Cyclone of 1883

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Cyclone of 1883 - a to to a Ad-soinistratioa be-' in the to to to...
a to to a Ad-soinistratioa be-' in the to to to are at I on of informs be of is In of be of is tbe as tbe the of not of to attention of tbe I for is his of a the influences, in call a tbe tbe a has of all indulged is tbe baa ' ' defender to the It all the the uuiajDju jji ; u : ; mmZ-TT " ----- Kansas City and Vicinity Visited by a' Destructive aid F& ' i tal Tornado., - Tbe Damage ; Bonghly EsU mated at Considerably Orer Three) Hoa-dred Taooaud Dollars, Other Towns in Lover Ifoscmri Reported Demolitbod, Sot Ho Firticulars Obtained. SOME MIRACULOUS ESCAPES. Kajrajta Crrr.May lS.-Tbe day throughout bad been stormy. From early morning beary sbowars fell at interval, accompanied at times by gusty winds. At about :80 the clouds, which had been especially threatening along the western horiaon, gathered densely orer and a little west of Wyandotte. Oct of them grew a dark, funnel-abaped cloud -which started northward across the farming lands west of Wyandotte and crossing tbe Missouri river, passed into the country northeast of the city. About tea minutes biter a second cloud formed near tbe same place where the first originated, and followed the course of the Saw river to the Missouri and down the Utter to Randolph Point, fire miles below, where it seems to hare disappeared in the river, throwing large, huge rojumee of water to a great height. This cloud did rery little damage, but it was followed a few minutes later by a third and terrific cloud, which laid waste buildings, trees and fences in its path across the southern portion of the city. It seems to bare started near tbe place of the preceding ones, southwest of tbe city, and touching a portion of the suburb of Armstrong, mored in an easterly course, tending slightly northward, across the city. At tbe Stock-yards tbe Exchange was unroofed and other BCILDIKOS DAMAGED OB DX8TROTTD. Then passing on. it struck tbe summit of the bluff, which marks the western line of the city proper, at the corner of Dripps and Sixteenth streets. Moving southerly, It passed' along between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets, veering slightly at tunes, until it reached Maio street, and then the course changed somewhat toward the northeast, sweeping gradually until it reached Olive ' street, near eastern limits, when it had theT trar sled as far northward as Seventh street. Here its advance was checked, and as far as known now its force seems to hare been spent at this point. The entire progress, from the beginning of the first to the end of the third cloud, occupied about half an hour. At 11:30 o'clock three deaths had been reported, and as many more not likely to recover. Many persons are more less injured, but as far as reported only a few dangerously so. The loss of property is now roughly estimated at $300,000. While none of tbe finest residences of the city suffered, yet many houses of well-to-do citizens are rased and cottages and shanties innumerable torn to pieces. .The escape of those in the path of the destruction is marvelous, and stories of ALMOST MIRACULOUS DEUrXBT are beyond number. The English Lutheran church, corner Oak and Fourteenth streets, a brick building, was completely wrecked, the walls seeming literally to meet and fall into tbe earth. But fifteen minutes before a large Sunday-school, gathered in the building, bad been dismissed. Had tbe scholars been within the church tbe loss of life must bare been fearfuL At Fifteenth and Campbell, Joseph Ryan, a grocer, wife and family were at supper in tbe basement beneath the store when the wind struck the building, blowing away everything above the ground floor and leaving it ss though swept with a broom. None of the family were hurt. On the west side a man sitting at a windew of a residence next the storm was blown through tbe window on tbe opposite side of tbe room into tbe area below, and though somewhat hurt went to tbe assistance of others. The damage by tbe first wind across the country west of Wyandotte was principally to fruit farms, and this loss is placed at f30,-000. Four farm bouses were blown down, and David Reed, a fanner, so badly hurt he mar not recover. His wife was blown against a tree and her neck broken. She died instantly. P. W. Mathews, with a two-year-old child in nis arms, was blown 80Q ieet through tbe sir and dropped unhurt. Mrs. Smith and fire others of the family were sitting in a small farm-house. The building was lifted up and carried orer tbeirneads, but none of them were hurt. Wm. Dudley's house was blown orer, caught fire and tbe wreck consumed. f. Urge number of families are rendered temporarily homeless, as many houses are so damaged at to be considered unsafe until repaired. Speedy shelter has been provided for alb Mayor Gibson has issued a proclamation calling a meeting of the citizens tomorrow evening for the organization of systematic relief. two Towwa BxpoarsD waxexxs, St. Louis, May 18. Very meager fat-formation has been received here that a cyclone passed orer the lead mining region of 8outhwsst Missouri between 7 and 8 o'clock to-night, doing great damage to the little towns of Ornogo and Webb City, oa tbe Kansas branch of the 8t. Louis and San Francisco railroad. It is said that both towns ware nearly destroyed aad a number of lives lost, but the telegraph lines are all down, and no particulars can be obtained. Heavy wind storms . are also reported to hare occurred la Ksnsas, some twenty miles west of St: Joseph, bat telegraphic communication is cut off either by the prostration of the wires or tbe closing of ' offices on account of Us being Sunday night. A portion of tbe elegant residence of Cbaa. Doggett was carried away. The Una of ram traversing the dry extends nearly three miles and presents a xrost chaotie appearance. Trees, bricks, and rafters and bouae-botd effects are scattered in endless confusion and block up the roadway at many pTtCfsl. ; v, The, cycloca was accompanied by torrents of rain aad beating hail, which, pouring into the dismantled bouses, greatly mcreaaed the work of general destruction. ; In tersral Instances beary beams, striking tbe walls,' were drrrsa. almost entire j through the ' As the track ot the storm was confined to a narrow limit, the people fa the streets all succeeded in getting out of its way, bat Ckay of those u the houses had not soCcient FOREIGN IKTELUGENCE, 4 ORULt BRITAIN. ' a BAjrqtrar nr Bcwoa o m mnxxTxa V xxHiamos. XoxDoir, May 13. At a banquet hi Fishmongers' HalL in honor of the International Fisheries Exhibition, the Prince of Wales said the contributions of tbe United States to the exhibition were especially deserr-ing of credit- United States Minister LcwelL replying to tbe toast, "Foreign Representativee." thanked the Duke of Edinburgh for the cordiality with which be had proposed the toast, and said the kindness which he himself had met with in England conrinced him that be represented tbe elder daughter of England rather than a foreign country. The Pest says that the Earl of Granville, British Foreign Secretary, has received from Errington pieces of a conversation with Cardinal Jacobin! of affairs in Ireland. IRELAND. XDMX7XD UAMT'S OrlXIOS OF TsTS rOUCT - OF TBX GOVXMMXHT. DcBLiJr, May 13. Edmund Leamy, member of Parliament for Watorford City, at a meeting to-day of the Irish National League at Duncannon, . county Wexford, where 4,000 persons were present, denounced the Gorernment policy which sought to induce the Vatican to withdraw priest from politics. He stigmatized Errington as a sneaking, bad-scented popinjay. Eight hundred emigrants, assisted by the Gorernment and Tuke's committee, embarked at Gaiway for Boston Saturday. MEXICO. A LOAN or T WEST I MILLIONS TO BE NEGOTIATED. Cttt or Mexico. May 13. The Chamber of Deputies passed a bill authorizing tbe President to negotiate a loan for the current expenses of tbe Government, including public works. The amount is limited to twenty millions and the conditions are left to the President. The Senate will undoubtedly pass tbe bill. Reports were current that negotiations in London in settlement of the English debt were successful. BRITISH. COLUMBIA. A3 XUBOPXAN COLOXT FOB QUEEN CHARLOTTE'S ISLAND. Victoria., B. C, May 13. The Gorernment propose sending a party of explorers to Queen Charlotte Island, with a riew of establishing an European colony. raruament was prorogued to-day, alter a ton ox IV ( days. CUBA. FOURTEEN DEATHS FROM TELLOW FXTEB. Ha vara. May 13. Fourteen deaths from yellow fever occurred during tbe past week. 8. B. Halliday and W. H. Sinclair, tne young men held on the charge of robbing their employers, Lang Robinson & Co., of New York, have employed counsel. The Judge expresses his intention of ordering the release of the prisoners unless proofs of their guilt are presented within three days. FRANCE. SUBVENTIONS FOB STEAMSHIP COMPANIES. Paris, May 13. Tbe debate in regard to' tbe payment of subventions for steamship companies was resumed. Cocherv. Minister mot Posts and TeWranhs. nohalJ th nmtm of subsidies, which, he said, would anablA I France to construct her own ships, and in tne event ot war employ tnem as auxiliary to the nary. ( J GERMANY. BISMARCK'S ICONDITION NOT ALARMING. Berlin, May 13. Despite the neuralgia. Bismarck continues to attend to affairs of State. Tbe public reports of bis condition are exaggerated. The Emper6r received Waddington and the Mallagaery Enroys. TBX I BOX MARKET. The Dewaware Teeeeaey mill Ceetlaoea, WIta a Desire ea the Part mt Makers te UbIma. Special to tlu Cowrter-JoumaL Philadelphia, May 13. The downward tendency in the American iron market t till continues, and .business is of a retail character. Quotations for small lots at ports of delivery are $23 to $23 60 for No. 1. $30 for No. 2 and $19 to $20 60 for Gray Forge. Quotations for large lots offered this week are: No. 1 foundery, $23 to $23; 'No. 3 $19 50; Gray Forge, $18 50. There is a general desire upon the part of makers to unload, and consumers are unwilling to anticipate future requirements. Bessemer iron is offered at $22 for summer shipment. Tbe best offers are $21 to $21 50. Offers are made at $31 50 for 10,000 tons of spiegelei-sen. A thousand tons of charcoal and anthracite blooms were contracted for this week at $63 and $53 respectively. Muck bar is in active demand ' at $34 to $34 CO. Manufactured iron is in improving demand this week, in consequence of the strong present probabilities of a general suspension oi iron m axing la tne west. (stocks areJ ivy w iu UMUUUH.IUIVII iwjrvr nanflii The employers desire a restriction in out-put and hence consumers are casting about for summer supplies at present low prices, which are 8.20 East and 3"cents at Pittsburgh. Ordinary iron has been shaded down to l.ttO in country mills, and there is a general activity in turning out iron for car purposes. Two thousand tons of skelp iron sold at 2. Twelve thousand tons of steel rails sold at $38339. There is an improving inquiry for small lota at $39 50. Inquiries are in band for several tons of plate iron and structural shapes. Nails are in active demand at $3 in car-load lota. The hardware houses have shipped more freely this week. The general tone of tbe market is satisfactory, though prices are low. The probabilities of a heavy restriction in the out-put of crude and finished iron is having a favorable effect upon buyers. Importers are doing rery little. English Tees are offered for shipment at $23 50. and there are offers in tbe market at S3. MeGalre's Asawtr. Lonaon Echo. N ' Gen. Landrum, Collector of the Eighth Kentucky District, baring received a letter stating that there was war going on in a portion of Owsley county, in consequence of wblob a storekeeper and gauger on duty at a distillery, becoming alarmed for his safety requested to be relieved from duty, sent this reply: "Tell McGuire to 'hold the fort;' put the colors on his distillery, and if any man attempts to haul down the American flag, to shoot him oa the snoot. If he is killed at his post he will deeerre well of his country, and shall be buried with the honors of war. Resolutions in honor of .his memory will be passed by the noble army of storekeepers, and every sour-mash house in the district shall be draped ia mourning' . auaijay Law Enforces. Wilkxsba&re, Pa., May 13. Of tbe 250 saloons in this city not one was open to-day. Late last night tbe Mayor, at the request of tbe liquor dealers, ordered the cigar stores closed. This action of the Liquor Association arouses tbe cigar dealers, woo state they will see that the Sunday liquor Uw in future is enforced. Grasaattag Heeers AwarSes. Salxm, Ta., May 13. The Roanoke College has awarded the following graduating honors: Valedictory, Perry Bamsea Nugent, Louisiana; Latin salutatory. George W. McClinUtv West Virginia, Wm. H. Mo-Kmney, Indian Territory, will deliver a Choctaw oratloo. Marias IsrtelllceaeeT" " New Yoxx, Mar 18. Arrived Helvetia, Liverpool; Australia, Hamburg; Normandie, Havre ; Leerdaxn, Amsterdam. Fathxb Point, Mar 1 3. Arrived Polynesian, Oregon and Melrose Abbey. Lonoon, May 13. Britannic, Ttmit-nia and Labrador, New York, arrived out. Halifax,' May 13.-r-The steamer Dooro, from New Orleans, coaled and sailed for Waterford. Civil tterrtre t ees - Chxcaoo, May 13. Dr. J. M. Gregory,' of tbe Ciril Service Commission, and J. H. Blackfan, Superintendent of Foreign Malls, arrived hers to-day for the purpose ot appointing a board for the examination of applicants for positions under the Gorarn- Aa less ease Caeage. . ; 1 Bostos?; May "13. Tbe Metropolis Ineur-ancs Company, of Paris, France, has passed to do bnrinees ia the United States. All out-stasdiag risks aad policies ia this ooufttrr and that bis a was and the take was un be - Ho-siV Sf .niL no to fact the by only painting. by reproducer no ' statistical that that ore-half lady than men fall. the on time J used with fine and glad boy. was ot M. E. Cox, tariff war, bar-den tolling that the be e R- (Xe of J. C was in at fastenings tbe aad

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 14 May 1883, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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