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AMUSEUESIS. The Liederkrans Concert. Extra efforts bad been made by tbe Ueder-crans Ueder-crans Ueder-crans Society, in order to insure the success of iie concert at Phoenix Hill last evening, and every one in tbe splendid audience felt that tbe members of this excellent organization bad not iniaspeat their time and enerrv. Tbe programme was mall chosen, offering selections from favorite operas, and other pieces by leudin composers. Tbe announcement that Mr. Joseph 1-eneOict. 1-eneOict. 1-eneOict. tbe aoted barvUue.Jroui Mdwaukeo. would take a la. r,e part iu the eo icert. bad ueea an nicentive to curioaitv. aud many were aul lous to bear ami and Juile wbether or not hia vocal Doaers and been overestimates, lne re ap: ranee of Xr. Joa-ph Joa-ph Joa-ph tsimona, tne noted k cii teuor. alter his tr v to It iv. waa an induce- induce- B.eat for ni uy of that gentleman's fr Ld to be t.riitent at tbe concert. jtta a.atie c.uott ana Am. hartori, tbe contralto, are so widely known f hat tne aiiuearance of their namjs on toe pro- pro- rmnune waa a guar ntee of tbe concert's suc- suc- ira. 'i lie Liederkrans orchestra, nndr tbe leader- leader- a) in of tYcf. Aloert Sarton. rendered eiuv-ar eiuv-ar eiuv-ar lr ti h man-fa. man-fa. man-fa. "FLtir-niUi "FLtir-niUi "FLtir-niUi Kwiaianl'' and "Lies l-raifoas l-raifoas l-raifoas de Vdlrs.' bv Jtailu. r.. Ine tiio froua lurr FreiscbuU" waa very prettily sang by Miss ate KilKttt. Mrs. banori and Mr. Simons. Jir. t-iibona t-iibona t-iibona v. e- e- showed couuderab e improvement, e-pt.'Ciaily e-pt.'Ciaily e-pt.'Ciaily iu uie upr notea. and be aad biaounv pbnious were recalled won ealbuataam, smging a l. uy iwman lu d. Ur. Benedict then made hla appearance, and tlie siraiiper was aarudy rreeteu, tbe audieme tt eu iii anxious to show lis appr. c ation of bis aid. " tie sang teo nimtrv "Aui jieer" (At the r at. bv scnubt-rt. scnubt-rt. scnubt-rt. and "1 le teiiew Urenadiere t'lUe Two breudaersi. by schuiiunn. Jlr. beue- beue- H t voice is resio aut a id niuaical, but not as flexible as it niurnt be. ilia notes, oowever, are full, and hia ank-ukaion ank-ukaion ank-ukaion exceueut. One of the most inureMing features of the etemng was the pi ouu t -n -n of Mr. ' hi-l-n hi-l-n hi-l-n hi-l-n hi-l-n tsi rtori s new ciuid ulon. "Tne Splen- Splen- d t of Wmier." As Mr. btirtcri is a meiauer f the Liederkranx, and blla so import nt a uoai- uoai- tioo as director of tbe society, the hrnt reauertng oi tac o m,ition was a a sited mtm curiosity and. interest. It m an inspiriting piece of mas.c. and m intended to convey an idea of a winter svaa. Ti nunu e( aieuh bells aud Ibe craca- craca- itx of whips ta Leril. and tlie music, at first soft and 'W in the uiMeuce, grs-luallv grs-luallv grs-luallv sseils uito a 1..U aud U iuuiohani sound. The pleasure of Uiuse i.o beurd it waa attested bv their rallv and af'er its second rendlttou, Pn-f. Pn-f. Pn-f. Kanori was coiupeiied. witb a smiling In, to repeatedly bow bis thanks. Mrs. hit-tori's hit-tori's hit-tori's rendering of tbe recilatlte and cavatina aom Meterueers great oner. Ija tropoewi, wub viulonceliO obbgato by Mr. Max viler, railed forth tne lud uoaers of ber excellent oun- oun- traito, and. when rw a.l-L a.l-L a.l-L sbe sung a li'tit Swta b ad. wnk-k wnk-k wnk-k was so ae received that she waa ct.U'.prlled to appear a third tune. Mr. benedict liiaoe his second appearance, and sang three uuuiorrs. "Whlmuug iLedk-atedi. iLedk-atedi. iLedk-atedi. by Franx; "bcbuucLt" Ulewrl-Acbei. Ulewrl-Acbei. Ulewrl-Acbei. by HuumMtem. and "ilcin Laid- Laid- illvSoui. bv Leen. Theeuicr- Theeuicr- tumuient Hosed with some selections from 'Tuartua.' Every one is familiar with Flotow's 1eautd ul otava, and toe ponions given were tiiorouiculv en wed. TLeovertuie was fulioi ed by a mixtd chorus of abiait seventy-live seventy-live seventy-live vol.-es vol.-es vol.-es in the pretty mus.c of tbe scene at tue fatr in the i-st i-st i-st act. Those who sang tne parts in the regular cliaraners ui tbe opera were n uiiott. Jlrs. Sartorc llcua J. brneux-t, brneux-t, brneux-t, J. cumous, J. liodapp and L. A. lbxU p. Mr. bunous voice was given much mure scope in tbe music uf Lvel than la bis prevaius suios, and waaeeUre V- V- auvquate w uu e t-aru t-aru t-aru '

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 27 Aug 1887, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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