"Denton in Grip of Worst Dust Storm Ever Seen Here"

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"Denton in Grip of Worst Dust Storm Ever Seen Here" - DENTON, TEXAS, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Denton in...
DENTON, TEXAS, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Denton in Grip of Worst Dust Storm Ever Seen Here Nearly All Of Texas Now Included In Dust Area. Denton Thursday was in the grip of what was generally generally conceded to be the worst dust storm ever witnessed witnessed here. The skies were overcast as the suffocating dust particples were swirled about by a high wind from the north, and the prospect prospect was for colder weather weather before Friday morning. Nearly all of Texas and several other states were included in the storni area, in which havoc was being being wrought to crops, and human beings and live stock were suffering suffering because of the difficulty in breathing. The fine dust was sifting into houses here and housewives found it useless to undertake to keep furniture and floors clean. Several sand and dust storms have prevailed here this year, more than usually visit this section, but Thursday was believed to be the worst yet. • Texas generally wheezed and sputtered through perhaps the worst dust storm of its history as swirling silt settled on nearly all sectors of the state, according to the- Associated Press. Thick coatings coatings of the sediment covered crops and wheat growers of the Pan- ! handle feared the worst. Prayers went up for rain. There was none forecast. '. Chill winds churned, dust in. the air over Amarillo throughout the night and the haze remained at -it INCREASE IN PLAINS AREA WITH NEW ASSAULTOFSILT-LADEN WIND Where Erosion Wreaks Havoc w KipPed ; -tne clouds over that, city as automobile -hi»»riHp-hf«; lio-'hfj»H , automobile -headlights lighted the 'way in extremely poor visibility. visibility. Some'automobiles were not discernible discernible at more than 100 feet. Clear skies at Borger gave way to a full-fiedged duster as it hid the sun. A "stiff north wind lashed the city. Visibility Poor Visibility was cut to three bilocks at San Angelo as the dust storm, blown by a mild norther, arrived in the early . morning hours. All night the dust settled over Paris and no relief was in sight after daybreak. Choking- residents of Fort Worth fought the dust a's all traffic was paralyzed and a 27- mile-an-hour blew. Dallas had. its worst duster. Handkerchiefs covered fare? of ijesidents eri route to work and birds sought the ground to escape breath-taking clouds of dust. Automobiles Automobiles left a- trail through heavy dust on paved streets. It'was the same at Corsicana with fine, white sand blanketing the town. A heavy rain fell there KANSAS CITY, April II. —yP} —Dust drifts and humar misery increased today in the plains area as new silt laden winds blew from the northwest. A. M. Hamrick, federal meteorologist meteorologist here, could see little hope for cessation of the dust plague to the west and the southwest, but there were reports of fine rains north and northeast of here. The northern border of Kansas and the approximate center of the state apparently formed the dividing dividing line for the dust with western Kansas, eastern Colorado and Wyoming, Wyoming, western parts of Oklahoma. virtually all of Texas and parts of New Mexico bearing, the brunt of the storm. Dust that crossed the Missouri- Kansas border last night swirled over St. Louis this morning and on eastward across the Mississippi, but northern Missouri, all of Iowa, and j the 'states to the north, eastern ; Nebraska, Illinois and Indiana had rains of varying intensity. . i Lamar. Colo., reported" the seventh seventh consecutive day of dust, and virtually all activities were halted there and in scores of other large and small towns of the pestered region. There was snow in western Nebraska, Nebraska, and colder temperatures were in prospect for the entire Mississippi vaUey. Hamrick forecast forecast frost would be felt almost as far south as Kansas City by tomorrow tomorrow morning. Where in other years at this season, season, wheat and other crops have spread their checkerboard pattern of green shades over the landscape, there are barren fields without a blade of green, drifts .of soil along roads, fences and farm buildings, and deserted" highways. . . For a - month dun-colored clouds have , swirled -and billowed j. oyer 'wh'at^ftec-'-wa's £nown as'-the/nation's as'-the/nation's bread basket. Hopes for relief, relief, raised earlier this- week - by- promising weather forecasts,- were shattered yesterday by a dust blizzard blizzard labeled as the "worst" of the series. \ 'As 'As the latest storm roared over Kansas, Colorado. Oklahoma, Tex^as Tex^as and New Mexico, the govern-; ment's monthly crop report was released, : "A large proportion of the acreage," acreage," in this important winter. wheat area was being abandoned, it said. The condition of the whea^t crop in six Kansas counties—Gra-ham, counties—Gra-ham, Gove, Greeley, Wichita, Hamilton Hamilton and Keame}'—was listed as zero. ' I Kenneth Welch, relief admini* trator in Baca county, Colorado, said no crops whatever can be expected in southeastern Colorado unles heavy spring rains corae. More Dust Pneumonia > "Dust pneumonia is increasing rapidly among children in Baca- county because of the unusually severe dust storms of the past few- days," Welch said. "Doctors report to me that several cases are critical critical and the situation is daily becoming becoming worse, particularly among infants." The terrific dust gales of the past three days have been extremely hard on livestock in .southeastern Colorado, although relatively few cattle remain. A nation aroused to its peril is swinging ever/ resource toward battling battling the wind erosion that threatens threatens to make a desert of the vast fertile area shown in this map. Out of the western edge of this zone have swept the terrific dust storms Some residents are deserting the j that have caused untold • damage, stricken area, but the majority are j stripping thousands of acres of rich determine^ to "stick it out," either- j topsoil. because they have no "other place' to go or because of hope that better better days are coming. Relief Promised Meanwhile, at Washington immediate immediate relief for the drought and dust stricken sections was promised promised by President Roosevelt when a delegation of senators and representatives representatives from four middle-western middle-western states called on him. The delegation asked the president president to. earmark $150.000,000 for a land program , f or . .- the next •two 1 " He - did - : amount -would be allocated, but was said by the delegation to have given assurance that he would permit permit the expenditure of al the money money that was necessary. WORK By WASHINGTON, April 1L —</P}— Detailed methods of speeding the $4,000,000,000 work drive were canvassed canvassed by President Roosevelt today today as mayors of leading cities drafted plans for co-operation In the jobless relief program. Mr. Roosevelt held his appointment appointment list to a minimum to give spe- during the 48 hours preceding the ciai attention to recommendations for pushing the new work relief law into full operation. storm. J>ust in East Texas East Texas was caught under the worst duster of its history. Lontr- view reported a visibility of one block as the sun fought to penetrate penetrate clouds. A .75 inch rain at Tyler was followed followed by a severe blast of dust- worse than any ever felt there. It rained heavily at Rusk Wednesday Wednesday but dust darkened the town at daybreak. Shrcveport. La., on the border-line, coughed and wheezed as al flying was"suspended was"suspended at Barksdale Field, army airport, airport, arid the municipal airport. Every exposed surface was dust laden. laden. A minimum of 57 degrees was recorded at 8 a. m. -To the south the dust swept, enveloping enveloping Austin with what the weather. observer said was "probably "probably Austin's worst duster." The (Continued on Page Three) Not far from the White House, the executive and advisory committees committees of the United States conference conference of mayors gathered in closed session. They said that since the relief load is centered primarily in the larger industrial cities, they hope to develop a plan under which the cities might effectively co-operate with the government in shifting 3,500,000 employables from relief rolls to jobs on "useful projects" with a minimum of delay. This objective was in apparent harmony with administration desires desires to make work where the workers workers are an^ to avoid large movements movements of jobless. Strike Knotty Problem WASHINGTON, April 11. —(i?>— At the outset of its drive to provide jobs for 3,500,000 persons now on relief AM Payments To Be "Made If No Wheat Sown WASHINGTON, April The AAA today agreed to make full payments to farmers in drought areas who plant no wheat because of adverse -weather conditions. Roosevelt May Seek to Head Off Bonus in Message WASHINGTON, April 1I.~</P)~-A forthcoming message from the White House to Congress on the bonus issue is widely regarded here as an attempt by President Roosevelt Roosevelt to head off immediate cash payment of the $2,000,000,000. The president yesterday indicated indicated to Senator Robinson, Democratic leader, that he plans a special message message soon. No details were given. Senate Group Approves Silver Purchase Measure : WASHINGTON, : April 11.—{£>}— -Senate -agriculture^ cowaaittee today approve^ ihe Wheeler'.-mandatory Wheeler'.-mandatory 16 to I silver ^purchase - bill designed to inflate: . the : currency and speed the attainment of a metallic metallic currency reserve of one part silver and three parts gold. The committee action, taken without a record vote, spurred sil- verites into fresh activity, which began late yesterday when President President Roosevelt raised the price for newly mined domestic silver from 64 3-2 to 71 cents an ounce. The bill, by Senator Wheeler CD- Mont), however, faces a doubtful future in the Senate. Democratic leaders expressed confidence confidence it would not pass, but Wheeler claimed to have gained votes since the test on the issue last session. No Rain Benefit for County Farms Denton County farmers benefit- ted little if any from the showers that fell early Wednesday, according according to the few reports' that had come to Den ton Thursay. The showers were reported heaviest heaviest south and east of Denton. In the north and west sections of the county, only a sprinkle of rain fell. Crops and gardens, are now badly parched and unless helped by rain in the near future will suffer serious serious damage. Tivo Years Ago Ickes Said Five Oklahoma Counties Should Be Abandoned; Noiv Hundreds Leave GUYMON, Ok.. April Sad as the spectacle is. Harold L, Ickes. Secretary of the Interior, might derive some real satisfaction Loadins his family into a truck Walter M. Hale of Hardesty pointed the vehicle toward Oregon and said "We've heard so much about rain out there, we want to see what „ a

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