John Conrad 13 Mar 1913 petition for road

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John Conrad 13 Mar 1913 petition for road - to a for of In - of of - - 4 - - March O - U -...
to a for of In - of of - - 4 - - March O - U - IO " LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC" NOTICE Nolle Is hereby given that a petition for a atone road In Cedar Creek men ship was II Ird In the Auditors office ef Allen County. Indiana, on the 12. ti day of Manh. 112 and the earns alll be rs sentsd to the Hoard of Commissioners of llen County. Indiana, 00 the tth A of April. 111. for a heating Which petition la as follow PETITION Htale of Indiana. County of Allen In lie Ketahllshmrnt nt Nlnn. Ir.,.,1 In Cedar Creek Township Allen County. imiiiiiii To the Honorable Hoard of County Com - mlesloners of Allen Count t I, ..lien. Come now (lie iindeielgned fieeboldera .7. """'" " eflar Creek 1 on nshlp, Allen I ounty. Indiana. anA rtetlll..,. fft.Ta Honorable Hoard ol Commissioners under aeetlona 7711, 7111. and 7H6 of Uurna Annotated Indiana Ptiilulea, Itavl.lon of ", arm tn amendment thereto known I.", "'onn I 3 and I nn page 261 to Incluelve of the aits of lii. for the f trading, draining and pavlna; of the fi. owing iHsrrlhed rte of dlahwoys In l edsr Cteek Township, Allen County In - dlana, vlx Heglnnlng at a point about alx rods south of tha Interaei IIOii of the Iwimdary Una between seitlons 16 snd 22 and on the half section line between said sections at a point on the Fort Wayne and liutler Free Oravel Itoad I hence In a southeeat - erly direction, through section 22 11 and 2 through th.. lncoriiHtetl (own ol Orsl.lll, to ttae township Hue between Hprlngfleld and Cedar Creek townships, nil In township Jj north range 12 east Allen Count). Indiana Your petitioners further say that ssld highway Is connected al Ita orlln with the freo gravel road and rune to Ihe township line between Cedar Creek and t - prlngftel.t townshliss that ,, Cnlfed mates rural mall route passes over said hlghwa) for Ita ftill length tiiat sam nigheay proin.sed to b graded drained and paved with i rushed i1.J" "hfiut two and seven (entlis (I 7 10) miles In length Tour petitioners further ptay that aald highway shall be graded drained and paved with crushed sl ne nud that llie recommend that the road shall be sum clently excavated p. permit the stone when placed therein to be level with Ibe J 1 lh." lrvewa rhat the wl.llli ? .""VI h,"w hall be 12 feet and i!!!.i Jh rushed .ton. placed thereon hall ha 12 Inchea In thtrkneaa Your pe.ltlouera further pry that for the Improvement of .old roada that lmde he Isaiiid by this Honorable Hoard of t ounty Conunlaslonors under the pro - visions of the shove riled sections snd III. iiUl? '"'L'1". "!'. " '""d In series pnyabl. m not leas (ban 20 yeara In Ihe denomination named In this art .V"Hr ''."'"""..further prat that the lop dressing shall be had upon said 12 .if...''." - '''", "' hat sal.! road shall tie rolled by roller to .mh an II.'" !,h, w,"r ""," '"rrn ahead of said roller that the drain, along th. above described roads or atreeta through the corporate limit nf the t.rnn of )ra - blll aha II be of no greater taiwiltv than thoe drain, along aald hlghwa, ihrnugh .. ,:,W.'.,,,,,P. alde the corporate Km i..i. "a '"?nn"i appronchea to idfiM V"1 r..,l""' croailng. w.ted onr, - '.', - ' - fe highway shall b Jpn - I .rul'. "nn" "'. "! 'rack .y.ieni .!.. Ike i .. . "". '" constructed !i Ihe double trs.k system and the roatl shall he so constructed that the atone rond shall be on th sou 11. .1,1. ,, ..Id hlshe.y with the e.,e,.7lo" IhiJ the " I day Feb of of m In It Clerk a noti iesai h MOW of Ml hI,Tl.rNl'J" ,,r.h,'wa)a paved llhln ,.M"".'''LMi.r."..''' ""'Ill shall ge about to be con. ructJ'V.t iwll nnlng of said hlshway ovnr Hie ,n,w'" river at the town nf l nn Hi anked approach shall hsve beer! com '?"" i. A .. . . ... .. - uooe oo ine sinrle track s.eni ... VJ ?. '.'":." r!'"!hr nr.y that tho Ir. f . - ""ii nM o. maoe upon the embanked approach to the new river heal Joe emnanken eh.ii t...... . Plated and accepted by th. County lloard of Cmnmlaalnrtere Charles K Dnlley Noah Wltks chsrles Flthhurn Henry Hevlts Henry Krumblgel Marcus Yager Kavld Winner Joseph Winner John llenslnger !"?.',h - Av b - lnpfeneteln JllllUB Oelielne Til I) Ti? U XI 111 I I - i. T 1 T S Harmon Wlfmer llenrge W Herman John Conrad John ft Klnpf.neteln Albert Rgley Jacob I Klnpfensteln Joseph A tlrablll Henry Hosier John C Kr liter Mm Wsl son Jacob lluvall leorge W McCnmbs H II pchwarts Oavld ISeuenechMander lerr) Klnpfensteln W II Thompson Joseph Tonkel "llllrim Tonkel i leorge Fraee Fllas Ktwpfensteln O I. richrlnn Inn 11 Hrhwart - tlanlel oder Charles 8levtck Jstoh Conrnd Fll Conrad t F Wltm.r John Hhambaush Itenjamln Veuenschw sndee Aaron Boud.r Theodore W Oehrlg Alb S'euenachwsnder loeeph M Klnpfensteln JhmLa4 - .T,. ,., Peter I Oerber John I Conrsd Olio K Manahy I'lrlch nelnhard ' Jet oil wpp Henry A Toiler ril Oerlg - Oavtd Klonfenrteln i"aio iiranin of Allen M the llosa In It Clerk a lug a and aald I or Court be Cora In It ci.rk a lug I a end aid for non l. (out! 1 rarctt of late er - nf ot in afj I, , i a 1 . J., ffffltrje ' - - J r

Clipped from
  1. Fort Wayne Weekly Journal-Gazette,
  2. 13 Mar 1913, Thu,
  3. Page 11

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  • John Conrad 13 Mar 1913 petition for road

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