Captain Guthrie company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 11, 1792

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Captain Guthrie company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 11, 1792 - different metals by heat and? cold correil each...
different metals by heat and? cold correil each other, it preferved in a fioiple and effectual roinner. - The inventor has obtained a patent . for the improvement. '. v , , ; On the 26th nit. a refolution was moved in the Senate of the United States, that the doors of the - senate remain open, wniie. ntting in tneir jegwa - tive capacity, except on fuch occafions is in their judgment may require fecrecy; and that this rule take place on the'firll day of fee next feffion of C0ogrefsit paffed in the negative. Yeas 8 nays ,7, Tne yeas were, Meflrs., Uarroll, zol ter, Hawkins, Johniton, King, Lee, ana Monroe Nays, Meffrs. Baffet, Bradley, Cabot, Dickin - ' fon, Elfworth, Few, Gunn, Henry, Izard, Lang - don, Read, Robinfon, Rutherford, Sherman, Stanton, Strong, and Wingaje. - " , The improvements preparatory to the erection of the federal city, Wa(hinrtn ire again going Co : with encreafing vigour, after the' interruptions oc - the number tod allotment of f eprefeotatires propof - , edbythebilL ' . 'Second The. Conttitotion hat" alfo provided, That the number of reprefentatives fhall not exceed one, for every thirty thoufand ; which reftri&ion i by the context, and by fair and obvious conduction, to be applied to the feparate and refpecYive . numbers of the ilates : and the bill has allotted to eight of the ftatcs more than one for thirty thcra - fand. G.WASHINGTON. ' In confeqoence of the above meffage, it becamci neceflary to take the fenfe of the Houfe on the fub jeel; Notwithltanding the negative of the Prefi - dent, if two - thirds of each Houfe agree to.thebill, it becomes a law; However, on putting the qucf - tion in the Houfe of Repreleoutit es, the yeas and nays were, ' ' For the bill. ...... . ............. . . . . ; Againft it.., The bill was accordingly loft. ss cafioned by the feverlty of the winter. An elegant ExtraS of a Utter from Major M'CuVj, tbt tttnand ftnng hndte has been conitrafted for bv the com m if. er of tbt tbret deftufot ctmtaniet. dated Grttn o . : - - 1 . - - . . - - - - - fioners, to be built over Rock creek, where it falls Jbiergb, March $ into the Potowmac ; is to be finifiied by Au Capt. Paul, with a beautiful company, marched guft next. The poll road, leading through the city, from Pittfburgh on Wednefday the 28th to covertht ana to pais over tnis Driage will oe compietca aoout souin wcu iromier or vvauungion cuumj. Smith, with his comnanv (wantin? 6 rnvatesi are f f over the A.legheny, fcoutmgwith as many as are armed. Enfien Murphy marched on Tborfday the chief Clerk, vict Henri Rmfen, who is appointed 29th with twenty eight menol Capt. Guthrie a com. firll Teller of the branch of the United States' Bank - pany compleatly armed, to join fome who had been lent out oetore to cover tne rrontiers or wcumorcianu county. I am now at Greenfburgh, on my way to the frontiers of JVeftmoreland, and (hall hurry Capt. Guthrie out wuli the remainder of his company," with all pofljble hafle. As foon as the blank returna arrive, 1 (hall forward them moitly to his Excellency Governor Mifflin. . There has not been any difcovery of Indians the fame time. Apfoi nt mbnts George Taylor, Jun. heretofore clerk in thu department of State, is appointed at New - York. Mr. Herfchell has difcovered that the Planet Saturn has two rings, at the diftaace of about one thoufand leagues from each other, through - which vacancy he clearly perceived the iky. The diame ter of the external ring he found to be 80,7 1 o leagues. He has alfo found that the fifth moon of Saturn turns on its axis in 70 davs. 7h. 4.7m. which is the terra of its revolution : and therefore like our moon, wade on the frontiers of Pennfylvania. They have always prefenis the fame face, when full, to the made their fecond appearance near Wheeling, and primary planet. have taken away four horfes." Several accounts from Europe concur in confirm. We are informed, that the Trulleei of the Unl ing the intelligence, that the Belgic States had de - verfity found themfelvei unable to include in their termined to join France, in cafe of a war with other new arrangement all the Profeflbri of the two fe - confederate powers in favour of rellorinj? the old ninaries united, the Legiflature of this (late not defpotic government of France. At Douay, in having yet granted any additional pecuniary aidsr Flanders, and in its vicinity, were affembled, about n& b" with the view of leflening the embarrafT - the middle of January, fixty thoufand men, ready nent of the Election, and led by confiderationi of to co - operate with the French againft the Empe - perjonal friendlhip, Dr. ' Magaw, the late Vice , for, oic. piuvuu, ucuiocu naung any piavc iu iu Although Lord Cornwallis has not taken Se "d for the prefent, retires. r t. t. t i - i mmmmmmm i it t

Clipped from
  1. The Freeman's Journal or The North-American Intelligencer,
  2. 11 Apr 1792, Wed,
  3. Page 3

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  • Captain Guthrie company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 11, 1792

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