - bten thrifty dprm - r th weelC Aa Mrs fMopers hasaecured permission to use - theiPetworth ScJool In which to holditho dance the girl are planning fori tne aance rour glrlsfrom each troop are to go to the D A RjHaU to 1 earn 5 dance Eunice Haden Margaretr wennagai - - Thursa SUter and Catherine Davls aregolnsfrom Troop J - yiUtyaiuo ouuiuwick BCTIoe All tllrirjSeouti and Boy Scouta will otinBinuica reaucsn price tcthe pliyjs - htch will be - given at the Thom - sonvchOolJuna ialr8 pm vtAEBO BTAa A PEISONEE 10 r - - li - - - - - 1 Capt - Ball of British Service Ja Gin - U - pendoh MyiziCaptA Albert Bali me oriuaa sirniw waOWM reported missing last week Ha - a irlsonr In Germany Official news to this effect has been communicated - to Capt BalT ratnvr ai xvotungnam - Capfc Bail accounted the atar1 airman of the British army waa Ias seen near Xin early Monday evening Vlxyt Athens date meats market ar making pitiable taking who cornering strong already Hear -Every King Hear Singing Aa th KalL Hail - Every Tell Ocean r - Arms Ashes raged with three Oermanniachlhes j - H wae noteen to fall andhe - hi He air eervJea waa somewhat mystified at notheartnr from the German aerial I servicer as to his fate the two corps usuaiiy notiryiPeT eacnotneroy mes - sages dropped from airplanes aa to what happen ta men who meet with mishap CaptBallmadoj - a brilliant reeerdoB tnel 8om leaf year and came back to the front early in May after a winter rest to renew his dar ling flights VY Vs March Holy I AH Tenui

Clipped from
  1. The Washington Post,
  2. 27 May 1917, Sun,
  3. Page 2

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