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 - F U L A Mita. AT THE SODA FOUNTAIN. counter...
F U L A Mita. AT THE SODA FOUNTAIN. counter aii-l *'t!ie )iitiiK i tncre cLuiiji.; soda wait'r n«w "Conttltutlon «!·-," etc., Arc Fl**»d Oat* A sad eyed youth mechanically manipulated the faucets ot ft soda fountain Bro;wlw(ty the other d(*y and fizzed out for a ivpiirlcr u mixed drink poetically called piKH;iial(.'. It had a mixed taste and a liu^friiiK farewell to it, that the scrliw to jiatt-se and listen to the "Yes," lie said, k-anini.' tip'iinst the niakinji himself comfortable, H iii icnnvitifi complex. No ·t! headed chump can spiirt now. Therfe are sn many fancy drinks, mixtures, 'nerve t id: !ers,' 'stomach braters' aud 'tlirowt cwk-r.V you taii't expect tin inexpcrk'sit't-d buy come behind tiu- counter mid sorvu customers wit hut! t ail appretiticeship. lie would be raltk-d if a customer should come in hurrk-dly and nsk f o r a phatcd liiixeil nerver.' "\Vherc would lie be? Then there is the 'plain phosphate' and the'deep rock slack,' ail easy to concoct when you understand the wrinkle. "Look at all these faucet valves on face of this fountain. They not only out all the mineral waters known, but the various sweet extracts of fruit the ladies aro so fond of. But the fountain too small lo contain the other ingredients for fancy and substantial drinks. We keep n shelf under the counter with bottles ready for use and a heater to warm drinks. Some years ago Vichy, Kissingen, sarpaparilla and drinks of kind were all the «o, but now new mixtures divide the honors. Men drink Vichy more than women. Tlie lci.ti.-r not care much for the mineral waters nerve drinks: they want sweet extracts and soda. "\Vomcn occasionally try a bouillon-snifter, but they are few and between. Some fellow who ain't much science, 1 think, has started the report that Vichy is devitalizing. It has had effect on its sale. "Men who patronize soda fountains regularly don't like straight drinks. ask for a little lime juice, phosphate ginger to kind of tone tip the taste licmor. It appears to me they look happier v/hen tliey hear the 'squirt, squirt, squirt,' from the bottle into their £o you see no gawky, everyday man step in iind do what it takes us years learn. [ am going to try and get my lo start a iotuitaiu higher ufnown nothing but 'norvers* are sold. 'What 'nerveI'M?' "\Vliy, I mean nerve drinks, 'constitution bracers' and 'phosphaters.' Hundreds of men every tlay say tome aside: 'Say, gimme suthing to brace tip, kinder!' That's the business I want to do, the "bra.ce tip* business."--Jsew York Mail and Express.

Clipped from
  1. Hornellsville Weekly Tribune,
  2. 24 Jun 1887, Fri,
  3. Page 6

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