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1951.1204.Statesville Record ... (NC).p5 - Mother Contacts Son After Ru oriD l A i h i . ....
Mother Contacts Son After Ru oriD l A i h i . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i ^^^r*»W^^" By BOB JAIN · United Press Staff Corrtspendtnt MANSFIELD 0 ( I P ) -- I t s onl.\ a few seconds from Mansfield, 0 , »o Le\uston Ida . by telephone, but to 64- ear-old Eleanor Laura Scbacheier the distance is 36 \eai; That's how, long ago it w a s that a j(Jk? an Catholic priest m D""Km so^r N D , murmured last rtes over Mrs Scnacerer then onlv 28 but dying in the birth of her fifth child The priest finished the ritual and took the bov babv to a oung couple nearby v ho promised to ca;e for him. In those days there were no complicated adoption pro ceedmgs in North Dakota But the young. Hungarian-born mother did not die She fought bacK to health and bore her husband l more children before he died In the meantime, the family movet East and settled here Bui thev never regained the babj who nearly cost his mother her hfc He grew up believing the man and woman with whom he li\ed were his real parents His foster father died and his foster mother stayed in North Dakota, where she r HEARTBREAK RIDGE The fight for Heartbreak Ridge is done Koieas fiercest battle w o n ' On histoi\ s page to bp recorded But w h e t pnce gain--ho\v great the cost 1 -A broken heait ioi e^ch son lost This sa\a,,'e ban'e w a s begun Twelfth of Scpte-i.bei Fift\ one The troops vere r r - c d the battle planned With Co onel \daais in command, And on that f u s ^ fierce fignting daj Our bo\s u t i e up ihe hill half w a \ , And as thTM s l o w ' % climbed on higher Faced ivonai and machine gun fire Thev pushed ahe t d w i t h fi^ice attack And mam times were dm en back f * enemv w i t h sciearning en Had oidc'-b to dclcnd or die Our soldiers bra\ch made then stand The foe thev battled hand to hand They fought t h i o u g h nmgle growth and mud \nd Hearbrr-ak Ridge was led with blood In t n n t v d a \ s thf n task was done-The battlf uon--the battle won' Those who w e i r ;p?ied staved on the hill Then £ , \ c n o i d e i s to fulfill The \ i O t t r d p d on the battlelield \\e\e taken back and some were healed But some \ ill al \ a \ s cuppltd be A.nd some again maj ne\ei see But some la\ stJ! and free from pain, Their lo\cd ones ne er to see again And God picpaicd a bndge for them \\hich stretched iiom Heartbreak Ridge to Him, Across that i n e r deep and w i d e i lives now The boy went to Lewiston, and became a successful business man Mrs Schacher couldn't forget him, even with her sur iving children In mg about her here wanted to see her fifth born, she traced him without his ledge through the German North Dakota Herald Last summer she telephoned long distance \\hen ^he heard \oice for the first time she say w h a t she wanted to mumbled commonplaces until son demanded to know who was calling She hesitated 1 I don t know whether I tell you " she S I K I then But I your real mother There w a s silence -- then stammered I _ i don't know w h a t to sa% " But befoie she hung up he reco\ered enough to ask hei questions and mute her to Lewiston, she said It was too much for the son i a \ e the famih i d c ' s upset in a m-uei of minutes wrote his mother that he was confused and warned to think things oxer She put off hei tup 10 Idaho The longing to see het son After a lapse of se\eral months she went to uie local newspaper the Mansfield .News Jouinal and asked for help The newsp,'Dc, icccived cooperation fiom M a n a g i n g Willam F Johnston of the Lewiston \Iornmg Tribune who wrote that he son was a successful and popular business man see no ic^on w h \ her should not c o n t a c t \roi.e He offued the columns of the T r i b u n e to M i - Schacheiei ^ a n t e d to send a message \ h a t he s o n s feelings ie should ?ns\\ei onlv he--and his real mot'irr--would know I n t i l t h r i a n s w Schacherer can do nothing but wait \ \ a i t and hone

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