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Wain* Garden Clabt Wreath In Every Windovr Project Is Completed For Seventh Year By Bertha Townsend Welch A W r e a t h In Every Window At Christmas, theme of the Portland Sunday Te'e(rram And Sunday Presi garden clubs .Include: Kenneber of South W i m ' h a m : Mrs. Vallev at Auiusta: Pine Cone. Fischer. Wcslbrook Garde.n Club: -· - · · - Mrs. George O. Cummlngs. Tape Elizabeth Garden Club, nnd the Oorham Oarden Club, Mrs. Files, chairman. The U. S. Naval Hospital nt. Klttery hns been decorated w i t Chrl.stmas greens nnd potted p l a n t s donated by t.he garden dubs in that area. Including the Old York Garden Club of York Village. Plscatnqun Club of York Harbor. Sarah Orne Jewell Garden Garden Club of South Berwick. Kit n * i » - / t v i i ·'· » * · ' · / « - Rttngclcy iJi O a - r i e n C l u b Federation holiday decoration project for 1 a l l j , s K philips. Eliot. V e t e r a n Ho.spltaLs In Maine ha.s been completed for "»ejBryant p«nd Orrln s e v r n ' h consecutive year w i t h contrlbxitlon.i of more t h a n 1 :nn ve!»t.h. for ho.nltnll7.ed veteran* at the Veterans Acl^ j i i r u ^ f n V " ' t r a t i o n Center nt TOKU.I. the U. S. M a r i n e a t , p ( , t i n n l a-a.«| decorated Tlnirs p n ' - ' - m d a n d ' t h e U S N a v a l Hospital at K l t t e r y . Mrs. Dun- j w i t h .«* i|t I no ^Q,^ r , r ' w ' , K l . « of P o r t l a n d and Lincoln L the G a r d e n F e d e r a t i o n , | h , r r v ,. r i ( , ( . r l l lu ,, lIU! emrn«, for l'^"^^..^?'^mr.#nn r h a i - TM » » of all G a r d e n Club Services for hospital*. the halls ,-on.,lb.,t,-J by ..miTM, · · r'p (Un Deration'. c h a i r m a n for Garden Club dubs in UuU ,,,,,«. EMI Corinth: Bloomflcld. Skow began: Central Maine. Wlnslow: Oaewanthft. S o u t h , Portland: S a r a h , Orhe Jewell, Soutll Berwick: Berwick: Old' Bristol. Dftmariscottn; Conservation, and Garden. Wiiter- v l l l e ; Field nnd Garden. Warren: Orovevlllc. B h x f o n : Channel, A u - gustn N a t u r e . liocklaild. Milo. Brewer Garden nnd Bird. Camden. Camden. Both. Ellsworth. Topshnm. Houlton. Brooklln. B»r H n r h o r , ces. PrcSfiue Westbrook. ,,,.,,,.·.! Pnnd Orrlna i Falls. | ton. Oakland. The U. S. Marine (Hospital at tery and Eliot Garden Clubs Mrs Ralph S. Tabor, a member of the Old York Garden Club, Is Garden Federation chairman of Garden Club Services for the and was In chnme of arrnnk'liiK the decorations The were donated .1 of Ml .tor of American H«'l ·I Mrs at the hospital. for Mrs Ke«lm(l|l Files of the Cior- Cinrden Fetl- Home for ".."nb n . Aged Men wl'.n Oarden Federation's a n a n g e m c n t 34 of the : for thl, Christmas greens project ]l^l IV -^ *'* fclt " . « * " *"-· - -- . . . O.J 1 The ni«-n gathered Ion uppolnlmrnt of Mis. Fxlwnrcl i » ( » T » l l · -- « · » _ . _ _ . . l l l _ . f~l n r-Art ml (t-.e m»terl»l. p r e p a r e d t h e br»nrre, »nd made tlie wreaths nf un'.fnrm .ilw under the dlrec- · lon "f Camp Supervisor Kenneth W B u r n e r »nd Charlen R. Brown, rtlre.-lnr of ir* Division of Genera) Genera) Relief. State Dep»rUn«nl of ytr rust* «nd Welfare H»rrv E Brewer P. Rlslej of Watervllle. Oarden Federation chairman for TORUS Veterans at the hospital are helping to arrange the evergreens and to hang the wreaths. Oarden clubs whose donations h u v e made possible this year's wreath-makiiu project which hrus of An- been bencfldnl to both t.he older Service*' at the Marine Hospital, was assisted bv Mrs. Ijingdon Thaxter of Portland, vice chair- m a n ; nnd members of the Garden Garden federal Ion committee for that hospital: Mrs. Earle Sawyer. Osewniilha Oarden (Club of South Portland: Mrs. Morris McDonald. I/ingfrllow Garden Club of Portland; Portland; Mrk, lAjrence H. Stuhbs. St. Mary's Oarden Club of Pal. Pal. rrioulh Foreslrle; Nell An- ^s^gg. .^i: a.y^:^"^^.^..i=.j?g!!^,9r^ """· The - Greatest -Watch - Scoop IN THE STATE OF MAINE Christinas Customs Around The World Is the subject of the tnlk to be given bv 'Mrs. John A. I-awrv of Fnlrfleld. newly-elected president president of the. Central Maine Oar- den Club, for the meeting on Tuesday evening at Springwood, home of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wood In Wlnslow. Artistic, nr- rnngements for the holiday .season .season will be exhibited by each member and Mrs. Stanley Holmes, a new member, will display h»r varieties of A f r I . a n violets Christmas poems referring to a DISTRIBUTED BY THE BENRUS WATCH CO. QUANTITY IS LIMITED 7 Jcwvl-4-FuHy Guaranteed 1.95 0 TAX INCLUDED HURRY! HURRY! OTHER POPULAR WATCHES BULOVA GRUEN ELGIN 24.75 33.75 BI 29.75 up LONGINES- WITTNAUER $39.75 up viox rrrs wrn A FRK GIFT TO THE FIRST 500 CUSTOMERS MON. TIT.S. WFI). COMPACTS AN Th« Fornott* NaniM AvailabU Except Elqln SPECIAL -GENTS' -GENTS' 17-JEWEL WATCHES With K*p»n«lon Hr*rrl't Tnrmrrtj »tS.5B NOW '17.00 Gold-Filled ' LOCKERS A BraulT l o i K r . r md SPECIAL FOR OUR 28th CHRISTMAS AMNIVERSARY A Group of Only 28 Ladies' Exquisite DIAMOND RINGS $ Regularly $100.00 I DIAMOND RING -- Great diamond valueil NOW A Group of 28 Ladies' Rings ONYX -- wer. $29.50 -- NOW $19.50 BIRTHSTONE -- were $17.50 NOW $Q · A Group o« 28 Griffin and LaCro** Manicure S«M -- Were $5.95 NOW $ 3.95 garden subject will be rend by the members in answer to the roll call to be conducted by Mrs. Eldwyn Wixson. retiring president president The newly-elected o f f i c e including' Mrs. I.awry. president: Mrs Howard Simpson. Mrs. Roland Roland Rtlnneford and Mrs. Clyde Russell, vice presidents: Mrs. Ashton Richardson, secretary. I Mrs. Daniel Wing, treasurer: and Mrs. Reginald Warren, custodian. will assume their offices for the coming ear. Bonlhbay Region G a r d e n contributed f u n d s for 2S Christmas w r c i i t h s for the V e Hospital at. Togus and made plans for the club's t u r n In providing and a r r a n g i n g flowers at. I for the veterans d u r i n g the 1 month of A p r i l , under the direction of Mrs. A r t h u r A. Thompson of Southport. c h a i r m hospital services, when the member^ member^ met, Friday for their nn- nual Chrlstmns party and pro- grnm at the home of Mrs. I/mix A. Ijeavltt. Boothbay Harbor. Monday, the club decorated Hyde Home for Crippled Children at Bath, contributions of greens, berries and cither material from Boy Scouts. 'Farm Bureaus. Congregational Congregational Guild, Girl Scouts. Forty-niners. Periwinkles and Ind Ind i v i d u a l s m a k i n g I possible. A contcM. Christmas Decorations Decorations For Home"; in the ten cities land towns throughout, the Boothbay Region Is being sponsored sponsored by the garden club and prl/es will be awarded. M r s Robert. H! P a t l o n of West bav Harbor, chairman of Junior n a t u r e club work which Is being organized by the club, also spoke and gave a demonstration on Ivies For Every Room. Mrs. George A. Carlisle of Boothbnv Harbor spoke on We Honor Luther B u r b a n k , turist and n a t u r a l i s Norman H. Hodgdon lof Boothhny Harbor discussed Garden Books For Christmns The members exhibited exhibited My Own Arrangement For Our Christmas Table. Mrs. John Dorr of Southport led the sinning of ChrlM.mis carols and Santa distributed gifts to all members. Mrs. Walter Bu/./.ell of Boothhay. president, and Mrs George A. Carlisle, vl'-e president, poured d u r i n g which was served by the asMsllnn hostesses, Mrs. Benlamin W. Rand. M i s Charles A. Mrs William J. Campbell. M i Joseph Blnnchet. Mrs. W i l l Colby, Mrs; Harold P. Clifford. Mrs Ijiwrence A Farmer an I Mrs. Phyllis I.. Ross. l the d w covered d 1 p in at is

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  1. Portland Press Herald,
  2. 18 Dec 1949, Sun,
  3. Page 15

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