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Erma Rhinemiller - PAGE 18 SANDUSKY REGISTER THUJRS., DEC. 3; 1964...
PAGE 18 SANDUSKY REGISTER THUJRS., DEC. 3; 1964 Homemakers Light Up Holidays With Candles BY AtJt>REY MACKIEWICZ Register Staff Writer Lighting up the holidays for friends and relatives has be- enm* a habit for Mrs. John Rhinlfniller. Sr.. fftft Adams Ave., and Mrs. Charles Matt, 809 Williams St., Huron. Each year these womefi get together together to make candies for Christmas gifts. USING THE simplest procedure procedure they can find, the women women start by melting several blocks of wax in an old coffee can. This melted material Is then spread on the flat surface surface of a whole wax block, placing another block on top. Spreading more liquid wax on the second square, wlcking Is placed the full length of the square, with about one inch overlapping at the top edge. More melted wax, and the third and fourth squares are added in the same manner. The cracks between the Works are filled with melted paraffin paraffin and you have a medium- sized candle, ready to be trimmed. Or, If you like a larger candle, the same method method can be used, putting two of these candles together end to end with melted wax. forming, forming, a candle about 10" tall. The only change in making the larger candle would be to have the wicking long enough to extend the full 10", with 1" for the wick. Regular wicking can be used, or wicking from old candies candies can be salvaged. Heavy string or yarn has also been used with good results. AT THIS si age. the candles are set aside to thoroughly dry. while the decorations are prepared. More wax is melted for the outside coaling of the candle, allowing the liquid to cool, until until a scum forms on lop. It i.s then whipped with an old beater until the consistency of whipped cream or stiff egg white. Mrs. Matt warns, "Don't use a good beater- it's hard to clean off." THKN, AS though frosting a cake, put a thin layer all over the tour sides of the candle candle and the top, just leaving the wick stick out. Follow with another coating of whipped whipped wax, placing this on with a spoon to give a fluffy, snow effect. This is where your imagination imagination lakes over! Mrs. Matt and Mrs. Rhinemiller use any­ thing they can find to decorate decorate the candles. They take apart old Christmas decorations, decorations, using the red berries, bows, and artificial flowers. They also use the small silver or gold stars that can be purchased purchased in a dime store, sequins sequins and beads. MRS RHINEMILLER instructs, instructs, "'Vdu have to be kind of careful-^it can be real messy making the candles— especially the whipping. We always put newspapers on the table, floors, all over." In Mrg. gait's opinion, "It's a mess alright, but it's worth it because the people appreciate appreciate the gifts you make more than anything else, because they know they come from the heart,—and we have so much fun!" ANOTHER method the women women have tried makes a plain candle. Empty milk cartons are used for containers and filled with cracked ice. The hot wax is then poured over them, a wick inserted, and MRS. JOHN RHINEMILLER, Sr., (R) looks on as Mrs. Charles Matt finishes whipping wax for the next original candle. These Huron women make candles for Christmas gifts each year. On* of the finished products is seen at the left. (Register Photo—Dick McCulough) they are allowed to harden. This gives a design effect to the body of the candle. Various Various colors of wax can be made too, by using old,.colored old,.colored candles. The candle- makers suggest some bees wax be used in these, because it makes a better burning candle. candle. Mrs. Matt and Mrs. Rrlme- miller have also used old tall sherbert glasses, making Very attractive gifts. These "are filled about % full of Wax, and after it is hardened, 'coat the rest of the inside of "the glass with glue. Then, turning turning the glass upside down, dip it in sugar to make the gjass have that "frosty" look. These can be brightened up e $en more by adding little elves along the sides and attaching a small red bow. '"' "The most important 'ingredient 'ingredient for candlemaking," according to Mrs. Matt, .."is coffee—this keeps us going long enough to Hnish the jobl"

Clipped from
  1. The Sandusky Register,
  2. 03 Dec 1964, Thu,
  3. Page 18

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